Ema Skye / Akane Houdzuki / Ema Skye
宝月 茜

Age: 18 in GK
Gender: Female
Height: 154 cm
Occupation: Student

Maya 2.0 - Phoenix's perky sidekick for PW case 5.  See her old profile here.

Personality: Ema is cheerful, optimistic, and friendly. She has a great interest in the sciences and hopes to become a forensic investigator someday.

Misc Facts: Ema is a big fan of Prosecutor Edgeworth.

Friends and Family: Ema is Lana's younger sister. Their parents are deceased.

Name Origin:
: "Skye" is a reference to her Japanese name.

Japanese: The kanji in Houdzuki mean "treasured moon" or "jeweled moon." Her first name may come from the phrase akane sasu sora, meaning "a glowing sky."

Background: Because Ema's parents died when she was very young, she was raised by her older sister, Lana. She is studying to become a forensic investigator.  For more information on her involvement in the SL-9 Incident and State vs Skye please check out her old profile.

Age: 24 in GK
Gender: Male
Height: 188 cm
Occupation: Police officer

The hyperactive police officer and witness of PW case 5, now in Kenji!

Personality: Mike Meekins is a bit of a spazz but eager to please. He carries around a megaphone and uses it much too often, which usually results in people trying to purposefully dismiss him. But his heart's in the right place.

Misc Facts: He's prone to getting parts of his clothing trapped in car doors.

The character designer (Kazuya Nuri) created the image for Meekins having been told "he's pretty annoying, but also lovable." Director Takumi describes Meekins as "existing in another world from ours."

In the Japanese Meekins has an unnecessarily polite speech pattern. It was a problem for coding because he took up so many characters on screen when speaking.

The name "Harabai" is often mistaken for "Haibara" and the character himself messes it up at least once in the game (though Takumi didn't specify if that was a script typo or not).

Friends and Family: Unknown

Name Origin:
: Meekins probably just comes from the adjective "meek." Mike may have come from the fact that he's always using his megaphone, which is like a microphone.

Japanese: "Susumu" is a fairly common male Japanese name meaning, "to press forward." His name was chosen with Goodman's at the same time because they fit together well.

French: "Ballaud" is a pun for balourd meaning "clumsy". May also come from the sentence "C'est ballot !" used when someone does something particularly foolish.

Background: Meekins first appeared in PW case 5 as a witness, and then again in AJ case 4.  He now works at the police-themed Bando Land.

Age: ??
Gender: Female
Height: ???
Occupation: Wearer of costumes

Witness in GK case 3, and seller of dreams (AKA wears the Pink Badger costume at Bando Land).

Personality: Loud, short tempered, cranky, very strict about her duties, tends to ramble on and on. However, she has a soft spot for attractive men and action stars. Unfortunately, her favorite action stars always end up dead.

Misc Facts: She still loves her Edgey!

Friends and Family: Oldbag wears a wedding ring, and in the first game she made mention of a son.

Name Origin:
: Wendy Oldbag = Windy old bag.

Japanese: "Ooba" comes from "obaa-san," which means "grandma." Or, it might come from "oobaka," which means, "a big idiot."

French: Comes from Vieille chouette meaning, more or less, "Oldbag".

Background: Oldbag claims to have worked in show business in her younger years, but in what capacity isn't entirely certain.


Age: 60 in GK
Gender: Male
Height: 177 cm
Occupation: Prosecutor

Appears in GK case 4. 

Personality: Karma is a ruthless prosecutor, believing only perfection can be tolerated. He'll do anything to get a guilty verdict. Sometimes arrogant but never overly cocky, Karma never looses his cool and has even the Judge pretty much whipped.

Misc Facts: The GS2 fanbook confirms that Karma has two daughters, the elder married with a child. His granddaughter has a dog named Phoenix (Ryuu in the Japanese).

Karma's character design was taken from the original design for Edgeworth.

Apparently the script writer really liked the name Karuma, and was disappointed many people ended up reading the kanji as "Karima."

Friends and Family: Karma has two daughters, one of which is Franziska, and raised Miles from the age of 9. His elder daughter has a daughter of her own.

Name Origin:
English: "Karma" being the bad Karma he's built up over the years. May also be based on Manfred von Richthofen, the infamous Red Baron who was brought down by a single bullet (thanks Johan!)

Japanese: "Karuma Gou" can mean several things depending on if you look at pronunciation or kanji meaning.

Pronunciation wise, "Karuma" is the Japanese Romanization for "Karma." "Gou" may come from the word gouka, which could be "the effect of karma" or "fires of hell."

Kanji wise, karu ma means "a demon which hunts," and gou comes from erai, which means "great" or "excellent."

All of them are pretty fitting.


Spoiler: AAI2-3
Karma was the prosecutor in charge of the IS-7 incident, 18 years prior to the game. Everything was going smoothly for him until the victim's body went missing. Having already charged Tenkai for Hyoudou's murder, Karma refused to harm his reputation by recanting. With the help of then-Chief Prosecutor Bansai, he pressured coroner Otome into writing up a fake autopsy report, and then fired the chief detective on the case, Tyrell Badd. It fooled most everyone, except for defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth. The ensuing trial dragged on for a year, with Gregory appealing over and over, desperate to have Karma's tampering exposed. In a last ditch effort of his own, Karma threatened Tenkai into a confession. Gregory rightfully challenged the confession during his next appeal, and though Karma used detective Wataru Shirase as a scapegoat for the coercion accusation, he was penalized in court for his harsh tactics. Even Bansai was unwilling to vouch for him that time, and it was that penalty that broke Karma's perfect record, driving him to murder Gregory Edgeworth out of spite.


The Judge

Age: ??
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm
Occupation: Judge

Appears in GK case 4. 

Personality: The Judge, though well meaning, is naive and very gullible. Not the brightest bulb.

Misc Facts: The Tigre frightens him.

No one knows the Judge's real name (Phoenix gets the Judge's business card in JFA, but cannot make it out).

In case 3-3 The Judge claims "I speak Spanish." Though who knows just how much he means.

Friends and Family: Has one younger brother, who is also a judge. He also has a grandchild (gender unknown).

Name Origin: Unknown.

Background: Unknown.


Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 177 cm
Occupation: Steel Samurai Otto!?

Appears in GK case 5. 

Personality: Larry is generally easy going and laid back, but shows his emotions easily. He's very trusting and a little flaky, which leads to him moving between women and part time jobs fairly regularly.

Misc Facts: In T&T, Larry is determined to become an artist, and goes under the pen name Laurice Deauxnim (aka Mashisu Tenryuusai in Japanese, Laurence Deauxnim in French).

In PW:AA, it's often joked that "When something smells, it's usually the Butz." In the Japanese, they instead joked, "When something happens, it's yappari Yahari." ("You know it's Yahari") In French, it's: "Quand Paul defès arrive, tout part à la dérive" ("When Paul Defès shows up, everything's going downhill").

Friends and Family: Larry is good friends with Phoenix, and has been since they were little kids. Larry's family isn't mentioned through the games, but he has a few different girlfriends along the way (one of which being Cindy Stone).

Name Origin:
English: "Butz" was probably chosen so that it could be used in the above joke against his name. Larry is close to Harry, which would give him the name "Harry Butz" (which he is sometimes mistaken as).

Japanese: "Yahari" in Japanese means, "I knew it" or "of course," and Masashi comes from "Masashiku," which means "with certainty." Like the English, probably chosen specifically for the above mentioned joke.

French: Poil des fesses means in English "butt hair".

Background:  For more about Larry see his old profile.