July 28th, 2016

Ace Attorney Manga in October (based on anime)

A manga based on the Ace Attorney anime has been running since the May 2016 issue of VJump and the first volume is scheduled to release in October. I haven't read it myself, but from what I heard it's simply an adaptation of the TV series (and not something original like the Kuroda/Maekawa manga).

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July 28th, 2016

A wider direction for Court-Records

C-R celebrated its tenth anniversary this past year. While there's still a lot of work to do on the site, and plenty of Ace Attorney to cover, it's also about time we started looking at a (slightly!) wider scope.

Recently we covered the announcement of Lady Layton, the newest entry in a series that has its own connections to AA. The coverage seemed pretty popular on- and off-site. Now, the simple fact of the matter is that AA isn't a 24/7 enterprise - especially for English-speaking fans, sad as it is to say. So perhaps it's not really surprising that the site's slowed down in discussion considerably.

While there are many steps we can take to improve (I can hear Henke glaring at me about the beta from here), one area we've talked over is expanding news and discussion coverage beyond Ace Attorney. There's been some quiet history of this - the What A? subsite covered Hotel Dusk years ago, and we still have subforums for it, Ghost Trick, and Layton as well. So we pose the question to all of you: would you like to see Court-Records expand in its news and discussion coverage beyond simply Ace Attorney?

You'll notice the wording there. Truth be told, we're behind on content coverage for Ace Attorney as it is (hi, everything from AAI2 onward), which means we're not in a position to try and categorize every Layton puzzle in the book, or otherwise set up main-site pages for other series. But news and a good place to chat are two things we still aim to do well at. (Of course, we might need some helping hands on both fronts...)

Feel free to use the poll above for a quick vote, or sound off in more detail below!

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July 27th, 2016

Lady Layton confirmed for 2017 global release, details

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July 27th, 2016

Lady Layton announced (3DS/Android/iOS, spring 2017 JP)

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July 26th, 2016

Come watch Level-5 Vision with us (and see a new Layton!)

It's been a bit of a slow news period for AA this past month (at least on the game side of things), and it's been a few months since a Japanese livestream at terrible hours for much of the US, so why not break that up with a different series?

Tonight Level-5 will be running their Level-5 Vision 2016 event starting at 11:30 PM PT (2:30 AM ET, about eight hours from this post). Along with news on Yokai Watch, Inazuma Eleven, new IPs, and other franchises, tonight will see the formal unveiling of the first new Professor Layton game in three years (give or take some vaporware.)

While details on the game are TBA tonight, Level-5 recently trademarked "Lady Layton" in Europe, and shared concept art of some of the characters:

Spoiler: Large image

We'll be mirroring the YouTube stream over on CyTube, though we can't promise live translations. If you're still up, swing on by!

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July 19th, 2016

AA6 Blog: Anime Expo Report, Preparing Next Game, New Events

In the final blog entry for the Japanese site of Ace Attorney 6, Eshiro first has his own little report on Spirit of Justice's presence at Anime Expo (with pictures). He was touched by how many fans there were, from cosplayers to people who had brought a Japanese copy of AA6 or the artbook of AA5 to be signed.

As for the future of AA: as the game was released over a month already, they are already getting the questionnaires back included with the game, so they are getting a good idea of what was good and was bad about the game. "Everyone in the team looked through them and will be kept in mind for future installments."

As it's the 15th anniversary of the series, they have events planned to celebrate the anniversary, but he can't go into details now. They are also looking into the possibility of a new orchestra concert, which he has been wanting to do for a long time now. They are also planning things like tie-up projects and special anniversary goods, "as they are preparing for their next game" (note: he does not specify the title).

And he of course hopes everyone will celebrate the series' anniversary together with them, and he hopes the fans will continue supporting the series in the future.

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July 15th, 2016

Inside AA6 interview

An interview with AA6 produer Eshiro and director Yamazaki was published today on Inside. Personally, I don't think it's that interesting an interview, so just some bullet points for this one:

- Because it's a series with such a long history, it's hard writing stories and characters that don't overlap with previous titles in the series.
- In general, they first come up with the game mechanics and then the scenario and the characters to show off the mechanics.
- It had been the idea from the start of the project to include Maya. But then they also wanted to include forensics (and Ema) for the fans who wanted forensics back, and they needed the new setting for Phoenix, so they needed the Divination Seances and they also needed Apollo back in Japan.... so somehow AA6 somehow became the game where the whole series basically came together.
- The idea for Rayfa came from the fact they needed a priestress to do the seances. But that alone seemed a bit weak of a background for the heroine of the game, so they made her the princess too. Nayuta was always imagined as a Buddha-like prosecutor, who was overwhelmingly strong and could see through everything. They imagined him as a character who transcended even gender, so the design was made ambigeous.
- About half of the development was new to Ace Attorney. The core members of AA5 remained.
- The second theme of the game is 'succession'. Those being succeeded, and the successors are being represented by Nick and Apollo, who both have their own stories about that.
- Case 4 was something Eshiro wanted to do. It was hard to fit in terms of plot, but they managed it by changing the usual pace by making case 2 consist of one investigation and one trial part. Case 4 is somewhat similar to 3-3, as that it breaks up the main story a bit, but it also helps 'reset' the player between case 3 and 5.
- The DLC case is also (temporarily) free of charge because the series is celebrating its 15th birthday.

Spoiler: Broad AA6 plot points, no specifics
- Some people say Maya is featured too little in the game, though Eshiro replies that they didn't planned to have her appear little in the story: it's just that they had her appear whenever it was natural for her to appear. Yamazaki said it was the idea right from the start that if Maya was to appear in the game, Nick would have to save her. They couldn't just have her appear out of nowhere without any drama.
- The backstory of Apollo, mostly seen in the latter half of the game, was an original idea, but based on what was seen in AA4. It had not been the plan to push Apollo in the spotlight, but there had been a lot that had not been told about him. In general, it was supposed to have been a game about Nick, but he is pretty 'completed' in terms of personal story, so Apollo's story is much more eye-catching in the game.

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July 14th, 2016

AA6 Dev. Staff Interview (Gyakuten Ts?shin)

The first part of an exclusive discussion interview with six people from the AA6 development team was posted today on Gyakuten Ts?shin, the official fan community site for the series. Producer Eshiro, director Yamazaki, art director Fuse, sound engineer Horiyama, programmer Noda and planner Daigo have a diverse talk about what they think are the highlights of the game and their favorite characters (it does not spoil anything not specifically mentioned in the Japanese marketing of the game).

A full translation of this (first part of the) interview can be found on here.

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July 12th, 2016

Spirit of Justice OST out today in Japan, tracklist revealed

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July 8th, 2016

GS6 Visual Book on Aug 25

Gyakuten Saiban 6 Visual Book
Aug 25
B5, 256pages, 2052yen (taxes included)
http://www.enterbrain.co.jp/product/str ... 24301.html


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