The Judge


Age: ??
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm
Occupation: Judge
Official Art

The Judge is back! See his old profile.

Personality: The Judge, though well meaning, is naive and very gullible. Not the brightest bulb.

Misc Facts: No one knows the Judge's real name (Phoenix gets the Judge's business card in JFA, but cannot make it out).

Friends and Family: Has one younger brother, who is also a judge. He also is married, and has a grandson (he is a big fan of The Gavinners).

Name Origin: Unknown.

Background: Unknown.


Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 182 cm
Occupation: Detective
Official Art

Detective Dick Gumshoe from the first three games makes a brief appearance in the flashback case embedded in case 4. See his old profile. He hasn't changed much in GS4 except for that he seems especially concerned with besting Phoenix this time. There is no other mention of him in the game.

Personality: Gumshoe takes great pride in his work, and also in his "strong bond of trust" with the prosecutor's office. He's usually cheerful, is hardworking, and eager to please. But he also takes his job seriously, which causes conflict when he wants to help both sides of the case. Can sometimes be easily discouraged.

Misc Facts: Gumshoe LOVES steak lunches.

In JFA and GS3, Gumshoe has an obvious crush on officer Maggey Byrde.

Gumshoe has two distinct styles of speech depending on which version you play. In the English, Gumshoe ends a lot of his sentences with "Pal." In the Japanese, Itonoko uses slang in which he slurs the ends of his sentences (i.e. "nan desu ka?" becomes "nansska?"). Listen for it in the TGS trailer.

The reason Gumshoe seems to be the only working detective through the series is because he uses his "powers of persuasion" to get himself assigned to many cases.

Friends and Family: Gumshoe has no known family members, but he's very loyal to Prosecutor Edgeworth.

Name Origin:
: "Dick" is obviously a reference to him being a "detective," and "Gumshoe," is a common slang for a PI.

Japanese: "Itonokogiri" roughly means, "a saw." The creator says he chose the name for its uniqueness. The name "Keisuke" was taken from a musician.

French: Comes from "detective."

Background: Not much about Gumshoe's back story is known, other than he became a detective roughly six months before the case of State vs Fawles. What he did after the case of State vs Gramarye is also unknown.


Mike Meekins  / Susumu Harabai / Bill Ballaud

原灰 ススム

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 188 cm
Occupation: Police officer
Official Art

The hyperactive police officer and witness of PW case 5 is back in the flashback case embedded in 4-4.

Personality: Mike Meekins is a bit of a spazz but eager to please. He carries around a megaphone and uses it much too often, which usually results in people trying to purposefully dismiss him. But his heart's in the right place.

Misc Facts: He's prone to getting parts of his clothing trapped in car doors.

The character designer (Kazuya Nuri) created the image for Meekins having been told "he's pretty annoying, but also lovable." Director Takumi describes Meekins as "existing in another world from ours."

In the Japanese Meekins has an unnecessarily polite speech pattern. It was a problem for coding because he took up so many characters on screen when speaking.

The name "Harabai" is often mistaken for "Haibara" and the character himself messes it up at least once in the game (though Takumi didn't specify if that was a script typo or not).

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
English: Meekins probably just comes from the adjective "meek."

Japanese: "Susumu" is a fairly common male Japanese name meaning, "to press forward." His name was chosen with Goodman's at the same time because they fit together well.

French: "Ballaud" is a pun for balourd meaning "clumsy".

Background: After being a part of 1-5, Meekins was one screw up after another, and was eventually fired from the police force (for losing 4 reports in 3 days). He now works as a bailiff in the county courthouse. But he did save his uniform as a memento.


Director Hickfield / Director Hikita / Dr. Chambouseux


Age: ??
Gender: Male
Height: 160 cm
Occupation: Clinic doctor (??)
Official Art

A brief cameo of Dr. Hotti, who appears in 4-2. See his old profile.

Personality: The clinic director is always willing to examine a pretty girl. He also doesn't seem to have any qualms about breaking doctor-patient privilege, as he's eager to spread gossip and tell the secrets he's learned.

Misc Facts: Not a licensed doctor. Be careful!

Friends and Family: None.

Name Origin:
: Named after the Hickfield Clinic.

Background: None