This is a list of common names, terms, and locations in the PW/GS series.  It's arranged alphabetically for convenience.  If you have any questions or additional terms you think should be added, contact the web master, Croik, at courtrecord @


AA Abbreviation for "Ace Attorney."
Berry Big Circus / Tachimi Circus The only circus in the city, run by Russel Berry.  Has been in business for almost twenty years.
Bluecorp / Konaculture The business owned by Redd White, which specializes in espionage and blackmail.
Blue Screens Inc / Bagudasu A computer software company.  Employees include Lisa Basil and Glen Elg.
Captain Saipan A fictional character from Global Studios in JFA.  He wears an "I [heart] Saipan" shirt.
Cold Killer X / Cold Killer Z A popular cold medication.
Dusky Bridge / Oboro Bridge An old, run down bridge that crosses the Eagle River.
Eagle River / Godou River A long river that runs through the area around Hazakura Temple.  It has steep cliffs on either side and its bank is often rocky.  It's said that bodies which fall into the river are never recovered.
Evil Magistrate /Akudaikan A villain from the popular live action television drama, Steel Samurai.  Played by Jack Hammer.
Exposé Park /Wanpaku Park A park near the police station that has a rather steep drop-off on one end.

Fey Clan /Ayasato Clan

A clan of spiritualists who live in Kurain Village.  Mia, Maya, Morgan, and Pearl are all part of the Fey family.
Fey & Co. Law Offices

The law office of Mia Fey, criminal defense attorney.  Her only co-worker is Phoenix Wright.

