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These entries are listed in the order I received them.  Remember that each entry ought to judged not only on the quality of the writing, but originality and how well the character could fit into Ace Attorney as well.  Ask yourself: Is the writing good?  Is the character new and interesting?  Could this character really appear in an AA game?  Voting is up for the next week, so take your time and make your decision!

The names of the creators have been removed, and entries were left in their original format.

Character's Name: Scotland Domino (Scotty)
Story: Scotty Domino: Mighty Magistrate

By Amaxing
Second Place!

Age at time of story: 23

Occupation: Judge

Physical Description: When looking at Scotty, one would not think ‘judge’, one would be more likely to think ‘rock star’ or ‘cartoonist’. He is around 5’ 9”, is thin (almost scrawny), and has full, blonde hair. Said hair is styled in the shape of a star, one lock in the front, one over each ear, and the other two framing the back of his neck. He suffers from Restless Legs Syndrome, and constantly moves his legs in some fashion.

Personality Description: Even without RLS, Judge Scotty was never one for stuffy, formal court settings. He finds most court procedures boring, and becomes antsy and impatient when required to listen to extended bits of testimony. Scotty seldom remains entirely formal, often addressing attorneys and prosecutors by their first names or nicknames, yelling ‘order up’ instead of ‘order’, and occasionally bringing food and other distractions into court.

But despite all of this, Scotty’s a generally good-natured person, who cares deeply for his family and is always willing to take or give a joke. As hard as Scotty tries to show the contrary, he actually does care enough about his job to ensure a proper verdict is handed down, and can even get wrapped up in proceedings when the truth seems near. In spite of what he lets on, he’s actually remarkably intelligent and has incredible self control, especially considering the crazies he deals with in court. Scotty also loves pizza, plays a mean rhythm guitar and it is rumored (rumored mind you) that there is, in fact, nothing under his judge’s robe.

Connection to canon characters: N/A.

Brief Background: Scotty was the classic case of a boy going to college not knowing what he wanted to do when he got out. He eventually majored in cartography… but didn’t know what to do with it. He ran for office fresh out of college on a bet, with such slogans as ‘You be the judge’ and ‘No one’s agenda but my own.’ The outright bluntness and honesty of the campaign was apparently favorable to the people of Boston, who elected him in a landslide victory, making him, at 23, the youngest judge in Massachusetts history. He met his wife Australia (Lia) in Cape Town, South Africa on vacation.

Character’s Name: Dinah Verity
Story: Turnabout Pawns

Age: 24

Occupation: Defense lawyer

Brief Physical Description: Has long red hair. Wears dangling crystal earrings that flash rainbows when she pwns the opposition and a crystal pendant shaped like a shield. Twiddles her earrings when nervous or thinking hard. Wears something simple and suit-like, but elegant and pretty regardless. Always on her feet are her signature low-heeled boots. She never enters court without twenty bazillion differently-colored folders filled with laws, case facts, and legal terms on her desk, which all fly into the air like Angel Starr’s lunches whenever she hits her desk to prove a point. When she gets well and truly served, she accidentally kicks her desk, sending her folders and papers flying everywhere - she inevitably spends the next statement cleaning them up while blushing furiously.

Brief Personality Description: Pretty, feminine, skillful, capable, unsure of herself, neurotic, obsessive, always nervous, gullible, good at picking up patterns, hates liars above everything else, crystalline, prismatic, purity, truth, reality, growth

Direct Connections to Canon Characters:

Marvin Grossberg: Dinah is employed by the Grossberg Criminal Defense Firm, and is friendly with her venerable and colossal employer.
The Judge: Yes. Yes indeed. Our good ol’ judge is still judging cases with amazing, unflappable aplomb.

Winston Payne: To the surprise of none, Winston Payne makes it his duty to be Dinah’s opponent in her very first trial.

Jake Marshall: Reinstated as an officer and investigator after Damon Gant was removed from office, Jake Marshall serves as primary detective in many of Dinah’s cases.

The Cadaverinis: Dinah’s second case involves the Cadaverini mafia.

The Kitakis: Dinah’s second case involves the Kitaki family.

Angel Starr: Dinah’s third case involves the detective-turned-lunch-lady, Miss Angel Starr.

Morgan Fey: Dinah’s fourth case involves the enigmatic Morgan Fey.

Dahlia Hawthorne: Hmm...that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

Brief Background: Dinah Verity was raised by her mother, Jocelyn Verity, who turned from defense lawyer to prosecutor in order to put her husband’s murderer behind bars. In Dinah’s eyes, Jocelyn was selling her soul to exact a revenge that would solve nothing; Dinah was only eight when her father was killed, and still does not quite understand the horrible pain that Jocelyn endures because of his death. Instead, Dinah hates Jocelyn for accusing and harming instead of defending the innocent, and has become a defense lawyer specifically to combat her mother’s actions.
Character's Name: Jaime Law/シ意図アしか輪 (Shiito Ashikawa) (JP)
Story: Jaime Law: Turnabout to Tragedy

Robin Goodfellow
First Place!

