The dramatic finale to the original GS, in which Phoenix takes on the most unlikely of clients--his own rival, Miles Edgeworth.  Can rookie lawyer Phoenix Wright take down Manfred von Karma, the genius prosecutor with a 40 year perfect record?

(Submitted by FAPman)


Date: December 24th to December 28th, 2016.
Defense Attorney: Phoenix Wright.
Prosecutor: Manfred von Karma.
Defendant: Miles Edgeworth.
Victim: Robert Hammond
COD: Shot in the heart.
MW: Pistol.
Guilty: Yanni Yogi
Accomplice:  Manfred von Karma

It's a foggy Christmas Eve, and two people are talking on a boat. They reminisce about the good old days, and talk about how it's been 15 years. However, one of the people on the boat whips out a gun, and shoots the other person. The person who committed the murder? Miles Edgeworth?!

Day 1.

Merry Christmas, Phoenix Wright. It’s a slow day on the news, with all the talk about the sighting of “Gourdy” at Gourd Lake. Then a breaking news report comes on the TV stating that a murder has taken place near Gourd Lake, with the prime suspect being Miles Edgeworth.

Phoenix and Maya proceed to the Detention Center to talk with Miles Edgeworth. Edgeworth is not talking at all, and when Phoenix offers to defend Edgeworth in court, he refuses Wright’s help. Therefore, Phoenix and Maya proceed to Gourd Lake to see if they can find any evidence to help Edgeworth’s case.

Arriving at Gourd Lake’s entrance, Phoenix and Maya immediately encounter Gumshoe, who’s busy working the Police to death trying to find evidence to prove Edgeworth’s innocence.  Gumshoe tells Phoenix and Maya that, from what the police can determine, one person shot another while in a boat on Gourd Lake around midnight. A cop arrested Edgeworth at the scene of the crime. There was also a witness who claimed to see the murder take place, but the information about the Witness is being kept private for the time being. Before Phoenix and Maya get permission to walk around Gourd Lake, Gumshoe provides them with directions to the Police Station in case Gumshoe finds any additional information.

Phoenix and Maya first come across the Public Beach. Here, Maya takes some “Poppers” on one of the benches. They then proceed to look around the area, first checking out the locked-down “Boat Rental Shop”, which is of little interest at the moment, and then the woods.

When Phoenix and Maya check around the woods, they notice that somebody has set up camp, even though there’s a sign that clearly reads “No Camping”. Phoenix notices a camera which takes pictures when a loud sound is heard, so Maya decides to set off the Poppers right in front of the receiver. The camera works fine, but the owner, Lotta Hart, comes stamping out, and wonders why Phoenix and Maya wasted all of her film.

Hart does not cooperate at first, until Phoenix shows her his Attorney’s Badge. After seeing the badge, Hart starts to cooperate. She tells Phoenix and Maya that she’s a research student at Country U, and came up to Gourd Lake 3 days ago to photograph Meteor Showers. She also claims to have seen a lot of boats on the Lake since the day she arrived. Phoenix then points out that when the victim was killed, her camera may have picked up an image of the murder taking place, since her camera is set up to take pictures after a loud noise is heard. Therefore, Lotta begins to look over the film from her camera.

While Lotta looks over her film, Phoenix and Maya proceed to the Criminal Affairs branch of the Police Department. Gumshoe appears, and lets Phoenix know that the press conference did not go so well. The victim can’t be I.D.-ed yet, but they did manage to get an autopsy report. Maya asks to see a photograph of the victim from the Autopsy report, and oddly enough, he looks familiar to her.

Returning to Gourd Lake Woods, Phoenix and Maya meet Lotta again. She has two photos that show the murder taking place. However, the fog obscures much of the murderer’s details. Also, she adds herself to the list of witnesses to the murder.

Heading back to the beach, Phoenix and Maya meet Santa Clause! Well, not really, they meet Larry Butz dressed as Santa Clause. Larry did not know a murder happened at Gourd Lake, but is surprised to hear the Edgeworth is the prime suspect for the murder. It’s also revealed that he, Phoenix, and Edgeworth went to the same grade school. Edgeworth’s father also was a Defense Attorney in the past, and Edgeworth also wanted to become a Defense Attorney, just like his father. It’s a surprise to Larry that Edgeworth became a Prosecutor, instead. Lastly, Larry shows Phoenix and Maya a Newspaper Article depicting “Gourdy”. The article claims that Gourdy appeared after a loud bang (like an explosion) was heard, followed by the sound of an object slipping into the Lake.

