July 2nd, 2015

Ace Attorney 3DS Themes on sale in NA eShop (and DD/Trilogy)

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July 2nd, 2015

Official DGS Countdown: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke's Sinful 7 Days


DGS launches in just under a week, and to celebrate Capcom has set up an official countdown - in the form of a very long trial for Ryuunosuke!

Titled "Naruhodou Ryuunosuke's Sinful 7 Days", the countdown sees each day revealing a new video explaining what crime Ryuunosuke is on trial for that day. In today's first episode, Holmes accuses him of spoiling DGS by revealing that Holmes is in the game! It's up to readers to vote as to whether or not revealing any info about a detective game constitutes a spoiler.

Tomorrow the votes will be tallied and a video showing Ryuunosuke's fate will be posted. Then it's on to the next charge! Gonna be a long week, Ryuunosuke...

(You can vote at that top link, or share your vote on Twitter to have it count 100x.)

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July 1st, 2015

DGS in Famitsu 7/2 - Full Scans

Famitsu is out, and brings with it 8 pages on DGS!

Spoiler: Scans

The article brings us a better look at Tobias Gregson, a detective at Scotland Yard. Noted for his love of fish and chips (yes, really), he's also appeared in the Sherlock Holmes novels Iris writes, which is both a source of pride and vexation to him. (Later, Takumi notes he serves as something of the game's Gumshoe equivalent.)

Next up, the article shows us Holmes' and Iris' home, as well as a look at Holmes when he's not dressed up to go investigating. That's quite the hairdo, Mr. Holmes...

The fifth and sixth pages bring us play impressions on the game's first two episodes. They're all quite positive, with the caveat that one author, upon learning episode 2 didn't have a trial section, said "Huh? Then it's not really "Turnabout Trial", is it?" (Turnabout Trial being the translation of "Gyakuten Saiban".) But with that out of the way, they had a good time (even if their final impression was "everyone in this game is weird!")

After that comes an interview with Kojima and Takumi. I haven't got time to translate it all, but some interesting points: writing the game's script only wrapped up in April, Takumi notes that after writing Phoenix so long writing Apollo had been difficult and that influenced how he wrote Ryuunosuke, and that - if possible - they'd love to do a sequel.

Lastly, the game was reviewed by Famitsu's staff, and received a score of 9/9/9/8, for a total of 35/40. In general, the impressions were quite positive, and the staff logged an average play time of 30 hours. The full Japanese reviews can be seen here.

A week to go!

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June 30th, 2015

DGS in Famitsu 7/2

One last Famitsu, one last DGS article!


This week's article celebrates the game's imminent release, in the process introducing another character - Detective Tobias Gregson, a member of the Holmes canon and visible on the game's boxart. Also present will be interviews with Takumi and Kojima, play impressions from the game's first two episodes, and maybe even more!

Details once the magazine leaks or officially releases (~29 hours from now.)

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June 29th, 2015

Dai Gyakuten Saiban - launch trailer, DLC details

Capcom has released a full launch trailer for DGS, bringing with it plenty of animation, footage, and even a tease of episode five! Check it out here; subs will be added the video, but for now, just soak in the gorgeous animation!

The game releases in Japan on July 9th. Just over a week to go...!

Update: First, rough pass on the subs has been added (turn on annotations).

Also announced today: details of the DLC for the game.


The DLC is not full trials like AA5's. Instead, it's a series of "issues" of Randst Magazine (first one is free for early buyers, next eight are 300 yen released weekly.) Each issue can contain some combination of things like a short episode (think PLvsPW's DLC), music from the game (including early versions and unused tracks), voice clips (including unused lines), concept art and commentary, making-of videos, and 3DS themes.

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June 26th, 2015

Capcom Legends Interview with Takumi (DGS)

A fairly long interview with Takumi in the Capcom Legends interview series was put on the Capcom site today. For those interested: an I-translated-it-as-I-read-it-so-there-are-probably-a-lot-of-little-mistakes-there translation.

