Please note that the game writers did NOT account for individual character birthdays when creating the timeline and assigning ages across games.  Because of this oversight every PW character ends up having a birthday within the same few weeks (see explanation here).



1940 ?? Bruto Cadaverini born
1950 ?? Victor Kudo born
1951 ?? Manfred von Karma and Damon Gant born
1952 ?? Marvin Grossberg born
1964 ?? Winston Payne and Yanni Yogi born
1965 ?? Russel Berry born
1968 ?? Robert Hammond born
1969 ?? Misty Fey born
1970 ?? Kane Bullard and Bikini born
1971 ?? Moe the Clown born
1976 ?? Furio Tigre born
1977 ?? Redd White born
1979 ?? Jack Hammer and Jean Armstrong born
1980 ?? Frank Sahwit and Bruce Goodman born
1982 ?? Dee Vasquez and Turner Grey born
1983 ?? Jake Marshall born
1984 ?? Sal Manella and Luke Atmey born
1985 ?? Diego Armando and Angel Starr born
1986 ?? Detective Gumshoe and Ben born
1987 ?? Terry Fawles and Lana Skye born
  Sept. 6th Dustin Prince born.
1989 ?? Mia Fey born
1990 ?? Valerie Hawthorne and Glen Elg born
1991 ?? Acro and Doug Swallow born
1992 ?? Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth born
1993 ?? Larry Butz, April May, Will Powers, Dahlia Hawthorne, Iris, and Viola Cadaverini born.
1994 ?? Cindy Stone, Lotta Hart, Adrian Andrews, and Mike Meekins born
1995 ?? Maggey Byrde, Richard Wellington, Bat, and Ron and Desirée DeLite born
1996 ?? Ini Miney and Max Galactica born
1997 ?? Matt Engarde and Juan Corrida born
1998 ??  
1999 ?? Franziska von Karma, Maya Fey and Penny Nichols born
2000 ?? Ema Skye born
2001 Early Phoenix is accused by his class of stealing Miles' lunch money
?? Regina Berry born
Dec 28 DL-6 Incident occurs, Gregory Edgeworth is killed, Manfred von Karma takes vacation.
2002 Jun Karma returns from his "vacation."
2007 Feb Dahlia steals a sapphire from her father and is presumed dead, Terry is arrested and convicted for her murder.
2009 ?? Pearl Fey and Cody Hackins born
2011 August Police Officer Gumshoe becomes Detective Gumshoe, accident at Global Studios is covered up
2012 Feb 16 State vs Fawles.  Edeworth's first case (age 20).  Mia Fey's first case (age 23). [T&T case 4]
?? Franziska becomes a prosecutor in Germany
August 27 Diego Armando poisoned.  Phoenix meets Dahlia
2013 April 11 State vs Wright  [T&T case 1]
2015 Feb SL-9 Incident.  Neil Marshall dies
2016 May 2 14 patients die at Grey Surgical Clinic because of malpractice.
May 24 Mimi Miney dies in a car accident, Ini is hospitalized.  Phoenix passes his bar exam and becomes a lawyer.
Aug 3 State vs Butz.  Phoenix Wright's first case [PW case 1]
Sept 5-9 State vs Fey [PW case 2]
Oct 16-19 State vs Powers  [PW case 3]
Dec Ini Miney released from hospital
Dec 25-28 State vs Edgeworth  [PW case 4]  Maya returns home to train.
2017 Feb State vs Skye  [PW case 5].  Miles Edgeworth leaves prosecutors' office.
March Maggey starts dating Dustin Prince
May Pink Princess is cancelled
June Accident occurs at Berry Big Circus
June 19-22 State vs Fey [JFA case 2]
Sept 8 State vs Byrde  [JFA case 1]
Dec 28-30 State vs Galactica  [JFA case 3]
2018 March 20-23 State vs Engarde  [JFA case 4]
Sept Viola is involved in a car accident and hospitalized
Sept 11-13 State vs DeLite  [T&T case 2]
Oct 11-13 State vs DeLite [changed for the US version]
Dec State vs Byrde 
2019 Jan 6-8 State vs Byrde appeal  [T&T case 3]
Jan Dahlia executed
Feb 6-9 State vs Iris  [T&T case 5]
2026 April 20 Start of AJ


Phoenix Wright Birthdays

I did this with Phoenix, but after some experimenting realized you get the same thing with most of the other characters (the regulars, anyway.  Lesser characters only show up once or twice so there's no basis for comparison).

It's actually very simple:

JFA case 4 takes place between March 20th and 23rd, 2018.  During all of JFA Phoenix is 25.
T&T case 1 takes place on April 11th, 2013.  Phoenix was 21.
If Phoenix was 21 on April 11th, 2013, then on April 11th, 2018, he would be 26.
So Phoenix's birthday has to be between March 24th and April 10.


It was pointed out to me by Yappari, however, that this method does not work with Edgeworth, if you take into account the dates of the first case he prosecuted (when he was twenty).  It directly contradicts what his age ought to be at the end of JFA.  Chalk it up to writer oversight.