Returning back to Wright & Co. Law Offices, Maya suddenly realizes that the victim was a lawyer at Grossberg Law Offices! Phoenix and Maya immediately proceed to Grossberg Law Offices to meet with Grossberg himself. Grossberg identifies the victim as Robert Hammond, who was the Defense Attorney in the DL-6 Incident (See: DL-6). After talking about DL-6, Grossberg give Phoenix an image of Misty Fey…Maya and Mia’s Mother.

Returning to the Detention Center, Miles is still upset, but starts to cooperate after being shown the image of Misty Fey. He finally admits that he did not shoot anybody, and explains that he saw the incident on the elevator (DL-6), but he barely remembers it. It is also revealed that this incident happened 15 years ago…on December 28th, meaning that it’s statute of limitations will end in 3 days (which means, legally, the case is forever closed). Miles does not know what happened to the suspect, except that he might be around 50 years old.

After all this, Miles asks for Phoenix to be his Defense Attorney in court, tomorrow. But first, he wants Phoenix to deliver a letter to Gumshoe.

After talking with Miles, Phoenix and Maya proceed to the Police Department one more time, only to find Gumshoe furious at them for finding another Witness to the murder. Lotta claims to have seen Edgeworth firing the pistol, and the photograph also makes her claim pretty concrete, too. Lastly, Lotta will enlarge the photo for tomorrow’s trial.

Phoenix then delivers the letter to Gumshoe, and it’s now official: Phoenix Wright is the Defense Attorney for this case.

DAY 2.

Before Phoenix enters the courtroom, Edgeworth warns Phoenix that Manfred von Karma is a “God” of sorts when it comes to prosecution, and that he has not lost a case in his 40-year career. Von Karma will do ANYTHING to get a guilty verdict. Also, it’s revealed that von Karma was Edgeworth’s mentor, and taught him everything he knows about prosecution.

The trial begins, and Karma doesn't really have much of an opening statement, except for saying that the Evidence and Witnesses are pretty decisive. Karma first calls Gumshoe to the witness stand.

Gumshoe points out what happened on a Map. A boat was in the middle of the lake, with two men in it. A woman was camping on the edge of the lake (Lotta Hart). At 12:10 A.M., she heard two pistol shots, and then the boat started to move. The boat returned to the boat rental shop.

Gumshoe then begins his testimony, as ordered by von Karma. A man called the police station at 12:30 A.M., and the police took 3 minutes to arrive at the crime scene. The police found Edgeworth first at the crime scene, and they immediately arrested him after the body of Hammond was discovered the next morning. Why did they arrest Edgeworth? Because the murder weapon, a pistol, was found in the boat, and Edgeworth's right-hand's fingerprints were on it. Also, the ballistic markings from the bullet matched the murder weapon that fired it.

After Gumshoe's testimony, von Karma orders a 10-minute recess before the next witness is called.

During the recess, Phoenix asked Edgeworth if he really was on the boat. Edgeworth says that he was on the boat, but he did not shoot the victim at all. Ironically, he doesn't know who the real murderer was in the first place, but when the gun went off, he thought the victim had committed suicide.

After all this, Maya asks Phoenix if she should stay, or if she should go. She's been unable to summon Mia's spirit to help them, and she fears she's useless this way.  Phoenix tells her to stay.

After the 10-minute recess, von Karma calls the next witness, Lotta Hart, to the stand for testimony. According to Lotta, she was in her car after midnight. After hearing a “bang” come from the lake, she immediately looked out her car window, and saw two “gents” on a boat. A second bang shortly followed, and that's all she saw on the lake. To back up this claim, von Karma presented a photograph of the murder just before it occurred. Also, before Phoenix began Cross-Examination, von Karma warned that if no contradictions were found, Phoenix would be placed under arrest for Contempt of Court.

The cross-examination begins. Phoenix presses all of her original testimony, but absolutely no contradiction is found. As a result, he has to obey von Karma's original request, and the judge places him under arrest for contempt of court.

However, just before the bailiffs place him under arrest, Maya shouts that Lotta Hart's testimony was faulty, and that there was no clear indication of whether or not she was looking at the lake the whole time, and therefore, could not have seen Edgeworth. After Maya's claim, Lotta exclaims that she did see Edgeworth clearly that night, but that claim was NOT featured in her original testimony. Phoenix finally finds a contradiction, but at the price of Maya's freedom (she ends up getting arrested, instead of Phoenix, for contempt of court).

