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Okay that's enough disclaimer, onto the art!

Fanart by Galassiel


Future Fanziska Future Maya Future Pearl      

Fanart by Anna

Fanart by Waann




Hobo The Lord of the Court Good Morning (partial nudity)    
Fanart by Mr. Hobo Fanart by Charha Fanart by Kristele
Grape Juice Anyone? Bittersweet Symphony Phoenix/Edgeworth (yaoi) Phoenix LOL PhoenixChu!
A Tribute to Phoenix Wright
Fanart by Tuesday

A Busy New Years Eve

Coffe~ Ema Kick! Fey Family Hat (yaoi) Polly and Vera

Presenting ID Present Panties! Trucy and Pearl Turnabout Ferris Wheel    
Fanart by Silverhalo
Edgeworth "Anyone Ever Tell you..." Phoenix and Pearl Maya Trucy Klavier
Magatama > Bracelet Adrian/Franziska (yuri) Phoenix/Miles (yaoi)      
Fanart by Hanshi

Fanart by PattyM

Not Phallic Serious Business Almost Sex On Stage Apollo Ambush! "I Feel Like A Civilian"

"So much work..."

Fanart and Photo Manipulations by djsequence

To The WrightMobile! Linux Wright, Binome Attourney DOSworth, Binome Attourney Steve Carel Phoenix Clive Owen Gumshoe Shia Apollo Justice
Ace Attorney: The Movie!          

Fanart by Aevitas

Fanart by Arei

Prosecutors Greetings NEID Edgeworth Edgeworth and Franziska Spoilers, AJ case 4

Snackoos 'n Glimmerous Foops

Fanart by Tabita

Detective and Prosecutor Heart OTL Starstruck Magical Child Happy
Detective Skye Papa Feenie and Trucy Doll Pink 'n Green      

Fanart by DixFireBone

Edgeworth Klavier and Teeny Apollo Jake Marshall Teeny Apollo Kitty KlavKitty

Kristoph (spoilers)

Fanart by Karniz

Fanart by Immo Love

Ini Mini Zvarri! Tigre & Viola Gant Redd White

Maya Fey

Fanart by Fullmetalgear18

Fanart by Chocolii

Fanart by Flo Holdkamp

Miles Younger

Decaf not an option

Angel Phoenie Lil' Edgey South Park Phoenix South Park Edgeworth

Fanart by Axl99

MINUKUUUUU! Whip Lessons Hello, Kitty! Godot

Master and Apprentice

"Missing 3-5 Scene"
Fanart by Pirpintine Art and Mini-comics by Lark
Psycadelic Carrot Lil' Phoenix Sad Little Phoenix Miles and Franziska "Kyouya's Plight" "Apollo Punch!"
(spoilers 4-1)
Fanart by Jessami

Fanart by Sabin

Edgeworth's Trial Oekaki Trio Young Edgeworth Bare-chested Edgeworth Hay guise am I doin it wright? BeardyBaldy

Fanart by YKOU

Fanart by Saskia

Fanart by Shelley

Phoenix Lil' Phoenix Mia Godot Pimp'd Siblings

Happy Karma

Fanart by Garlar

Fashion Sense Poker Battle (GS4) Improvisation Minuki System? Vampire Karma Young von Karma
Some sketches More sketches Sonic Wright      
Fanart by Teresa Fanart by Toshiki Fanart by Shelby

Silliness by Ryshili

Gumshoe Badger Let's go swimming?

Swimming, Anyone?

Coffee = Love

von Karma'd

Great White Gant

Fanart by Gefrierpunkt

Famous Last Words

I'm a Hobosexual!

Bear!Takita Gitaroo Gavin Young Gant in the rain

Gant and Karma



Klavier / Ema


Epic Tongue Battle

Gant / Lana

Gavin Brothers

 (AJ4-4 spoilers)

Wocky in a compromising position (NSFW) Wocky gonna mess you up, yo! Daryan Kicks Ass Varan/Yuumi (GS4 spoilers) Gonna Be A Rockstar
Klavier and Daryan
Ice cream yay! Smiling Klavier Not Enjoying a Sandwich Also Not Enjoying a Sandwich    
Fanart by Busterella



Gumshoe / Maggey

Yuusaku and Mareka

Meekin portrait

Viola Cadaverini


Diggeh and Seka's PW Pokémon sprites (thread at CR)

Narucario Lunix Larry Butchop Detective Gumashi Cother Hacknslash Salmer Grimela Wobbike Meebuffet
Missiledour Adriraid Remodrew Skitshoe Engareido Glidot Javagar
Odoromeleon Charsuke Damorai Daagant Angeleon Espestar Hobocario Lumini Mineon
Duskfred von Karnoir Zaniyatto Shiga Hoshitree    

8-bit Sprites by T3h Waffleman

PW Bananas by JackAttack



Fan manips by Manfred von Karma

Young von Karma

"The Unholy God of Prosecution"

"The Unholy God of Defense"

Days of Grossberg's Youth

Phoenix von Karma

Judge Karma

Phoenix, 1970's style Edgeworth cosplaying Phoenix Cosplaying

Fanart by Igiari_Bren

Fanart by LySs

Fanart by Android 21

"The Taste of Defeat"

"Phoenix vs the Prosecutors"

The Truth Uncovered

Maya~ Karaoke Night Whip~

Fanart by Kihanna

Baby Gumshoe

Chibi Will

Steel Samurais

Dee in Pencil

"Timely Rivine" Gant in Pencil


Fanart by Piro  (at



"Healing" - Will and Penny (mildly adult material)

Teabag - Phoenix and Edgeworth

Jake Marshall Phoenix and Edgeworth after hours "Wild West," suggestive,
NOT worksafe
"Tuna Sandwhich"  (Gant/Phoenix/Miles)
NOT worksafe

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