Russel Berry / Naota Tachimi / Loïc Hullere


Age: 52
Gender: Male
Height: 168 cm
Occupation: Owner and ringmaster of Berry Big Circus

Ringleader of the Berry Big Circus and victim of JFA case 3.

Personality: Unknown

Misc Facts: None.

Friends and Family: Russel is Regina's father.

Name Origin:
: Berry was taken from the name of his circus. The Russell Brother's Circus is also a famous circus.

Japanese: His full name means "700 people come to watch."

French: Fits with the name given to the Berry Big Circus, "Cirque Hullere", which comes from circulaire, meaning "circular."

Background: Berry's wife died shortly after Regina was born. Since then he raised his daughter in the circus, and even took in Acro and Bat when they were kids. Berry has always wanted his circus to feel like a family.


Maximillion Galactica (Billy Bob Johns) / (Kouhei Yamada) /  Maximilien Galactica (Pierre-Paul Jacques)


Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 200 cm (counting hat)
Occupation: Magician
Official Art

A famous magician of Berry Big Circus and defendant of JFA case 3.

Personality: Max is way into his magician persona. He is flamboyant, dismissive of anything not directly related to him, and always eager to show off his magic tricks. Most of the circus can't stand him for his ego. Underneath, however, he's very emotional, and prone to panicking and losing his temper.

Misc Facts: Max won an award at the Entertainment World's Grand Prix, like Matt.

Max has been working as a magician for the past 5 years.

Friends and Family: Max's parents run a farm that he's helping provide for, and he is in love with Regina.

Name Origin: His stage name, Maximillion Galactica, is just supposed to be fancy (it's the same in all versions).

His real name is meant to make him sound like a backwoods country bumpkin in both English and Japanese. In the French version he's meant to sound like a nobody.

Background: Max left his home in the countryside to be in show business, and was taken in by the Berry Big Circus. As the only circus in town he's became very popular in recent months.


Regina Berry / Mirika (Rika Tachimi) / Monique Hullere


Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 160 cm
Occupation: Lion Tamer
Official Art

The adorable princess of the Berry Big Circus who appears in JFA case 3.

Personality: Regina is almost annoyingly cute and painfully naive. Having lived in the circus her entire life she has a very fantasy-like view of the world.

Misc Facts: She has a tiger named Regent (Rato in the Japanese, which is "tiger" spelled backwards).

Regina has never attended school.

Friends and Family: Regina is Russel Berry's daughter. She considers the rest of the circus her family. At the moment she's deciding between suitors.

Name Origin:
: The origin of the name Regina is "princess" or "queen."

Japanese: Her stage name, Mirika, comes from TachiMI RIKA.


Spoiler: 2-3  
Regina was raised in the circus, and in that time has always had men asking after her. Six months before JFA she had the attention of Bat, 1/2 of the circus's acrobat team. She and Bat would play tricks on each other, and usually Bat got the better of her. Regina decided to get back at Bat by covering his favorite scarf with pepper to make him sneeze a lot. But that day Bat made a deal with her - Regina did a trick where she stuck her head in the mouth of their circus lion, Léon. If he took her place in the trick, she would have to go see a movie with him. Thanks to the pepper Leon sneezed just when Bat stuck his head between his jaws. Bat was critically injured and rushed to the hospital, where he remains in a coma to this day. Léon the lion was shot and killed by Russel the next day.

Regina, being the innocent soul that she is, doesn't really understand what actually happened to Bat. She believes that he's sleeping and will eventually wake up and come back.


Moe (Lawrence Curls)  / Tommy (Matsuo Tomida) / Frisé (Jeff Rizet)


Age: 46
Gender: Male
Height: 163 cm
Occupation: Clown
Official Art

Moe is the circus' only clown, and has been with it as long as Russel. He is a witness in JFA case 3.

Personality: Moe is pretty much what you would expect from a clown. He has an overwhelming sense of humor and is constantly cracking jokes and making ridiculous puns. He has a great love for the circus and all its members. Underneath, however, Moe is not nearly as sheltered or naive as his comrades. He seems to have a better idea of what's really going on than the other circus members.

Misc Facts: The carrot seems to be a theme of his.

Friends and Family: Moe mentions having a daughter named Larina (who lives with her mother - possibly divorced?). I don't quite remember if that was mentioned in the Japanese version so I'll have to replay.

Name Origin:
: His name is a reference to the Three Stooges (Larry, Moe, and Curly).

Japanese: There's apparently a famous comedy duo known as Tommy and Matsu.

French: Frisé simply means "curled". A "rizette" is a little smile.

Background: Moe has been with the circus most of his life, and was a witness in the accident six months prior to JFA.