Q: How did this new project, Dai Gyakuten Saiban, start?
A: It started when they asked me early 2013 if I wanted to make a Gyakuten Saiban seperate of the numbered series. I proposed a game with Sherlock Holmes and that how it got rolling.

Q: So Sherlock Holmes was there from the start?
I had considered other ideas. For example, I also looked at civil trials as a hook. But I realized the game would be about rather ugly topics, like "Mediation between family members fighting over an inheritance" or "Settling Things Out of Court In A Case of Being Falsely Accused of Molesting", cases with no clear-cut conclusions.

Q: That's true (laugh)
A: Originally, I came up with the idea of Gyakuten Saiban because I wanted something else than just choosing options. I thought about a way to have the player input their own deductions themselves directly, and the answer I came up with was the system where you point out contradictions between testimony and evidence.

Q: (W)right! GS is indeed a bit different from those games where you just have to make a choice between command options.
A: And so I came up with a laywer as a detective, and the setting of the courtroom, instead of the crime scene. But another answer I came up with at the time was: Maybe I could make a mystery game where a great detective made the wrong deductions, and where you needed to correct and lead him to the truth. That idea was "Sherlock Holmes (temp title)"

Q: The new "Joint Reasoning" system! When did you think of that?
A: Around 2000, somewhere around the first and the third GS game.

Q: That long ago?! So DGS started with joining that idea with GS?
A: I had been wanting to do a Holmes game for a long time, so with the opportunity presented, I schemed to make it happen one way or another! So yes, DGS started with Sherlock Holmes. But there's a lot of reasons for Holmes appearing in the game. For the game mechanics of course, but to set this project apart from the numbered series, it was the easiest to set this game in a different time period, which also opened up new opportunities for the mystery plot. It was perfect for the game. So I thought about how Japan looked like when Holmes lived, which is how I came up with the in-game universe.

Q: Takumi-san, what is your impression of 19th century London, where Holmes lived?
A: After first reading Holmes in middle school, I only read mystery fiction set in that period. So it might be all in my head, but I am fairly familiar with the setting. The late Victorian age was when scientific investigation started when they first accepted fingerprints as evidence and there was the technological revolution with photocameras, gramaphones and automobiles and the move from gas and steam to electricity... anyway, it was a period of much change and therefore interesting. This big center of energy is what lies at the base of the story.

Q: I see. By the way, what Holmes story do you like best?
A: I'm often asked that, but I find it hard to answer. But I think the easiest answer is the first 12 stories that make up the first short story collection. People think of Holmes as the great detective, but even he makes mistakes at times and feels bad because of them, and there's the friendship with Watson. He's a very human character. You'll understand that as you read more of his stories, so I recommend reading a lot of them.

Q: What was difficult about directing this project?
A: It's been a while since I wrote a GS scenario, so there was the pressure to write something that in terms of quality, wouldn't lose from GS1 to GS3.

Q: You wanted something that could compete with GS?
A: Yes. So with that pressure, I just started writing without thinking about pacing or anything. And for various reasons, the story structure changed several times and I had trouble keeping the scenario in check. You might think that a scenario should be written from start to finish after you've decided on everything, but in reality it doesn't go like that. As you write, you suddenly see things in a way you had never considered before, as if driven by a mysterious energy. Could it be Holmes' energy? Mystery fiction is about surprises, but I even was sometimes shocked by what I had come up with, something more surprising than the surprises I myself had planned, so you can expect the unexpected from the story. I've been making games for 20 years now, so by now you'd think I'd be better at controlling this process though (laugh).

Q: There's something profound in the creation process, right?
A: A large part of it comes from the staff members who watched over me with warm eyes, but we did everything until it wasn't possible to do anything more. That's also true of the development schedule.

Q: A question about creating the DGS characters. I think that characters made alive with polygons started for you with Ghost Trick, and now DGS, but what was difficult about that and what is new?
A: Ghost Trick was in the end 2D graphics, but from Layton VS GS and now DGS... I think the motifs have become bigger now. GT was like a theater where I wanted to show the whole bodies of the characters, so I used spotlights and had them dance and stuff, very different from GS. Now with DGS, I'm letting them do that too, and more.

