Tanpopo Himegami

Age: ??
Gender: Female
Height: ??
Occupation: Television director

A special character in the Turnabout Crossover promotional manga.

Personality: Tampopo shows up only briefly, but she seems to have a very strong-willed personality and is used to getting her way.

Misc Facts: She's a smoker.

Friends and Family: Tampopo is Dee Vasquez's sister.

Name Origin: Tanpopo means "dandelion" which is why she was renamed to Dandee Vasquez in the fanscan.

Background: Unknown.

Suzune Kazama

Age: ??
Gender: Female
Height:  ??
Occupation: ??

Larry's girlfriend and a witness in the GS manga chapter 1.

Personality: Suzune is cheerful and affectionate when with Larry.

Misc Facts: None.

Friends and Family: Former lover to Hikaru Shinjou. Currently dating Larry Butz.

Name Origin: The kanji in her name make up "sound of a wind chime."


Spoiler: Turnabout in the Wind  
Suzune used to be dating Hikaru Shinjou, without realizing that he was married with children.  When she found out she was heartbroken, but was still interested in seeing him.  But Shinjou decided to give up his double life, and broke up with her. 

Hikaru Shinjou

Age: 41
Gender: Male
Height: ??
Occupation: Manager of the Sales Department at YY Company.

Victim of GS manga chapter 1.

Personality: Largely unknown.

Misc Facts: Shinjou is a huge baseball fan. He also played football in school.

Friends and Family: Shinjou is married and has a child, but that didn't stop him from taking Suzune as a mistress.

Name Origin: The kanji of his name makes up "a new level of light," while the word shinjou can also mean "true feelings," or "a firm belief."

Background: Unknown.