During her second testimony, all she says is that the man on the boat was Mr. Edgeworth. However, Phoenix proves Lotta wrong by showing her the photograph of the two men in the boat. If the camera couldn't get a clear shot of Edgeworth's face, no way her naked eye did.

Lotta explains as to how she saw Edgeworth. Although the fog was thick, she could see who was on the boat because she brought binoculars, and when she heard the bang, she looked in the direction of the bang with the binoculars. But she also claimed earlier to be taking pictures of shooting stars. Wouldn't it make more sense to bring a telescope?  Phoenix deduces she wasn't really photographing stars, and shows her the Article of Gourdy. The camera was set up to take pictures when a loud noise was heard, and just like Gourdy made when he appeared.

Lotta's new testimony reveals that she's not a research student. She's actually an investigative photographer who wanted to get a photo of Gourdy before any other Photographers could, and that's all she hid from her previous testimony. But wait, she wouldn't be staring at the boat if she heard a noise, would she? She'd actually be scanning the lake for Gourdy. Phoenix proves this with the newspaper article, again.

Lotta finally admits that she did scan the lake for Gourdy instead of watching the boat the whole time. Phoenix asks if she had enlarged that one photograph of the murder taking place. Sure enough, she did, and she presents the evidence to the court.

The enlarged photo does not show who committed the murder. However, it does show that the murderer was firing the pistol with his left hand, and not his right hand. The shooter could not have been Edgeworth according to this enlarged photo.

But now, the question arises, who but the defendant could've shot the victim? If nobody else could've shot the victim, then it could be assumed the victim shot himself. However, there's also proof that says the victim was shot a meter (3 feet) away, so it couldn't have been suicide. A Conundrum has arisen.

Court is adjourned for the time being, giving Phoenix some time to research this new contradiction. Before he leaves the lobby, Edgeworth tells Phoenix to pass on a message to Maya, to watch out what she says in court. Then, Phoenix requests a transcript of Lotta's entire testimony.

Phoenix immediately proceeds to the Detention Center, where he talks with Maya. Maya hasn't been questioned yet, and she is going to be released afterwards, if she gets bail money. She still can't contact Mia.

Phoenix proceeds to the Criminal Affairs branch of the Police Department, only to find that Gumeshoe isn't there. In fact, he's not really following protocol, either. He then heads to Gourd Lake's Woods, only to meet up with Gumshoe again. Von Karma is going to call in another witness for tomorrow's trial, but Gumshoe can't tell Phoenix who it is. As for Maya, she can leave now, as Edgeworth is going to pay her bail.

Phoenix heads back to the Detention Center to pick up Maya, and they head back to the Gourd Lake Park's Entrance. They meet up with Lotta again, and she wants to make up for everything she's done so far. They make a deal that in exchange for proof that Gourdy exists, she'll tell them who the mystery witness is.

Heading towards the Public Beach, Phoenix and Maya encounter a giant, inflatable Steel Samurai. It was Butz's Girlfriend's (Kiyance) idea. Otherwise, nothing much of interest, or proof that shows that Gourdy exists.

Phoenix and Maya heads back to the Criminal Affairs branch of the Police Department to meet up with Gumshoe. Phoenix explains that they want to find proof that Gourdy exists, so Gumshoe gives them access to three different Police Department “Secret Weapons” to help them find it. First, Gumshoe loans them Missile, the Police Dog.

Taking Missile back to the Public Beach, he lunges at the Samurai Dogs stand, and eats all of Butz's Samurai Dogs. Otherwise, Missile does nothing else. Phoenix and Maya return Missile back to the Police Department, and exchange him for a Fishing Pole. The two head towards the Woods to see if they can fish out evidence of Gourdy, but Maya falls on the ground and sets off Lotta's Camera again. Finally, the two return to the Police Department and get the last “secret weapon”...a metal detector.

Phoenix and Maya walk around Gourd Lake to see if they can find anything Metallic that would prove Gourdy's existence. The Metal Detector is set off near the Boat Rental shop, and it turns out to be a Air Tank wrapped with Miniature national flags...the same ones around the Samurai Dogs stand on the public beach.

They head back to the beach, and they show the Air Tank to Butz. It turns out Butz used the Air Tank a week ago to fill up the Steel Samurai inflatable, but the valve busted open and made a noise, causing the inflatable doll to fly into a lake. Then, on Christmas Eve (The same night of the murder), he went out on the Lake to get the inflatable, but he went home before midnight. This proves, however, that Gourdy is the deflated Steel Samurai doll.

