Evidence sprites ripped from the GBA and NDS roms.  (Contributions by Daroh and Mikker, with some editing help from Wooster)

Generic Evidence
Phoenix's Lawyer Badge Generic Envelope Autopsy Report Affidavit / special permission Phoenix's Cell Phone Generic Letter Generic Photo Generic Newspaper Clipping
Generic Newspaper Clipping (Jp) Generic Newspaper Clipping 2 Maya's Magatama (not charged) Maya's Magatama (charged) Generic Video
The First Turnabout
Cindy Stone's Passport Cindy Stone's Passport (Jp) The Thinker statue / clock
Turnabout Sisters
Maya memo Maya Memo (Jp) Maya's Cell Phone Wiretap Glass Shards
Turnabout Samurai
Global Studios Card Key Photo of Steel Samurai Steel Samurai Spear Empty Bottle Empty Bottle (Jp) Key to the cottage Steel Samurai Script Steel Samurai Script (Jp)
Mr. Monkey Steel Samurai Cards Steel Samurai Ultra Rare Card Cody's Steel Samurai Scrapbook Cody's Steel Samurai Scrapbook (Jp) Cody's Digital Camera Plate with steak bones Empty plate
Cody's Steel Samurai Photo Photograph from 5 years ago Global Studios Van
Turnabout Goodbyes
Firecrackers Lotta's Camera Lake Photograph Lake Photograph (blown up) Article about Gourdy Article about Gourdy (Jp) Bullet Pistol
Missle Also Missile Fishing pole Metal Detector Empty compressed air tube DL-6 photo Yanni's Safe Note from the safe
DL-6 bullet Polly
Rise From The Ashes
Wallet Goodman's ID card Edgeworth's Knife King of Prosecutors Trophy Edgeworth's Resignation Letter The Blue Badger Goodman's Memo Goodman's Memo (right-side up)
Crime Scene Photo Bloody Shoe Shoe bottom Lana's Cell Phone Lana's Muffler Angel's Crime Scene Photo Parking garage phone Luminol
Gumshoe's letter ID card data Screwdriver Evidence Trés Bien Flyer Wrapped lunch Angel's lunch Rubber Gloves Mystery bottle
Steak Lunch Parking structure ticket Switchblade Switchblade open Switchblade tip SL-9 Evidence List Old photo Fingerprint powder
Sheriff badge Security tape Evidence Locker Evidence Locker (unlocked) Evidence locker (w/ handprint) Bloody handprint Lost item report SL-9 Case Files
Ema's fingerprint Lana's fingerprint Jake's fingerprint Angel's fingerprint Goodman's fingerprint Meekins' fingerprint Gant's fingerprint Gumshoe's fingerprint
SL-9 photo Evidence Law book Weird Vase Weird Vase Weird Vase Weird Vase Weird Vase Leather cut out
Scientific Investigation book
The Lost Turnabout
Broken glasses Dustin's baseball glove Phoenix's business card Phoenix's business card (Jp)
Reunion, and Turnabout
Newspaper article Newspaper article (Jp) Meeting Room key Meeting room screen Large box Maya's knife Grey's gun Kurain Sacred Urn
Kurain Urn (Jp) Pearl's ball Pearl's ball (Jp) Maya's robe Swatch from Maya's Robe
Turnabout Big Top
Playing Card Playing Cards Max poster Max's silk hat Moe's grapes Milk Milk (Jp) Large chest
Regina's vest Engagement ring Broken bottle Léon Regent Money Threatening Note Torn Threatening Note full
Pepper Bloody scarf Trilo
Farewell, My Turnabout
Admission ticket Admission ticket (Jp) Transceiver Bellboy uniform Bloody Button Gatewater Hotel Button Gatewater Hotel Button (Jp) Tomato Juice
Bloody Knife Guitar case Lotta's camera case Juan's Autograph Juan's Autograph (Jp) Gossip column Gossip column (Jp) Frequency detector
Tracking device Imported Bear Bear clock Video camera Video transmitter Receipt Shelly's calling card Shelly's calling card (Jp)
Photo of Celeste Bear puzzle Gumshoe's coat Shelly's Pistol Franziska's whip Shoe
Turnabout Memories
Cold Killer Z (Jp) Cold Killer X Phoenix's "love token" Doug's umbrella Doug's watch
The Stolen Turnabout
Kurain Urn outline Ami Statue Shichishito Shichishito bent Kurain Pot (Jp) Kurain Urn Paint Stain Paint stained box (Jp)
Paint stained box Mask DeMasque's calling card Mask DeMasque Emblem Atmey's bag Ron's Wallet Camera Data KB log book Emergency Buzzer
KB Security Card Blackmail Note Emanon's Tear Note to Ron
Recipe for Turnabout
Magazine Magazine Magazine article (Jp) Magazine article Flower vase Aromatherapy oil Teacup Trés Bien food
Newspaper Newspaper (Jp) Maggey's apron Mystery bottle 1 Poison bottle Wiener lunch Loan notice Loan notice (Jp)
Lottery advertisement Lottery advertisement (Jp) Lottery ticket Pink Moped Matchbook Matchbook (Jp) MC Bomber Cleaning Bomber (Jp)
Victor's apology Victor's apology (Jp) Blue Screens employee Cardboard lawyer badge Glen's calendar Gambling tickets Ear Medicine Glen's ear medicine (Jp)
Turnabout Beginnings
Melissa's camera Old photograph Priceless jewel Dirty scarf
Bridge to the  Turnabout

Magazine article

Crumpled note

Iris' hood

Bloody Sword

Elise's staff

Elise's Staff revealed And once more

Bloody dagger

Hanging scroll

Hanging scroll (with curry)

Violet jewel

Larry's drawing

Burned Letter

Burned letter

Fey seal

Fey seal opened


Stone lantern

Stone lantern (Jp)

Bloody Writing

Bloody writing (Jp)

Psyche lock

Mysterious Suspect

Mysterious Suspect 2