Will Powers / Saburou Niboshi / Gustavo Lonté


Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 185 cm
Occupation: Action Star
Official Art

Employee of Global Studios, who plays the Steel Samurai, a popular TV action star. Defendant of PW case 3.

Personality: Will Powers is polite and well-mannered despite his looks, apologetic for everything and rather pessimistic.

Misc Facts: In the Japanese, the Steel Samurai is known as Tonosaman. Will appears again in JFA. He also plays the Pink Princess (Himesaman). The second choice the creators had for the name "Tonosaman" was "Metal Mask."

Will never appears out of costume because his scary face would frighten their child audience.

Friends and Family: Unknown. But his Japanese name would imply he has two older siblings.

Name Origin:
: "Will Powers" = "will power."

Japanese: Niboshi is the name of a small sardine. The kanji were picked from the idea of: "Even though something is small (like a sardine), it can still have the dream of being a star."

"Saburou" is a name usually given to a third son, and gives the impression that he was the baby of his family.

French: "Gustavo Lonté" is a pun for A volonté, meaning "At will", to match his English name.

Background: Will Powers plays the part of Steel Samurai, and that's about all we know.


Age: 37
Gender: Male
Height: 185 cm
Occupation: Action Star

Employee of Global Studios who plays the part of the Evil Magistrate in the Steel Samurai action show. Victim of PW case 3.

Personality: Unknown.

Misc Facts: When Jack Hammer was a big star some of his roles included The Singing Samurai, the Bearded Samurai, Dynamite Samurai, and the lead role in Samurai Summer.

Friends and Family: None

Name Origin:
: Jack Hammer = as in, the construction equipment.

Japanese: Ibukuro means "stomach" or "torso," which is where he was stabbed.


Spoiler: 1-3  
 Jack Hammer has worked for global studios for a long time. Five years prior to PW he was involved in a fight scene with a co-worker (named Manuel) on the steps of studio two. During the fight, however, Jack shoved his comrade, and the man fell accidentally onto the sharpened points of a flower bed fence. He was killed almost instantly. Dee Vasquez, the only other person present at the time, agreed to help him cover up the "accident."

There was, however, one piece of evidence left of the crime - a photo taken of the scene. For the next five years Dee blackmailed Jack to keep her from telling the world about how Jack Hammer "murdered" his co-worker out of jealousy (not only demanding money, but forcing Jack to play small roles in various programs for very little pay). Jack went along with it, until he was finally fed up, and planned to take Dee out once and for all.


Cody Hackins / Kyuuta Ootaki / Kévin Miron


Age: 7
Gender: Male
Height: 128 cm
Occupation: Otaku
Official Art

A young fan of the Steel Samurai who always keeps his camera with him - witness for PW case 3.

Personality: Cody is your typical 7 year old--short tempered, does what he wants, obsesses over his favorite fads.

Misc Facts: He carries his ninja sword with him everywhere, even in court, but it's too long for him to be able to draw it properly.

Cody was added to the cast to diversify gameplay, under the notion that a child would have different motivations for lying than an adult.

Friends and Family: Cody's father takes him to the Steel Samurai amusement park every year.

Name Origin:
: Reference to computer hacking (code hacker).

Japanese: The start of the first three kanji of his Japanese name make up "Otaku" ("fanboy").

French: Kévin is used often by French on the internet. Often use to describe immature people. "Miron" is probably a reference to how he keeps spying on what's happening in the studios.

Background: Cody is a huge fan of the Steel Samurai, and has been known to sneak onto studio grounds (through air ducts) to try and get a peek of him.


Penny Nichols / Yumiko Mamiya / Iseult Rosentz


Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm
Occupation:  Global Studios Staff

A staff member of Global Studios. Appears in PW case 3.

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, and friendly, but secretly a die-hard fan of the Steel Samurai.

Misc Facts: In the Japanese Penny is referred to almost exclusively as "staff worker," and among the GS staff whether or not you remember her real name was a mark of how sharp you were.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
: Penny Nichols = penny and nickel = the coins.

Japanese: Mamiya comes from Mania, as she is a maniac of a fan.

French: With an english spelling, a close pronounciation of "Iseult Rosentz" would be "Eezuh Rozentz", which is close to "eurocent", the "decimal part" of the euro. (-thanks TTH!)

Background: None.


Wendy Oldbag / Kaoru Ooba / Flavie Eďchouette


Age: ??
Gender: Female
Height: ???
Occupation: Security Guard
Official Art

A staff member of Global Studios. Witness in PW case 3.

Personality: Loud, short tempered, cranky, very strict about her duties, tends to ramble on and on. However, she has a soft spot for attractive men and action stars. Unfortunately, her favorite action stars always end up dead.

Misc Facts: She makes a repeat appearance in JFA, again as a security guard.

Friends and Family: Oldbag wears a wedding ring, and in the first game she made mention of a son.

Name Origin:
: Wendy Oldbag = Windy old bag.

Japanese: "Ooba" comes from "obaa-san," which means "grandma." Or, it might come from "oobaka," which means, "a big idiot."

French: Comes from Vieille chouette meaning, more or less, "Oldbag".

Background: Oldbag claims to have worked in show business in her younger years, but in what capacity isn't entirely certain.


Sal Manella / Takuya Uzai / Sal Monello


Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 167 cm
Occupation: TV director
Official Art

Director of the popular action show Steel Samurai. Witness in PW case 3.

Personality: An annoying fanboy who sweats a lot and oogles girls.

Misc Facts: He speaks in nearly incomprehensible l33t.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
English: From the bacteria. Very gross.

Japanese: Uzai means annoying, and Takuya comes from "otaku." So, an annoying otaku.

Background: Sal has been a fan of action shows and anime his entire life, and was finally given the chance by producer Dee Vasquez to make his own show. Because of that he owes her a lot, and is pretty much wrapped around her finger.


Dee Vasquez / Sakura Himegami / Dee Vasquez


Age: 34
Gender: Female
Height: 166 cm
Occupation: TV producer
Official Art

Producer of the popular action show Steel Samurai. Witness in PW case 3.

Personality: Cool, collected - the proverbial "ice queen." If she doesn't want to deal with you, she'll just ignore you.

Misc Facts: She has connections to the mob, though if it's the same mob as Gonta or any of the other "mobsters" in the series is unknown.

Dee's role in her case was originally going to be filled by a man.

Friends and Family: Her sister, Tampopo, appears in the Gyakuten Saiban promotional manga, Turnabout Crossover, and is a director.

Name Origin:
: Maybe come from the word "diva."

Japanese: The kanji in her name make up "princess," "goddess," and "sakura." A very flowery name.


Spoiler: 1-3  
Five years prior to PW Dee was witness to an accident during a fight scene rehearsal, in which Jack Hammer pushed his co-worker, who then fell onto an iron fence and was stabbed in the chest. She agreed to help Jack cover up the "accident" so that he would never be labeled a murderer. However, in the years that followed she threatened to expose him anyway, and demanded he pay her for her silence. Jack put up with the blackmail for five years before he finally got sick of it and decided to end it.