Phoenix and Maya return to the Woods to explain to Lotta that Gourdy was the Air Tank that was used to fill up the Steel Samurai display. Disappointed, Lotta agrees to this evidence, and explains to Phoenix that the mystery witness is the caretaker of the boat rental shop. Before they leave, Lotta gives Phoenix a second photo from the night of the Murder (It shows nothing but fog).

Phoenix and Maya then proceed to the Boat Rental Shop to meet with the Old Man. The Old Man confuses the two with two other people, Meg and Keith. However, Phoenix and Maya play along with these rolls to get any information that they can from the Old Man. The Old Man just engages them in meaningless conversation until Phoenix shows the Old Man his lawyer badge. The Old Man cooperates, and Phoenix shows him the 12:15 A.M. Photo, which results in the Old Man saying that he saw the whole murder, too.

The old man doesn't remember the exact time of the Murder, but it was dark outside. He heard a “Bang!”, then looked outside, then heard another “Bang!”. The boat came back to his dock, and a young man walked by his window. The young man muttered something to himself.

Before leaving, Phoenix examines the Parrot, and asks the old man about it. The parrot (named Polly) knows a lot of important things. When Maya asks Polly if they forgot something important, Polly mentions to not forget DL-6. But why would the Old Man & Polly know about DL-6?

Phoenix and Maya pay a visit to Gumshoe at the Police Department, and ask if they could find out more information about DL-6. Gumshoe would, if they could provide him with evidence to convince him that it's relevant.  Phoenix explains that the Parrot, Polly, mentioned DL-6, and that the Old Man might be connected to the case somehow. Gumshoe then allows the two to access the DL-6 files in the Records Room.

First is a summary of what is known about the DL-6 Incident: December 28, 2001. An incident took place in the district court's elevator (the same district court that the current trial's being held). A large earthquake at 2:00 P.M. Caused part of the building to collapse, trapping three people in the elevator: Gregory, Miles, and one other. The lack of oxygen in the closed-off elevator caused the survivors to be unconscious. Gregory was shot in the heart, right before Miles' eyes.

Gregory was 35 at the time. The evidence in the Elevator ruled out that a suicide occurred, and the recovered pistol was fired twice. The suspect was Yanni Yogi, a court bailiff. He was found innocent by Robert Hammond, because the lack of oxygen caused temporary insanity and memory loss.

This information is what Phoenix and Maya consider to be all they need for tomorrow's trial.

DAY 3.

The trial resumes. During the opening statements, von Karma makes a prediction that the trial will end in 3 minutes, for no apparent reason. He immediately calls the Old Man to the stand. The old man was in the boat shop the night of the murder. Unfortunately, the man does not know his own name due to poor memory. However, his memory is, apparently, good enough to remember what happened 3 days ago.

The night of the 24th, just after midnight, he was in his “restaurant” when he heard a bang! He saw a boat on the lake that night, and heard another bang. When the boat came back to dock, the Old Man saw a man walk by his “restaurant’s” window.

During the cross-examination (which exceeds von Karma's 3-Minute prediction), Phoenix realizes after pushing the Old Man's final statement, he ran into a trap set by von Karma. He heard, and got a clear look of the man who walked by his window. The person, as the old man claims, was actually Edgeworth. Apparently, the judge thinks that this is enough proof to declare Edgeworth guilty of the murder of Robert Hammond.

However, immediately after declaring the “guilty” verdict, Larry Butz takes the stand, and claims he has new information that contradicts the Old Man's testimony. He was in the gallery, and recalled that he was at the Lake on the 24th. Karma objects to this new testimony, since the Judge declared the verdict already, but the Judge decides to entertain Larry's testimony, and lets him testify after a five-minute recess.

It could be possible that he saw the gunshot, since he did go looking for the Steel Samurai balloon that flew into the lake. During the recess Edgeworth explains how his fingerprints got on the gun. Apparently, he went into a bit of a daze, and could not think straight. He picked up the gun without thinking. After he explains what happened, he goes on to say how Karma has ran perfect trials up until now.  Larry, however, has not been prepped by the prosecution in any way, and his erratic testimony could give Phoenix the opportunity he needs.  Larry is Phoenix’s “Ace In The Hole”…hopefully.

