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These entries are listed in the order I received them.  Remember that each entry ought to judged not only on the quality of the work, but originality and how well the character could fit into Ace Attorney as well.  Ask yourself: Is the sprite good?  Is the character new and interesting?  Could this character really appear in an AA game?  Voting is up for the next week, so take your time and make your decision!

The names of the creators have been removed, and entries were left in their original format.

Character's Name: Harley Quiin

Witness for the defense of her husband Dr. Victor Quiin

Age: 20

Occupation: House wife

Brief Physical Description: 155 cm--Bobbed red hair--green eyes--pale skin--figure similar to Regina's.

Brief Personality Description: Spacey and a tad bit flitty/ditzy when being spoken to. She tends to zone out during conversations and barely has a grasp on any situation, unless explained in simple terms. However, she is the perfect wife for Victor, and can be extremely helpful when actually concentrating on the situation. Harley refers to everyone in the third person, and even her own husband by his last name. For example: "Harley reaaaally wants Nick to save Dr. Quiin..Doesn't Maya?" Because of her 'out of it' mental state, most believe she did not understand what Victor meant when they married and that she should be put in the hospital instead.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Iris Fey and Sister Bikini. It is through Iris and Bikinis kindness that she meets Victor.

Brief Background: Harley has a bad memory do to being attacked and hit in the head when she was younger, and gets separated from her class when they takes a trip to the Hazukura temple. She is found by Iris and Bikini, who let her to stay at the temple. A month later Dr. Quiin visits the temple for research. He meets Harley and falls for her, bringing her to live with him to help with her memory.

After several positive results, he proposes, and not really knowing better, she accepts, settling into a blissful life as his housewife. {Playing with his inventions, relearning how to do things she's forgotten} However, several collages express distaste towards the union, claiming she is simply a good actress, and is after her money. Including the very now dead Dr. Eulogy.

Character's Name: Sally Skye / Tengokou Kiyoko
By Zinle
Croik's Choice

Age: 20

Occupation: Defence Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Sally's birthday is 3.3.(...I confess that I have no idea what year... ^^ 2006 - 2008 I guess...)

Sally haircolor is Turquoise and her eyecolor is blue.
She is something like 167 - 175cm tall and she weights something like 40 - 45 kg.
Her blood type is A.
She likes curry and chicken with noodles. Dislikes: onions and high-heeled shoes.
She scares bugs and spiders.

Brief Personality Description: Before energetic girl has turned to even more energetic woman. Sally has lots of energy, though she acts bit lazy. She is also a bit confidented about herself than she was few years ago. Now she has some more believe in her skills and she lets it show. Usually she says words bit louder than she intended and she / her friends get to trouble 'cose of that.

Also: She thinks less, but moves forward faster. Go and know is this good or bad thing. She is lucky.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):
- Hobo Wright ~ Her big bro is Nicks friend and Sally has learned few tricks from him.
- Trucy ~ They made friends pretty quickly. Email buddies they like to hang out together with few friends.
- Apollo ~ Not a direct contact, but she has heard stories 'bout him
- Eldoon ~ Sally buys her noodles from him.
- Judge ~ Can't get rid of him...
- Ema Skye ~ No blood relativity, but they will meet during few Sallys cases (The girl need a detective and it's new era for crying out loud! =D)

Brief Background: Since she was a teenager, 14, Sally was helping his bigbro (Eagle) as his defence aid. They had pretty much cases and Sally started to learn how to be like a lawyer everytime she saw his bro doing an act in a court. That's how she ended as a lawyer too. She has always wanted to be like her big bro.

Character's Name: Saffron Saphier
By Saku
First Place!

Age: 21 (AJ timeline)

Occupation: University Student

Brief Physical Description: Mixed European with medium length unnaturally red hair and deep blue eyes. Often wears a cream coloured beret.

Brief Personality Description: Saffron is generally happy-go-lucky, strong-willed and determined even when faced with tough situations. She's sometimes loud-mouthed and restless and she tends to have her head in the sky, but you can really depend on her when you need something done.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Apollo Justice was her defense attorney.

Brief Background: Currently studying at Ivy University to maybe one day be a judge, Saffron always had an eye toward justice. Although, due to her grades, she 's finding it hard to accomplish that goal. Things turn for the worse when she's accused of murder. If she was found guilty, the record would surely prevent her from getting in. With no one to turn to, she attempts to contact the legendary Phoenix Wright, uninformed about the events 7 years in the past. Phoenix fortunately refers her to Apollo and gets her off the hook. After that trial, she was more inspired to justice and worked harder than ever and she often attended Apollo's trials and acted as a co-council.

Saffron's parents are working in Europe while she and her older brother hang around in America. Since they were never around, she learned to be very independent although they would often send her a birthday card that always lit up her day.

Sprites Used: Ema (Base), Dahlia (Hair), Trucy (Scarf, buttons), Viola (ribbon), Cream Tam Beret @ Gaia Online, Backstage of Coliseum Location (Blue Badger) and freehand stuff.

