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The official GS4 blog
-Translations by Onamida

General Capcom / Localization Interviews

Court Records exclusive with Capcom's Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Research
-Conducted by forum admin Wooster, this interview gives some inside info on PW:AA's unusual sales figures, as well as Sven's history with the project, and Capcom's thoughts on future AA games.

Siliconera interviews Producer Maekawa and members of the JFA localization team.
-Some interesting thoughts on the localization choices in JFA, and another promise to localize GS3, should JFA do well enough.

Interview with Brandon Gay of Capcom's localization team
-Just as much about the man personally as the editing process, but an interesting read for anyone looking to join the industry.

Gay Gamer's Interview with Minae Matsukawa
-Interview conducted at Comic Con 2007.  Nothing exceptional, but still interesting.

Magazine / Fanbook Interviews

Interview with Famitsu
-One of the first interviews conducted on GS4, just after Odoroki and Minuki were announced.  Translated by Croik.

Interview with B's Log Magazine
-Interview with B's Log Magazine and Takumi, Nuri, and Matsukawa.  Some info on how the characters in GS4 came about.  Translated by Croik.

First Gyakuten Kenji Interview
-Interview by Famitsu, with the head team of the new Gyakuten Kenji.  Translated by Tuesday.

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