After the recess, the trial continues, and Larry begins his testimony. During the night of the murder, he was looking for the Steel Samurai Inflatable Doll. After taking his boat back to dock, he heard a bang, but that was the only bang he heard, and went home afterwards. But according to Lotta's testimony, there were two bangs, not one. The reason Larry didn't hear a second bang was due to the fact he was also listening to the radio.

Larry's second testimony explains that he was listening to his headphones pretty loudly. As a result, he only heard one shot. The DJ that was on the radio said, when he heard the bang, “Hey, it's almost Christmas”...which means that it was still Christmas Eve when Larry heard the bang. The previous two testimonies mentioned that the first bang was heard AFTER midnight.

To prove that Larry is not making this up, Phoenix presents the 2nd photograph that he received from Lotta.  Although it depicts nothing, it was taken on December 24th, at 11:50 P.M., because of a loud noise. The previous photo was taken at 12:15 A.M. on December 25th, which means that Lotta was right in saying that the 2nd bang occurred 25 minutes after the 1st.

Karma assumes that this is a trick, but the pistol proves otherwise. Phoenix says it was fired three times, which explains the third shot could've been fired just before midnight.  However, there was only one boat on the lake, a gunshot fired on the boat, and the distance of the shot was only one meter. Those facts would indicate the victim being shot 15 minutes after midnight, but Larry claims a shot was heard 25 minutes before that. This would mean that Robert Hammond was killed 25 minutes before the shot on the lake.

According to Phoenix, the 12:15 photo shows Edgeworth and the Murderer. The murderer killed Hammond at 11:50, then assumed the guise of Mr. Hammond. Since Edgeworth won’t tell them why he went to the lake at night, Phoenix assumes that Hammond called Edgeworth there, and didn’t suspect that the Murderer took Hammond’s place. When asked for the name of this supposed extra suspect, Phoenix can't deliver - after all, it's the Old Man, who never gave the court his name.

The real scene of the crime couldn’t have been in a boat, but rather at the boat shop. At that location, the Old Man could meet the victim without anybody seeing. Larry was on a boat on the lake at night, looking for the Steel Samurai Inflatable Doll. As he headed for home, he hears a gunshot outside of the boat rental shop, even with the headphones on.

Phoenix now begins to explain what happened. The Old Man called Hammond to his shop, and around 11:50, a gunshot was heard by Larry. The Old Man put on Hammond’s coat, met Edgeworth on the boat in the middle of the Lake, and the murderer shot the pistol twice, missing Edgeworth on purpose. Lotta heard the first shot, provoking her to look at the lake - setting her up as an eyewitness. Then, he fired again, and dove into the Lake, leaving the gun in the boat. This left the illusion that one man shot the other. He shot twice to draw attention to the boat. The caretaker swam back to the shop, returned Hammond’s coat to the body, and threw the body into the lake.

The Judge immediately orders the return of the old man. Meanwhile, he summons Edgeworth back to the stand, who confirms Phoenix’s theory. Several days ago Miles got a letter, signed by Hammond. The letter asked Edgeworth to come to the boat shop on Christmas Eve at midnight to discuss something very important, but Edgeworth still won't say what it was.

At this time, the Old Man still hasn't shown up, and von Karma is asked where the witness has disappeared to. Von Karma says the man left court on his own and a search warrant has been issued. Meanwhile, the judge extends the trial for another day, and the police department is now on a mission to find the witness. But…who is the boat shop caretaker? Court is Adjourned for the time being.

Following the adjournment, Edgeworth mentions to Phoenix that he's been dealing with a nightmare...a crime that he committed. He basically has a memory of a murder within him, but Phoenix has no idea what he's talking about.

Back at Wright and Co. Offices, Phoenix, Maya, and Larry discuss what Edgeworth was talking about. Then, a question by Maya is raised, about why Phoenix trusts Edgeworth so much.  Que flashback...

Phoenix was accused of stealing a kid’s lunch money during recess, because he was the only student not at recess. that day, due to a cold. Everyone, even the teacher, accused Phoenix of stealing the kid’s money. He pleaded his case to no avail, and felt completely helpless. Then Miles objected and defended Phoenix, by stating that there was no proof that Phoenix stole it. Butz stepped in as well, and the teacher relented and let Phoenix off the hook.

