November 12th, 2015

Nintendo Direct

Since it's a time tested tradition to chat about recent events online, we are going to watch today's Nintendo Direct on Cytube live.

Show up early if you want to vote on which version we are watching, Nintendo always has different versions for USA and EU.

Note from Bolt: This is live now! Join us here: Over now - thanks to everyone who dropped by! We'll try to make this a tradition, especially if AA news is expected.

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November 8th, 2015

2015 OC Contest: Deadline Extended


Due to some confusion over the rules, and a (currently) low entry count, we're extending the OC Contest entry deadline by two weeks, to November 29th!

Remember, you can check out the guidelines and prizes on the contest page. We've also added an FAQ.

Best of luck, all!

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November 7th, 2015

Project X Zone 2 interview with Ace Attorney producer Eshiro

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October 29th, 2015

Dai Gyakuten Saiban: artbook cover revealed

Capcom has revealed the cover art for the upcoming Dai Gyakuten Saiban artbook, due out December 12th in Japan:


The book can be purchased through Amazon Japan or other import sites.

And speaking of DGS and art, there's still two weeks to enter the OC contest! Come win stuff!

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October 18th, 2015

DGS site updates, round one: Character profiles


So DGS has been out for three months, sure, but who's counting? Our first set of DGS updates on the site is now live, namely the character profiles! Click the banner above to view the page. As always, profiles have spoilers tagged, but also as always, sometimes just having a spoiler tag is a spoiler in and of itself.

If you're looking for completely spoiler-free profiles, see this page instead! Hopefully this will be a good resource for folks looking to work on their OC contest entries.

(Thanks to SuperAJ3 for the banner!)

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October 18th, 2015

Introducing CyTube

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October 16th, 2015

New privacy policy

As a part of our ongoing improvements to the site, we have noticed that we were lacking a privacy policy. No more!

We are still in the process of adding proper links to it, but it's live at

The basic gist of it is that we do the usual stuff, collecting server logs and using google analytics.

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October 14th, 2015

AA6 in Famitsu 10/14: Full Scans

A new Famitsu, some new info! Though usually they're not this quick after TGS...

Spoiler: Scans

This week's Famitsu formally introduces Apollo, specifically calling him and Phoenix out as "double Protagonists". While Phoenix heads up the trials in Kurain, Apollo takes charge of the ones back in Japanifornia. Also shown off is Gaspen Payne, who was chased out of Japanifornia's legal profession after AA5 and has set up shop as an 'undefeated' prosecutor in Kurain. That's not so hard when there are no defense attorneys...!

The remainder of the article is just reviewing the Spirit Vision system, which was shown at TGS. Our next batch of info will probably be in December, come Jump Festa time. Until then, expect Apollo, Payne, and Leifa's new art to show up on the AA6 site soon!

[The Court-Records 2015 OC Contest is now running. Come win stuff!]

Update: Official site updated with clean art of Apollo, Leifa, and Gaspen. Will translate profiles a little later!

Update 2: Character profiles:
Spoiler: Profiles (no actual spoilers)
Phoenix Wright
Just Attorney
"I believe in my clients' innocence. So I'll believe in them to the bitter end and uncover the truth. That's all."

Head of the Wright Anything Agency, an attorney whose spiky hair and blue suits are his trademark. He travels abroad for a certain reason, only to get caught up in another case and stand in court once more. Even in an unfamiliar court, he uses his mentor's values of "turning about your thinking" and "believing in your client" to uncover the truth.

Apollo Justice
Hot-Blooded Lawyer
"I'm - I'm fine! Time to get fired up, Justice!"

A hot-blooded attorney wrapped in crimson suits. Having grown over the course of his many cases, he's now an indispensable part of the Wright Anything Agency. Even still, he never misses his voice practice, and you can still hear his "I'm fine"s echoing through the halls of justice. He has the power to "perceive" a witness' tells.

Leifa Padma Kurain
Mystic Princess of Kurain
"The oracle reveals only the truth. I shall speak for it!"

The princess of Kurain, who carries herself with a holy and strict air. She holds the power to call forth the final moments of a victim's life and show them to the court; this speaking for the dead is known as the "oracle of spirits". With this power to determine the verdicts in Kurain's trials, she stands in Phoenix's way.

Bokuto Tsuani
"Sightseeing? If it's sightseeing you're looking for, just leave it to me!"

A young, lively boy who is a monk-in-training in Kurain. On top of that, he works as a tour guide to help support his family. He loves talking about his country to tourists so much that once he gets started, it's hard to stop him. He encounters a somewhat-lost Phoenix and becomes his tour guide.

Gaspen Payne
Wandering Prosecutor
"Kukuku... that proud little face of yours looks terribly foolish. I suppose there's nothing to be done for someone as ridiculous as you."

A veteran prosecutor who was chased out of Japan's legal system and set up shop in Kurain. Since arriving, he's never lost a case (much to his pride) and has risen to the rank of 'chief' prosecutor. With his ever-obnoxious attitude the same as ever, he tries to take advantage of Phoenix being on unfamiliar ground and take him down.

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October 13th, 2015

[UP] Ace Attorney 6: a couple tidbits from Famitsu

So, it looks like Famitsu has some "new" tidbits about Ace Attorney 6. Apparently the game will have two protagonists: Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright. No mention of Athena for now. Game doesn't only take place in the Kingdom of Kurain, but also in Japan. Gaspen Payne made it to Chief Prosecutor in this country without being defeated once.

And... that's pretty much it.


Update: First scan of Apollo:


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October 12th, 2015

10 years of Ace Attorney, and 14 of Gyakuten Saiban


October 12th is a very special day for Ace Attorney - by Capcom Japan's official measure, it was the release date of the original Gyakuten Saiban on the GBA, and by Capcom USA's measure, it was the release date of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in America.

And this year, it's a special date indeed - today marks ten years since Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was released in America, and by extent, ten years of the franchise in the West! While it's had its ups and downs, its releases and its curiously-passed-over-localizations (cough), there's no mistaking that it's left a permanent mark on gaming history.

Here's to ten more, and beyond!

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