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These were our entries, finalists and otherwise, in the OC Contest 09 Fanart Division 

Character's Name: Flonnie (Surname unknown); also professionally known as ‘Eye’ Spy

Age: 20 (Phoenix arc); 27 (Apollo’s arc – he kept at his job until then)

Occupation: Unemployed

Brief Physical Description: Flonnie stands at 174 cm tall and has shoulder length blond hair. He looks lively and he is ready to react and run when the need arises. He loves the role of the Baker Street Irregulars in Sherlock Holmes and treats them as his role models. He hence always turns up looking like a little boy living in the wrong era. He wears an old, large, brown beret he had found off the streets. He wears leather gloves as he is careful not to implicate himself in any murder or crime in the crime scene. He is partial to leather – his wrists and neck sport leather straps. His eyes are bright blue and he brims with confidence. He is agile and usually makes sure he is not seen at the scene of the crime – with the exception of the trial of Dick Gumshoe, where he purposefully made his presence known to be taken by Lotta’s camera to qualify as a witness.

Brief Personality Description: Flonnie is an intelligent youth with a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor. He manages to poke fun at the court during cross examinations and may land the attorney a hefty penalty. He has a cheery outlook in life and is unfazed by gore, blood and violence. He has trouble trying to make ends meet without a job and would usually give information at the right price – or so he says. His insistence of the exchange of payment for information lessened as he became good friends with Phoenix Wright, but his friendship doesn’t come cheap – his company alone is enough to land people with a headache. The said headache may come from the creative, impromptu nicknames he uses to address people he meets – and the nicknames get more outrageous when he decides to be your friend. Though Flonnie makes his friends, contacts and enemies within 5 minutes (and one will know which category they belong to via the ridiculousness of their nicknames), these relationships tend to last for life. Flonnie has no home and his wandering lifestyle made him hard to find when one needs him – and that usually meant he is unable to help anyway.

Flonnie usually works alone and his lack of identification documents makes checking into hospitals a problem. Running is the only defense he could hope to have in a dangerous situation – he is unarmed and untrained in self-defense – and if he were to sustain an injury, he cannot be treated in a hospital. Therein lies the irony of his job – culprits culpable of committing murder will do anything to get rid of any witnesses in the scene, especially if they’ve seen something they weren’t supposed to, and thus his life is always in danger. He suffers from extreme hemophilia*, and being renowned for being a man who sees nearly all the crimes in the streets of the district doesn’t reduce his risk of getting injuries.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Some people have the eyes. Though they do not have the eyes of the Garmarcyes or the users of the magatama, they lurk in the shadows and act as the eyes of the police department, paid to observe and take note of crimes happening around them. They need not witness the crime itself – just take note of the people in the vicinity, of sounds and other odd happenings. Though useful in determining and confirming certain facts and witnesses of crime scenes, they do not interfere with the crimes they watch, because most of them have neither the power nor the ability to do so. Time after time, the police have found themselves dependant on these ‘eyes’, and when there was a movement to cut down on the number of ‘eyes’ on the road in 2010, the ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts increased drastically.

‘Eyes’ are unable to qualify as reliable witnesses, because they are paid to observe – and information is easy to make up if an ‘Eye’ did not catch the crime. Hence, these jobs, usually given to certain members of the public who are exceptionally observant, are now given to those who used to have connections to the police, as their accounts are deemed to be more reliable and useful than those of the public. As with the usage of spirit mediums in their investigations, the police kept their involvement secret as it would create unnecessary hubbub, debates and embarrassment. They are instructed to keep in the shadows, so that they will never be called upon as witnesses in court.

To the police’s eternal shame, one set of ‘eyes’ did make it to the witness stand. Defense attorney Phoenix Wright have found an unknown witness at the crime scene, captured on one of Lotta Hart’s enlarged photographs, on top of one of the nearest overhead lamps. Convinced that this man was the answer to the case at hand, he persuaded the judge to extend the trial for another day. Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth relented, deciding to give defendant Dick Gumshoe another day’s trial, while wondering why this witness was never brought to light by the police.

Flonnie’s first appearance in court ended with his job being officially stripped away from him to save due humiliation on the police department, before the use of ‘Eyes’ in the police becomes publicly known. However, he continues to provide information to the police, prosecution and defense on the people involved in the cases and perhaps even the case itself, at the right price. He was called upon as a witness in quite a few of Phoenix Wright’s, Apollo Justice’s and Miles Edgeworth’s cases because he ‘happened to be there, at the scene of the crime’. The good judge considers him to be a regular witness in court who has ‘coincidentally’ witnessed one too many crimes.

He has a long standing feud with Detective Gumshoe as the detective considers his work to be unscrupulous and ‘illegal’, as he makes his living watching somebody else’s misery whilst doing nothing to stop it. This rivalry started back then when he worked as a CSI – after Gumshoe realized who had started the trend of calling him ‘Dick’. Flonnie risked his job and an injury on his arm in the trial of Dick Gumshoe to expose and become the sole decisive evidence in his defense – so as to convict the real murderer and set Gumshoe free. But, really, Gumshoe doesn’t need to know that.

Brief Background: To qualify to be an ‘Eye’, one must have connections to the police. Flonnie is not exempt from this rule. He has a degree in forensic science to better his chances of working as an ‘Eye’ in the police department. He took up a job as a crime scene investigator in the police department for a year before changing it.

He, too, has his motivations for being an ‘Eye’. Ten years ago, his family was murdered by a dangerous serial killer, and he was the sole survivor in the tragedy. He was brought to the stand as a witness in court. However, Flonnie could not recall anything but the screams of his family. He couldn’t, because he had kept his eyes tightly shut in his hiding place when the crime took place out of the fear of blood and violence – a recent fear then due to the discovery of his blood condition.

It had hit him, then, that he could do nothing to bring the true murderer to justice. He could never take revenge for his family without knowing who killed them.
The murderer walked free.

That night, Flonnie brought a pair of fighting fish home, a gift from his lawyer. On a whim, he put them in the same tank and watched as they ripped each other apart. One died of multiple wounds, and the survivor died later due to excessive blood loss. The ten year old did not flinch as he watched. He then fished them out of the tank and buried them in his garden, blood, guts and all. He apologized to the fighting fish for his rash action and made a promise.

“I shall see all the crimes that are being committed – and expose the truth,” he vowed as he stood in front of their graves.

It was years later that Flonnie finally realised who his family’s murderer was. By then, it already ceased to matter – the murderer is dead. Officially, the case remained unsolved to this day. Flonnie did not want to degrade the name of an already dead person. He sold his house, buried his identification documents (save his bank book) in a safe place, and left his past behind.

Character's Name: Jordan Penn/HIROI Hon'ya
By Yeon

Age: 15

Occupation: Journalist/Fanboy/Court Aide

Brief Physical Description: Standing at a mere 156 centimetres tall, Jordan has short, dark hair and brown eyes. His half-framed glasses give him a slightly muddled but intelligent look. He dons a light green Apollo Justice jacket (custom-made) which is adorned with badges of the defense attorney he admires, each of them painstakingly crafted by Jordan himself. Underneath he sports a pink and white striped shirt and a pair of khaki knee-length pants. Jordan wears low-cut sneakers without socks, and is usually seen clutching a notebook and a mechanical fountain pen.

Brief Personality Description: Jordan is a nerdy, somewhat arrogant kid who hates people who aren't serious in their work (Hobonix is one example). Though optimistic and friendly, his tongue becomes sharp whenever he catches someone slacking off or doing anything wrong, most of the time accompanied by a flash of lightning across the lens of his glasses and a snarl. He gets overexcited easily, but can make logical, though usually obvious, deductions when the time comes. He enjoys helping Apollo in investigations and during court, taking down important notes and constantly reminding Apollo to check the Court Record.

He holds a high degree of respect for Apollo, who he believes is the perfect example of justice. Jordan constantly writes articles about his 'mentor' and sends them to his school newspaper for publishing (no one actually reads them). One of his dreams is to find a big scoop, preferably something to do with the underworld and crime, then prove himself as one of the world's greatest journalists, thus he latches onto Apollo like a parasite.

Connection to canon characters: After Trucy leaves the Talent Agency to sit under waterfalls and go through rigorous magician training, Apollo meets Jordan and defends his father in a case, and the two become partners in justice. Apollo finds him rather irritating at times, but useful nevertheless.

Jordan has helped Apollo through many trials by producing evidence in the form of notes, quick sketches (though badly drawn) and background details dug up with the help of his journalism.

Brief Background: Jordan's father, Quille, had been accused of stealing funds from his company and then killing his boss, by slipping poison into his tea each day for a month. Though it was true that the Penn family had been near bankruptcy, Jordan knew that his father, a righteous man, would never do something as evil as murdering another human being. Jordan, desperate to look for an attorney, found a flyer for the Wright Talent Agency, thought they worked cheap, and found Apollo Justice. After a series of elaborate attempted bribing and wailing, Apollo agreed to defend his father -- in the end, the real killer was found to be a secretary who had usurped funds in order to pay for her boyfriend's loanshark debts.

After the trial, Jordan hired himself to work at the talent agency ('Jordan Penn, Exceptional Journalist') though the most Hobonix is able to pay him is a few dollars an hour, thus sparking off this burning flame of hatred for Phoenix Wright, ex-Ace Attorney. Wright doesn't seem to care much.

