Metis Cykes / Mari Kidzuki


Age: 33
Gender: Female
Occupation: Psychologist

Victim of the UR-1 incident.

Personality: Not much is known about Metis's personality, though from Athena and Aurait sounds like she was a serious, work-minded person who deeply cared about the people close to her, even if she didn't always show it.

Misc Facts: Metis was a renowned psychologist, but she directed that knowledge into robots, helping Aura to program sophisticated AIs.

Friends and Family: Athena's mother.  Good friend of Aura, and Simon's former mentor.

Name Origin:
English: Unknown.

Japanese: The kanji in her surname are "rare" and "moon."  Her first name could also be pronounced "shinri," which slightly different kanji is the Japanese word for psychology.


Though it's unknown what happened to Athena's father, Meits raised Athena at GYAXA, where she lived and worked along with Aura and the rest of the staff. 

Spoiler: AA5-5
Seven years ago, a spy (the Phantom) infiltrated the space center on the date of an important launch. One of his objectives was to steal a valuable moon rock sample that was being kept in the robotics lab that served as Metis and Aura's office. He snuck in using Aura's uniform jacket and murdered her, leaving the blame to be placed on her daughter.

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Spirit medium

Cameo in AA5-5.

Personality: Pearl is the same cheerful, polite girl we remember, though with her familiar fiery streak as well.

Misc Facts: None.

Friends and Family: Maya's cousin.

Name Origin:
: Named for the precious stone.

Japanese: Her name means "spring beauty."

Background: See her old profile.

Age: 34
Gender: Male
Occupation: Chief prosecutor.

Guest of AA5 case 5.

Personality: Edgeworth may not be required to appear in court since his promotion, but it hasn't dulled his skills. His passion for truth as well as upholding the law is as strong as ever.

Misc Facts: Edgeworth was promoted to Chief Prosecutor shortly after the events of AA4. 

Friends and Family: Still a good friend of Phoenix. It's unknown how many of his previous friendships he's held up as well.

Name Origin:
: "Edgeworth" probably comes from his Japanese name Mitsurugi, as in, "edge of a sword."

Japanese: "Mitsurugi," which contains the kanji for "sword," is a reference to his sharpness of mind, (and also the samurai-like imagery it evokes). The creator says on the Japanese main site that he wanted to convey a feeling of "stillness, which can cut you down if you show a moment's weakness." The name "Reiji" comes from the kanji for "cleverness."

Background: See his old profile.

Spoiler: AA5-5
Eight years ago, Edgeworth was in the background of Phoenix's disbarment, but was unable to do anything to help.

A year later, Edgeworth and his office was dealt another blow when rookie prosecutor Simon Blackquill was accused and convicted of murder. His confession helped to spark the so-called "Dark Days of Law," which despite Edgeworth's efforts, only grew worse as time passed. Once Phoenix cleared his name and recruited Athena to his office, Edgeworth saw his chance. He asked that Phoenix come back to the world of law in order to help him clear Simon's name and end the Dark Days of Law for good.