Many thanks to everyone who participated in CR's first ever Crossover Contest!  The winners have been chosen; view them below along with the other entries. 

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By Rose and Celia Abernathy
(This entry is a flash game, so if it doesn't work for you, try clicking this download link and opening it in your internet browser)


y Brain-Hemorrhage


By Mikoto-chan

y Aaren

y Adela Dedal

By Fidgey

By LaytonLegalLuke

By MapleRose

y Sam Heller

By Sergei

By Zachariah Von-Karma

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All entries must be received by midnight, the night of December 4th (US Eastern Standard time).  The Judges will weed through the entries to make sure they all fit the requirements, and then open voting will begin December 12th and continue for the next 7 days.  If all goes smoothly, winners should be announced December 21st.
Eligibility:  Everyone is eligible.  Court Records does not discount anyone based on their age or location.  However, you MUST be willing to disclose your address to Croik in the event that you win.  (via secure email, of course).  Otherwise, how can I send you your prize?  Only the winners will be asked for this information.

If you have no desire to claim a prize, you are welcome to share your would-be entry on the forums, but it will not be eligible for this contest.
Requirements: The object of this contest is to create a piece of fanwork that features and crosses over two or more of the included franchises: Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Ghost Trick, and Hotel Dusk.  This can be in the form of a fanfiction, a piece of art, a comic strip, a flash video, sprite manips, or whatever else you can think of.  Everything will be judged in one large category on the basis of how well you're able to fuse the characters from one game with another.

You are allowed to use characters/settings from other games, but the primary focus must be two of the games listed.
Restrictions: Each participant is allowed ONE entry.  It must all be contained in a single file, no zips/rars etc (one piece of art, one comic, one fic, etc).

You are allowed to collaborate with another person, to enter together, but still it must be a single entry.

It is okay if you've posted your entry somewhere else previously.

If you are caught submitting an entry you did not create you will be disqualified and banned from all future CR contests.  We do not take plagiarism lightly.
Appropriateness: Because this contest will have open voting among fans, all entries should not feature any excessive violence, nudity, or graphic sexual content.  Keep it at a PG-13 rating or lower, please.


All entries will be collected and shared among a panel of judges (chosen by CR's admins) to ensure that each entry meets the requirements listed above.  Depending on the number of entries received we may have to cut down the number to something reasonable before voting starts, though I would rather not have to do that.  Voting will go up December 12th and continue for a week (method not yet determined).  Winners will be announced December 21st.


The Grand Prize winner will receive the first three volumes of the Ace Attorney manga, English edition!  Second and third place winners will receive the first volume of the same manga.



Good luck everyone!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, direct them to courtrecord @ gmail dot com
Banner art provided by Brain-Hemmorrhage!