*Hiroi Hon'ya means 'spacious bookstore'.

Character's Name: Willow Winfred (Japanese write as 目時 树Mdoki Itsuki)

Age: 22

Occupation: Prosecutor & keyboarder of the Gavinners

Brief Physical Description: As seen in the picture, Willow has black short hair but dyed it to a midnight blue. His shining grey eyes and cream skin which are inherited from his mother. About 185 cm looks a little bit thin but health well build. He usually wear casual outfits when he starts work but after business time he will change to a racing suit. He dresses with good taste, often followed by changes in fashion. But he still will wear a tie or a scarf at most time.

Brief Personality Description: Different from his outside appearance, He is a little bit shy, always blushing when Klavier teases him, and he does not like to speak to strangers. He loves classical music and can play the piano very well. In his free time he will spend most of time riding motorcycles and the other time to play piano. He is a motorcycle maniac. Because of the motorcycling he sometimes gets a speeding ticket and makes Ema angry. He likes her cheerful personality, but Ema is not very friendly to him (because he is Klavier’s friend and a member of the Gavinner). Willow is a gentle person who does not believe that his sister is a murderer (this will be explained later).

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Work mate and best friend of Klavier, Client of Kristoph

Brief Background: Willow has one brother and one sister, Jared and Katherine; they are both younger than him. Willow and Jared are half-brothers, they have the same mother. Willow and Katherine are full brother and sister (At first just Katherine knows that). Willow’s father Gregory is chairman of a big company. Gregory scrambles to Willow’s mother from his good friend. When they married Gregory didn’t know his wife was pregnant. When Willow was born Gregory didn’t know Willow was not his son. After a year Jared was born. Willow’s mother discovered that her husband cheated on her during their marriage. So she asked for a divorce from her husband and disappeared. That made Gregory very angry, he tried to find her and kill her. Two years later Katherine was born. When Willow was ten years old, Gregory found his ex-wife and killed her. Willow’s mother wrote all the truth in a notebook. No one knows the truth of her death except the murderer.

Because of his mother's death Willow wanted to become a coroner from an early age, but his father would not allow this, so he decided to run. When Willow ran away from home Gavin’s brothers helped him. Willow and Klavier were schoolmates. Klavier knew the reason why he wanted to become a coroner and told him if he becomes a prosecutor he can still help victims and find the truth. After that Klavier became his best friend and Willow became more talkative. He became hooked on motorcycles and rock music. He still loves classical music.

When Willow was twenty years old, he borrowed his brother’s car and had an accident the same day. On the same day Gregory was killed and everyone thought Jared was the murderer. Klavier looked after seriously injured Willow, and Kristoph accepted his commission in order to defend Jared. Katherine is Willow’s student, Willow teaches her piano on Sunday. When Willow stays in the hospital, she frequently went to visit him. Klavier feel that Katherine has a secret and starts to make inquiries. One day Klavier found the note book which Katherine lost, and then he knows a big secret about Willow’s background. That notebook is the key of evidence. Jared successfully washes away murder suspects and Kristoph finds the real murderer. Everything Katherine had planned, including the crash, but at first she just wanted Jared to have an accident. Katherine admitted the crime that she committed and also told Willow that their mother had been killed by Gregory.

Willow received a heavy blow; everyone thinks Willow will leave his job. However, he wiped away his tears and continued to smile. After this case, he becomes more mature. Willow becomes a prosecutor when he is nineteen. After that Willow and Klavier worked together and joined Klavier’s rock band.

Character's Name: 藥師寺 緋鳥(やくしじ ひとり/ Yakushiji Hitori)/Syn Donaghy)
By Tuesday
First Place!

Age: 29

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: She 's shorter than most of females who are in her age, and she looks a bit younger as well. She has long brown hair and dark blue eyes. She usually wears a green shirt and a white coat with a blue dress inside. Because of her personal interest, she always bring an orange shape handbag with her.

Brief Personality Description: Usually she's friendly and warm. However,for some reasons she can never really trust anybody or tell them her real feeling, which makes some of her friends (like Ema) really unhappy with that. She decideds to change her personality after she had become friends of Apollo and Trucy, but failed.

Although She's nice and warm at the most of time,she can be really serious in courts and never step back. Because of what she experienced, she's sort of conceited in her deep heart, but she always act as a modest person in her daily life.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She is Apollo's elder sister.They had the same father but Syn is not Thalassa's daughter. Her mother's name was Angela Donaghy.

Brief Background: About thirty years before the stories of GS4 occurred, Syn's parents were used to be modern youths who were eager to enjoy their life. However, Syn's father was scare and ran away after he found that Angela accidentaly had a baby before they got marriged. Two years later,Angela started to travel all over the country to look for him and successfully found him in a strolling band after three or fours years. At the time Syn's father had already eloped with Thalassa, and Thalassa had got pregnant.

Syn's father promised to Angela that as far as she kept silence about their kid, he would offer them some money regularly. Angela was really angry and sad but she could do nothing but staying with the band in the following years. However, one and half years later, Syn and Apollo's father died in a stage accident, and Thalassa vanished off with her baby dramatically. Angela also died within the next 5 years.

Syn was send to a public elementary school. She studied really hard and graduated from a law school.She studied about law for another two years and became a prosecutor at the age of 25.

Four years later, she learned from a colleague(it was Klavier, actually) that a young attorney was attracting the lawyers' attention recently. She was curious about the young man whose name was Apollo and wanted to learn more about his background. She was astonished when she suddenly realized that the boy might be her younger brother who disappeared more than ten years ago. She started to suspect what really happened before and after her father's death. She had no idea that if Apollo would be willing to help her, so she tried her best to get close to him, prosecuted a few cases which he took. She was beaten by the young man but she was happy to find that the baby she played with had become a person she could be proud of.

In the process of getting familiar with Apollo, Trucy and Phoenix, she started to ask herself a question again and again:Do I have to ask for help from Apollo? He might be at risk because of me.Now Apollo has got a real family which he must be desire to have for many years, do I really have to tell him that I'm his sister and stand between him and his family?

Finally she decided to hide the truth and went to face the answer on her own, but she was wrong, because she became the victim of Apollo's next case...

Character's Name: Justin Kase
By Robo Jing
Second Place!

Age: 37

Occupation: Professor at Weston University

Brief Physical Description: Justin stands at about 6' 2'' (188 cm) tall, he is only slightly toned and rather thin. He has a narrow face and has distinct half moon-shaped glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose. He is usually slightly slouched because of his ridiculously massive backpack over his broad shoulders.

Brief Personality Description: Justin is always 100% sure that he is prepared for every situation and tends to get a little haughty when someone questions his preparation. Justin is generally a very confident person even when everyone else isn't so confident that he knows what he's talking about. When being questioned in testimony, he is constantly leafing through his pockets and his coat searching for something that may help him with his explanation. He never stays focused when someone is talking directly to him, he usually stops them saying "oh I have just the thing for that....!". When describing what he 'witnessed' and his testimony turns out to be a false accusation, Justin buckles under the pressure and gets extremely worried and depressed. In the end it seems like someone who was always on top of things for everything wasn't prepared for the final outcome.

Brief Background: Born in New York, he studied to become a professor from a young age. Being a full-time faculty professor, he hoped to work his way up to department chair and then ultimately become a dean. When loosing the chance to become the department chair of Weston University, Henry Dobahn (the victim) had gotten the position instead by being much more prepared for the position. Afterwards Justin vowed to never again be unprepared and changed his life by being overly prepared. Hoping this would put him on the right track everything is turned upside-down when Mr. Dobahn is murdered two weeks after becoming the department chair and Justin is blamed for his death.

Character's Name: Angelo Gant

Age: 63 (At the time of GS4)

Occupation: Corrections Officer/executioner (Though he believes himself to be ‘priestly’).

Brief Physical Description: Tall, broad shouldered, and has a glowing fake tan. Angelo takes pride in his unique appearance of frosting hair and often is seen wearing a collection of black, off-white and green. He is also wears triangular sun-glasses; however they serve no purpose other than to add to his ‘dominating’ appearance.

Brief Personality Description: Loud, boisterous, and secretively paranoid. Angelo is prompt and witty when in public; and quick to result to facts or proverbs for answers then telling people what’s really on his mind. However, in private, he’s a whole different monster.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Younger brother to Damon Gant. As the resident prison warden, Angelo has been exposed to many of the criminals that have been put away. This includes some like the infamous Manfred Von Karma, his own brother Damon, conducting the final rites to Dahlia Hawthorne’s execution, making extra precautions for Matt Engarde’s ‘threatened’ status by De-Killer, or preparing a ‘comfy’ suite instead of a cell for Kristoph Gavin.

Brief Background: Perhaps at one time during the days of Angelo’s youth, he would have enjoyed nothing more but to take the life of a humble priest. Sadly, this was not the path that was meant for him, and law enforcement was the route he was due to follow.

As a Gant family tradition to dabble in the law, Angelo took the task of being the overseeing prison warden at the state penitentiary, and has been for many years. He’s pridful in what he calls ‘final judgment’ and believes that if something needs to be done, he’s the one to do it. Because of this, Angelo served not only as a prison officer, but as an executioner and performer of final rights; getting his hands into every facet that the penitentiary offered.

