Famitsu Interview with Takumi and Matsukawa

Interviewer. What kind of person is Odoroki?
Taku:  A hot blooded, mischievous, lively young man.

Interviewer. What's that bracelet on his left arm?
Taku:  That was added because it looked kind of bare when he would yell "OBJECTION!"  But it looks like it should have some kind of meaning, and several people have asked, "What's that for?"  So now we're trying to think of a reason for it."

Interviewer:  Oh man (laughs).  I really thought it meant something! ...Can you tell us the truth?

Matsu:  When you see the logo you'll understand.  Aside from it sparkling, I think it [the bracelet] will become symbolic of GS4.

Taku:  I hope everyone doesn't think about it too much.  If too many people think things up, someone will end up being right (laughs).

Interviewer:  Was it hard to come up with a new main character from scratch?

Taku:  It was a real struggle.  Everyone I came up with would end up like Naruhodou no matter what I did.  I made Naruhodou talk mostly like I do, so I muddled through it a lot this time.  Furthermore, Odoroki uses "ore" instead of "boku."  I really had to put the old characters out of my head.

["ore" and "boku" are both Japanese words for "me". But "ore" is more masculine and, for lack of a better description, more bold and confident than the more polite and neutral "boku".]

Interviewer.  What role will Minuki-chan play?
Taku:  Same as Mayoi.

Interviewer.  Why is she a magician?
Taku:  Felt like it... (laughs).  She almost ended up a tradesman's daughter who sees everything in terms of money.  Like "This testimony is worth 350 yen!" or something (laughs).  [aka, that's not how she is, that's how she would have been, if she weren't a magician]

Interviewer.  What's her personality like?
Taku:  She's a precocious young girl, the kind that stands up on her toes to get at you (laughs)

Interviewer. And the name Minuki?
Taku:  I wanted it to be an unusual name.  But I hear people wonder about the "nu".
Matsu:  "Nu" doesn't sound right in a girl's name (laughs)

Interviewer.  How did you come up with Odoroki's name?

Taku: For Naruhodou-kun, I really like the phrase "naruhodo," so when coming up with names in the old game it came to me easily. I really like mystery novels, and in mysteries the "Oh, I see" feeling comes up often.  When thinking of a name for the new protagonist, I thought that "surprise" was another word that came up often in mystery stories.  So when I said "How about Odoroki-kun?" to the team, it seemed to fit the best.  Though I did think of a few more.

Matsu:  There was also Ikinari-kun.

[ikinari means "all of a sudden"]

Takumi:  It sounds like a newspaper comic strip (laughs)

Matsu:  The feeling is that if not for Odoroki-kun, he would have been Ikinari-kun.

Takumi:  But we couldn't find good kanji for it.

Matsu:  That's true. It was difficult. But when we came up with "Housuke" for his first name, everyone said, "Well, that's all right, then."  The design was the same way.  The Odoroki the main designer came up with, and the Odoroki that Takumi had been thinking up fit very well together from the start.

Takumi:  That's right.  But though we were able to come up with the name Odoroki-kun pretty easily, finding Kanji for it was really hard. What do you think...?

Matsu: I don't like the "mud" (laughs).  It's really bothered me.  But when we asked the team, they thought it would be all right if we sandwiched it between "king" and "happiness."

Takumi:  There wasn't anything else.  We even said if the game really doesn't work out, we can change "king" to "dirty."

[The three kanji that make up "odoroki" are King, Mud, and Happiness.]


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