This flashback case features Mia as a young lawyer in Marvin Grossberg's law firm.  Her defendant?  Phoenix Wright himself, three years before the first game.  First appearance of Dahlia Hawthorne.


Date:  April 11th, 2013
Defense Attorney:  Mia Fey
Prosecutor:  Winston Payne
Defendant:  Phoenix Wright
Victim:  Doug Swallow
COD:  Electrocuted.
MW:  An electric cable.
Guilty:  Dahlia Hawthorne

Day 1

Case 1 is a flashback taking place three years before the start of GS1 (5 years before GS3).  You play as Mia Fey on her second case defending none other than Phoenix Wright himself.  She hasn't stood up in court for a year now because of what happened during her first case, but for some reason she's determined to defend Phoenix now.  Grossberg, who was supposed to have been Phoenix's lawyer, sits with her as co-council.

Prosecutor Payne sets up the scene: the victim, Doug Swallow, was electrocuted.  He was found face down on the ground under a snapped power line with a broken umbrella next to him.  Phoenix was seen fleeing the scene.  He also has motive, as his new girlfriend, Chinami, was seeing Doug up until six months ago.

Phoenix takes the stand (he has a cold and coughs almost constantly).  He testifies that he didn't know the victim and only stumbled on the scene, which Mia is unfortunately forced to contradict--in the PW world, even though Phoenix is her client, she still has an obligation to cross examine him apparently.  Phoenix breaks down crying and admits he was lying.  He met the victim just before the time of the murder to talk, at Doug's request.  It's also pointed out that Doug was found holding a bottle of cold medicine (Cold Killer X), and the bottle has Phoenix's fingerprints on it.  Phoenix admits the bottle is his, but that it had gone missing several hours earlier, after he'd had lunch with his Dollie.

Payne tries to prove that Phoenix pushed Doug into an electric wire outside the Pharmaceutical Lab.  It was raining that day so the wet ground would have been a great conductor, and Phoenix's fingerprints were found on the victim's chest.  But Mia points out the broken umbrella.  Phoenix testified that the umbrella broke when Doug landed on top of it, but in the crime scene photo the umbrella is off to the side.  More importantly, if Phoenix shoved him in the chest he would have landed on his back, not face down on the ground.

Court breaks so the prosecution can prepare their next witness, Dahlia Hawthorne.  In the lobby Phoenix is positive that Dahlia will stand up for him, because their love was "destined."  He explains that when they met it was love at first sight, and she even gave him a pendant as proof of their love.  Mia surprises him by knowing the exact date of that meeting.  It was the same day of a crime that was committed in the courthouse.

Court is called back into session while Grossberg does some research.  Dahlia is called to the stand (with butterflies), and with her charms easily gets the Judge wrapped around her finger.  She claims to have seen the crime, and at first insists that Phoenix didn't push Doug.  Mia objects with the evidence.  As they continue Payne presents a report from the pharmacy lab, which claims they lost power to their equipment at exactly 2:55 that afternoon, just when Phoenix admitted to pushing the victim. 

Mia points out Doug's watch, which stopped at exactly 3:05.  True, when Phoenix pushed Doug he may have bumped into the pole holding the electric lines, jarring them into failing, but Doug wasn't electrocuted until ten minutes later, leaving plenty of time for someone else to commit the crime.

Dahlia shows her true colors, becoming cold.  She changes her testimony to say that Phoenix hit Doug twice, once from in front and once from behind.  But Mia insists that if ten minutes really passed between the two hits, why didn't Dahlia, who saw it all happen, intervene or call for help?  She must have waited for Phoenix to leave the scene and then pushed Doug herself.

Phoenix leaps onto the stand, declaring that Dahlia would never do something like that, and is dragged back by the court officials.  Meanwhile, Grossberg returns with the results of his research.  On August 27th, the same day Phoenix and Dahlia met, Dahlia became a suspect in the murder of defense attorney Diego Armando.  He was killed in the courthouse cafeteria when poison was slipped into his coffee.  Dahlia was the suspect, but because no poison was ever found on her she went free.