As the golden years of Diego, Mia, Phoenix and Edgeworth came and pass, Angelo experienced criminals who were out of the ordinary. They were people who needed ‘extra’ care. The idea of having ‘order’ amongst the inmates was certain, but the idea of order wasn’t enough for Angelo as he eventually locked the barred down on his own brother. They needed to be utterly controlled. Without losing his grip on his public image, Angelo took siege from the inside, drove fear into the hearts of his inmates and paranoia amongst themselves. No one could be trusted to them, and only those with a high enough bank account were ‘omitted’ from this treatment. And even then, for Kristoph Gavin, money wasn’t enough to keep him from facing his own fate after being held accountable two more times.

Any ‘loosening’ hold on the prison inmates were punished, or in other cases, wrongfully ‘disposed of’ with their death’s covered up as misdemeanors. Which prison inmate will speak up against this man? Godot who serves his time in waiting for his moment to be released on good behavior? Tigre, who’s idea on how inner circle crime works? Or perhaps Daryan, who’s previous law enforcement training can lead him to see the truth behind all these ‘accidental’ deaths. All of these inmates are in danger, as long as Angelo Gant reigns supreme as the head warden.

Character's Name: Zeth Gant

Age: 27 (A year older than Phoenix / Miles)

Occupation: Lawyer / compulsive gambler

Brief Physical Description: Tall, average build, has short skunk coloured hair (Black with a wide white stripe down the middle), wears green tinted glasses (Has poor eyesight without them), tanned skin. In court, he has a similar colour scheme to Phoenix, blue shirt, Red tie, suspenders, arm bands to hold up his sleeves, and black pants /shoes.

Brief Personality Description: Zeth has a cool, and sometimes cold personality, and rarely takes personal interest in people. When he does take personal interest in someone, he's very passionate about it. As a friend, he demands complete trust, but in return, he'll protect you with his life. As an enemy, he will gun you down with law, and evidence, and other darker means if necessary. His compulsive gambling side make his personality erratic and wild- alot of people can't handle not knowing what he's thinking cause he tends to gamble alot in real life- sometimes in court. If something isn't challenging enough for him, the likelihood is he'll make it more interesting by gambling with it. He also has a very high sense of honour.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Son of Damon Gant, Trained under Diego Armando, Later returned to law working under Phoenix Wright.

Brief Background: Zeth was born into a Mafia family that assisted Damon Gant's career to Chief of Police dispite his dirty dealings, but in return, Damon's son had to fill the position of Lawyer to protect the family. Not wanting to be bonded by his mafia ties, Zeth fought against being a lawyer the whole way, so Damon conned lawyers all around the country to take him in and train him to WANT to be a lawyer. Zeth drove off everyone one of them by running down their law firms, till Diego Armando started finding out too much about one of the family's dark dealings. Damon Gant blackmailed Diego into training Zeth. Diego managed to do so, befriending Zeth in the process. Zeth told Diego about his plan to leave his family, but Diego fell into a coma soon after agreeing to free Zeth. Zeth fled to New Zealand for 7 years to train in forensics to develop his gift with forging evidence, so what happened to Diego wouldn't happen again, and returned when he heard that Diego was awake again. Bribing Phoenix by working for him for free for a month, Zeth proved to be a valuable asset to Wright Law with his uncanny ability to twist the evidence to his favour, untill Zeth framed Phoenix for murder. What were his reasons? The rest is spoiler for my fanfic Turnabout Attorney :)

Character's Name: Jan K. Pohn
By Ama
Croik's Choice!

Age: 25

Occupation: Not Applicable -Mental Patient-

Brief Physical Description: Average build and height with pale complexion and sunken eyes. His hair is in a constant state of disarray. As of recently, there is a rather large bandage on his neck.

Brief Personality Description*: Jan has dissociative identity disorder(DID) or, as its more commonly known, multiple personality disorder. He has not one but 4 personalities which all share the same body. Within the institution, Jan is known for being polite and well-mannered. While he seems to get a long with the staff and patients, he is often seen arguing with himself.

Rocko is a middle-aged thug with a propensity for foul language and physical violence. He is incredibly protective of Jan and often appears when Jan feels threatened.

Tijera is a vapid college student who seems mostly concerned with gossip and personal appearance. She has a lot of enthusiasm for the things she likes but can get easily confused with things outside her small realm of understanding. Tijera comes and goes when she pleases and is probably the strongest of the alters. She will often appear when Jan has something to hide.

Paige is a mischievous elementary school student. He enjoys playing pranks on others and cracking juvenile jokes. Paige tends to manifest when Jan is extremely worried. He thinks that his jokes put Jan at ease.

* Jan’s name is a play on the game “Jan Ken Pon” which is the Japanese equivalent of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Each one of these personalities represents a different gesture. Before one of the personalities appears, the game is played and the winner gets to take over. Jan is completely unconscious during these times which leave him with no memory of what has taken place.

Brief Background: Jan's condition existed long before his admittance into the Sakurai Institute. Unfortunately, the files concerning his early life are deemed inaccessible. It was only after an incident involving Rocko that Jan was finally sent to live at the institute where it was expected he would be able improve his condition. Unfortunately, Jan does not see the need to get rid of his alternate personalities and up until recently, was quite happy living with them.

That was until his roomate was found strangled to death in their room at the Institute. He, or more specifically, Rocko, was accused of killing the patient. While insanity seems a likely plea, the prosecution has chosen to hold Rocko accountable for the murder. Jan’s psychiatrist, Dr. Wagu, and Nurse Aiko have both chosen to testify that Rocko had on several occasions made threats towards his roommate. Thus, a case for premeditated homocide.

Jan has no recollection of the events and maintains that Rocko is innocent. His case is high profile since Jan isn't trial but one of his alternate personalities is.

Character's Name: Rima Evencalm
Japanese Name: Rima (kanji for principle and just) Yuumaru (kanji for evening and calm)

Age: 23

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Rima always has that serious look and deathly glare on her face which makes her feared by many (even the judge). At the same time, she gains a few secret fans because she's cool and stylish. She wears eyeglasses even though she has good vision. This is due to the fact that she looks more frightening whenever she wears it. Her eyeglasses also serves as a "mask" to hide her true personality.

Brief Personality Description: Many people fear Rima not only because of her scary glare, but also because of her short temper and very serious and bossy personality. This is Rima's way of distancing herself from people because she doesn't fully trust people. She also has the tendency to get violent and sadistic. Other than being violent and sadistic, she's also a crazy driver. But behind that scary and strong-looking image, she's actually kind and perky yet, klutzy, naive, emotional and lacks self-confidence.

This "other side" of her surfaces when she takes off her eyeglasses. She's also an otaku and is secretly a cosplayer. She spends her free time playing video games or reading manga. Of course, she's also a Steel Samurai fan. She's also a skilled artist and cook.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Rima is a key witness in the murder of her family -- a case that Edgeworth handled. The case lacked evidence to give the defendant a gulity verdict, and Rima's testimony is the only thing that can close the case. Before the trial started, Rima's grandmother, being an influential person, spread rumors about Edgeworth tampering evidence and witness testimonies, and as the trial went on, people started to accuse Edgeworth of such doings. Because of this, and Edgeworth's determination to win, Rima gained confidence and ended the case herself (leaving Edgeworth and the judge at awe). She also learned to trust others (though, she's still having trouble now). Edgeworth inspired her to become a prosecutor, and hopes that they could meet again someday... if he remembers her ;p

Being cool and stylish, she gained fans. Although, these fans fear her as well, so they keep it a secret from her. Among her fans are Maggey Byrde, Ema Skye, Detective Gumshoe, and the ever hopeless romantic Larry Butz. Larry is the only one who openly screams to the world how he admires Rima, and the only one who's not scared of her serious look, deathly glare, and sadism. Instead of getting scared because of such characteristics, Larry thinks that women with such traits, like Rima, are hot.

Brief Background: Rima's mother came from a family of influential businessmen, and runs a top-notch company, Darkendoom Co. Rima was supposed to be the succesor of the family business, but she doesn't want to because she finds it boring, and instead of running a business, wants to become a computer programmer and make games. Rima's mother and siblings were murdered by her grandmother. She was saved because at the time of the murder, she wasn't still at home, and by the time she got home, she witnessed the murder happen. Her grandmother's motive was to let her adopted granddaughter to succeed the family business, and not Rima nor her siblings, because she hates them, and Rima at that time was a deliquent.Rima, 19 years old and a computer programming student at that time, meets Edgeworth who takes the case -- the last case he took before facing Phoenix Wright. At first she didn't want to cooperate because she doesn't trust people. Eventually, through Edgeworth's efforts (to win the case and maintain his perfect record), she opens up and slowly gains self-confidence. Her grandmother got a guilty verdict and ended up getting executed. Because of this incident, Rima decides to be a prosecutor and follow Edgeworth's footsteps. Rima was also a gangster member.

Character’s Name: Mark Mycroft

[sounds like "mark my craft": an old, similar saying of “mark my words”. Means to swear an oath, or to be so sure of something that you would gamble your job/reputation. It also alludes to signing a piece of art. Name inspirations were from literature: Mark Twain the writer, and Sherlock’s canon brother, Mycroft Holmes.]

Age: 42 [April 2nd]
[…because 42 is “the answer to life, the universe, and everything.” Also note that his birthday is... 04/02.]