Character's Name: Maquil Foirellage / Oshika Haku

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Cosmetology Student

Brief Physical Description:
Height: 155 cm (5'2)
Weight: 50 kg (110lbs)
Mint green hair. Shh, don't tell anyone, she dyed it that color. It's
cut longer on the right, shorter on the left, and puffs off the back
of her head. She has blue eyes. She stands at a short 155 cm and
weighs about 50kg. Her right eye is covered with a thick gauze
(Used Maya and Ema concept art for reference)

Brief Personality Description: A cute, fun auraed girl. She's a little sleepy headed, but can usually stay awake if it really counts; but watch out if she's half asleep, because everything around her becomes an accidental weapon. She strives to make people happy, but shies away from her own happiness, avoiding the attention - with too many eyes on her, she tends to clam up with claustrophobia. She does enjoy her coursework in cosmetology, and takes any opportunity to practice on anyone - male OR female.

Misc facts: She has a lot of bad habits, among them are using lots of shorthand, bad handwriting, having a messy dorm, and she has a tendency to use emoticons even when she's writing on paper - :D

She's superstitious(like crazily so, bad cases trigger her phobia - break a superstition and she believes wholeheartedly something's going down and down hard) and only writes her name in hirigana(JP)/print(EN) for good luck.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She opened the phone book at the Detention Center, phoning the first number printed: the man known as Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright. She begged for his help and offered him a free makeover if he would help clear her name. He declined the new look, but took the case.

Brief Background: Maquil was framed for the murder of her best friend, Chloe Rufus, an upperclassman at the cosmetology academy housed in Ivy University. In a restricted building of the academy(with security cameras guarding the main entrance), they discussed their feud over another student of the course, Dashiell Twill. Chloe twirled a pair of cutting shears around her finger as they spoke, which ended up
slashing into Maquil's right eye. As they cleaned up the blood with a smock from the racks(the kind you wear when you get your hair cut), they fabricated an alibi for themselves that they were working on a fashion design project in the dorms. As Maquil fled to the hospital, accidentally avoiding the front door's security camera, Dashiell sneaked into the insecure entrance(from which Maquil left), and strangled Chloe with the drawstring cord from the sweatpants he wore.

She fell onto the bloody smock, dead. Dashiell fled from the scene, through the same door he entered from. After hearing of the dead body in the university, the hospital phoned the police about a suspicious girl that was admitted the night before and from the Detention Center, Maquil phoned the first attorney in the phone book she saw: Ace
Attorney - Phoenix Wright.

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Character's Name: Sho Shimasu

Age: 23

Occupation: Defence Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Red Eyes, Grey Hair, has a scar on his right eye

Brief Personality Description: Optimistic, at certain times serious yet generally easygoing

Brief Background: sho eyes and hair color are due to a birth mutation (so no..its not common) as a result he was picked on alot throughout his life...because of that he became cold and uncaring for a time until later in his life when he was almost conviced for attempted murder + pre-meditaded murder but thanks to Gale Lancer (his Defence attorney) he was aquitted of charges...later he would become a defence attorney.

Character's Name: Irya Sheen Inquiridor

(Meanings: Irya=Indian/Sanskrit for Powerful, Energetic, also another name for the god of the Sun;Gaelic for Quiet One. Sheen as in a ray of light or luster. Her adopted last name, Inquiridor, means Questioner.)

Age: 17

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: A petite young woman with short blond hair, her striking green eyes give Irya a slight edge when it comes to glaring at a person far more intimidating. Typically dressed in a black, victorian style coat, with silver details, she has quite an odd look. She has a small scar on the right side of her forehead.

Brief Personality Description: Sarcastic, somewhat cynical, and with a slight temper, Irya is quite the odd girl when it comes to both her job and life in general. While she DOES seem nice on rare occassion, she's more focused on her work than anything and often spends her free-time watching other defense attorneys during cases. A bad driver. Follows the saying "Reason before honor", with typically good results.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Apollo is somewhat of a friendly rival, or at least to her.

Brief Background: The adopted daughter of Reteiki Inquiridor, the circumstances BEHIND the adoption are rather odd...

When younger, both her mother and father were falsely accused of a crime and found guilty, then escaped...Ending up outside their house with her older sister. Due to her father pulling a gun, all three of them were gunned down, right in front of her as she walked home from school.

The incident strained her mental health to...odd degrees, even moreso after the large, underground gas-pipe fire ended up destroying the town, with her being the only survivor. Due to this, she was accused of causing the whole incident, an almost no-contest, if Reteiki hadn't defended her in an odd manner...By playing prosecution, and purpously losing.

After the case, he adopted Irya,and tried teaching her to be a prosecutor, but failed, later watching as she turned out to be a defense attorney.

Character's Name: Yuma Kirosaki

Age: 38

Occupation: Lottery Winner. Previous occupations include being a former teacher in Law. He volunteers work to any sort of job that needs it in his free time, however, which he seems to have a lot of.