Gatewater Hotel / Hotel Bando An expensive hotel, and often a site for live action shows and press releases put on by Global Studios.  Pun on the infamous Watergate Hotel.
Global Studios A television production studio, where episodes of The Steel Samurai are filmed.
Gourd Lake and Park / Hoytan Lake and Park A public lakeside park, with surrounding woods (no camping allowed) and rowboat rental.  The first sightings of the unknown creature "Gourdy" occured here.  Also where Larry sells his Samurai Dogs.  In Japanese, hyoutan means "gourd".
Gourdy /Hyosshi The nickname for an unknown creature that was spotted at Gourd Lake.
Grand Prix An awards ceremony held yearly to celebrate outstanding members of the entertainment industry.  Winners at the Grand Prix include Max Galactica and Matt Engarde.
Grey's Surgical Clinic A clinic led by Dr. Turner Grey, which suffered from a scandal some time ago.
Grossberg & Co. Law Offices The law office of Marvin Grossberg, criminal defense attorney.  Previous members of his firm include Mia Fey, Robert Hammond, and Souryuu Kaminogi.
Gyakuten Saiban Name of the Ace Attorney series in Japan.  Has been translated several ways but the most accurate (and accepted by fans) translations are "Comeback Court" and "Turnabout Court."  Often abbreviated to GS (GS:YG refers to the DS version in Japan).
Hazakura Temple A temple for spiritual training.  Is run by Bikini and Iris.
Hero of Heroes An award given to an outstanding entertainer at the Grand Prix every year.  Previous winners include Matt Engarde.
Hotti Clinic /Hotta Clinic A small clinic specializing in surgery, especially plastic surgery.  No one knows who really runs it but the staff is questionable.
Igiari! Japanese for "Objection!"
Ivy University / Yuumei University A famous college in the AA world.  Phoenix, Dahlia, and Doug are known to have attended, as well as one characters from GS4.
Jammin' Ninja / Ninja Nanja A popular live action character from a television show by the same name.  His signature prop is a bright red guitar.  Played by Juan Corrida
JFA Abbreviation for Justice For All, the English version of GS2.
Justice Academy, Year Four, Class 2 More of Global Studio's fictional characters.  A whole class of super heroes in training, apparently.
King of Prosecutors / Prosecutor of the Year An award given yearly to outstanding prosecutors in the district.  Previous winners include Manfred von Karma, Neil Marshall, and Miles Edgeworth.  It used to be shaped as a broken sword and a shield, but now it's just a shield.
K.B. Security A company that trains security guards to be hired by other companies, run by Kane Bullard.  The name comes from the Japanese word for security guard, keibi.
Kurae! Japanese for "Take that!"
Kurain Sacred Urn A sacred urn passed down through the Fey clan, said to hold the soul of Ami Fey, founder of the clan.  It has been broken and repaired several times.
Kurain Village A small village, home to the Fey/Ayasato Clan of spiritualists.  Leadership of the clan rests with the main family, and there is only one heir at a time.  Because men have no channeling powers in the PW world, men have little to no social standing in Kurain, and many choose not to stay.
Léon / Leon A Lion who Regina used to train at Berry Big Circus, who had to be put down after an accident.
Lordly Tailor / Takabisha A high class department store that sometimes puts on gallery shows.
Magatama A symbol of spiritualism.  The Magatama Jewel that Phoenix carries in GS2 and 3 actually belonged to Maya.  When charged with spiritual energy, the jewel allows one to see when a person is lying, using "Psyche Locks" as a visual representation of deception.
Mask DeMasque / Kamen Mask A Phantom Thief who, in the spirit of his genre, delivers advance notices of what he's going to steal a week in advance before stealing them.
Matta! Japanese for "Hold it!"
MC Bomber / Cleaning Bomber A computer virus created by Glen Elg.  It infects entire computer networks and erases data very quickly.
Missile The police station's single canine unit, looked after by Detective Gumshoe.
Money / Rusa Acro's monkey, who loves to steal shiny things (and is also inordinately strong).  His Japanese name comes from reversing the kana for "monkey".
Muromachi Five The Jammin' Ninja's enemies.
Neo Olde Tokyo The fictional setting where the Steel Samurai TV series takes place.
Nickel Samurai / Tonosaman Hei Son of the Steel Samurai (one of three brothers, whose names are Aluminum Samurai and Tin Samurai).  Played by Matt Engarde.  His Japanese brothers are Shin and Otsu.
Onyankopon Another of Global Studio's fictional characters.  He is described as being of "mysterious ethnicity."
Pink Princess / Himesaman A spin-off series from the Steel Samurai, created by Sal Manella.  Possibly inspired from Maya.  Played by Will Powers.   The Japanese name comes from the word "hime-sama" which means "princess".
Princess Misola The Jammin' Ninja's love interest.
Psyche-Locks / Psycho Locks When a person lies, their secrets are supposedly protected by "Psyche Locks," kind of like a person's mental defenses.  When someone has a Magatama charged with spiritual energy, they are able to see Psyche Locks on a person.

From the second game onward the Psyche Lock works as a important gameplay addition during investigation phases.  Phoenix can see when a person is lying, and present evidence to them (like in court) to "unlock" the Psyche Lock and get them to tell the truth.

There is one instance in GS3 in which Psyche locks are used to actually "lock" a door.  They can only be set or removed by someone with great spiritual power.

Regent / Rato Regina's trained tiger.
Samurai Dogs / Tonosamanjuu Hot dogs Larry was selling at his stand at Gourd Lake for extra cash.  In the Japanese they were manjuu.
Sayo The Nickel Samurai's love interest.
Shoe /Shuu Matt's pet cat.  Named after the series director, Takumi Shuu.
Steel Samurai /Tonosaman A children's live action television drama, named after its hero and main character, the Steel Samurai.  Created by Sal Manella and produced by Dee Vasquez at Global Studios.  His Japanese name comes from the word "tono-sama" which means "lord," especially in reference to samurai.  Played by Will Powers.
T&T Abbreviation for the 3rd Ace Attorney game, "Trials and Tribulations."
Tender Lender The name of Furio Tigre's money lending business.
Trés Bien A French restaurant run by Jean Armstrong.  It's very unpopular because it's expensive and the food is gross.  But the waitresses wear cute outfits.
Vitamin Square A small children's park near Trés Bien.  People often go there to feed the birds.