Privacy Policy

About this site

Court-Records maintains temporary session information when you visit us in order to help with site diagonstics and security. This information does not go beyond the standard information any Apache web server gets when you visit a page. This information is only viewable by the site admins and is never shared.

If you register on the forums, we store any information you provide there (date of birth, username, post contents, etc.) so that the forums can actually run. Public information you provide in your profile is available to registered members of the forum. Private information (such as passwords or e-mail addresses) is never shared, though site admins are able to view member e-mail addresses for administrative purposes.

In addition, Court-Records uses Google Analytics to get information such as how many people visit us and what parts of the site they use. As part of this, we send anonymized user IDs based on your forum login to Google. These IDs are not used for any other purpose or shared with any other parties. To opt-out, see here.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for Court Records, write to courtrecord @ gmail dot com