Welcome to the Sprite Cup, Court Records' first ever Sprite Only contest!  Below you will see the top 15 finalists, listed in no particular order.  Please look over and consider every entry carefully before continuing on to the voting page.

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When judging the sprites, please pay special attention to the originality, continuity, and execution of each sprite.   Ask yourself, is the entry unique?  Does it seem like a character that could actually fit in the Ace Attorney universe?  (Or if it's a canon character, can you see them appearing this way?)  Is the work well made and technically impressive?   Unlike the OC contest, only the sprite work is being judged here.  Any extra details about the OC characters are just there for fun, and should not factor into judging.

And now, the entries!


Baron Ludwig von Schmerzenburg, by Greeny



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Baron Ludwig von Schmerzenburg is the ambassador for Germany in (whichever country AA takes place for you unless it's Germany xD).  He looks quite dangerous, so he might be getting himself involved in certain legal business, if you know what I mean. He wears a mask.  (why? that's a secret.) A reasonably good chess player.

Matthew "Jing" Coquille by Yuanfang


Age: 24
Occupation: Model
Brief Physical Description: A tall slender man with a feminine face. He has ginger colored hair and purple eyes.
Brief Personality Description: Quite flamboyant and playful. Likes to tease Apollo. Sexuality is questionable. He has a lot of feminine mannerisms.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Defendant of Apollo.
Misc. Facts: "Jing" is his stage/model name. It comes from "ginger," which his hair is famous for being. It can also mean sparkling in Chinese.
His first and last name are a reference to Matt Engarde, Matthew being the long version and Matt and Coquille being a fencing term, like Engarde. This is because his situation is similar to Matt's, where he was accused of murdering his fellow star and rival. A key difference is that he is innocent. Apollo was very wary to trust him in the beginning, but learns the lesson of always having to trust your defendant.

Neil Marshall by Space Coyote



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Neil Marshall was a skilled prosecutor. He was 27 years old when he was killed in February 2015 -- the same day he won his first King of Prosecutors award. The scene of the crime was fixed so it appeared he was fatally stabbed by Joe Darke, but two years later, Police Chief Gant was proven to be the real killer by Phoenix Wright.

HoboPhoenix with Coat by Mister Hobo


Teru Mikami by Gyakuten Phoenix


Cheryl Madden by Priscila__s2


Age: 21

Occupation: Salesperson

Brief Physical Description: Cheryl is a short woman with black eyes and hair.

Brief Personality Description: She is timid and don't talks much. Near her brother, she's always smilling. She's very quiet with everybody.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Phoenix defends her when she's accused of killing her ex boyfriend.

Brief Background: Cheryl was born in a small city and moved to Japan when she was 8. Two years after her brother Denis was adopted, her parents divorced. Two weeks after her 18th birthday, her father disappeared and her mother was mysteriously murdered. She changed a lot after that day, Cheryl became much more quiet, serious and decided to take care of her brother. Her dream was open a flower shop. When she met Miria, a girl with the same dream, they try to open together. Willian, Cheryl's ex boyfriend and bestfriend tried to help with her dream to, but one day before the opening he was found dead in the shop. Cheryl was accused and sent to the Detention Center. Denis asked Phoenix to help his sister, he believed she would never do something like that. Phoenix defends Cheryl and quickly discovers the truth. Miria wanted to kill Cheryl. In the night of the murder there was a blackout in the neighborhood, so Miria couldn't see in who she was shooting. Who was supposed to be in the flower shop in that moment was Cheryl, and not William. Miria loved William, but he was still in love for Cheryl. Denis became friend of Maya, he and Cheryl often visit Phoenix's office.

OC by Martia


Vulcan Fides by SupwithyouSammie


Occupation: Prosecutor
Fides grew knowing all about pain and sadness. He vowed to get out of the hard life, and to never find sadness again. His hard life tought him many skills, and how to weave into the mind. Fides used the street skills he learned and applied them to his studies. Through many hours of labor, he finally became a prosecutor at the age of 21.

