Jacques Portsman / Makoto Yuuki

Age: 29?
Gender: Male
Height: ??
Occupation: Prosecutor

A sports buff that appears in GK case 1.

Personality: Jacques is a sports buff, which he takes with him into his work, depending on his "reflexes" in court and sometimes having officers "pass" him evidence and documents. He is energetic and excitable and well known for his dazzling smile.

Misc Facts: He calls all the detectives he works with "Jim" (in Japanese "Ryou") because it sounds good with his name.  He plays basketball, soccer, tennis, dodgeball, lifts weights and jogs regularly.  His office is 1203.

In the game he's voiced by Yuuki Furukawa, who he is also based on (Furukawa plays basketball and wears polo shirts).

Friends and Family: Works alongside Detective Faith.

Name Origin:
: Probably a play on "sportsman" thanks to his interests.  Also, "jock."

Japanese: Makoto means "truth" and yuuki means "courage".


Spoiler: AAI-1  
It's unknown how long Jacques has worked as a prosecutor, but one night it became necessary for him to steal all the evidence relating to a certain 10 year old case.  For that purpose he broke into Edgeworth's office in order to get the original court records, but was caught by his partner, Buddy.  He killed Buddy in cold blood to keep his theft a secret.


Spoiler: Extra  
Jacques is actually employed by Alba's crime syndicate, and Gumshoe indicates he has long been suspected of tampering with evidence and other improper conduct.

Buddy Faith / Shinji Nakamado
仲間戸 真治

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: ??
Occupation: Detective

Victim of GK case 1.

Personality: ??

Misc Facts: In basketball he's always on Jacques's team, but all he does is pass - only Jacques gets to shoot.

Friends and Family: Works with Prosecutor Portsman

Name Origin:
: A play on his Japanese name.

Japanese: May come from the phrase nakama to shinjiteiru, meaning "I trust him as a friend" or "I believe he is a friend."

Background: Buddy is a homicide detective who works with Jacques much the same way Gumshoe works with Edgeworth.



Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 160 cm
Occupation: Security guard

Appears in GK case 1

Personality: Maggey is cheerful, optimistic, and excitable (a lot like Maya, actually). She's very dedicated to her job and is always in high spirits despite have truly awful luck.

Misc Facts: First appeared in JFA case 1, and then again in T&T case 3.

Friends and Family: Works at the prosecutor's office.

Name Origin:
: Chosen for its unusual spelling. Also, a magpie (the bird) is sometimes considered a symbol of bad luck.

Japanese: Comes from "make tsudzuki," which means, "continues to lose," in reference to her horrible luck.

French: Surname comes from "the bird."

Background: Maggey appeared in the first three games as a police officer and then a waitress, and since then she appears to have been working as a security guard at the Prosecutor's Office.  Her luck has not improved in that time.

Spoiler: AAI-1  
By the end of the case Maggey has been fired again.  What occupation will she hold next!?