December 6th, 2016

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney now available on Android


Well, it's not particularly clear if this was on purpose for the English release (which was slated for Thursday last we heard), but Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is now available on Google Play worldwide!

Interestingly, this version of the game is USD $15.99 up front from the get-go for the whole game, unlike the iOS version which was USD $0.99 for the first half of case 1 and had the rest of the game a la carte.

[The Court-Records Original Character Contest 2016 is here!]

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December 3rd, 2016

Ult. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coming to PS4/XO/PC; new MvC too


This isn't 100% whole-wheat organic-fed Ace Attorney news, but it is news of a sort: Capcom today announced that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which features a certain spiky-haired lawyer as a playable fighter, will be coming to PS4 today, and to the Xbox One and PC in March 2017. The game was previously de-listed from digital storefronts due to rights issues.

In addition, a new entry in the series, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, was announced for a 2017 release. While there's no sign of any Ace Attorney representation yet, we'll keep our eyes peeled!

[The Court-Records Original Character Contest 2016 is here!]

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November 30th, 2016

The Court-Records Original Character Contest 2016 is here!


It's... even later than normal this year (maybe end-of-year is becoming the new mid-year?) but the Court-Records Original Character Contest is back! Not familiar with it? The idea's simple: come up with Ace Attorney fan characters and you could win some serious AA swag! (Not to mention some internet bragging points.)

This year we're going back to basics... and also to Khura'in! To celebrate Spirit of Justice, we're asking participants to come up with an original Ace Attorney character that would fit in the world of SOJ, be that back home in Japanifornia or abroad in Khura'in. Submit your character (via a representative fanfic, pieces of fanart, or sprites), and it'll be up for voting against your fellow AA fans.

What's up for grabs? The AA6 artbook, the Phoenix/Apollo selection OSTs, and a nice AA6 3DS carrying case - plus, as always, attorney's pins from Fangamer. See the prizes section of the contest page for details.

Ready to give this a shot? Then head over to the contest page and read over the guidelines! This year you'll have until January 15th, 2017 to get your entries in. Note that as we prepare to move to our new site, we're changing the submission process this year, and you'll be submitting your entries directly onto the beta site.

Any questions can either be posted in this topic or sent to us directly at courtrecord [at] gmail [dot] com.

Best of luck, everyone!

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November 30th, 2016

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney HD now available on US iTunes


It's been darn near a decade since Apollo stepped into court, so we're well overdue to revisit those halcyon days - and now you can do it in HD! Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is now available on iTunes in the US!

This HD remaster of the game will put you back $0.99 for the first half of episode one, with the remainder of the game available a-la-carte. (We'll add full pricing once it's known.)

Happy perceiving!

[The Court-Records Original Character Contest 2016 is here!]

Update: Official English trailer.

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November 30th, 2016

Gyakuten Saiban 4 HD launched on iOS in Japan

If you're in the States (or other English-speaking countries) there's still a day or two to go, but Capcom has just launched the iOS HD port of AA4 in Japan! ... &ls=1&mt=8

You can also see a trailer for the game, complete with (arguably unnecessary, but oh well) subs here:

(PS: Hey, the OC Contest 2016 will be launching soon! Keep your eyes peeled...)

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November 29th, 2016

Interview Takumi & writer Madoy (mystery fiction, AA)

Serialization of a brand-new Ace Attorney story titled Jikanryokosha no Gyakuten (Turnabout of the Time Traveler) will start in the March 2017 issue of Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine, so the current issue (January 2017) features a special interview with Shu Takumi and Van Madoy, the writer of the story. The two talk about how mystery fiction formed the starting point of the Ace Attorney series, about Ace Attorney growing into a media franchise, the influence of the Ace Attorney series in Madoy's books, and of course, a bit about the upcoming story (now I think about it, I think this is the first interview with Takumi since DGS2's announcement?)

A full translation of the interview is available at Gyakuten Saiban Library.

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November 23rd, 2016

A whole bunch of new AA4HD screens

You know what could liven up this Wednesday evening? Some new AA4 HD screens!

Capcom Japan sent out a whole new batch of screens to sites like Famitsu and 4Gamer to promote the upcoming release of AA4 on mobile. While no date is set for Japan, the game will be released December 1st (iOS) and December 8th (AND) in America (and other English-speaking countries?)

Screens in a spoiler box so as not to blow up the page, but you can see the Gavins, Trucy, the new investigation UI, perceive, and even a snazzy new save screen! Gameplay looks to be much the same, though the articles say there will now be an auto-save function as well.

Spoiler: Screenshots
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

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November 21st, 2016

AA4HD coming December 1st (iOS)/December 8th (AND)

It's about as low-key an announcement as you can get, but Capcom Mobile has confirmed AA4's release date to be December 1st on iOS and December 8th on Android.

Footage of the game was discovered yesterday.

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November 20th, 2016

First footage of AA4HD - with an asterisk

So, a few days Capcom Mobile put up a small trailer of AA4 for mobile on their YouTube channel. Except... the video is now set to unlisted. And it looks like there's good reason for that.

You'll probably notice that the video is running at a pretty abysmal framerate. Before the torches and pitchforks come out, it's worth noting that this poor framerate seems to be an artifact of the video, not of the game - watch the transitions between disparate scenes (like from Eldoon to the Gavinners' dressing room) and you'll see those are choppy as well. It seems like this video was rendered at a lower FPS than it was supposed to be, which may be part of the reason it's unlisted.

Still, it gets us another look at the game's visuals. Here's hoping this is a video issue after all and the next official footage drop is running smoother!

Thanks to @hoso_boso on Twitter for the heads-up.

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November 18th, 2016

Interview producers AA and Danganronpa

Slow time for AA news, I'm afraid, and this isn't really news, but I think a lot of people might find this interesting Dengeki Online posted an interview with producer Eshiro (Ace Attorney) and Terasawa (Danganronpa) yesterday. The two talk about... a lot. How they met, what they think of each other series, views on not just the games, but the whole franchise, about fandom.... I posted a complete translation here for those curious.

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