Matt Engarde / Shingo Outorou / Matt Engarde


Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 182 cm
Occupation: Action show star

One of three new Steel Samurai's after the original (played by Will Powers) was cancelled - The Nickel Samurai. Defendant of JFA case 4.

Personality: Matt is mostly a flake. He's naive, trusting, and leaves all decisions up to his managers (who he contacts frequently). He doesn't seem to care one way or the other about his predecessor or rivals.

Spoiler: 2-4  
The real Matt is calculating and a borderline sociopath. He trusts absolutely no one and only behaves the way he does in public to gain their favor, so he can use them for his own purposes.

Misc Facts: Matt has a cat named Shoe (Shuu in the Japanese, named for the creator). He also apparently likes wine and motorcycles.

In the Japanese, his Steel Samurai title is "Tonosaman - Hei."

Friends and Family: No known family, but his manager is Adrian Andrews, and he used to date Celeste Inpax.

Name Origin:
: "Engarde", the French term people often say at the beginning of a duel, characterizes is rivalry with fellow performer Juan Corrida. (spoiler) It may also be that his dual persona necessitates him always being "on guard".

Japanese: Otoro is a kind of tuna, in the same vein as Niboshi (his Steel Samurai sempai). Outorou is also a rough Romanization of the English word "outlaw."


Spoiler: 2-4  
Matt entered show biz fairly early in his life (when exactly isn't known). His first manager was Celeste Inpax, who he ended up dating for a time. Though Adrian describes their relationship as "happy - they were always smiling," Matt dumped Celeste for apparently no reason, breaking her heart.

Matt and Juan were fierce rivals as they progressed higher up in the entertainment business. Soon after Celeste was dumped by Matt she became Juan's manager, and the two of them started dating. Two years before JFA Juan and Celeste became engaged. Hearing of this, Matt went to Juan to tell him what he had originally kept secret - that he and Celeste had once been lovers. Because of their rivalry Juan's pride was horribly wounded, and he immediately called off the wedding (as Matt knew he would).

Heartbroken again and tired of being used between the two men, Celeste hung herself. Juan discovered her body, and as Celeste left no suicide note or last will, it was assumed he stole it. Meanwhile, Matt and Juan continued their rivalry, and it seemed to be settled when Matt won the title of Hero of Heroes at the yearly Grand Prix. But he was still nervous about the will Celeste had left, and devised a plan to get it back from Jaun at all costs.


Juan Corrida / Isao Fujimino / Juan Corrida


Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 179 cm
Occupation: Action show star

Actor who portrays the TV character the Jammin' Ninja, and victim of JFA case 4.

Personality: Unknown, though assumed to be possessive, competative, and bitter.

Misc Facts: He looks a lot older than he is. He also LOVES bears, and gets various bear toys and plushies from his fans by the dozens.

In the Japanese, the character he played was known as Ninja Nanja.

Friends and Family: No known family, though he was at one point engaged to his manager, Celeste Impax.

Name Origin:
: "Corrida" comes from a term in Spanish referring to bullfighting. Ironically, in the Spanish version his last name was changed Rivera, after a famous bullfighter, as Corrida is actually a vulgarity (-Xan).

Japanese: Fujimi no Isao means "the invincible Isao." Which he is clearly not.


Spoiler: 2-4  
Juan portrays the character of the Jammin' Ninja, and for many years has been Matt's fierce rival. Two years before JFA he took on Celste Inpax as his manager, and the two quickly fell in love. They were soon engaged, but when Matt came to Juan and told him Celeste was his former lover, Juan was furious. Too proud to accept Matt's "leftovers" he called off the engagement. Celeste killed herself soon afterwards.

Juan blamed Matt, and in the years that followed plotted his revenge. He tried to beat Matt in the entertainment industry, but when Matt beat him again (in the yearly Grand Prix) he decided on a more direct approach. Plotting in secret with Matt's manager, Adrian, he had a second Steel Samurai costume made, and intended to masquerade as Matt to "confess" to the crimes he'd committed against Celeste. His proof would be Celeste's will, which was actually forged by Juan himself to slander Matt.