Occupation: Director of the District Case-file Archives [mostly cold cases] / Ex-Novelist / [Unofficial Investigator]

Mark’s vast knowledge of case history from managing cold-cases led him to write a popular series of detective novels. His in-depth story writing skills, and obsessive compulsive-like attention to detail has gained some attention here and there, but not enough for himself to actually admit his skills as an actual investigator.

[surfaces now and then to assist characters in a few difficult cases. In the GK system, you can convince/bribe him to become an investigation partner [if for some odd reason Gumshoe isn't there], and in the PW system you must question him several times to gain vital information, eventually granting full access to the Archives. ]

Breif Physical Description: A man who wears a beige-ish suit, grey shirt, and teal tie with a matching pair of surgical gloves. The many ridges in Mark’s orange hair are based off of an armadillo’s armour, and he constantly has a stray lock of hair at the back of his head which resembles a “?” mark. This stray piece can be quite expressive of Mycroft’s emotions. [when surprised, it stands on end like a “!” point.]

Mark’s hands currently suffer from severe nerve damage, leaving him with almost no dexterity. As a result, he is unable to sign his own name, dial phone numbers, or play Nintendo DS among other simple things. If examined, there is evidence of previous surgeries [to repair his hands], and a few burn scars. Because of this, Mark covers his hands with a pair of CSI latex gloves.

Brief Personality Description: Able to strike out the impossible, using improbable methods. Mark Mycroft is easy-going and unconventional, but still manages to be professional. Trusts science and reasoning to solve even the smallest problems. Can read people like a book due to his eccentric nature, and keen sense of awareness. Despite this, he is often left clueless when it comes to socializing with others. Instead, Mark is attracted to anything which begs for an answer, although lacks motivation to actually take action and prove his point. Has developed a cynical outlook on life ever since discovering he would never be able to persue his passions [writing, puzzles and violin].

Has a lazy habit of staying indoors, shutting himself within his office, or lounging among the halls of the archives in his housecoat. [All of which he spends his time doing absolutely nothing.] Only takes on re-opened cold-cases which he couldn't dump onto another person's lap, although sometimes ends up helping on fresh cases when he “needs a puzzle to pass the time”.

Constantly trying to avoid the spotlight, although has a tendency to steal the scene by mistake when he mentions a clue he thought the investigators already found].
Always blames himself for problems he can't solve and tries to avoid unnecessary talking unless something needs to be said, which often gives others the impression that he doesn't care. Mark treats his robotic assistant J.o.s.h.u.a. as if he were the son he never had, even though he knows it is just a highly advanced artificial intelligence. [Likewise, J.o.s.h.u.a. addresses Mycroft as “Little sir”, which is how he addressed Mark when he was a kid.]

Connection[s] to characters: Frequently corresponds with Lana Skye [during her time in office] to get caught up on matters at the Prosecutor’s Office [an up to date correspondence is needed for the Archives and High Prosecutors Office in order for each side to do their jobs properly]. Has run into Detective Gumshoe [quite literally], and has worked an international murder case alongside Miles Edgeworth. Neither of them got along with each other during this time [each tried to boss the other around, which led to several moments of awkward silence], although they did solve the case in the end. He has also been acquainted with Lisa Basil of Blue Screens Inc. thanks to his assistant J.o.s.h.u.a. Has mentioned he is “in debt to a Phoenix…” Whether or not this is alluding to a particular trial or some sort of poker debt is unknown.

Background: Born and raised in Canada with his parents and their servant, J.o.s.h.u.a. His mother was a journalist and his father a military surgeon. [They both met each other in a war-torn country, of all places...] Growing up as an only child with more than busy parents, Mark would often be left alone in J.o.s.h.u.a.’s supervision until his parent’s returned. Through it all, Mark had no one to share his childhood memories with, aside from an artificially intelligent robot. This lack of connection with another living human, is one of the reasons for his social awkwardness.

As young adult, Mycroft pursued a job in corporate law. He proved to be rather good at it despite his age, although over time he began to charge his clients over the top prices for his skills. He didn’t even care who he turned down at this point.

One case in particular, he was out most of the night instead of visiting his parents like they had agreed. And… When he got home he discovered that his father had been taken away by force [by a client he turned down], and his mother in tears, devastated. [Mark constantly blames himself for this. If he had only been there earlier…]

Mycroft soon moved to the U.S., bringing J.o.s.h.u.a. along as his personal assistant. With a bit of help he founded the District Case-file Archives. Here he was able to work amongst unsolved murders to hopefully find the truth about what had really happened to his father. [Mark suspects he is dead, but maybe… just maybe he’s…]

Time passed, and Mycroft had been so immersed in the mysteries within the cold-cases that he began publishing a series of detective novels based on the most interesting cases. The novels became moderately well known, but came to a sudden stop after his hands lost their dexterity. Rumors say this was caused by stray earthquake debris which crushed his hands. Unable to pursue his passion of writing, the Archives, along with his powers of observation and deduction are all that he has left.

Voting is now closed.  While we wait for the results please take a look at our non-finalists below

Character's Name: Timothy (Tim) Smith

Age: 19

Occupation: Tinsmith

Brief Physical Description: Pale, tall, skinny, innocent-looking

Brief Personality Description: Shy, soft-spoken, worried, naive.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Client of Phoenix Wright's after he gets accused of murdering his uncle.

Brief Background: Tim had lived with his uncle his entire life, working as an apprentice tinsmith. When his uncle was suddenly murdered, Tim Smith is arrested as prime suspect. So he asks Phoenix Wright (in very few words) to defend him in court. Phoenix does so, and eventually gets Tim a full acquittal by proving his innocence. In the end, Tim takes over his uncle's tinsmith business and thanks Phoenix and Maya for their hard work.
Character's Name: Albrecht Gavin

Age: 14

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: As shown in the pictures, he has golden brown hair, vibrant yellow eyes, and is slightly tanned. He stands at 5'4", and covers his 98 pound body with a blue suit, over a gold vest and peach-colored shirt.

Brief Personality Description: He is rash, and can speak without thinking, but is never scared to voice his opinions on the case at hand, making him a natural born defense attorney. His ego can sometimes get in the way of the case, but he never lets the defendant go guilty, which is not always good. He is a fierce competetor in court and is rivals with Franzizka Von Karma.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Kristoph Gavin's only son.

Brief Background: After his father, Kristoph Gavin, became involved in law, Albrecht wanted to follow in his footsteps. He attended court cases, and studied as a kid. After his father was charged with murder, he wanted now more then ever to help those in court. He believes undeniably that his father was accused wrongly, and is intent on helping others who have been accused wrongly.
Character's Name: Milo Innocence

Age: 22

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Slim, not very much muscle (as a result, he is not very strong), tall, wears a T-shirt and shorts when not working. When working, wears a light tan jacket (normally buttoned up), a white undershirt (normally hidden) with a dark orange tie. Has very messy blonde hair, and has a monocle that he only sometimes uses. He wears black sweat pants with pockets, and brown shoes wherever he goes.

Brief Personality Description: Milo is laid back, goofy, and not nearly as determined as the other protagonist defense attorneys. Out of job he is very laid back, doesn't care about many things much at all, and spends most of his time gaming, working on his computer, or chatting with Ginger, his assistant. During his job, he works a bit more than usual, and takes things more seriously, but there are several times at which he would quit if it wasn't for something motivating him.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): His mentor is one of Phoenix's best friends and is also related distantly to the Gavins.

Brief Background: When he was a kid, he loved the law and would always watch court proceedings. He loved them so much, he decided he would be an attorney when he grew up. And as a young adult, Milo watched Phoenix's cases with even more interest. Phoenix overheard this, and came over to encourage him, and give him something to help him if he ever became one. Phoenix gave young Milo a monocle, and told him to hang on to it. Milo, now more sure than ever that he would be a defense attorney, grew up to be one (NO REALLY). What's more, he ended up getting a mentor that was one of Phoenix's best friends. Milo also had a friend, Anakin Mavis, who ended up growing up to be a prosecutor. He passed the bar exam about the same time Milo did. Now they dream to face each other in court.

Milo's first case was a fairly strange one. A woman named Betty Wurthet was called to Milo's office, and told to wait outside the door. However, when she got there, a stale fruitcake was dropped on her head, and she died. Coincidentally, Milo's adopted daughter was sticking her head out the window, and got her head hit by the same fruitcake knocking her out of the window but not killing her. She did however fall and land on Betty, appearing to be holding the fruitcake in her hand. When the police came, they immediately blamed her and rushed her off to detention. Milo, no doubtedly, rushed off to defend her.

After that case, he didn't take many cases for a while, until Pearl Fey rushed into his office, asking him to defend her sister. Milo rushes off to defend Maya (whom he actually finds attractive, which ends up being his motivation).

Since that case, he's defended a construction worker who was framed of wrecking ball murder, and many other things (even his boss!), until the day his life was changed. He walked into his office and saw a note, saying he had left and was never returning. It was from his boss. He turned to his left. What he say then would be burned into his mind for the rest of his life: his daughter, lying there, dead, with a face that could only mean murder. Milo broke down and wept for hours before the police came. They accused him of the murder, and rushed him off to detention. The problem was, no one would take his case. He ended up needing to de defended by none other than himself. He would have to defend himself for the murder of his daughter, with only the support of his new adopted son and Ginger to help him through. Eventually though, it's revealed his own adopted son is responsible, killing Elizabeth so as to get himself adopted as the son of Milo Innocence, the new defending legend. Milo breaks down once again, but his newfound hatred for his son motivates him to push himself to get his own son the death sentence. After the case, he falls into a deep depression, and doesn't take any cases for years, until the day that woman came barging through the doors...

