The Tiger (Furio Tigre) / Zenitora (Toranosuke Shibakuzou)


Age: 42
Gender: Male
Height: 185 cm
Occupation: Loan Shark
Official Art

Thug loan shark witness of T&T case 3. Also known as "Evil Phoenix" who runs the loan shop "Tender Lender."

Personality: Tigre is all badass gangster. He has a short temper, enjoys bullying people, is strict about his "business" and when he gets really mad he roars at people to shut them up. Literally roars.

When it comes to certain people, however, he loses all his attitude and becomes a simpering suck-up.

Misc Facts: Tigre drives a pink moped. He also speaks with a thick Brooklyn accent (kansai in the Japanese).

Friends and Family: Unknown. But he's close business partners with Viola.

Name Origin:
: Furio is an Italian name which comes from "furious" (though I'm told that as a name it's more fitting for an animal than a person). "Tigre" is Italian for "Tiger." (Thanks, Dark Kain!)

Japanese: Shibakuzo is Kansai slang roughly meaning "Fuck you!" (more like "I'm gonna kick your ass!" maybe) and Toranosuke roughly means "tiger boy." As depicted on his shirt, the tiger and the dragon are natural enemies (Phoenix's Japanese name Ryuuichi has the kanji for dragon in it).

The "zeni" in his street name may come from "zenny", a fictional currency used in some Capcom games. (-Connor)


Spoiler: 3-3  
Four months prior to T&T, Tigre was driving around on his pink moped when he was hit by a car. Being the thug gangster that he is he wasn't badly hurt (except for his moped) but the driver of the car, Viola Cadaverini, suffered a head injury and had to be hospitalized.

Tigre was in a lot of trouble. Viola's famous mob boss grandfather, Bruto Cadaverini, blamed him for the accident and demanded he pay the medical bills of one millions dollars. Tigre had no choice but to comply. He's also been sucking up to Viola big time ever since she was released from the hospital. Grateful for his help (and unaware that he was only doing it so as to not anger her grandfather) Viola stayed on at Tigre's shop to help with his business.

Viola Cadaverini / Urami Shikabane / Violette Cadaverini


Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 154 cm
Occupation: Mob boss granddaughter

Very creepy assistant at Tender Lender who appears in T&T case 3.

Personality: Viola is soft spoken, polite, and yet very very creepy. She has no problem throwing quiet death threats into everyday conversation. She is also very loyal to Tigre, possibly even in love with him.

Misc Facts: She calls Tigre "Don Tigre."

Viola has a very distinctive giggle ("Ku...ku...ku...")

Friends and Family: Bruto Cadaverini's granddaughter.

Name Origin:
: "Viola" is also an Italian name. Her surname most likely comes from the word "cadaver." In Italian, it means "little corpses" (thanks Dark Kain!)

Japanese: Shikabane means "a corpse." Urami means "a grudge."


Spoiler: 3-3  
Four months prior to T&T Viola was involved in a car accident, in which she hit a man on a moped. She suffered serious head trauma and doesn't remember the incident very well. During the time that she was hospitalized and afterwards she was cared for very attentively by Tigre, and developed a great respect and affection for him. She works now at Tender Lender to help repay him.

Viola is not aware that Tigre was the man she hit that night, and that he's only being nice to her because he's too afraid of her grandfather not to be. Or maybe she just didn't want to admit that she knows it.


Victor Kudo / Shouhei Igarashi


Age: 68
Gender: Male
Height: 153 cm
Occupation: None

Grumpy old man and witness of T&T case 3.

Personality: Grouchy. Victor is terribly stubborn and doesn't like to talk about himself, especially as it concerns his unemployed status. He is, however, deeply apologetic when he commits a mistake.

Misc Facts: Victor likes to feed pigeons, and will throw the beans at people when he's mad at them. He comes from a long line of crest engravers.

Friends and Family: Unknown

Name Origin:
: Victor probably comes from "victory" in reference to his soldier-ly Japanese name. "Kudo" may come from "kudos", as the Judge even says at one point, "You've earned your kudos for today."