Mia asks that Dahlia testify for the court about how she met the defendant, Phoenix Wright.  She does, insisting she had nothing to do with the poisoning, but Mia argues otherwise.  She points out that half a year ago Dahlia was seeing Doug, who worked with chemicals all the time.  She had plenty of opportunities to get her hands on lethal poison.  As for how she transported the poison, Mia presents the pendant Phoenix showed her.  It's not a pendant at all, but a small vial.  Mia argues that Dahlia was keeping poison in that vial, and after she used it to poison Diego she had to get rid of it before the police showed up, so she handed it off to Phoenix.  All they have to do is test the vial for trace amounts.

Phoenix objects again in Dahlia's defense and runs out of the courtroom.  He's caught and dragged back, but by the time he's back on the stand the pendant is gone.  Phoenix confesses to having swallowed the evidence!  Fearful of his health Mia asks them to pause the trial but Payne points out that Phoenix is fine.  If there had been poison in that vial, he would be showing signs by now.  The defense's claims of poison must be wrong.

Phoenix finally gives up his entire testimony, for Mia's sake.  He confesses that the reason Doug called him out in the first place was to warn him--half a year ago someone stole chemicals from his lab, and it happened again recently.  Doug suspected Dahlia but Phoenix still doesn't believe she would do that.  He even met Dahlia at the scene of the accident after he came back, but she asked him not to tell anyone that.

The Judge still isn't convinced that Dahlia tried to hurt anyone.  Mia takes a chance and presents the Cold Killer X bottle.  If Doug was right and he was missing chemicals, they must be here!  Dahlia needed to get that pendant back from Phoenix.  It was important evidence against her but he treated it like a love token and kept showing it off to people.  So Dahlia plotted to kill Phoenix by stealing his cold medicine and poisoning it, but when she came across the scene of him and Doug fighting she had to change her plans.  Doug suspected her and had to be dealt with.  She then planted the poisoned bottle on him so that she wouldn't be implicated if she were searched.

Dahlia still calls Mia delusional but then Mia challenges her to take some of the cold medicine herself.  If it's perfectly safe there should be no harm, right?  Dahlia flips and incinerates her butterflies.  She promises that it's not over between her and Mia Fey.  The Judge pronounces Phoenix innocent, and Payne loses his hair from shock.

In the lobby, Phoenix is heartbroken over the outcome of the case.  He can't believe that it was really Dahlia on the stand, because the Dollie he loves would never talk like that.  Mia tells him it's best to forget about her.  She's surprised to hear that Phoenix is actually studying to become a lawyer now, because of a certain friend he wants to help (we the audience assume he means Edgeworth, who at this point has been a prosecutor for a year).  Mia and Phoenix both know they'll meet each other again.




This case really began with the death of Diego Armando.  Because of a certain case that took place a year earlier, Diego was trying to interview Dahlia as a possible suspect.  They met in the courthouse cafeteria on August 27th, 2012, and Diego ended up dead when Dahlia slipped poison into his coffee (poison she obtained from her boyfriend of the time, Doug Swallow).  The poison she kept in a glass pendant, which she needed to get rid of before the police arrived.  In the courthouse reference library she ran into Phoenix, who was studying to be a lawyer at the time.  Using her Dahlia-charms she told Phoenix it was love at first sight and handed the pendant to him as a token of affection.

After that incident, she and Phoenix started seeing each other.  Phoenix was very proud of his gift and showed it off regularly, and Dahlia was desperate to get it back before the wrong person saw him with it.  But Phoenix liked it too much to want to return it, and eventually Dahlia decided the only way was to kill him.  She stole chemicals from Doug's lab again, and when she met Phoenix for lunch on the day of the incident stole his cold medicine to contaminate it. 

Noticing the missing chemicals, Doug suspected it was Dahlia up to no good again.  He called Phoenix out to warn him, but Phoenix was so dedicated to Dahlia he refused to listen.  Phoenix shoved Doug in the chest, throwing him into one of the poles holding up the electric wires outside the chemistry lab.  It was enough to disrupt the flow of power, and the students inside marked the incident at 2:55 pm.  Meanwhile Dahlia, on her way to return Phoenix's now poisoned medicine to him, saw the entire thing.  When Phoenix ran away she approached Doug and pushed him into the power line, electrocuting him. 

By then students from the lab were beginning to come out, drawn to investigate the lost power.  Chinami was stuck again with incriminating evidence, and she quickly put the bottle of poisoned medicine into Doug's hand.  When Phoenix returned to the scene and found her there she insisted he not tell anyone he'd seen her, and Phoenix, being the gullible little idiot he was back then, agreed.