The monocle he obtains from Phoenix, though it doesn't come into play for a while, is like his special ability, instead of Psyche-locks or perceive. When he uses it on a statement (in or out of court) he'll be able to sense tension in the person's nervous system. He can use this tension to tell exactly when someone is feeling tense about something they say, and use that tension as a way to open up a space in their testimony or conversation.
Character's Name: Ellena Widows

Age: 25

Occupation: Student Teacher and part-time clerk

Brief Physical Description: Long red hair with white streaks, green eyes and fairly tan skin. She is around 5ft 6" and weighs 9 Stone 6 pounds.

Brief Personality Description: Ellena is usually happy and serene. She can usually keep her nerves under control as she did grow up with 3 brothers. She says large open landscapes, such as oceans, fields and mountains keep her peace at mind. But when she snaps, she's one to avoid. When provoked, her voice is sharp and filled with venom and not afraid to get voilent.

Connection to Canon Characters (if applicable) : Went to college with Maggie Byrde and became firm friends with her. Also goes on field trips to exotic places with Lotta Hart as they met at a convention once and were friends after that. Remembers Mia Fey as she was kind to Ellena when asked to testify at her father's murder trial.

Brief Background: When she was a child, she was raised in Chesterfield, England. She ran around large fields and climbed trees. She took photos and aspired to be an Art Teacher. Her family emagrated to America when she was 15, where she continued her education. At 17, she was allowed to attend Ivy University, wher she over-heard about the death of a "Doug Swallows".

One day, after returning home from college, her father was murdered in front of her, while her mother and olders brothers (who are triplets) were out. The man who killed her was captured two days later, and she was forced to testify. She was afraid, as she was only 18, but Mia kindly helped her along, and she'll never forget Mia's kindness.
She quickly be-friended the quirky Maggie, as she put a smile on her face and Ellena loved her randomness and it helped her inspiration for some of her artwork and photography. At the age of 22, after completeing her course at the university, she returned to England to spend some time with some old friends, and soom became engaged to Malcolm Rogers, her child-hod sweet-heart. But after she heard about Maggie's second trial, she returned to America to see if she was ok.

She has attended several conventions and conferences regarding art, photography and the para-normal, where she be-friended Lotta Hart, and occiasionally goes with her to places to investigates rumours and the odd-murder, where she once met Phoenix Wright.
Character's Name: English: Heidi Hole (You know what the pun is) Japanese:

Age: 9 (Trials and Tribulations)

Occupation: Student

Brief Physical Description: Heidi wears a blue and white pokadot raincoat, normaly having the hood over her head. She has a purple bunny on her front pocket and a cat like bag (hints that she likes cute animals). Her hair is short and is a maroonish purple. Has a fang on her right side of her mouth and also carries her red randoseru (Japanese primary school bag).

Brief Personality Description: Heidi is a very childish and hates to loose to any sort of game. She is a huge fan of the "Pink Princess". Heidi will always try to hide her feelings from people. Although anyone close to her can see through this.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Peal's best friend

Brief Background
: Heidi's parants are both missing. Her mother was the first to go missing after a 'friendly trip' to the grocerie store, where she never came back. Three months after, Heidi's father never came back from work. He supposivly commited suiside.

She met pearl after Reunion, and turnabout. When Pearl first goes out into the outside world and started school. They have been best friends ever since.
Character’s Name: Lucy Verity (nicknamed Cici)/ Japanese Name: Hikari Koshin (nicknamed Kari-chan)

Name Origin: Lucy derives from “lux” meaning “light”, while Verity means “truth”. It’s a pun on Lucy’s goal to “shine a light on the truth”. Hikari means “light” and Koshin contains “shin” meaning “truth”.

Age: 24 (30 years after AJ)

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: about 5’3”/160 cm (5’4” with the heels), long, sandy-brown hair styled into a bun (with bangs) secured by hair sticks, emerald-green eyes, wears rectangular glasses, a copper-colored jacket over a white blouse with a gray thigh-length skirt and black heels

Brief Personality Description: Lucy is a bit shy, but very direct, doesn’t anger easily but can potentially be violent, hates repeating things for people but is otherwise very polite

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): works under Apollo Justice at Justice and Co. Law Offices

Brief Background: About 30 years after the start of the Apollo Justice arc, Lucy begins her career as a rookie attorney under the employment of Apollo Justice. After some successful cases, Lucy runs into a mysterious prosecutor named Chance Fortunato who claims to know her and wants to “make her pay for that day”. At first she has no idea what he was talking about, but it is soon revealed by a magatama that she had repressed the memory of a case involving the two that occurred 10 years ago.

Lucy’s father had worked with Chance’s father at the same company. The company president was murdered shortly after it was revealed that one of the two men would be taking his place. Both men were the top suspects, but the trial that took placed named Mr. Verity innocent and Mr. Fortunato the murderer. Shortly before the second trial for Mr. Fortunato was going to take place, Mr. Verity was shot with Lucy as a witness. Lucy’s testimony and the evidence gathered pointed to Mr. Fortunato as the killer once again. Mr. Fortunato managed to escape the police and go into hiding. Lucy saw her own father as a victim of cruel injustice, but Chance only saw him as a criminal who escaped punishment, which led them both to lead their lives as lawyers on opposite sides of the courtroom.

Eventually, one final case revealed the truth behind the events that had changed both of their lives and made them what they are today.
Character's Name: Lou P Lou

Age: 22

Occupation: Law student, and part-time worker at a local low-end boutique

Brief Physical Description: Lou is 5'7 (that is FIVE FEET and SEVEN INCHES), has blue eyes, blue hair that sort of looks like a giant tidal wave, and a dorky pair of square glasses that she's had since middle-school that she complains about all the time.

Brief Personality Description: Lou is a bit of a flake, but determined as hell to fulfill the wishes of others--specifically, her parents'. When a goal is set out for her, which is more often than not set by other people and not herself, she races toward it without really looking where she's going or caring who she runs over along the way. She's also unintentionally blunt with her opinions or observations and is grossly inconsiderate of the feelings, needs, and wants of others. It's almost like she's incapable of feeling empathy!!1

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Lou is looking for an internship with the Wright office and will not leave Phoenix ALONE FOR 5 SECONDS ABOUT IT AGH

Brief Background: When Lou was graduating high school, she had hopes of attending a college that would steer her into her dream career in the fashion industry, as it was the only thing she ever had a real passion for. HOWEVER, her parents thought that was a stupid idea and dream, and rather than waste their money sending their daughter to a school she wanted to go to, they instead pushed her into Law school so she could have a "real job" and make "real money" (citing that Phoenix Wright fellow as a fine example of what she could be doing with her life rather than throwing it away on something stupid like clothing) So, with a huff, a sigh, and her head hung, Lou slugged onto law school, and is still in the process of earning her degree in the field; on the brink of flunking out, Lou is desperate to bring her self through by taking up an internship with none other than Phoenix Wright himself.
Character's Name: Artimis Karmine

Age: 40

Occupation: Professional Knight

Brief Physical Description: Hight-6'5" Weight-275 lbs; Karmine is an imposing figure who towers over others. He is in the habit of wearing a full suit of armor, so he is amazingly strong from toting a 60 lb suit around at all times. His most prominent feature is the triangular mask that he wears over the lower half of his face. He also wears a long green hood and a red cloak. The cloak is draped over the spike on one side of his shoulder armor. The other side doesn't have a spike.

Brief Personality Description: Karmine has major delusions of grandeur. He is constantly breaking out into maniacal laughter, which might be more threatening if he didn't pause between every syllable as he laughed (MU!.. HA!.. HA!.. HA!..). He thinks that the middle ages are still going on and has a habit of telling people who annoy him that he will 'put them to the sword.'

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He is worst enemies with Darkbeat, the leader of the other faction of knights in his area. Darkbeat (in my little Ace Attorney universe) is dating Viola Cadaverinii. (this is set after Turnabout Recipes) Karmine also does work for Bruto Cadaverinii sometimes. He hasn't made the connection between Viola and Bruto, however, so he doesn't like Viola either, but only because of her association with Darkbeat.

Brief Background: Karmine is the leader of a faction of knights in the city where Ace Attourney takes place. He is obsessed with the whole concept of knights and chivalry and stuff like that. He was so obsessed that he made a 'historical re-creation club' that supplies people who are interested about the midevil ages the chance to live in them for a little bit. He owns quite a bit of property, and its all focused toward his club. His favorite type of midevil warriors are the English knights, and this is why Karmine and Darkbeat hate each other. Darkbeat likes the Japanese samurai more than knights. Darkbeat also has a historical re-creation club, but its focused toward Japanese history. These two clubs fight each other a lot. Karmine pay for his clubs expenses by doing jobs for Bruto's mob, but eventually ends up killing him after they have a disagreement over Karmine doing a hit on Franziska von Karma, who Karmine has a crush on. Viola get arrested for the murder and Phoenix defends her and helps find Karmine guilty.
Character's Name: Robyn Valentine

Age: 28

Occupation: Detective/ Private Investigator

Brief Physical Description: Robyn has long hair that goes down to her waist. Her natural hair colour is blonde but she dyes it pink in order to stand out more. Her eyes are a light grey/blue. She is around 163cm in height and has a slender figure. Is known to have soft features, especially around her face.

