There will be GS5 banners I promise

Evidence sprites contributed by Bolt Storm.

Generic Evidence

Defense Lawyer Badge Magatama Apollo's Bracelet The Mood Matrix Generic Documents

Turnabout Countdown

Bomb Containment Box Remote Detonator Netsuzou Doll Doll's Tail Courtroom Diagram Crime Scene Photo Crime Scene Photo 2 Crime Scene Photo 2
The Monstrous Turnabout

Step Ladder

Great Nine Tails Poster History Book Ward Flower Stepladder Flying Yokai Newspaper Crime Scene Photo Bloodied Cloth

Nine Tails / Tenma Taro statue Chamber Key Mansion Layout 1 Mansion Layout 2 Document Great Nine Tails Mask TV Schedule Ancient Scroll

Blackmail Letter Florent's Shoes Bean Washer Statuette Hair Spray Hand Cream