October 6th, 2015

Project X Zone 2 updates: Edgeworth as NPC, demo soon

Remember a few months back when Phoenix and Maya were announced to be playing a role in Capcom/Namco/Sega/(now Nintendo)'s crossover SRPG-fest, Project X Zone 2? Well, it seems they won't be the only Ace Attorney characters making an appearance. This week's issue of Famitsu reveals that Miles Edgeworth will appear as an NPC. Full scans aren't available yet, but you can catch a blurry Edgey hanging out in the official preview.

This week is a big one in general for PxZ2, since a new trailer is slated to debut, and the game's Japanese demo goes live on October 9th. The game itself is slated for a November 12th release in Japan, a February 16th release in America, and a February 19th release in Europe.

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September 18th, 2015

Ace Attorney 6 live stage show at TGS - Apollo, demo footage

The AA6 stage show at TGS is scheduled to start at 11:40 JST on Capcom's livestream. Tune in for a look at gameplay footage, an introduction of the game, and maybe more...?


We'll update this post with details after it airs.

Update: Apollo is in the game!


Update 2: It's over! You can see the extended trailer here, or the full stage show here.

A quick summary: Apollo was confirmed to appear in the game in an extended trailer, saying "I'm fine! Even if Mr. Wright's not here, I can fight! I have to win... even if that person is my opponent...!" As he said the final line, this teaser image was shown:


Afterwards, Eshiro and Yamazaki reviewed the basics of the game, reintroducing Phoenix, Bokuto, and Leifa. They then moved on to some gameplay footage, showing Phoenix interrupting Bokuto's trial (much to the dismay of Gaspen Payne, who's prosecuting.)

Image Image

Bokuto is accused of killing a treasure guard, Mima Waruhito ("????" -> "Patrolling Person".) After a short cross-examination, the scene shifted to the Spirit Vision system:

Image Image

In it, players are shown a vision of the victim's last moments, with what they felt/heard/smelled superimposed over a video of what they saw. Players then select one of Leifa's assertions and look for contradictions, moving through the video as needed. The bottom screen lets the players select between various points in the video so they don't have to rewind/fast forward through everything.

They then showed Leifa performing a ceremonial dance to carry out her channeling (this was presumably out of order from the gameplay segment.)

Image Image

Finally, they wrapped up with a run-through of upcoming AA stuff, giving us a clean look at the anime shot:


And that's all! For us livestreamers, anyway - those actually present got to see the traditional Special Court skit.

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September 17th, 2015

Dai Gyakuten Saiban artbook announced

Hoping to get a better look at the world of Dai Gyakuten Saiban? You're in luck; the official JP AA account just confirmed a DGS artbook will be released before the end of the year by Dengeki!

No other details at this time, but we'll keep an eye out.

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September 16th, 2015

Ace Attorney Anime coming April 2016!



It seems that from April 2016 an Ace Attorney anime will begin broadcasting in Japan! :thena-hair:

Staff note: The official JP AA Twitter confirms it. More details in the coming months!

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September 16th, 2015

[UPDATE] Ace Attorney 6 - TGS Trailer


The first trailer for Ace Attorney 6 is here! It will be updated shortly with subs. As expected, it confirms a 2016 release date.

Update: Subs have been added!

The trailer reveals the game to take place in the "Kingdom of Kurain". The mysterious girl is its "mystic princess", Leifa Padma Kurain. The trials here use mediums to show what the victim felt and saw in their final moments, and as such see no need for defense attorneys. In spite of that, Phoenix vows to fight for his clients!

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September 13th, 2015

The Court-Records 2015 OC Contest is here!


It may be a bit later than normal this year, but the Court-Records Original Character Contest is back! Not familiar with it? The idea's simple: come up with Ace Attorney fan characters and you could win some serious AA swag! (Not to mention some internet bragging points.)

This year, we're celebrating Dai Gyakuten Saiban, and so the theme is Victorian London and Meiji Japan - create an Ace Attorney OC that would fit one of those settings. These characters must be depicted in the form of a fanwork, in one of four categories: fanart, fanfiction, spriting, and - for the first time - 3D models! The four categories will be judged entirely separate from each other, and after a round of private judging, the finalists will be voted on by the public.

What's up for grabs? Well, a whole bunch of DGS, AAI, and AA5 swag, plus - for first-place winners - their character immortalized in a piece by Eisner Award-winning artist (and former C-R contest winner) Nina Matsumoto! Check out the prizes section of the contest page for details.

For the full rules and details, check out the contest page! At present, entries will be accepted until November 15th.

When you're ready to enter, we have entry topics set up for Fanfiction, Fanart, Sprites, and Models.

And finally, if you're an AA fan and would rather help out than enter yourself, we're still looking for a few judges! Please get in contact via e-mail or PM if you're interested. Any questions can either be posted in this topic or e-mailed to us at courtrecord@gmail.com.

Good luck, everyone!

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September 9th, 2015

DGS Silver Week sale eShop

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September 6th, 2015

New shout in AA6 teased?

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September 3rd, 2015

3rd Ace Attorney in Joypolis case announced!

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September 3rd, 2015

Takumi: "Looking forward to Ryuu's next adventure"

While the news of the day is mostly AA6-focused, today was also the final DGS DLC. As part of that, Takumi provided a special message for the players:


"London, at the turn of the 20th century...
I hope you enjoyed your great turnabout voyage.
The team is looking forward to the day we can meet you again in Ryuunosuke's next adventure."

While this isn't quite enough to say we got two AA sequel announcements in 48 hours - after all, this was written before the game went on sale - it is pretty close!

But until that day comes, Takumi leaves us with this:


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