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Official Character Art 
(Various contributors)





Game and Case Art
(various sources)


Flash rips from the Capcom home pages
(contributed Wooster)



Scans from the Japanese DS manual
(contributed by Swammi and Pirochan)

Scans of a GS postcard set
(contributed by Swammi)
Scans from the Gyakuten Saiban fanbook
(contributed by Charmwitch)
Scans of concept art from the GS2 and 3 fanbooks
(contributed by Swammi)
Scene illustrations and Guest Art from the Official Fanbook 1
(at left)  Very early concept sketches of Phoenix, Edgeworth, partner, mentor, and detective.        
Character art from the Official Fanbook 3
(cleaned and contributed by musouka)
Art of Gyakuten Saiban
(scans submitted by JapaneseGIRL, Kidzune, and Croik!)
Gyakusai Snapshot
(contributed by JapaneseGIRL)
(Various contributors)
Instruction for the papercrafts Maya Papercraft 1 Maya Papercraft 1 (part 2) Maya Papercraft 2 Edgeworth Papercraft 1 Edgeworth Papercraft 1 (part 2) Edgeworth Papercraft 2
Phoenix Papercraft 1 Phoenix Papercraft 1 (Part 2) Phoenix Papercraft 2 Gyakuten Saiban Meets Orchestra Cover 1 Gyakuten Saiban Meets Orchestra Cover 2 Clean picnic submitted by Clover Garvin Fall Orchestra CD