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Sheets are no longer divided by spoiler / non spoiler so click at your own risk!  Those that are labeled "4sheet" have been updated with a more accurate color palette to what was up before.  The rest will be up soon.

Apollo Justice
Sheet / Zip/ Gifs
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Young Trucy

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Phoenix Wright
Sheet / Zip/ Gifs
Winston Payne
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The Judge
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Kristoph Gavin
Sheet 1 / Sheet 2 / Zip/ Gifs
Klavier Gavin
Sheet / Zip/ Gifs
Young Klavier Gavin

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Detective Ema Skye
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Olga Orly
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Director Hickfield
Wocky Kitaki
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Alita Tiala
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Guy Eldoon
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Plum Kitaki
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Winfred Kitaki
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Wesley Stickler
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Machi Tobaye
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Lamiroir and Machi

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Romein LeTouse
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Daryan Crescend
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Valant Gramarye
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Spark Brushel
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Vera Misham
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Drew Misham
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Zak Gramarye
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Mike Meekins
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Court Sprites

New animations: Invertigo

Odoroki - Deufeufeu
Minuki - rtsmarty, Deufeufeu, Croik
Phoenix - rtsmarty,
Payne - Bolt Storm, Croik, Deufeufeu, Darzie P
Kirihito - Mikker, rtsmarty, Bolt Storm, Deufeufeu
Kyouya - Deufeufeu, Bolt Storm, rtsmarty, Phoenix Soul, Croik
Ema - rtsmarty, Deufeufeu
Masaka - rtsmarty, Bolt Storm, Deufeufeu
Hikita - Croik
Takita - Deufeufeu, Croik
Minami - Deufeufeu
Mugitsura - Deufeufeu
Koume - Deufeufeu, rtsmarty, Croik
Tsunekatsu - Deufeufeu
Kawadzu - rtsmarty, Deufeufeu, Croik
Lamiroir - Misaki, Croik
Romaine - Misaki
Maki - Misaki, Croik
Daian - Misaki, rtsmarty
Varan - Misaki, Deufeufeu
Hamigaki - Deufeufeu, Croik
Makoto - rtsmarty, Deufeufeu
Ese - rtsmarty
Zakku - rtsmarty, Croik
Misc - Croik

(The Phoenix and Gumshoe sprites used in the 4-4 flasback case are unchanged from their previous sprites)


If you'd like to contribute a sprite animation, email Croik at courtrecord @ gmail.com.  Please note that for this archive I've made all sprites on a transparent background without text or background images, and would appreciate submissions in the same format. 

Please also keep in mind that this is a free use archive.  I'll credit you on this page for anything you submit but after that it's open season!  Don't submit if you're stingy ^_~