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Croik and Anders as Miles Edgeworth and Dick Gumshoe

Thomas, and friends as Phoenix, Mia, Maya, Gumshoe, Karma, and April

Jes and friends as Franziska von Karma, Gumshoe, and Phoenix Sarthran as Godot
Luke and Tahnee as Phoenix and Objection! Melissa As Franziska von Karma
CarefreeCaptain as Phoenix Wright Jackie as Maya G-Force as Mike Meekins (more) Kevin as Edgeworth
KaZzu as Phoenix and Godot, Ninjattorney as Edgeworth and Diego, with friends (more here and here)
Addy and friends as Franziska, Godot, Phoenix, Mia, and Ema
Kali as Miles Edgeworth, and Diastelo as Maya and Phoenix
Tnightwind as Phoenix Wright,  Kakashi as Miles Edgeworth, Tinana as Mia Fey, Mayoi as Maya Fey, Montello as Dick Gumshoe, Barry as Larry Butz, Moonzz as Godot, Dusty as Franziska Von Karma, Syrianwind as Maggey Byrde, Mirajii as Ema Skye, Paradox as Jake Marshall, Raistlin as Matt Engarde, XCrunix as Odoroki, Meow.iris as Minuki
Robin, Ryshili, Verie, and Jew as Franziska, Karma, Edgeworth, and Redd Derick, Amber and Hai, as Phoenix, Mia, and Godot
Pyrasaur and friends as Phoenix, Edgeworth, Maya, Mia, Gumshoe, Pearl, Minuki, Franziska, and...Gant battling Pyramid head with a yaoi paddle.
Ringo, Xrystal, SFSakana, Keru, Chocolime, Jackee, and Pea as Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma, Godot, Maya Fey, Mia Fey and Lotta Hart
Joogie as Dahlia Hawthorne MoPete as Grumpshoe
DarkenedWings as Phoenix Wright, Impure_Impulse as Miles Edgeworth, BadFangirl as Larry Butz, and StellarWing as Dick Gumshoe (more)
Ringo as Phoenix Wright, Hoshi as Miles Edgeworth, EColi as The Judge, SFSakana as Meekins, Xrystal as Damon Gant, Yuanie as Ema Skye, Raydance as Lana Skye, Kakita as Jake Marshall, and Gin as Angel Starr
Se-chan as Edgeworths, Magickitty as Young Phoenix, Dar-Dar as Diego, adult and GS4 Phoenix, and Commander Havok as Gumshoe
Kyle as Miles Edgeworth Gamersara as Maya and Kojiro as Phoenix
Imari as Klavier Gavin
Silverwind as Lana, Comettail as Ema, and Gefrierpunkt as Edgeworth (more)
Aniolhellsinek as Franziska Garbage Day as Phoenix and Maya
Tsuki as Viola, MandyPandaa as Ini, Azum as Phoenix, Itani as Maya, and friends
The_real_Godot and AngelusBlade as Godot and Gumshoe
Troppy and Ashiri-chan as Dahlia and Franziska
Kaiiwa as Apollo Jess, Mel, and Angela as Maya, Phoenix, and Franziska
Leesers and Windrich as Ema and Klavier
Kelly as T&T Maggey  
Kat as Apollo (more)
TR Rose as Franziska and Maya, Concolor as Karma and Phoenix, Tamlin as Angel Starr
Christain, Andi, Daniel, Justin, Jessica and Kelsey as Phoenix, Edgeworth, Larry, Gumshoe, Ema, and Maggey (and others)
Christina, Maddie, and Mikae as Trucy, Ema, and Apollo
HottieNanako as Maggey, Silver 9 as AJ Phoenix, Zander as Valant, Moogle as Young Trucy, Rothstar as Godot, Concolor as Gumshoe, Gaugesh as Gumshoe, TR Rose as Franziska, and Ali as Adrian

To submit a cosplay, email Croik at courtrecord @ gmail.com.  Only submit pictures of YOURSELF or members of your group, provided you have their permission.  Do not send me pictures of Japanese cosplayers you found on a website somewhere.