Shi-Long Lang / Shiryuu Rou

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: ??
Occupation: International Investigator

An elite, international investigator that has a hatred for prosecutors.

Personality: Rough and loud, determined to follow his own way of doing things, but at the same time very respectful towards those that have earned his trust. 

Misc Facts: Lang heads a squad of 99 elite investigators that he treats like family, and they are unceasingly loyal to him.

He is from the fictitious Asian counry of Zheng Fa.

Lang speaks in a lot of wolf-themed metaphors and ancient quotes, which grow increasingly vague as the game goes on, until Edgeworth has no idea what he means.

Originally the designer wanted him to be shirtless, but was told no.  So he gave Lang a feather boa, figuring that if his nipples were covered that would make it okay, but it didn't.  He even tried to justify it by saying Lang was in astronomy club in high school, and he wanted to show off the 7 scars on his chest that make up the constellation Orion.  The director did not buy that either.

The other fight was over Lang's X-shaped sunglasses.  Iwamoto originally made a character with two eyepatches when he first joined Capcom, but had no game to put it in.  He tried to implement it into Daryan's design in AJ but Takumi said no.  He fought to put them on Lang, suggesting that maybe he had an X shaped scar on his forehead that needed to be covered, but that idea was denied.  In the end he said, "Okay, I'll give him a shirt, just let me use the glasses!" and it was allowed so Lang could have a dramatic sunglass removal sprite. (Magazine interview)

Friends and Family: Unknown.  But Shih-na is his assistant, and it is said that the two of them share a strong bond of trust.

Name Origin:
: His localized name is actually just the Chinese reading of the Kanji in his original Japanese name.

Japanese: The kanji in his last name means "wolf," and in his first name, "dragon."


Spoiler: AAI  
Lang comes from a clan in the Republic of Zheng Fa which for thousands of years (so he says) were at the top of the nation's law enforcement.  They even headed a special school for training officers.  However, years ago one of his relatives handed over evidence in an important case to the prosecutors, and the prosecutors discarded it in favor of their forged evidence.  The case went sour and Lang's family took the blame, falling from grace.  Lang has spent most of his life training with law enforcement all over the world in order to become good enough to restore his family's reputation.

Shih-na / Shiina

Age: ??
Gender: Female
Height: ??
Occupation: Secretary

Lang's assistant and investigative aid.

Personality: Cool and collected, Shih-na doesn't speak much until she needs too.

Misc Facts: Unknown.

Friends and Family: Works alongside Lang.

Name Origin:
: Creative spelling of her Japanese name.

Japanese: Unknown.  The fact that her name is written in katakana suggests she's not Japanese.


Spoiler: AAI-5  
 Shih-na is just a cover: she's actually Calisto Yew, a member of Alba's criminal syndicate.