Benjamin Woodman & Trilo Quist / Ben Kizumi & Rilo / Michael Heurtarive & Yvan Triloque


Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 179 cm
Occupation: Ventriloquist / Singer

One of the series' stranger characters, and a witness in JFA case 3.

Personality: Ben is always nervous, soft spoken, and hesitant to voice his opinions. He's almost entirely useless without his ventriloquist dummy, Trilo. Trilo, on the other hand, is loud, obnoxious, and often hits Ben.

Misc Facts: Trilo is in love with Regina and intends to marry her. Yes, even though he's a puppet. Trilo is also a tenor.

Friends and Family: The circus is Ben and Trilo's family.

Name Origin:
: Ben and Trilo was taken off of the Japanese names, which were taken from "ventriloquist".

Japanese: Ben and Rilo comes from the word ventriloquism.

French: Michael's name is a simple pun ("Mais à quelle heure t'arrives?" means "When will you arrive ?"). Yvan Triloque comes from the French word for ventroliquist. He also goes by the nickname Mike.

Background: Not much is known about Ben and Trilo's history, other than they were present at the accident six months ago.


Acro (Ken Dingling) / (Daisuke Kinoshita ) / (Aleg Loche)


Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Occupation: Former trapeze artist

A former trapeze artist now in a wheelchair, and a witness in JFA case 3.

Personality: Despite his handicap Acro is kind, polite, and quietly optimistic about his own recovery. He also has a great love for the circus, and Mr. Berry, who he looks up to like a father. He has a fondness for animals.

Misc Facts: Acro has a monkey named Money (Rusa in the Japanese, which is the word for monkey spelled backwards), who likes to steal shiny or glittery things.

Friends and Family: Acro has a young brother named Bat. The two of them think of Mr. Berry as their father.

Name Origin: "Acro" comes from the first part of "acrobat" and is the same in both versions.

English: "Dingling" is probably a combination of "Ringling Bros" and "Dangling."

Japanese: Kinoshita is the name of a real Japanese circus.

French: His surname sounds similar to cloche, French for "bell," which may be a reference to "dingling."

Background: Acro and his brother were abandoned by their parents at a young age, and forced to fend for themselves. They were taken in and taught by Russel Berry, ringleader of the Berry Big Circus. Both boys looked up to him like a father, and trained hard to become skilled acrobats.

Spoiler: 2-3  
Six months prior to the game Bat made a dare with Regina, the lion tamer, and replaced her in a trick in which he had to stick his head in a lion's mouth. However, at that moment the lion bit down, critically wounding Bat. Acro leapt to his brother's aid, but in trying to wrestle the lion off Bat was badly injured himself. Bat is still in a coma, and Acro is now in a wheelchair, though it's left ambiguous whether or not either are expected to ever recover.

Acro knew the accident was not Regina's fault--as careless as she was, there was no way she would have ordered the lion to bite Bat. But Regina never seemed to grasp the seriousness of the accident, and she quickly moved on, getting attention from Max and Trilo. She seemed to think Bat was just sleeping and would come back when he felt like it. Acro grew to resent her for not understanding what she'd done to Bat, intentional or not. It was that resentment which eventually led up to the events of JFA case 3.


Bat (Sean Dingling) / (Ippei Kinoshita) / (Alec Loche)


Age: 22
Gender: Male
Occupation: Former trapeze artist

Acro's hospitalized brother, and a critical part of JFA case 3.

Personality: Unknown.

Misc Facts: None

Friends and Family: Bat is Acro's younger brother, and he looked up to Mr. Berry as a father. He was also in love with Regina.

Name Origin: "Bat" comes from the second part of the word "acrobat" and is the same in both versions.

English: "Dingling" is probably a combination of "Ringling Bros" and "dangling."

Japanese: Kinoshita is the name of a real Japanese circus.

French: His surname sounds similar to cloche, French for "bell," which may be a reference to "dingling."

Background: Like his brother, Bat was abandoned by his parents when they were young. He was taken in by Mr. Berry of the Berry Big Circus and raised to be a performer and acrobat.

Spoiler: 2-3  
Bat was in love with Regina, Mr. Berry's lion-tamer daughter. They often pulled pranks on each other. One day, Bat made a bet with her: if he could take her place in a certain stunt (where she put her head in a lion's mouth), she would go on a real date with him. Regina agreed, but as was always the case with them decided to play a prank on him. She covered his favorite scarf with pepper to make him sneeze. It didn't make Bat sneeze, but it did affect the lion - Léon sneeze just as Bat put his head in his mouth, badly wounding him. Acro jumped at the lion to try and wrestle him off his brother, but he was also wounded.

Presently, Bat is still in a coma, and his brother Acro is confined to a wheelchair.