Age: ??
Gender: Male
Height: 185 cm
Occupation: Prosecutor
Official Art

Godot is the main prosecutor of T&T, and is Phoenix's coffee loving rival.

Personality: Most everything about Godot is a mystery. In court he is smug, precise, and unrelenting. Though not as "cruel" as the Karmas, he's a formidable opponent who regularly demeans the defense. He also has a deep grudge against Phoenix personally.

Misc Facts: Godot wears the visor because of an incident in which he had to "come back from the dead."

Spoiler: 3-5  
Godot is blind and his visor cannot see the color red.

Godot drinks coffee constantly. He's been known to drink up to 17 cups during a single trial (never more than that), and has an untold number of various personal blends.

Godot purposefully mispronounces Mr. Wright as Mr. Trite to show his disdain for him (Naruhodou as "Maruhodou" in Japanese).

Godot's catchphrase is "That's my rule."

Friends and Family: Unknown

Name Origin: "Godot" comes from the name of a famous play, "Waiting for Godot." The "t" is silent. It is pronounced "Go-doh."


Spoiler: 3-5  
Godot is actually Diego Armando. He used to work as a defense attorney in Grossberg's law firm, where he met rookie lawyer Mia Fey. He helped Mia in the case of State vs Fawles, which ended up as a failure for the defense when Terry was killed. Determined to see the perpetrator, Dahlia, pay for her crimes, Godot pursued her alone (while, presumably, dating Mia Fey). He managed to sit her down in the court café, but during their talk Dahlia slipped poison into his coffee. Godot was "killed," but thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, was revived. As a result of having "died" his hair turned white and he went blind, necessitating the visor. He still needs to return to the doctors for regular check ups.

By the time Godot was finally released, Mia had already been killed by Redd White. Godot blamed Phoenix for not having been able to protect her, and swore revenge. He joined the prosecutors' office in hopes of challenging Phoenix in his own arena.

Iris / Ayame


Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm
Occupation:  Shrine maiden

Iris is a mysterious shrine maiden who seems to have a history with Phoenix - defendant of T&T case 5.

Personality: Iris is considered by most to be almost "sickly sweet." She is quiet, polite, attentive, and gentle. Her trusting nature makes it easy for her to be manipulated.

Misc Facts: Though Iris does not seem to have any skill for channeling spirits, she is able to create and destroy physical psycho locks.

Friends and Family: Iris was raised by Bikini, after having showed up in Hazakurain as a child.

Spoiler: 3-5  
She is actually the daughter of Morgan Fey, and is Dahlia's twin sister. She and Pearl are half sisters.

Name Origin:
: Comes from her Japanese name.

Japanese: Ayame means "iris" (the flower, not the eye). Supposed to be a simple, pretty name.


Spoiler: 3-5  
Iris grew up in Hazakura with Bikini, and claims that she has no memory of before that, and has never left the shrine. (highlight for spoilers) [T&T case 5] Iris was actually born in Kurain, along with her twin sister, Dahlia. But their father grew frustrated because, as a man married to a woman from the branch family, he had very little social standing. He left the village with his twin daughters and remarried. But as his new wife already had a daughter of her own (Valerie) he decided two daughters was enough, and left Iris at the temple.

When Iris was 14, she saved her sister Dahlia when she washed up on the bank of the Eagle River which runs through the Hazakura property (Dahlia had attempted to use her sister and "boyfriend" to steal a precious sapphire from her father, and in the process leapt into the river). Iris, still caring about her sister, did not turn her in.

Seven years later Dahlia was in trouble again: she had passed off an important piece of evidence to Phoenix, which had the police recovered would have proved her guilty of murder. When Iris learned that Dahlia intended to kill Phoenix to recover it, she begged her sister to let her try and get it herself. Iris met with Phoenix, pretending to be Dahlia, and started dating him so she would have an opportunity to take the evidence back. But not long into her plan Iris ended up falling for Phoenix, and couldn't bring herself to do it.

Six months later, fed up with her sister, Dahlia finally decided to take matters into her own hands again, and thus, T&T case 1.


Elise Deauxnim / Elise Tenryuusai  


Age: 49
Gender: Female
Height: 164 cm
Occupation: Children's book illustrator

A traveling illustrator staying at the Hazakura Temple. Victim of T&T case 5.

Personality: Elise is a polite, kind, very motherly older women who has a great love of children (and a lot of patience, considering a certain pupil of hers).

Misc Facts: She carries around a tall wooden staff with a purple jewel in it.

Friends and Family: None. 

Spoiler: 3-5  
Elise is actually Misty Fey, mother to Mia and Maya, as well as Morgan's sister and Pearl's aunt.

Name Origin: Elise is the name of a famous, fictional dancing girl.

English: Deauxnim sounds a lot like "pseudonym", though the spelling implies it may also come from "two names."



Spoiler: 3-5  
Elise is actually Misty Fey, Mia and Maya's mother. She disappeared from the public eye shortly after information from the DL6 case was leaked, changed her name, and became an illustrator.




Age: 48
Gender: Female
Height: 140 cm
Occupation: Head of Hazakurain

Bikini is the head of Hazakura and a witness in T&T case 5.

Personality: Bikini is a cheerful older woman with a lot of enthusiasm and a hearty sense of humor. She likes to tease those that come to train with the danger their lives will be in.

Misc Facts: She does not actually wear a bikini, to the Judge's disappointment.

Friends and Family: Bikini raised Iris since she was a child.

Name Origin: The first two kanji in Bikini are apparently typical of priest names, while the last means "nun." In English and Japanese Bikini is a reference to the swimwear.

Background: Bikini has lived most of her life at Hazakura Temple, where she raised Iris. Nothing of her life before that is known.