Maggey Byrde / Mako Suzuki / Maguy Loiseau

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 160 cm
Occupation: Police Officer
Official Art

A young police officer who works under Detective Gumshoe. Defendant in JFA case 1 and GS3 case 3.

Personality: Maggey is cheerful, optimistic, and excitable (a lot like Maya, actually). She's very dedicated to her job and is always in high spirits despite have truly awful luck.

Misc Facts: She likes wieners (sausages). She also seems to prefer older men.

Maggey received the red feathers she wears on her uniform from doing community service.

Friends and Family: She dated Dustin Prince for six months, up until JFA.

Name Origin:
: Chosen for its unusual spelling. Also, a magpie (the bird) is sometimes considered a symbol of bad luck.

Japanese: Comes from "make tsudzuki," which means, "continues to lose," in reference to her horrible luck.

French: Surname comes from "the bird."

Background: Maggey is a hard working police officer who for the past half a year has been dating Dustin Prince.

Richard Wellington / Takamasa Moroheiya / Richard Wellington

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm
Occupation: College Student
Official Art

The obnoxious witness in JFA, case 1.

Personality: Selfish, gaudy, and arrogant. Will go to unnecessary lengths to get what he wants.

Misc Facts: Usually wears glasses due to poor vision. Claims to be a "college student in transit."

Richard likes strawberries better than bananas (thanks Wrestlemania)

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
: Probably just making him sound rich.

Japanese: I'm not sure what Moroheiya means, but "Takamasa" is a rich kid kind of name.


Spoiler: 2-1  
Wellington works for a ring of con artists. He had on his phone a list of men and women who were under investigation by the police, and kills to prevent that list from falling into the wrong hands, as it would incriminate him. 

Dustin Prince / Mamoru Machio / Dustin Prince

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 174 cm
Occupation: Police officer

Victim in JFA, case 1.

Personality: Unknown.

Misc Facts: Left handed and plays baseball.

Friends and Family: Was dating Maggey Byrde.

Name Origin:
: Comes from "dusting prints" as in fingerprints.

Japanese: Comes from machi wo mamoru which means "protect the town."

Background: Unknown