Brief Personality Description: Robyn's mood and temper can alter within seconds. She is mostly laid back, but can get over-emotional over things if it threatens her lifestyle. She is a very curious person, on the borderline of being nosy, and so this can get her into a lot of trouble. Robyn can get slightly self-conscious but never allows a situation to get worse.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Robyn worked under Phoenix Wright at the age of 21 when he was no longer at law, and is still in contact with him. He also defended her when she was 20. Her nickname for him is "the Feenster".
She is also a colleague with Ema Skye. Currently, she is working alongside Matt Engarde, who has recently left prison.

Brief Background: Robyn has risen to the rank of detective, but in her spare time she is a private investigator, sometimes breaking the same law she works under to get answers.

Robyn herself lives with a dark secret. Her real identity is Anabelle deLacroft, a wealthy heir who was at risk of being murdered by her jealous uncle and cousin. Believing her parents had died at an early age, she was taken in by her relatives. When she was framed for her aunt's murder, she came into contact with her true mother and devised a plan. Although she enlisted Phoenix's help, her trial never finished as she collpased before the verdict was given. In the hospital, Anabelle “died”, and Robyn Valentine suddenly appeared on the scene, having given herself a new name and identity. A year later, she heard that the lawyer who defended her, Phoenix had lost his badge. She came into contact with him and explained everything, before helping him in unravelling the mysteries of the forgery.

In current time (AJ era), Robyn is busy trying to trace the whereabouts of her uncle and cousin, in order to get revenge. She also has a new assistant of sorts - after meeting him during a case at a hotel (déjà vu anyone?) she has been asked to “look after” Matt Engarde, who has recently been released from prison. Robyn is sure that she’s basically “making sure he doesn’t get into trouble”, but is curious as to how he has been released so soon. The two share a love/hate relationship that people have compared to a married couple, much to their mixed reactions.
Character's Name: Raeanne Forrester

Age: 27

Occupation: Zoological Researcher

Brief Physical Description: Raeanne is naturally tan and her hair was originally a dark brown before she died it colorfully, to reflect her love of tropical birds. She has a little muscle tone from hiking in mountains (observing the animals), but has gained no increase in strength because of it. She is a little on the short side, standing at about 5’2”. The clothing she wears resembles leaves and also wears gold necklace, the whole ensemble inspired by the rainforest and the native peoples there.

Brief Personality Description: Raeanne is a Type-A woman, always finding something to do, weather it be needed or not. She only talks out of necessity, answering only when asked a question, even then only answering with a “hmm” or a “yes, I see.” She is, however, a lady with passionate feelings and will do whatever she can to save those she thinks are in distress, be it human or animal. Sometimes this goes too far, however, turning from concern to full blown obsession…

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): A witness for Prosecutor Gavin, former classmate of Ema’s.

Brief Background: Raeanne was born to 2nd generation Brazilian-American parents, living an ordinary life in California. About once every year, her parents would take her to Brazil to visit her family and explore her heritage. It was about then that Raeanne got a taste for the rainforests, loving the wildlife and sights. Eventually this turned into an obsession for animals and their habitats in general, rubbing off on her appearance and causing her steady witdrawl from mankind.

It was in college that she met Ema Skye, and the two worked together in the science building. While Ema chased her own dreams, Raeanne focused on the study of animals, becoming a zoologist.

One day, while in the Amazon, she happened across an extremely rare species of frog. She became obsessed with preserving it and convinced a co-worker to let her smuggle it back with them to the US, where it would be contained and protected. About halfway through the process of boarding the airplane, security found the little frog and tried to arrest both of them. The guard took them and led them into an empty holding cell, where Raeanne, in her obsession, wrestled a gun from out of the guard’s holster and shot him fatally. Raeanne’s co-worked begged with her to just leave the frog and that he was going to leave and give up peacefully. Raeanne refused to let him go, saying that he knew too much and eventually shot him. She quickly ran away from the scene, tucking the gun into her pocket. A few minutes later, another guard walked into the room…

At a trail, at a later date, she was found guilty of two counts of 1st Degree Murder, but not before sadly declaring:

“Why didn’t he just listen to me…?”
Character's Name: Adler Rex
Alias for Undercover Jobs: Harry Boon

Age: 20-23- GS1-3, 30-GS4 Time

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: He stands around 175 cm. He has light blond hair, dark green eyes and a fairly muscular build. He usually wears an eagle head pin on his coat.

Brief Personality Description: Extremely hot-blooded, once Adler is sets his sights on a goal; he usually goes to great lengths just to achieve it. Very vocal and ambitious, he can also be quite violent physically and verbally if angered; which is actually rare as he believes it is very unprofessional to blow your top.

As headstrong as Adler is, he actually thinks before acting. He’s very logical and is quite cool under pressure. He just does things with too much gusto and would not hesitate to say cheesy lines with a straight face if it portrays his opinion of said situation. Also as ambitious as he is, he does consider other people’s welfare and tries not to cause them trouble, unless they are really wrong.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): An acquaintance of Phoenix Wright. He also knows Gumshoe since he used to be under him. He also knows Edgeworth, Franziska, Manfred and Godot as he watches taped court proceedings. He also knows Ema and Klavier but never had the chance to work with them.

Brief Background: Before coming to the force, Adler has been idolizing the Legendary Duo (Gant Damon and Lana Skye) as they were considered to be the best of the best in the district. Unfortunately later on Gant was charged for murder and Lana was charged for evidence fabrication. He watched that court proceeding personally. Adler was devastated by his heroes’ downfall but at the same time, strangely, he was also boiling mad.

He could understand Lana’s case but he was downright enraged at how Gant showed himself to be a cruel and selfish bastard. After watching that court proceeding, Adler thought of giving up trying to be a detective. But then changed his mind and aimed to be a chief of police. This ambition was fueled partly because he wants to do whatever Gant did wrong right.

Due to watching Gant’s trial, Adler had noticed Phoenix and Edgeworth. He saw how they worked together to bring the long and intense trial to a good end.

Adler also knew Phoenix due to watching that case and other taped cases. He noted that Phoenix was a very fair man and was probably the reason why Edgeworth changed. Adler knew Edgeworth as the infamous Demon Prosecutor. He had heard the many stories that Edgeworth would do anything to gain a guilty verdict even if the defendant is innocent. But from the most recent proceedings Adler watched, he saw Edgeworth’s obvious change and concluded it was Phoenix’s doing. Adler then gained a great respect for Phoenix and even managed to meet him a few times.

When Phoenix’s badge was taken away, Adler tried to help Phoenix get his badge back as he suspected foul play. Nick thanked him for the offer but said he’s doing it himself since it’s his card game. Adler was surprised at his answer but tried again a few times but the only thing he managed to do was watch Trucy’s magic shows (He likes Mr. Hat).
After a while, he just kind of gave up as Phoenix wouldn’t let him in the job and just watched from the sidelines. But as the seven years passed, he never forgot his initial ambition and quickly grew in rank due to his passion and competence.
Misc Facts

Adler is hot-blooded. VERY hot-blooded. In one sense it’s a good thing seeing your employee doing his best on his job but sometimes, especially out of work, it could be quite embarrassing. Small things like reporting or simply bringing the coffee, he would do them with much gusto and a lot of shouting (Sir! HERE is your coffee!). To top it off, this guy usually carries a flagpole and a couple of flags for cheering his co-workers at work or other miscellaneous missions. It’s supportive but can be embarrassing ^^;
Character's Name: Yume Utairo (夢歌色) / Azure Dreambrush
Name meaning: Japanese: Yume means dream, meaning her wish to see Apollo again (see her background). Uta means song and iro means colour, meaning her love for the art.
English: Azure means lapis lazuli, referring to what is her ring made out of. Her surname comes from dream and brush (see above).

Age: 24 (when she started as an attorney) Date of birthday: 15/12/93

Occupation: When she was 24, she was an attorney. 5 years later, she became a prosecutor (explanation below).

Brief Physical Description: Short (about 160cm), with reddish brown hair, fair skin and grey eyes. In the trials she wears a black jacket and a yellow tie. In her left hand she wears a ring, to which she has much affection because her brother gave it to her weeks before his death. Out of the court she usually wears a beret, and sometimes a short scarf.

Brief Personality Description: She’s usually very quiet, she gets angry easily when someone bothers her. Being truth her only weapon, she always tries to win in the trials. Moreover, she has talent and she has a lot of clients.

Connection to canon characters: Edgeworth has been his mentor, and he has taught her all what he learnt about Law. When Azure was 23, they started dating.

Azure knows Apollo Justice too. They were good friends at childhood, but now they don’t know anything about each other. Neither of them knows about where the other is.

After starting as a prosecutor, she met Phoenix Wright in court. Phoenix won their trials twice.

Brief Background :
After being an attorney: When she was a girl, her classmates were always bothering and lying about her, so didn’t have friends. When she was 9, she had a cat called Awa/Bubbles. In that moment, it was her only friend, so she loved it so much. Three years later, a driver hit and killed the cat the same week that her big brother died. She entered in a depression. In that moment, her only family was her father (her mother died when she was born, so she didn’t know her).