After that, Miles revealed to Phoenix and Larry that his father was a defense attorney, and that he wanted to be, too, when he grew up…but a few months later, he transferred schools. Many years later, newspaper began to report on “Dark Suspicions of a Demon Attorney”. The articles said that the Attorney would do ANYTHING to get a guilty verdict.  Phoenix tried to contact Edgeworth to learn what had happened to him, but Edgeworth refused to acknowledge him. And so Phoenix became a defense attorney…to make Edgeworth meet him.

Phoenix and Maya proceed to the Detention Center to visit with Edgeworth again. Phoenix asks Edgeworth why he became a prosecutor, and Edgeworth explains that he didn't want to defend criminals. 15 years ago, during the DL-6 case, he knew that the guy in the elevator was guilty, yet Hammond found him innocent.  Thanks to the defense attorney, a guilty man went free.

Edgeworth goes on to say that von Karma was his teacher, and a big perfectionist. Every trial he prosecuted resulted in a Guilty verdict, even if the suspects were really innocent. It's almost impossible to find a weakness in von Karma.

After talking with Edgeworth, Phoenix and Maya proceed to Gourd Lake, and meet up with Gumshoe. Gumshoe tells the two that the Woods are off-limits to everybody today. They instead head towards the beach, only to find the Steel Samurai missing. Finally, they proceed to the Boat Rental shop, only to be surprised by Grossberg.

After Grossberg tells Phoenix and Maya that he's going back to the office, the two then head into the boat rental shop. Maya decides to unlock a safe in the corner, thanks to Polly spilling the combination. There's a letter in the safe, and it reads “Get revenge against Miles Edgeworth! This is your last chance! Now is the time to get revenge on the two men who ruined your life!”. It then describes exactly what Phoenix said in court. Who wrote it, though?

Returning to the Detention Center, Phoenix shows Edgeworth the letter, and the person who Edgeworth Yanni Yogi?

Phoenix asks Edgeworth about Yanni Yogi. Edgeworth explains that Yogi was a court bailiff at the time. Edgeworth, his father, and Yogi were in the same elevator during an Earthquake. Miles was in the elevator for so long, he passed out. All he remembered was the screams of Yogi wanting to get out. Miles awoke in a hospital after the ordeal. When the trial for Yogi came, his sanity came into question due to the lack of oxygen, and thus he was claimed innocent. Edgeworth then talks about the nightmare he had.

Edgeworth has been having the same nightmare for the past 15 years. It’s about his father’s killing in the dark. The dream shows Yogi going crazy, and attacking Gregory Edgeworth because he “keeps sucking up his air”. A pistol falls on the ground, and Edgeworth grabs it and throws it at Yogi. The gun fires. That’s when Edgeworth wakes up.

This may make Yogi innocent, yet make Edgeworth guilty of killing his own father. Thus, the letter may make sense: Yogi was probably innocent.  But who else would know enough about DL-6 to write such a letter to Yogi?

Phoenix and Maya then return to Grossberg Law Offices to meet up with Mr. Grossberg. Maya explains the whole situation up to this point. Mr. Grossberg thinks the dream is real. He thinks Miles threw the pistol to save his father, but the pistol fired, killing Gregory Edgeworth in the process. This might make Yogi innocent after all.

Phoenix asks Grossberg about Gregory Edgeworth. Grossberg says that he was a defense attorney without peer, except…Mia Fey. Gregory was very disapproving of Karma’s techniques, and Gregory tried to call attention to this fact during one of the trials…and failed.

Then Phoenix asks Grossberg about the spirit medium. Grossberg explains that Misty Fey was called in by the police to help determined Gregory's murderer. Gregory's ghost accuses Yogi, via the medium, but Yogi was really innocent.  Grossberg thinks that Gregory’s ghost was lying about who shot him, to protect his son from being incriminated. But…it’s only a possibility.

Finally, Phoenix shows Grossberg the letter that the Old Man had, and Grossberg claims that Yogi apparently was following this letter. So who wrote the it? Phoenix guesses…it’s von Karma. But why? Apparently, von Karma was the one who told Yogi to kill Miles & Hammond, and he's probably going to push the envelope tomorrow to get Miles guilty for DL-6, as well!

As for motive, it's possible von Karma is exacting revenge against his rival, Gregory Edgeworth, through his son.  Though von Karma did get the guilty verdict in his case against Gregory, Gregory accused Karma of falsifying evidence. The accusation stood and Karam was penalized because of it. It was Karma’s only penalty to his otherwise perfect career, and he took a vacation as a result…the only vacation he ever took.  And now he wants revenge on the only remaining Edgeworth he can reach.

