April May / Umeyo Shouchiku / Masha Vril


Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 157 cm
Occupation: Bluecorps Employee
Official Art

A witness in PW case 2 and employee of Redd White.
Personality: On the surface April is cute, bubbly, and very flirty. She likes to tease and she knows how to get her way. When her luck runs out, however, she reveals her true (frightening) nature.

Misc Facts: Enjoys iced coffee.

In the original script Phoenix was supposed to get "heart eyes" when first seeing April, but that scene got cut.

April May's name was chosen along with Redd White, and it was the pair of them that really started off the pun-based naming convention for the rest of the series. April was one of the first witnesses created and set a standard for all witnesses created in the future.

Friends and Family: Works for Redd White.

Name Origin:
English: "April May" refers to the months of April and May being right after the other.

Japanese: Similar to her boss's name, the first three kanji of her name make shouchikubai, which means, "lowest, medium, highest."

French: Comes from Mars, Avril which means "march, april."


Spoiler: 1-2  
As an employee of Redd White's information-gathering and blackmail business, it was April's job to keep tabs on Mia Fey.


Redd White / Masaru Konaka / Redd White


Age: 39
Gender: Male
Height: 178 cm
Occupation: "Businessman" and owner of Bluecorp
Official Art

Successful "businessman" and a witness of PW case 2.

Personality: Flamboyant, arrogant, and self-centered. Redd White takes great pride in his questionable business practices.

Misc Facts: Redd White makes up words constantly (such as "splendiferous") and his speech is peppered with random, miss-used Spanish phrases. He does the same in the Japanese, except using English instead.

In the Japanese the name of his company was "Konaculture."

In the original GS script, Turnabout Sisters was going to be the first case, and Takumi insisted that the first villain be tough. So the character designer gave Redd broad shoulders, and from there they decided that he ought to have a position of power in the law world.

Friends and Family: April May's boss.

Name Origin:
: "Redd White" comes from the colors red and white (and his company, "Blue Corps").

Japanese: The three kanji that make up the name Konaka Masaru mean "small, medium, large."


Spoiler: 1-2  
Redd White runs the company known as Bluecorp, which specializes in obtaining information on people for blackmail purposes. During the DL-6 case it was he who leaked information about Mia's mother Misty to the press, discrediting her and her spiritual powers. He's also been using that information to blackmail Marvin Grossberg.


Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 172 cm
Occupation: Bellboy

A hotel bellboy and witness from PW case 2.

Personality: Honest and straightforward, willing to do anything for the reputation of his hotel.

Misc Facts: He had a crush on April May.

The Bellboy makes a repeat appearance in case five, working for Miles Edgeworth.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin: None.

Background: Nothing especially.