In court he uses his knowledge of unusual things to trick the defense. He often shouts Latin quotes at crucial points in the courtroom. Fides is a charming guy to his friends, but a cold mystery to his enemies.

Red Scarlet (Sound) / Funtagoe Akako (Doramu) by Zinle

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ENG:I had once Imgained character who would wear only red clothing. That's why her name should have been something red too and what would have done it better than Red Scarlet? Her name only means red.

JPN: Her first name Akako is a passionate name that signifies red, so it was pretty obvious choice, eh? Her last name comes from the word futago and that means twins. Also, if you take all letter that ar in futago there will read NE and that means two. Get it? Twins and two. Doramu, her nickname, means drums. I chose it because she plays the drums.

AGE: 18

OCCUPATION: Band member

FAMILY: Three minutes older sister, Blue, and father and mother. Also a cat.

LIKES: Loud banging

DISLIKES: Playing softly

PERSONALITY: Red is those kinda characters that have grown hard shield on them. She won't show her true feeling and acts cold to everyone, even her own twin sister. But inside her she still cares of those who shes cold to. She doesn't talk too much and gets angry pretty easily.

- Her hair is naturally red
- She tries to be tomboy, because she isn't those romatnic ones

Fritz Sharpe by Nose


age- 45

occupation- Chief prosecutor of the district

personality- A methodical and respectful man, Fritz can come off as a bit stern, however he holds great respect for his subordinates and opponents and has a great sense of honour.

brief physical description- well built and always smartly dressed. A large moustache and very piercing eyes.

connection to canon characters- subordinate of Lana skye before her dismissal, has worked with all of the prosecutors of the district including Edgeworth, Godot, Franziska and Klavier.

brief backround- During the DL6 case Sharpe was an up and coming prosecutor, and was even tipped to become the new chief prosecutor, however after Joe Darke's arrest and trial Lana Skye was given the job. Realising how odd it was that a non-prosecutor could get the job, Sharpe harboured suspicions about her, which were proven true after the end of the state vs. Skye case. After this case Sharpe got the job himself. Through looking through the files of Redd white and Gant, Sharpe realised the extent of corruption within the district. Sharpe sees himself as a crusader against this corruption and feels that every prosecution is a step towards a brighter future.

Pete Striker by Yoshirider4


His name is Pete Striker, a bowling maniac. He's 33 years old, and carries his red ball "inferno", where ever he goes.

Mr. Crow by Cold52jjc


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Elsener by Marion


Alice Arlette by Dumhuvud


A french defense attorney who starts working for the Wright Anything Agency about a year or two after Apollo does.

Miles Edgeworth by DJCruithne


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Age is unkind to many people: Some go gray, some get cranky, some become senile, and the rest go through some combination of the above.

Oddly enough, at age 33, Miles Edgeworth managed to do all three without even trying. (Then again, he was born with the first two traits. Cheater.)

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how something like this could could happen.

Well, one day Pess died of old age.

Tragic, yes?

Edgeworth sure thinks so: seeing as how his state of mind depended on the doggy's condition (and the fact that his sanity died along with it). He then lost his job after doing nothing but stare at dust particles floating in the air during courtroom battles (he even named one Freddie).

Now, you would think that Edgy, being the awesome little bugger that he is, would do something lawyerly to get his job back, right?


He got a job at a fast food restaurant instead.

What restaurant, you ask?

Chickie's Chicken hut.

Yanni Yogi (who somehow managed to escape from jail using the combined forces of a burrito, a yo-yo, and an empty gum wrapper) started the restaurant one day because he felt like it, and since he had gone senile, he gave Edgy a job.

Now, Edgy works under his manager, Polly. After all, someone has to hold up the store's motto of “chickielicious chicken so delicious, you can't chuck a chicken at it!...

“Oh, and don't forget DL-6! *squawk*” Polly thought it up herself.






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D. A. Vieralita


Jade Edgeworth






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Lord Nathanial

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