Age: 25

Occupation: Prosecution Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Short dark brown hair and brown eyes. Usually wears a casual pinstriped black suit with the jacket and shirt collar open, no tie. To his extreme annoyance he's only 5'3 (5'5 in shoes) and loathes it when people bring up it up. Later is forced to start carrying around a cane.

Brief Personality Description: A cynical man who is surprisingly childish at times (like over his infamous love for chocolate). He's the type to want to see how events play out once set up. Though he rarely obsesses over something when he does, he focuses on little else.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): No direct connections pre-Turnabout to Tragedy.

Brief Background: Jaime became a prosecutor not because he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps or because he felt a burning desire to pursue the truth or to punish as many scum bags as he could but because it just felt natural. He's been criticized for having such a flimsy reason for prosecuting but he simply replies that his reasons aren't related to how well he can actually work. Though he has only been practicing for slightly less than two years the city of Chicago’s constant corruption has made this young prosecutor jaded.

-Owns (possibly the other way around) a cat named Beatrice. She was supposed to be a gift from his dad to his mom for an anniversary present but the cat adopted him and refused to leave him, even after he moved out.

-His notepad seems to be coded for infinite pages. He's had it since college and always skirts around who gave it to him.

-When he's not dealing with a case his hobbies include watching horror/gore movies, his current favorite being Saw VIII.
Character's Name: Luc d’Artagnan
Story: The Chance Encounter

Age: 21

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description:

Eye Color: Unknown (hidden behind green contacts)
Hair Color: Dark blue
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 140 lbs
Standard Attire: gray flat cap, cream polo shirt, gray tie, dark brown leather vest, khaki pants

Brief Personality Description: Luc, gifted with an intelligence surpassed by only a handful of people in the world, is a person who desires achievement above all else. He is extremely rational, and believes that logic can answer everything. He has a habit of pointing out errors in seemingly logical statements. He is also a bibliophile; thus, he never goes anywhere without a novel in hand. He comes off as extremely arrogant to most people, primarily because of his brutal tactlessness and sense of pride characteristic of an intellectual – he doesn’t make any effort to hide his egotism.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Apollo Justice (former lowerclassman), Franziska von Karma (friend)

Brief Background: Hailing from Switzerland, Luc is a prodigy with an IQ of 180, and was born into one of the most affluent families in the country. Although he is of Swiss descent, he was educated in some of the finest boarding schools in France and England. His initial indecision about his career led him to pursue psychology in university while taking law courses on the side. He rapidly ascended the academic hierarchy, graduating with two degrees in only three years. In his third year, he spent six months in a university in the United States, where he met then-student Apollo Justice. Afterwards, he got his Ph.D. from a university in France. He currently has an unbroken winning streak in the European court system.

Character's Name: Professor Sherrie Trinker
Story: Raise Up A Toast

By Sarahofcroydon
Croik's Choice!

Age: 62

Occupation: University Law Professor, ex DA

Brief Physical Description: Short and petite, with dark beady eyes and grey hair in a severe bob. She wears dark and moody clothes with lots of jewellery, enigmatic and unassuming.

Brief Personality Description: She is usually blase and curt, with no patience for timewasters or layabouts. When something strikes her passion, she herself becomes extremely passionate. Has a varied and eclectic range of interests and while she becomes very tired of law students in it for the money and prestige, she remains a teacher as she is inspired by what the ones genuinely interested in Law have to give.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She is the deputy-head of the Law department at Phoenix's university; later on she teaches him directly as he advances in his course. Becomes something of his original mentor.

Brief Background: Due to her brusque manner and short temper, lots of rumors about Sherrie's earlier glory days and fierce attitude circulate around the students. The more truthful ones say that she is a German expatriot who was a high-flying defense attorney in her time, with her no-nonsense attitude and dedication to the truth winning out against big opponents. Eventually she was forced out of the profession due to her success, reaction against sexism in the courts and increasingly obtuse manner. Thankfully, she is still invested in the truth and righteousness enough to want to foster students to carry on the good work.

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Character's Name: Rem Kome
Story: Murder To A Tea

Age: 26

Occupation: Forensic scientist

Brief Physical Description: She has bright red hair, and purplish-blue eyes. She'll usually wear a black suit with some kind of purple shirt underneath, as purple is her favorite color.

Brief Personality Description: Rem is very strong-minded. Though she's a fairly reasonable person, she's incredibly stubborn, and will not change her mind once it's made up. She's intelligent and sarcastic, and often doesn't bother holding back her snide remarks. She's practically married to her job, and has definitely maxed out her overtime.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None, really. Forensic scienist is her sole connection.

Brief Background: Her history isn't really that important, so it's semi-non-existant. Her full name is actually Dream, but she despises it with a passion and always goes by her nickname, Rem. She was named Dream due to having odd, hippie parents (or, at least, that seems to be the most plausible explanation).
Character's Name: Haydee Tatiana Williams (Gant)
Story: Haydee Williams

Age: As of AA, she's 52.

Occupation: Produces music under a label she started with her band thirty-odd years ago, called Strawberry Fields Inc.

