This section is devoted to contradictions that arise in the series the writers probably did NOT intend for.  These are Apollo Justice contradictions.  

This list does NOT include:

Typos or grammatical errors.

Sprite errors
(things like Dee breaking her pipe, and it being back in her hand in the courtroom view)

Gags and gimmicks
(Adrian's endlessly reappearing glasses, bourbon glass in Detention, etc)

Ways in which PW world law differs from real world law
The game is not meant to be an accurate law sim, and it functions by its own set of rules.  As long as those laws are consistent to each other, they're not contradictions.

This list contains SPOILERS


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General Contradictions

None so far that aren't already covered on the first contradictions page.

Turnabout Trump


None so far.


Turnabout Corner

Panties in the Pipe

Shoving panties (or anything) into a car's exhaust pipe won't actually disable it; that's just an urban myth.  Just ask Mythbusters!  (-urutapu)

Super Bullet

Whether the bullet Alita shot into the safe was lead or copper, there's no way it could have embedded itself into the back of a solid metal safe.  It should have shattered on impact, or else simply ricocheted back into the office. (-Chris)

Pal Meraktis is a Quack

Being a doctor, why didn't Meraktis realize that Alita was still alive after he strangled her?

[Explanation]:  Pure panic.  He was so concerned with covering up what he had done that he clearly wasn't in his right mind.  Plus, even if he had realized she was only unconscious, he still could have intended to toss her (and the gun) into the river.

Turnabout Serenade

So Much For the Love Triangle?

How did Valant not recognize Lamiroir?

[Explanation]:  Can you prove he didn't?  Valant was one of two people who might have shot Thalassa - if he recognized Lamiroir, the last thing he would want is for her to regain her memory (there being a 50% chance she would reveal he was guilty).  He could have easily pretended not to recognize her for both their sakes.  Also, near the end of the Mason System Valant hints to Phoenix that Thalassa may be alive.  That very well might be the proof that Valant did recognize her after all, and was just hiding the truth, for Trucy's sake and his own.

The All-Knowing LeTouse

If Lamiroir "witnessed" the murder through the vent and not the small glass window, how did LeTouse know she was there when he couldn't have seen her?

[Explanation]:  Though he was an Interpol agent, LeTouse was also acting as Lamiroir's manager and bodyguard.  It's possible that he knew the secrets of Valant's magic trick, and thus knew that she would be in the duct during the second act.

Height Shmeight

When you consider Machi's height, it should have been impossible for him to shoot LeTouse through the shoulder and have the bullets hit the opposite wall the way they did.  Because Machi is so much shorter,  he would have had to angle the gun up to hit LeTouse where he did - a much sharper angle than the taller Daryan would have shot from.  This contradiction is never brought to light, let alone the fact that there's no way Machi could have carried LeTouse's dead body onto the stage (-Advance Strategist)

And also that, despite being tiny and unfamiliar with guns, Machi sustained no injury from shooting off the high caliber gun. (-shiakikila)

Turnabout Succession

Magnifi's OTHER Magic

If Magnifi committed suicide, why wasn't it noted that he had gunpowder burns around his forehead wound? (-ajxdelesky)

[Explanation]: If the hospital room was small enough, there wouldn't have been room for Magnifi's supposed assailant to shoot him and not leave burn marks, so they might have been omitted from the court record.  Or else it's just a contradiction.

Time Travel!?

In several spots during the Mason System Phoenix uses evidence he gained in the future against Psyche Locks in the past (Brushel's photo, Kristoph's nail polish, etc).

[Explanation]: The Mason System is a simulation meant to be viewed by the jury, and is not meant to be a 100% accurate retelling of events that Phoenix experienced.  Phoenix does not time travel, he simply presents his story to the jury in the form of a game.  The time traveling aspect is simply gimmick.

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