Then she knew Apollo. He was 6. They became great friends easily, and Azure’s depression disappeared. “I’ll be an attorney when I grow up!” was saying Apollo all the time.

Azure moved to Spain two years after meeting Apollo due to her father’s work. She was very sad and depressed again because she lost her best friend and she was alone again.

They didn’t see each other again.

When she was 19 years old, she decided to be an attorney, because Apollo wanted to be that. His mentor, Miles Edgeworth, taught her all that he learnt about Law. She went to all the trials in which Miles participated. She started studying after a few months, and became a lawyer at 24.

When she was an attorney: In her first trial she defended a friend that she met a few time before becoming an attorney. In that turnabout Miles was the witness, and he can’t help Azure. The prosecutor was Payne, and before of some of his personal problems, it was Franziska von Karma. Azure won against Payne, but she didn’t success with Franziska. She became half-friends.

A quite time later, she saw Apollo in a trial, sitting next to her. When the trial finished, Apollo explained Azure that he was studying Law. Azure got happy instantly.

After seeing her best friend again and knew that he was going to be an attorney, she wanted to be a prosecutor to see Apollo again in a trial.

When she was a prosecutor: She started as a prosecutor at 29. Two months later she faced with Apollo in a trial.

She worked with Miles Edgeworth all the time. She won all the trials except three. In two of them she faced with the talented Phoenix Wright.
Character's Name: Deidre Symour

Age: 28

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: has a normal body, cherry dark red haired

Brief Personality Description: serious, but somewhat childish

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): none

Brief Background: A prosecutor who is quite formal, she is kind at heart, but makes some people shake at fear when she's angry at court. She chooses reasonable guilty defendants.

She takes place after AJ:AA, she was very disappointed about Phoenix Wright's situation, so she challenges Apollo Justice, to challenge Wright's "assistant", and just to have fun in court, she calls Apollo names like "Ape-pollo" and "Monkey Magic".

While she's not in a case, she listens to music, and acts like a lazy bum, but is responsible. She often visits the "Wright Talent Agency", to force Phoenix to become a defense attorney again, so she could challenge him at court, but like always, Phoenix Wright is always not around, so she makes fun of Apollo instead.

She tricks defense attorney and witnesses in her cases, but she never dared to try prosecuting an innocent person, the only thing she does is to have fun, and to prove the truth.

Her worst memory was in a case, her best friend was accused for murdering a store clerk. The witness was the defendant's boyfriend, before the judge declares the verdict, the witness snatched the murder weapon, a pocket knife, and stabbed the defendant at the heart, it was a tragedy, her first experience to see a murder occur at court.

Because of the incident, she protects innocent defendants from harm while in her case, even she has nothing to do with them.
Character's Name: Quinn Harper

Age: 22

Occupation: Detective for the Police department.

Brief Physical Description: About 145 pounds, 5'7", with shoulder length dark brown hair, and green eyes. tan skin color, bangs over left side of face. Pronounced canine teeth, giving her a wolf-ish grin. Wears glasses and large purple plaid sun-glasses on her head. She thinks they make her look cool.

Brief Personality Description: Keeps a cool head in most situations, but also can be hyperactive. Generally happy, and smiles a lot. She has a tendency to be loud, and is a leader. She's polite with people she doesn't know well, and is sensitive to others feelings (some times too sensitive). She's very responsible, and has a strong sense of justice. She wants to find the real criminal, and protect the innocent. She has quite a few close friends, but is shy in large groups of people she doesn't know. Plays piano and guitar.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Old high school friend of Apollo, Friends with Emma Skye and Kalvier Gavin.

Brief Background: She has two younger twin brothers, Mark and Jason, who she pretty much raised after her Dad was shot when she was 15. Her mother was put into jail for the crime, but Quinn never believed her mother did it, and is still tracing the case to this day. She met Apollo is middle school, but never really talked to him until they were freshman.They used to watch court cases together, and she idolizes Phoenix and Godot. She was cried when she watched both of their career-destroying cases, and Apollo teases her for it still. Quinn and Apollo lost contact after high school, only to meet again when she was one of the detectives on Apollo's first case. She and Emma are close friends, and usually end up being the detectives in charge of Apollo's cases. She knows Tai-kwon-do from a close friend of the family, also a detective, who raised the siblings after their father died. She's the one who inspired Quinn to become a detective, and the boys to become lawyers. Quinn also stops Emma from killing kalvier on a daily basis. When she's not working on an case with Apollo, she's always in the crowd, cheering him on. Trucy keeps trying to plan their wedding for them, despite the fact that Quinn and Apollo are just friends.
Character's Name: Oko Nomiyaki/Kate Vander

Age: 21

Occupation: Prosecuter

Brief Physical Description: About 5' 4", with brown hair in pigtails and blue eyes. Wears an orange shirt based off a Japanese school uniform, a yellow skirt, and orange boots.

Brief Personality Description: A very cheerful, bubbly personality. Whether she wins or loses her cases, she always manages to smile in the end. She also acts cute all the time, even during a trial, so she is called the "Peachy Prosecuter" by her fans. Although she seems too cheery to be a prosecuter, her powers of deduction are exceptional.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None

Brief Background: Kate became a prosecuter because she loves to solve mysteries. She was able to become a prosecuter at the age of 19, after earning the attention of the media during a mock trial in college. After hearing about upcoming defense attorney Apollo Justice, Kate became eager to face a new opponent.
Character's Name: Belchior Clio ( i think that "Belchior" , spelling "belquior" , is pretty intimidating and "Clio" comes from the fellow that inspired me to do this character , the exotic and devilish Clione limacina , or sea angel.)

Age: 25

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: He is a medium sized guy , like 175cm , and has white hair. His outfit makes he look skinny, but he is pretty buff. He has blue eyes.

Brief Personality Description: Like our buddy sea angel , Belchior have two distincted sides (see this awesome vid of the sea angel transforming in a demon to eat its prey! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqUlKSGcI8Q seriously, this is awesome) . He usually is quite peaceful , and is very shy. When things don't go the way he wants , or other people just try to take advantage of his personality, he changes in a rude and cold hearted predator(a.k.a putting the hair back , disorganizing the scarf and putting up his sleeve). An example of his bipolarity is that if in his "angel" form he speaks don't speak very loud, in his "demon" form he shouts.

When "angel" he likes to be called Clio, but when turns "demon" he makes the exigence of calling him Belchior. He is homossexual , but don't let it trouble his career or life.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): none

Brief Background: Our average school boy don't had any impressive talent, but it was always a daydreamer with a vivid imagination when the subject was love. He started to love someone of the same class(and sex),a cool guy with a overprotective mother.After a time he confessed to his idealized partner by sending a message saying that he loved him and even if his protective mom tries to manipulate him and say no , this was his feeling.
Time has passed and no answers from him - in a outburst of courage he tried to call , but the one that answered the call was his beloved's mother - and she said that she readed it all and that she was going to put the boy in court for major offense.Belchior turned out very sad,someone betraying him and revealing his true feelings to the world , and judging it as bad were the major causes for his bipolar persona.

In the day of the trial , after being destroyed by testimony and the prosecutor's tactics, Belchior's feelings had an outburst and, after calling a recess, he , by cold-logic , told an amazing tactic for his attorney - which won the case , and as a bonus , made the mom looks like she had some kind of mental problem and got her child away from her.
This made him a discussion in court , as a cold-hearted genius. He started to watch court procedures and was invited by famous persons in-law for teaching. When he realized that he could destroy persons who don't follow his personal values , he turned in a prosecutor.
Even being a ass, he don't stand for crimes that have love on it - as rape and killing lovers for money. He turns in a big brother figure with the rejected and in a vicious demon with the heart breakers.
Character's Name: Sherry Locke (pun on Sherlock)

Age: 26

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: Average build. Her black hair with a green hue is tied in a loose ponytail to one side, and she has caramel-colored eyes. Always appears a little bit disheveled; she’s often in a hurry because of her bad habit of staying up late and watching mystery shows. Wears a signature plaid jacket and sunglasses.

Brief Personality Description: Sherry is a very enthusiastic, as she easily gets into her work. This enthusiasm also leads her to be very easily distracted, so conversations with her tend to be roundabout and mainly listening to her. Sherry enjoys talking in brief stories, and people have to remind her to stay on track and focused. She’s eager to help out most everyone, sometimes leading her to spill the wrong information in the process. Not easily discouraged, she likes to think that everything she says and does helps, even though most of it is just references to specials and shows on TV.

Connection to canon characters: Locke has always been extremely jealous of Dick Gumshoe, who works in the same office as her, saying that he always gets put in charge of all of the good cases. Helps attorneys with evidence and information.

Brief Background: She’s been a fan of mystery/murder shows since she was young, and being a homicide detective was her dream job. Once she grew up, enthusiastic Sherry followed this career path and became one. She still stays up late watching old marathons, and believes her "expertise" will come in handy on cases- she loves referencing them, sometimes to the point of annoyance. As many times as they have to remind her to keep focused, she is a hard worker and an asset to most cases.
Character's Name: Roy O’Riley (“O’Riley” being a parody of the phrase “Oh, really?” as to suggest to one being surprised by new information. This is supposed to reflect the fact that he seems to not prepare well for cases.)


Occupation: Prosecutor - - Eventual murder victim in a future AA case.

