Solomon Starbuck / Taiyou Hoshinari


Age: 33
Gender: Male
Occupation: Astronaut

Defendant of AA5 case 4.

Personality: At the time that we meet Starbuck, he is defeated and pessimistic.  He spends a lot of time sighing and moping.  That's only a product of his circumstances, however, as according to Apollo, he's a very strong man with a lot of fight in him.

Misc Facts: When Starbuck is stressed, he begins to talk and gesture as if he's in a rocket cockpit.

Friends and Family: Good friend of Apollo and Clay.

Name Origin:
English: Unknown.

Japanese: Hoshinari means "to become a star," and taiyou means "sun."  May also make up the phrase, hoshi ni naritai yo, meaning "I want to be a star."


Starbuck always wanted to be an astronaut, and seven years ago he got his wish of going into space.  He was regarded as a hero and even had movies made about his exploits in space.  He's currently preparing for his second mission.

Spoiler: AA5-4
What not everyone knows, however, is that due to a number of accidents that took place surrounding the launch of Starbuck's first rocket, Starbuck was traumatized by his first voyage and has since become afraid of outer space. He wanted to make his second trip in hopes of overcoming his fear and reclaiming his love of space.

When Cosmos learned of the threat to the space station, he decided not to tell Hoshinari, fearing he wouldn't want to put off the launch for anything. Instead he inlisted Clay's help to drug Starbuck and trick him with a fake rocket, a plan which ended disasterously.

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Astronaut

Victim of AA5-4.

Personality: Though we never meet Clay, he's described as being very bright and energetic, always there to cheer up a friend who needs it.

Misc Facts: Clay's catchphrase was "I'm fine!" which rubbed off on Apollo during their many years of friendship.

Friends and Family: Colleague and friend of Starbuck, and Apollo's best friend.  His parents are dead.

Name Origin:
: "Terran" means "of earth."

Japanese: His name means "blue earth."


Clay's parents died when he was young, and he grew up with Apollo in an orphanage.  He always wanted to be an astronaut, and spent much of his time hanging out at the space center with his hero, Starbuck.  Finally, his dream came true, and he was selected to be Starbuck's partner in a space mission.

Spoiler: AA5-4 and 5
However, before the flight could take place, Cosmos was contacted by a spy threatening to sabotage the launch. Clay agreed to help him trick Starbuck with a fake rocket, so that they would be safe without Starbuck causing a fuss. However, when bombs started going off, Clay dragged a drugged Starbuck back to the center lounge, where they stumbled on the spy. To conceal his identity the spy killed Clay and escaped, leaving Apollo to seek justice for his fallen friend.

Age: 62
Gender: Male
Occupation: Head of the GYAXA space center.

Witness of AA5 case 4.

Personality: Cosmos is the head of his institute, and he takes his position very seriously.  He likes to inject drama and grandiosity into his everyday speech and makes up impressive space-themed names for everyday items.

Misc Facts: Unknown

Friends and Family: Head of GYAXA, and therefore is boss to Starbuck, Clay, and Aura.

Name Origin:
: Unknown.

Japanese: Uchuu means "space."  His surname means "bank of the great river," a reference to the Milky Way (which in Japanese is referred to as a river).


After the launch of the space probe Future, GYAXA experienced some prosperity, thanks to Starbuck's heroics and good press.  But since then their reputation has faltered, leading to some financial trouble.  Cosmos hopes that the recovery of Future plus a second launch will give them the boost they need to earn the public's respect.

Spoiler: AA5-4 and 5
Seven years ago, GYAXA was targeted by an international spy (Phantom) determined to thwart their space exploration efforts. On the eve of an important launch, one of Cosmos's employees, Metis Cykes, was murdered, and a priceless moon rock specimen stolen. To make matters worse, a bomb damaged the facility and nearly cost Starbuck's life when his rocket almost misfired. Thankfully, Starbuck was able to keep his mission together and launch the deep space probe "Future."

Seven years later, the probe returned. But before Cosmos could collect and have its findings analyzed, he received another threat from the Phantom. Fearing that another tragedy would occur, he enlisted Clay's help in making a fake launch in hopes of tricking the Phantom. Unfortunately, his plans didn't work, and his attempt to trap the Phantom only resulted in helping him escape.

Age: 37
Gender: Female
Occupation: Robotic engineer

Witness of AA5-4.

Personality: Aura is very outspoken and abrasive, and she delights in taking out her frustrations by beating up on her robot companions.

Misc Facts: Aura helped create all the robots currently at the center and has total control over them.

Friends and Family: Simon's sister.  Was once a close friend of Metis.

Name Origin:
: Unknown

Japanese: Yuugami means "god of dusk," while her given name, Kaguya, is from a famous Japanese legend about a princess from the moon.

Background: Years ago, Aura and Metis worked at GYAXA together, creating and programming robots with sophisticated AIs.

Spoiler: AA5-2
When Metis was brutally murdered, Aura's brother, Simon, was blamed. She refused to believe that it was him, and instead assumed that it was Athena responsible. For years she harbored her grudge while trying to clear her brother's name.

Age: NA
Gender: NA
Occupation: Robots

Witnesses of AA5-4 and 5.

Personality: Ponco and Clonco are robots, but thanks to their programming are able to learn faces and interact intelligently with space center guests.  They are very enthusiastic about their duties and always happy to please.

Misc Facts: Each has advanced face recognition software that allows them to remember anyone they meet.

Friends and Family: They were created by Metis Cykes and Aura Blackquill.

Name Origin:

Japanese: "Ta" and "ko" are typical ways of ending male and female names.


Spoiler: AA5-5
Seven years ago, Ponco was present when the Phantom appeared and murdered Metis. However, since the Ghost was wearing a mask and Mari's jacket, Ponco mistook him for Metis, and incorrectly "witnessed" Athena stabbing her mother. When Simon later arrived on the scene, he realized that Ponco would be a witness and dismantled her, sneaking her out of the room so that no one would think to check her memory.