Juan intended to read the will in costume following a live action show, but he never got the chance.


Adrian Andrews / Kirio Kamiya / Andréa Landry


Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 161 cm
Occupation: Entertainment business manager

Adrian is Matt's manager, and a witness in JFA case 4.

Personality: When Adrian first appears in JFA she is cool, collected, and downright stoic. She has no interest in idle talk and is a model of professionalism. She's often seen with something in her hands.

When Adrian appears again in T&T she is much more at ease - cheerful, even excitable. She is self-conscious and aims to please.

Misc Facts: None.

Friends and Family: Adrian has no known family, but she once worked under Celeste Inpax, and is Matt's manager in JFA.

Name Origin: The only important part of Adrian's name is the fact that it sounds masculine, in all versions.


Spoiler: 2-4  
Adrian entered the entertainment business after Celeste Inpax, and learned everything from her.  The two of them were very close and Adrian considered her a valued friend and mentor.  Adrian was pretty much emotionally dependant on Celeste, and when Celeste killed herself (after having been dumped by Juan), Adrian was grief stricken and attempted to kill herself as well.


Later, Adrian swore to avenge her mentor by exposing Matt and Juan for the heartless monsters they were.  She became Matt's manager to wait for her opportunity for revenge.  Her strong-willed, ice queen demeanor during this time was all an act to cover up her dependant nature.  When Juan approached her with his plans to ruin Matt she eagerly agreed, though secretly she hoped to destroy the forged will, to preserve Celeste's reputation.


John Doe (Shelly de Killer) / Tarou Tanaka (Sazaemon Koroshiya) / Alonso Bistro (Bernick de Killer)

田中太郎 (虎狼死家左々右エ門 )

Age: ??
Gender: Male
Height: 184 cm
Occupation: Professional assassin

A man of many faces and talents. Witness in JFA case 4.

Personality: Precise, clever, and very professional. Killer values the bond of trust between himself and his clients more than anything.

Misc Facts: Phoenix compares his face to a baseball more than once.

Friends and Family: No known friends or family.

Name Origin:
: John Doe is the police term for an unidentified dead body. "Shelly" is a reference to his calling card, the conch shell, and "de Killer" to his profession.

Japanese: Tanaka Tarou is the Japanese equivalent of John Smith (the most common, plain name you could think of).

Koroshiya literally means "assassin." Sazaemon comes from the word sazae, which means "a seashell." Sazaemon leaves a calling card with a seashell design whenever he commits a murder.

French: Pseudonym comes from "Allons au bistro", which means "Let's go to the pub". A Brinick is a type of shell.


Spoiler: 2-4  
Killer was hired by Matt to kill Juan and retrieve Celeste's will, which was hidden in a foreign made bear toy. But when Matt was implicated for the murder, he went to extra lengths to secure the safety of his client, as part of his "honor" as an assassin.


Celeste Inpax / Yurie Amano / Céleste Lavoute


Age: Deceased
Gender: Female
Occupation: Manager

A former manager, who committed suicide 2 years before JFA.

Personality: Unknown

Misc Facts: None

Friends and Family: Manager to both Matt and Juan, and also Adrian's mentor.

Name Origin:
: Celeste was probably taken from her Japanese name (as in "celestial"). Her last name is rough Latin for "In Peace" (as in "rest in peace").

Japanese: Amano means "of heaven." Because she's dead.

French: Comes from the French phrase "La voute céleste", which is the sky or heaven. (thanks Akwatyka!)


Spoiler: 2-4  
Celeste was Matt's first manager, as well as his lover. They dated for some time, but she was heartbroken when Matt broke up with her with no clear warning or reason. Some time later she became Juan's manager, and the two of them fell in love and were even engaged. But again she was abruptly dumped, when Juan learned that she had once been Matt's lover. Unable to stand the pain of being toyed with by the two men and their foolish pride, Celeste killed herself (by hanging). She left no note or last will.

Sometime before that she was Adrian's personal mentor. Adrian was devoted to her to the point of dependency, and when Celeste died, Adrian tried to follow her. When Adrian failed, it was her wish to see the men pay for what they'd done to Celeste that kept Adrian going.