Brief Physical Description: An average build, Roy is easily spotted due to his unkempt white hair and bushy eyebrows. He is a bit tall, and is usually spotted wearing a black vest and pants, along with a dark reddish/purple jacket.

Brief Personality Description: A passionate guy, much preferring to live ‘in the moment’. Although, when it comes to work, he is a complete procrastinator. He enjoys gashapon, and it is one of the things he is completely passionate and dedicated to. Often recieving harsh words from others because of his high losing streak, he has developed a tough skin, and is not phazed easily by insults or remarks, though he enjoys making them himeself those rare times when he's ahead. As he gains expirience he begins to enjoy teasing others in court with his pocket watch, glancing to it during the cross examination. On chance you do get to him (usually only happening during cross examinations) he becomes very nervous asking for, ' Just a couple seconds' as he frantically looks through the case file.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Roy dislikes Miles Edgeworth, slightly jealous over the fact that he is such a talented prosecutor. He dismisses that fact, instead stating that certain prosecutors shouldn’t get all the attention just because they’re “pretty”.
He is also an acquaintance of most prosecutors, though many of them don’t take him seriously due to his horrible court record, though this does not discourage him when he developes a slight crush on Lana Skye, leading him to try much harder and actually start preparing for court in hopes of impressing her.

Roy takes interest in the way Phoenix performs in court, often referring to him as a rival though for the most part, Roy is pretty unmemorable to Phoenix, until he takes on the late prosecutor’s murder trial.

Brief Background: He is notoriously known to poorly prepare for cases, leaving examining the court record to the last minute, often during the cross-examination of the witness. Thus, he gains a horrible reputation at the office, and is often looked down upon by other prosecutors. Once he developes a crush on the head prosecutor, Lana Skye he begins to work harder, in hopes of impressing her and getting her attention. While working on a case he discovers the current defendant is not the murderer, but the brother of the victim. Working with detective Sherry Locke, he begins to gather evidence for a trial, but the new suspect finds out, and follows the prosecutor home and waits for the perfect moment before murdering him. In the eventual trial for the case, Sherry is thought to be the killer, due to her fingerprint being found on Roy’s Detective Conan Gashapon figure in his home, but it is found out she only went there to drop off more case evidence to convict his killer of his first crime.
Misc Facts:
-Roy is a *gashapon addict, and has a bookcase sized display of the tiny figures at his home. The figure display is used as frequent evidence in his murder trial, due to the fingerprints on it and its contents.
Character’s name: Anakin Mavis

Age: 23

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief physical description: Anakin Mavis bears a medium frame, covered with a formal white undershirt, gray pants, and formal black shoes. Over the shirt he wears a black leather jacket to maintain his badass image, and around his neck a black tie which he keeps kind of loose. He styles his dirty blond hair to the right side in two spiked bangs.

Brief personality description: Anakin carries himself as a badass, but more noticeable than that is his tendency to dramatize and over-emote (with near every anime effect known to man). He relishes every chance to be rivals with Milo Innocence, the laid-back defense attorney. His favourite word, to shout or to mutter, is “Impossible!” He hates it when people shorten his name to the nickname “Ani May”, or just plain get it wrong that way.

Brief background: As a teenager, Anakin was in a gang, where he picked up his badass mentality that remains with him to this day. This is also where he developed his rivalry with Milo Innocence, who was in the same gang. They both left the gangster life, Anakin after an unfortunate shooting accident, the memory of which he keeps buried within him today. Though he’s no longer officially a gangster, he still acts badass, and still holds a fierce rivalry with Milo (though it isn’t as fiercely returned, Milo being mostly laid-back).

When Anakin got word of Milo developing an interest in the ace attorney Phoenix Wright, and enrolling in law school, Anakin enrolled as well, and took every opportunity to oppose his rival, in class and out. But what he was really thinking about is the day they would finally graduate...

The two passed the bar exam at about the same time, and Anakin demanded to take the first case against Milo, the new defense attorney. It had one of the most unusual murder weapons ever, but Anakin cared little of that. His fiery passion to duel against Milo Innocence burned strong, and he was now well equipped to do battle...in the arena of law.
(March 2019, just after T&T case 5, and just before Wright loses his badge.)

Anakin bullied his way into case after case versus Milo, putting up a forceful offense. Until one day he found himself in the defendant’s chair. He was forced to ask Milo for help, and it nearly killed his pride. It was especially tough for both, since Anakin was still acting like a rival toward Milo, even on the witness stand. He had to swallow his pride to pull through, but the next case, he was back with a vengeance as prosecution. Some people never change.

(2019 through 2020. Milo has contact a couple times with Phoenix Wright.)
Character's Name: Bonnie Fides

Age: 32

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: As you can see in the picture--Bonnie has blonde hair and brown eyes. She is of medium height, about 6'1", and hardly ever wears heels, in case she has to chase somebody. Her clothes are carefully picked and Bonnie often wears jewellery. The detective weighs about 165 pounds and does running exercises on a daily basis--she isn't too strong, though.

Brief Personality Description: Bonnie is quite serious when it comes down to her job, but when around friends, she often is said to be one of the craziest people out of the bunch. Even though this is so-she does always try to choose her words carefully, if there's one thing she doesn't like, it's offending people through misunderstandings. Over all, she is a happy person who laughs a lot.

Connection to canon characters: Has worked together with Gumshoe on a few cases.

Brief Background: Coming from a wealthy family, Bonnie didn't have too many problems in her life. When she was 15, her parents got murdered. The murderers were never found and she believed this was because the detective at the scene screwed up and missed a vital piece of evidence because of this, whether this is true or not, she does not know but something inside her told her--this is why she decided to become a

Also because she wasn't too sure whether just going to police academy without doing anything else, Bonnie has studied psychology and has obtained a doctorate in behavioural analysis and forensic psychology. She relies on what she's learnt from her studies during questioning suspects which has proven to be quite useful from time to time.

Other than the tragedy of her parents, she hasn't gone through a lot of things in her life, except for boyfriends, perhaps.
Character's Name: Ion Factor

Age: 25

Occupation: CSI

Brief Physical Description: Male, kind of sporty, pointy hair, carrying his tools everywhere

Brief Personality Description: Very technical, eyes for details, cheerful but a bit shy, intelligent, get a bit short temper when people don't listen to him.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): NA

Brief Background: He is the one who "stole" Ema's job. He admires Ema for her knowledge in forensic science. That is the reason why he would remove his CSI kits whenever Ema make an appearance (fig. 2). He also carries bags of snacko just to please Ema when she is in a bad mood.

There don't seem to be a place for a CSI in the AA series, therefore, I would assume there is a murder in the Lab and he ended up as the defendant. He would do anything to try and break away from the detention centre to do some investigations himself. Otherwise, he can be a regular witness giving scientific evidence in court.
Character's Name: Adelheid Grossberg, Heidi for short

Age: 24

Occupation: Lawyer, mainly a prosecutor.

Brief Physical Description: Slender and of average height, with long light brown hair. Her bangs are cut perfectly straight and cover her eyebrows. Her clothes are somewhat lavish and ordinary at the same time.

Brief Personality Description: Heidi is drawn into law because she's a natural problem solver. Feels rather hostile towards criminals, but always wants to make sure she has the right person in her sights. Once she has a suspect pinpointed with sufficient evidence, however, she quickly gains momentum and steamrolls them into a guilty verdict. Doesn't believe in resorting to unreasonable methods to do so. Very methodical and thoughtful when she works; spends a lot of time thinking out several solutions down to meticulous details so that she can handle almost any situation. Unfortunately, this is because she has problems thinking of answers on the fly. Tends to flick her hair when making a point, and sarcastically mutters "Honestly..." when she hears something disappointing in court.

Despite her somewhat intimidating appearance, she is rather cheerful, easy-going, and enjoys conversation and puzzles. She has a bit of a complex about cleaning when it comes to her office; Heidi dusts quite often, opens windows to alleviate the room's stuffiness, and lightly scolds whoever treads dirt inside, but many clients often comment on the office's strong, lemony-fresh scent.

Connection to canon characters: Marvin Grossberg is her father. She feels eternally indebted to Phoenix Wright and is on good terms with various officers and detectives in the police force.

Brief Background: Heidi spent most of her childhood dividing time between her parents at their jobs. Her father, Marvin Grossberg, was a big name defense attorney, and her mother, was a local chocolatier. Without the knowledge of his wife and daughter, Marvin had already set the events of the Fey media leak into motion, causing years of guilt and pain that eventually spread to his family.

It wasn't until several years after the DL-6 Incident that she realized her father's strange behavior. Redd White's hold over him began to take its toll on Marvin's nerves, straining the relationships with his family and his clients. Because he was terrible with hiding the truth, Heidi uncovered his secret rather quickly, and, although she was disappointed with the choice her father made, decided to help him in any way she could. Over the following years, Heidi tried her best to pull together any information she could find concerning Redd White, but her lack of vital sources gave her very few leads. Luckily, White was eventually convicted by Phoenix Wright using the sources Mia Fey had gathered; Heidi finally breathed a sigh of relief and felt that she owed everything to him. She hopes her father is just as grateful.

Wanting to dish out justice the same way and ensuring that it never happens again, Heidi became a prosecutor and focused especially on cases involving blackmail and fraud. Her own office is actually inside her mother's chocolate shop, which now touts the motto, "Chocolate for the heart, justice for the soul."

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email them to Croik at courtrecord @ gmail dot com.