Physical Description: Haydee is rather short, clocking in at 5'3. However, she often wear heels to raise her height. She has long light brown hair, with purple eyes. Her skin is rather pale, but she enjoys wearing more subdued colors even if it makes her seem a tad gloomy. Haydee enjoys wearing things that make her seem like a movie star from the 40's or 50's. It's no surprise then that her fashion models are Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.

Personality Description: Haydee is a strong woman and let's people know it. She is fiercely independant despite her attachment to her husband. Haydee puts her family first, even if those she helps are not part of her "blood" family. She will go to great lengths to strike at those who have harmed those dear to her, and she isn't afraid to let others know that fact either. Inside though, she deals with trauma from abandonment issues as a child. Haydee has a paralyzing fear of thunder.

Connection to canon characters: Wife of Damon Gant. However, she needed defense attorneys to defend some of her more troubled music stars and often enlisted their help. She's gotten aid at one time or another from most if not all of the defense attorneys in game. As of AA, she hires Phoenix. A series of murders that plagued her band often landed her in the hot seat as well.

Brief Background: Haydee was born Haydee Tatiana Saragayevna, the eldest grandchild of a man who had fled the Russian Revolution with his aristocratic family at the age of ten. Her mother Emma was on a family trip to visit a relative who had just made it big in the movie business when she had an affair with an actor from Spain. Not wanting to ruin her engagement to the son of another ousted aristoractic family, she gave Haydee to her father, Ivan, to raise. People in her family are traditionally named after literary characters, and she continued this tradition with her own children Sophia (Gnostic angel), Prudence (Lennon is poetry to her, and thus literature) and Edmond (Count of Monte Cristo). Haydee lived with her grandfather, who returned to St. Petersburg after the death of his wife. He made peace with his estranged brother, who served as a bodyguard to an ambassadaor from the USSR. Her great-uncle had abandoned his family and took up arms with the Bolsheviks. However, both men wanted her educated in America. Wanting to find her father, Haydee set off in Los Angeles on her own at eight years old. During a thunderstorm that rocked her little dumpster home back and forth, Damon Gant found her. She lived with him until she was sixteen, when she started a band with some friends.
Character's Name: Naomi Edgeworth
Story: Naomi Edgeworth

Age: 20 (As of AA)

Occupation: Miles Edgeworth’s helper (of sorts)

Brief Physical Description: Stands at a mere 5’4” and 120 pounds. Her hair, a deep chocolate brown, fall to just bellow her shoulder blades, and is held up in an uptwist kind of hairdo by an oversized black clip in public, otherwise worn loose. Her eye color is a light hazel. Bears a scar on the right side of her neck.

Brief Personality Description: Shy at first, eventually warming up to people enough to be a bolder ‘sidekick’ figure. However… Anything said considered to be ‘bad’ about those close to her tend to bring out anger. Her lighter, more upbeat attitudes are specifically reserved for Gumshoe and Miles.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She lives with and also shares a name with Miles Edgeworth, due to her illness and mild amnesia.

Brief Background: Raised with an unknown illness, Naomi dedicated herself to helping out her family while they tried to raise money for better doctors and treatment. While out, however, her home was broken into, her parents and a visiting cousin killed. Her return only lend to an attack on her until the money they’d raised was in the killer’s hands, and the shock of being cut and seeing her family put Naomi in a state of mild selective amnesia. After being on the witness stand, her illness is made public, and she moves from staying alone to living with Gumshoe, and just as quickly to living with Miles Edgeworth... Of course, in secret.
Character's Name: Houdin Marotte

Age: 16

Occupation: Magician

Brief Physical Description: With a cape that reaches up to the bottom half of his face and a jester’s bauble held in one hand at all times, it obvious that Houdin is a magician in training. Two sets of cards are stitched to the southern separations of his cape with their suits proudly displayed; however a joker card is present in the middle of each set. Instead of a top hat, a jester’s hat adorned with bells jovially jingles above his blonde hair and green eyes.

Brief Personality Description: Houdin is an immature, childish trickster. He hates being one-upped and will do anything instead to one-up someone else to prove his superiority and ultimately his worth. Despite his competitive nature, Houdin has a lack of confidence in his magical ability and improvises or spontaneously lets his magic speak for him instead. Even though he has his flaws, Houdin does have a moral code and a heart to help.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Trucy Wright (Proclaimed rival), Troupe Gramarye (Rival troupe).

Brief Background: Houdin Marotte is a member of Troupe Marotte, rivals with the once dominant Troupe Gramarye. He has met Trucy and the other Gramaryes before, but only sparsely due to the fierce rivalry between the two troupes. Time would pass and the Gramaryes would win this fight, rising into prominence until many years later. With the members of Troupe Gramaryes scattered or deceased, Troupe Marotte has begun to capitalize on this opportunity. However, Houdin has other plans. Other plans to beat Trucy Enigmar, now Wright, in terms of magical ability.

Name Origins: Houdin is from Houdin, the famous escapologist and magician. A ‘marotte’ is a scepter that jesters use, also known as a bauble.

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