After this conversation with Grossberg, Phoenix and Maya proceed to the Criminal Affairs branch of the Police Department to get more information about DL-6...however, the Department's pretty deserted, except that von Karma is currently in the Records Room.

The two proceed to enter the Records Room, and notice an open drawer. After looking in the drawer, von Karma appears out of nowhere. Oddly, he doesn’t remember Phoenix and Maya.

When asked about Edgeworth, von Karma says he thinks of him as second-rate. Phoenix makes a claim that Karma’s got a grudge against Gregory, and points out that he did a major blow to his perfect record with a faulty evidence claim. Karma doesn’t deny it, and doesn’t explain why he took Miles as his student. Von Karma is also going to bring up DL-6 in court, tomorrow.

Just for some information, Phoenix presents the letter to von Karma. He doesn't deny writing the letter, and says that Yanni Yogi was a fool for not burning the letter after reading it. Go, go, Karma Stun Gun Action! Phoenix and Maya are both stunned, and all the DL-6 Evidence is gone…except for a sole Bullet from DL-6 that Maya managed to grab from von Karma.

DAY 4.

Maya's still got some electricity flowing through her after the von Karma incident, Edgeworth is still worried about the trial, and Gumshoe wants Phoenix to win today's trial. Also, the Old Man has been found.

The trial begins, and von Karma actually says he's ready. During his opening statement, he tells the defense to do a lot of Cross-Examining.

According to the Old Man, he says he wasn’t running away, but rather went out to buy food for Polly. He got lost because of his poor memory, too. He claims to have no motive, and his testimony from yesterday stands.

The Judge steps in to ask why Phoenix keeps claiming that the Old Man’s memory is actually good. Phoenix declares that the Old Man’s “No Motive” and “No Idea” claims are lies! In order to prove them, he claims the Old Man’s name is Yanni Yogi! However, Karma says that Phoenix is jumping to conclusions, and is curious as to how Phoenix is going to prove this to the court.

Phoenix first suggests that they should take the Old Man's fingerprints. However, the Old Man has no fingerprints…he said before he was a caretaker, he was a chemical worker. The Old Man burned his fingers with some chemicals, and therefore lost his fingerprints. Karma jokes around, and asks if they should cross-examine the parrot instead. Unfortunately, Phoenix jumps on this idea, and the court welcomes Polly.

All the parrot says is “Hello, Hello! SQUAWK!” Maya first tries to ask Polly “have we forgotten something?”, but it doesn't work. Then, Maya asks for Polly's name, and Polly says it's name. According to the DL-6 summary, the wife of Yanni Yogi was named Polly! Finally, Maya asks Polly the combination to the Old Man's safe, and it reveals that the safe's combination is the same date as the one on the DL-6 report.

Von Karma thinks these are just a stupid coincidences, but the judge doesn't share von Karma's opinions. He immediately calls the Old Man to the stand again, and he finally admits he’s Yanni Yogi.

Yogi explains that Hammond said he was mentally unsound 15 years ago, and that claim would get him off the hook and make him innocent. He won the trial, but lost everything: his friends, his job, and even his fiancé. 15 years later, he received a pistol, and a letter writing out a plan in perfect detail. The plan was to take revenge on the people who ruined his life. He didn’t care who saw it, and thought this was his chance after 15 years to get revenge on Hammond and Edgeworth.  In light of the confession, the Judge declares Edgeworth not guilty.

However, Edgeworth objects to the verdict.

He starts to confess to killing his father, by accident, to solve the issue of DL-6 once and for all. Confused, the Judge calls a recess, after which they will hear Miles' testimony.

During the recess, Phoenix tells Eddgeworth that he still believes in his client's innocence - in both murders - and he's going to prove him wrong with evidence.

The trial resumes, and Edgeworth begins his testimony.  Von Karma looks as if he knew this was going to happen. Fortunately, Phoenix is ready for this.

Edgeworth went to the Court to observe his dad in action that day. An earthquake struck, trapping him, his father, and Yogi in an elevator. Gregory and Yogi lost their composure, and started arguing. A pistol fell at Edgeworth's feet, and he threw it at Yogi to get them to stop fighting. The gun fired, and he heard a scream. At first, Edgeworth thought it was a dream, because 5 hours in an oxygen-deprived elevator caused him to lose the memories of the event.