Japanese: Shouhei means "soldiers." It's supposedly a fitting name for a stubborn old man.

Background: Victor is unemployed, and between looking for a job spends his time drinking coffee at Trés Bien. Not because it's good--he likes watching the waitresses in their short-skirt uniforms.


Jean Armstrong / Kaoru Hondobou / Luigi Labocca


Age: 39
Gender: Male
Height: 169 cm
Occupation: Chef and restaurant owner
Official Art

Otherwise known as the "gay chef" witness from T&T case 3.

Personality: Armstrong is the eccentric, easily rattled owner of the French restaurant Trés Bien. He's very flowery and aims to please, but is also easily bullied.

Misc Facts: Food at the Trés Bien is truly awful and overpriced.

Armstrong is a licensed aromatherapist, though if he's any better at that than cooking is anyone's guess.

In PW:AA the reference in case 5 to a new French restaurant is talking about Trés Bien.

Spoiler: 3-3  
Armstrong is also some a kleptomaniac, and has been arrested in the past for stealing trinkets from his guests.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
: Jean is simply a French name. Armstrong may be a reference to his physique.

Japanese: Japanese Romanization of the French Fond de Veau meaning "Rich Veal".

French:  In the French version Jean was changed to Italian, and was given an Italian name to match.


Spoiler: 3-3  
Despite Armstrong's great desire to be a chef, he quickly found himself in debt (because no one would eat his bad cooking). He tried a promotional gimmick by giving out bottles of perfume but that only put him further in debt. He ended up having to borrow $500,000 dollars from Tigre, and has slowly been trying to pay it back with very little success.


Glen Elg / Takao Oka / Marc Ram


Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 182 cm
Occupation: Computer programmer

A skilled hacker and victim of T&T case 3.

Personality: Unknown.

Misc Facts: Glen has a weakness for gambling, especially horse races.

Takao worked for Blue Screens Inc, a computer programming company. The HMD he wears was issued through his place of work.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
: His name is a palindrome.

Japanese: Oka Takao is a Japanese palindrome (o ka ta ka o)

French:  Also a palindrome with a reference to computer RAM.


Spoiler: 3-3  
Glen is a skilled programmer for Blue Screens Inc., but his love of gambling has him often deep in debt. He finally went to Tender Lender and borrowed $100,000. To help pay back the loan he created the computer virus Cleaning Bomber, which was worth millions on the black market--more than enough to pay back his debt.


Bruto Cadaverini / Gonta Shikabane


Age: 78
Gender: Male
Height: 162 cm
Occupation: Mob boss

The city's most feared criminal, and an important part of T&T case 3.

Personality: Unknown.

Misc Facts: None.

Friends and Family: Viola's grandfather. She means the world to him.

Name Origin:
: Bruto is an Italian name that comes from "Brute". His surname most likely comes from the word "cadaver." In Italian, it means "little corpses" (thanks Dark Kain!)

Japanese: Shikabane means "a corpse." The kanji in his first name come from "authority" and "big" (-Blackcat314).


Spoiler: 3-3  
Bruto is a powerful crime lord, and when he learned that Tigre was responsible for his granddaughter's injuries, he demanded that Tigre be made to pay back the money. According to Gumshoe, he's the most powerful figure in the city's underground crime rings.


Lisa Basil / Keiko Koike


Age: ??
Gender: Female (??)
Height: 164 cm
Occupation: Computer programmer

Freaky computer lady and head of Blue Screens Inc, who appears in T&T case 3.

Personality: Lisa is friendly and precise, almost artificially so. It's a little hard to tell if she's even fully human...

Misc Facts: Lisa is the head programmer of Blue Screens Inc. All their employees are issued a nifty eyepiece (actually, it's an HMD. She doesn't do any programming herself, but she likes to wear it).

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin: In Japanese and in English her name is a palindrome.

Background: None. Is she even human!?