Gaspen Payne

Gaspen Payne / Fumitake Auchi


Age: 55
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prosecutor

Taking over for his brother as the new Rookie Killer in AA5 case 1.

Personality: So much like his brother that Phoenix mistakes him for Winston at first. Arrogant, condescending, and unkind to his witnesses.

Misc Facts: None

Friends and Family: Younger brother of Winston Payne.

Name Origin:
English: "Gasped in pain" to mirror his brother's name..

Japanese: The name "Auchi" is a Japanese Romanization of the English word "Ouch." His first name comes from changing the position of the two kanji from his brother's name.

Background: Gaspen followed in his brother's footsteps to become a prosecutor, and hoped to avenge Wisnton someday by besting Phoenix when he returned to court.

Juniper Woods

Age: 18
Gender: Female

Defendant of AA5-1

Personality: Shinobu is very shy and sweet, and not all that accustomed to stressful situations.

Misc Facts: She lives deep in the forest.

Friends and Family: Childhood friend of Athena.

Name Origin:
: A juniper is a kind of plant. "Woods" refers to her home, presumably, and echoes her Japanese name.

Japanese: Means "lives in the woods."

Background: (coming soon)

Ted Tonate

Age: 42
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bomb disposal expert

Main witness of AA5-1

Personality: Precise, stiff, and professional, with the occasional arrogance.

Misc Facts: He can speak, but he prefers to communicate via computer.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
: Taken from "detonate" referring to bombs.

Japanese: Because his name is meant to be read Barashima Shingo, it can be split into barashi/barasu (to dissemble/dismantle) and mashingo (machine language/computer language).

Background: Tonate works for the police as part of the bomb squad, and takes his job very seriously.

Spoiler: AA5-1
Tonate appreciates bombs so much that he occasionally steals one to keep as part of his special collection.

Hozumi Kaku

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Occupation: Bomb disposal expert

Victim of AA5-1

Personality: Unknown, but assumed to be an upstanding professional.

Misc Facts: Unknown.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
: Unknown

Japanese: Unknown

Background: Candice was one of the bomb disposal experts charged with escorting HH-3000 to court.

Spoiler: AA5-1
It was when Candice discovered Tonate trying to steal the bomb and threatened to turn him that he turned on and murdered her.