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These screenshots were taken from Dual Destinies by BoltStorm

Turnabout Countdown

Yet her hair remains perfect
Even at this angle
Elephants don't have horns lol
I bet you could fit a body in there
I ship it
Apollo noooooo
Thank god it didn't run over his hair
Yeah good luck with this one localizers
Seriously it's like a challenge
Told you so
Maybe not the best idea
Are the 3D goggles really necessary?

spoilers dude
Turnabout Night of 100 Yokai
actual yokai footage
this newspaper came out suspiciously fast why can't all wrestling be like this?
You can take him Jinxie!
nvm let him handle it
Aaaaand done
What a way to go
Foxes can't swim!? Can't miss TV
Go Taro Go!
Don't forget your shakushaku! a fierce battle
on a picnic blanket
with alcohol
Father noooooo
Foxy noooooo

Turnabout Academy

Turnabout Star

Turnabout to the Future

A Turnabout Reclaimed