Q: Now you mention it, the use of the spotlight in GT was very memorable.
A: We used motion capture for DGS. In the original stories, Holmes could deduce the most incredible things from a man's tiniest movements or the movements of the eyes and to reenact those scenes in DGS, we used mo-cap. This time we can control the movements of the eyes of the characters and to show that off at the start of the game, I came up with... restless-eyes-Ryuunosuke.

Q: Ah, yes, his eyes did move around a lot in his character introduction PV.
A: That's the thing we wanted to mention the most today! (laugh). We can now control the eyes of all the major characters, but that takes a lot of time and by the end, our eyes too hurt. But it looks very good on the screen, so it was worth it. We didn't just use mo-cap to get realistic movements, but we also came up with "GS"-esque uses for it, so please look forward to it.

Q: Finally, something to say to all the players.
A: It's been 15 years since the first GS, but thanks to all of you playing the game, we've now been able to make DGS. From people who've been there since the first game to people who only started last week, when I think about it and realize that DGS is a game made possible because of a long history of people after people playing the games, I can only be enormous grateful for it. GS is a series that has developed because of those playing the games and I myself too am only here because of the reactions of the fans. DGS is the game where I poured all my feelings of thanks in, hoping to repay your kindness. I'd be happy if you'll play the game!

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June 23rd, 2015

DGS 3DS Themes

Capcom has posted videos of four 3DS themes for Dai Gyakuten Saiban. I have an extremely limited knowledge of Japanese, but it seems that the themes will be released in the form of a download codes of limited quantities. Someone who actually knows Japanese can confirm this/correct me.

Main Characters Theme:

Sherlock Holmes Theme:

Iris Watson Theme:

Mini Character Theme:

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June 17th, 2015

DGS in Famitsu 6/17/15: Episode 4 Details

Another Famitsu, another DGS episode introduced! Scans this week are available at Japanese3DS.

As announced in the preview, episode 4 is titled "The Adventure of the Foggy Night and I", and sees Ryuunosuke take on the defense of the famous Japanese author, Natsume Souseki.

Now with an English trial under his belt, Ryuunosuke is again asked by Chief Justice Vortex to stand in court. The defendant, Souseki, is a Japanese transfer student living with his cat, Wagahai (a reference to Souseki's famous novel, "Wagahai wa neko de aru"/"I am a cat" - this is also where the "I" in the episode's title comes from.) Souseki is accused of stabbing a young woman, and he admits he and the victim were the only ones at the scene - not only that, he wound up running away!

Nevertheless, Ryuunosuke and Susato take the case, and begin interviewing the townspeople on the street near the murder scene. One of the people they encounter is John Garrideb, a well-to-do gentleman who seems to take his name from a Sherlock Holmes story, "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs." In addition, the pair run into Iris, who shows off her own skills of deduction, putting Ryuunosuke on the receiving end of a Holmesian observe-and-deduce session (though this doesn't appear to have a game component like Joint Reasoning.)

Finally, the magazine shows a picture of a man who seems to be from the police - he appeared on the boxart under Vortex. More info on him next time!

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June 16th, 2015

DGS Episode 4 (Famitsu preview)

Famitsu this week has something on episode 4 of DGS (on sale Thursday). It's titled "The Adventure of the Night in the Fog and I" and features Natsume Souseki, Japan's most famous novelist. He studied English literature in England at the time. Wagahai wa Neko de aru (I Am A Cat) is one of his most famous works, and the cat in the scan is also called "I" (wagahai).


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June 15th, 2015

DGS City promotion shorts (all five of them)

For the DGS 5 City Store promotion tour, Takumi wrote five different short promotion videos starring Ryuunosuke and Holmes. Today, Capcom put the first of these PVs online, for northern Hokkaido (the actual event was in the city of Sapporo). Holmes suggest the people of Hokkaido to rename their famous dish Genghis Kahn to "Holmes", which Ryuunosuke suggest might lead to strange talks ("Let's go eat Holmes!")


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