Franziska von Karma / Mei Karuma / Franziska von Karma

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 162 cm
Occupation: Prosecutor
Official Art

A young "genius" prosecutor who has been carrying on work in Germany.

Personality: Franziska is much like her father - striving for perfection. Always curt and precise, but she displays more smugness (and frustration) than Karma. She also goes to extreme lengths to preserve her record.

Misc Facts: Despite speaking formally most of the time, she sometimes breaks out into petty and redundant insults, mostly involving "fool". Example: "Only a foolish fool from a land of fools could think something so foolishly foolish."

In the Japanese version, she was practicing law in America instead of Germany.

Friends and Family: Franziska is Manfred von Karma's daughter, and was raised along with Miles (she thinks of him as her "little brother"). She also has an older sister who is married and has a daughter.

Name Origin:
: "Franziska" was probably chosen to match the German influence of her father's name.

Japanese: The kanji for "mei" means "dark." When the game came out there was some confusion as to whether she was Karma's daughter or niece, because the word mei means niece.

Background: Franziska was raised by her father, Manfred von Karma, and began her career as a prosecutor in Germany at the young age of 13. She is considered a genius in her field and, up until her appearance, never lost a case.

Pearl Fey / Harumi Ayasato / Pearl Fey

Age: 8
Gender: Female
Height: 125 cm
Occupation: Spiritualist
Official Art

Pearl is Maya's young cousin, and a powerful medium in her family.

Personality: Pearl is shy around strangers, but once she's warmed up to someone she's friendly, polite, and very clever. Possibly due to her mother's strict upbringing she is far more mature than most children her age, and participates in many of Phoenix's investigations. She's very talented when it comes to channeling spirits.

Misc Facts: Pearl is not so good with kanji. She's also a fan of Elise Tenryuusai's picture books.

In the Japanese, Phoenix calls her "Harumi-chan" and Maya "Hami-chan." In the English, Phoenix calls her "Pearls" and Maya "Pearly".

Friends and Family: Pearl is Mia and Maya's cousin, and her mother is Morgan.

Name Origin:
: Probably chosen to sound cute. Also means "precious."

Japanese: The kanji for Harumi mean "spring beauty."

Background: Pearl was raised in Kurain by her mother, after her father left the village when she was young.

Morgan Fey / Kimiko Ayasato / Morgan Fey

Age: ??
Gender: Female
Height: 185 cm (with hair)
Occupation: Spiritualist
Official Art

A member of the Ayasato clan of spiritualists, a witness in JFA case 2.

Personality: Morgan is a composed, capable woman. On the outside she is polite and refined, but she is also very strict, and unafraid to take control of a situation. She insists upon every formality, especially as it concerns forms of address (specifically, insisting that Phoenix call her niece "Mystic Maya").

Misc Facts: None.

Friends and Family: Mother to Pearl. Aunt to Mia and Maya Fey. Misty Fey's sister.

Name Origin:
: Comes from "Morgan le Fay", the infamous sorceress from Arthurian legend.

Japanese: Kimiko comes from the name of the first Japanese Empress (also known as Himiko), and has long been associated with spiritualism.



Spoiler: 2-2  
Morgan grew up in the shadow of her sister, Misty.  Because Misty's spiritual powers were so much greater than her own, there was never a chance that she would be named head of the Fey clan.  Unable to stand the thought of being looked down on by the family, she always hoped for an opportunity to place her own "branch family" ahead of the true heir. 


Spoiler: 3-5  
She married her first husband and had a pair of twin girls, Dahlia and Iris.  But because of the matriarchal setting of Kurain, her husband grew frustrated living in the village and eventually left with both girls.  Morgan later remarried (though he would eventually leave her as well), and gave birth to Pearl.  Pearl's great spiritual prowess made her perfect for Morgan's plans to make her head of the Fey clan.