This section is devoted to contradictions that arise in the series the writers probably did NOT intend for.  These are Ace Attorney Investigations contradictions.  

This list does NOT include:

Typos or grammatical errors.

Sprite errors
(things like Dee breaking her pipe, and it being back in her hand in the courtroom view)

Gags and gimmicks
(Adrian's endlessly reappearing glasses, bourbon glass in Detention, etc)

Ways in which PW world law differs from real world law
The game is not meant to be an accurate law sim, and it functions by its own set of rules.  As long as those laws are consistent to each other, they're not contradictions.

This list contains SPOILERS


General Contradictions

None so far that aren't already covered on the first contradictions page.

Turnabout Visitor

When Buddy arrived at the prosecutor's office, he slipped a note directly under Portsman's door, but by then the door's number plate had been switched out, and the basketball hoop had been moved.  How did he know which was the right door to slip the note under? (-Ronoc303)

[Explanation:] Buddy's been to the office enough that he just knows which door it is, though one has to wonder if he noticed the moved hoop...

Turnabout Airlines

None so far

The Kidnapped Turnabout

Left vs. Right

When Edgeworth and Kay recreate the murder scene in the funhouse, Edgeworth bases his assumption that it was Lance who hit him because of the way he was hit by the sword.  He claims the position of the blood and wound imply his killer was right handed, but it would have been just as easy for someone to hit him backhandedly with their left hand, especially if they were standing a bit to his right. (-Ryu-kun)

Incomplete Blueprints

Little Thief recreates the Haunted House based on the blueprints Gumshoe finds.  However, the recreation shows many things that wouldn't have been on blueprints (like mirrors and wall designs) while not showing the one thing that should be on blueprints (the building layout - specifically, the secret room).

Turnabout Reminiscence

The Amazing Coronor

During the investigation Detective Badd hands Edgeworth and Franziska the autopsy report for Byrne and Mack, except...the bodies are still in front of them, at the scene. 

Investigative Rights

In AAI-5 Edgeworth is prevented from investigating the murders because he is on foreign soil and has no jurisdiction, but this somehow didn't stop them from investigating the KG-8s.

[Explanation:] KG-8 took place at the victim's apartment building, far from the embassy.  The KG-8 II murder was committed just outside the embassy (you can see Deid Man's body on a sidewalk next to a road) and thus isn't technically on foreign soil.

Turnabout Ablaze

None so far

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