However, Phoenix points out that there were two gunshots, not one. On the page, “Victim Data”, the murder weapon was fired twice, yet Edgeworth only heard one gunshot. Then the question remains, who fired the second shot? Was it fired before they got on the elevator?

Phoenix shows a photo of the crime scene, and points out a bullet hole in the window. Somebody else other that Miles fired the second shot. But if a second shot was fired, the bullet would’ve been found on the scene…but no evidence was found, according to the Summary.

Awkwardly, Phoenix provides a theory to where the missing bullet has gone to. He assumes the murderer took the bullet with him when he left, because he had actually be shot with it. So that would mean the murderer came in from the outside. The stray bullet from the pistol that Edgeworth threw hit hit someone outside the elevator, who then came in and shot Gregory.

Maya then assumes that von Karma might be the murderer in question. Phoenix decides to say von Karma did it. The reason is that von Karma took a several month vacation after that very incident, even though he strives for perfection. He might have taken a vacation to heal an injury. To prove it, Phoenix suggests using the metal detector to check Karma's body for the bullet, which makes von Karma very nervous. He then tries to get the trial suspended.

The metal detector goes off around von Karma's right shoulder. It’s a Bullet. But…Karma’s claiming that the bullet was from way before DL-6. In order to prove that it's the same bullet from the same murder weapon from DL-6, Phoenix presents the bullet taken from the heart of Gregory Edgeworth. The ballistic markings are still intact. Thusly, the other bullet in Karma’s Right Shoulder, and the original bullet, would have similar ballistic markings.

Von Karma performs the ultimate scream...the same one that Edgeworth heard from when he was younger. The scream was not Yogi's, but rather, it was von Karma's scream!

He then performs the famous head bang, damning the Edgeworth family. Gregory shamed von Karma with a penalty, and Edgeworth scarred his shoulder. Von Karma orders the judge to end the trial, and Edgeworth is finally declared not guilty - again.

Everybody celebrates. Congrats, Edgeworth, Phoenix, Larry, and Maya! Gumshoe’s volunteers to take them all out for a party! Lotta thanks them, as well. Larry even fesses up to having stolen Edgeworth's lunch money and getting Phoenix in trouble, all those years ago.  Everyone goes home happy...

DAY 5.

Phoenix finds a letter the next day at Wright & Co. Law Offices. Maya’s leaving to continue her spirit-medium training. Phoenix catches up with Maya at the train station, talks with her a bit, and shows her proof that she helped convict von Karma…she got the bullet from von Karma’s evidence pile…the one lodged in Gregory's heart. Without her, he couldn't have solved the case.  She’s happy now, and sheds a few tears of joy as she boards the train, promising to return a better medium.



Tunabout Goodbyes really begins with case DL-6, which you can read up on here.

After the incident, Yanni was ruined.  To conceal his identity of who he really was, he disguised himself as an old caretaker of a local boat rental shop at Gourd Lake, and pretended to have lost his memory. For most of his life following DL-6, he lived under this guise.

That is, until Manfred von Karma sent him a letter, telling him that he could get his revenge against the two people who ruined his life (Robert Hammond & Miles Edgeworth), and how to go about this plan. The letter was not signed. However, instead of burning the letter, Yanni put the letter in a small safe with the combination “12/28” (the day of the DL-6 murder).

In order to carry out this plan, he sent letters to both Hammond and Edgeworth, telling each to meet him at Gourd Lake on Christmas Eve. Robert Hammond showed up before Edgeworth did, and met Yanni at the Boat Rental Shop. Yanni then killed Hammond with the pistol by shooting him in the heart at 11:50 P.M..

Taking the man's coat, Yanni then assumed the guise of Hammond, and met Edgeworth on one of the boats. They proceeded to head out to Gourd Lake, where Yanni purposely shot the gun twice, both shots missing Edgeworth, at 12:15 A.M.. He then proceeded to dive into the water, making it look as if he had been shot.  He swam carefully back to shore, and after returning to the Boat Rental Shop, Yanni dumped the body of Hammond into the Lake and calledl the police.

Naturally, to any witness, this would appear that Edgeworth committed the murder of Hammond. When Edgeworth returned to dock, he was arrested by the police.

In essence, the murder of Robert Hammond, and the conviction of Miles Edgeworth, would allow Yanni to get his revenge after 15 years of solitude. Also, the conviction of Miles Edgeworth would allow von Karma to get his revenge against Gregory Edgeworth, as well as permanently declare “DL-6” closed for good, which would allow him to get away with murder.