Brief Physical Description: Builty somewhat better than decent, his muscles aren't the greatest, but they are still great. His eyes have that lost, don't care look, yet obviously he does. His clothing are suprisingly cheap and crusty; Giving him the appearence of a bum. Considering he's a lottery winner, his clothing seems excruciatingly...casual. He has a impressioning scar upon and over his eye, one that seems to hardly bother him and add a sense of mystery about him.

Brief Personality Description: Casual, cool and clear-headed. He often acts a bit air headed in conversation, and has a great sense of humor. He seems out of it, but is very warm and yet again, casual. His personality is contradicting of what you'd expect a rich man's pompous attitude to be.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He has only taught law school at Ivy Uni. around (Basing by AJ Timeline) If Apollo Justice took place at XX25, He taught around XX10-XX15, so no real connection can be made. However, He is sometimes caught wearing clothing bearing Misham drawings, though rarely.

Though, the case "Recipe to the Turnabout", when he read about the circumstances, was oddly enough what got him into lottery tickets. (He was a bit young back then.)

Brief Background: Yuma Kirosaki taught law school to several students in the brief time he did. Many of his students noted his casual attitude, and loved it. Kirosaki, being a small gambler, bought a "Lottery Ticket a Day!". Then, luck found him in the strangest of places. Scratching off one in a dirty-looking bar, he found himself to have won the lottery at its tip, or the exact best time for him to win. He jumped up, excited...When he was suddenly held at gun point. He managed to subdue his hold-up, but the gun fired accidentaly at the perfect angle to hit his eye.

These events, excluding a difficult thing he found out while getting the eye patched up, makes him beleive he is the
"Luckiest Man in the World."

His current happenings is simply living in a medium-quality apartment building, eating average food, and helping people do small jobs around the neighborhood. Despite his being rich, he seems to prefer this lifestyle. People often wonder why, to which he simply grins, scratches his head...and ignores the question.

Character's Name: Kynia
By LadyK
Second Place!


Occupation: Constantly works different types of jobs.

Brief Physical Description: 5'4

Brief Personality Description: A hopeless romantic and absent-minded at times. Has a habit of speaking random things out loud when she's thinking, also likes to strike up a coversation with strangers. Has a unhealthy appetite of sweets and eats nothing else if it's not sugar. Gets extremely upset if someone talks about her weight.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None

Brief Background: Two years ago she was involved in an accident, which cost her her memory. A name was etched into a bracelet she wore on her wrist and she's been going by that ever since. Since then, she's been working as much as she can to earn enough money to make a living. With working so much, she constantly ingests sugar and caffine to keep her going, until she ends up crashing.

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Character's Name: Leon Crattson

Age: 24

Occupation: Defence Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Male, brown hair-medium length, bright blue eyes, normal build, always wears a black jacket sporting the attorney’s badge and white shirt, black trousers and black shoes.

Brief Personality Description: A bit smug when he feels he was turned the tables in his favour and likes to work alone. He may act like a intolerant, enigmatic lawyer but in reality he just doesn't feel comfortable revealing his ture personality to many people . Can become easily agitated. but actually cares for his clients and those important to him. Even when he is caught off guard, he rarely shows it, but instead just gets annoyed.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Diego Armando's understudy.

Brief Background: Born in the UK. When Leon was 17 years old, his father disappeared under suspicious circumstances, he was an investigator for a unusual murder case, but before he disappeared, he left a notebook to Leon with a strange code that looked like a phone number on the back page. After his father was pronounced legally dead, Leon set out to be a lawyer and swore to find the person responsible for his father’s disappearance.

At the age of 21, Leon started making a name for himself at an early age just like Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice, during one his trails he finds Diego Armando as his client and is proved innocent, after this Leon became his understudy, yet Leon never really liked to be acknowledged as one. After losing a crucial case that may have helped find his father‘s killer, Leon dropped out of the court of law, lost all contacts with his friends and family and disappeared like his father for 2 years. Later, Leon receives a phone call from an unknown woman, who has the same phone number as the code on the back of Leon’s notebook, stating she has found information on the man who “killed” his father and told Leon he has to come back. Now donning his courtroom attire again, Leon resumes work in the court of law by only going on only a stranger’s word and his sole feeling that his father gave him that notebook for one reason and that it would help him find his father's killer.

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Character's Name: Katrina Rainsford

Age: 27

Occupation: Prosecuter

Brief Physical Description: 6'2 Height, Black Hair, around 120 Lbs. Caucasian but Tan.

Brief Personality Description: A Calm Woman, Very Resourceful, Sharp Toung, Not Very Brutal or Aggressive, very Outgoing.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None.

Brief Background: Katrina Rainsford has always been a big-town girl. She's lived in an urban setting all her life, she loves the sights of the big city. Around high school, her English teacher suggested debate club for her, and soon after she decided that she wanted to be a lawyer.

When choosing to specialize she chose prosecuting because she wanted to help make the world a better place. After law school, she came to work as a prosecutor in the city. She takes what she gets and in response has gotten a few big cases.

When she prosecutes she's very analytical. She tries to view the case from every angle, and make the right judgment. She has a fairly strong moral compass but it has faltered before, and sometimes it can mean her downfall.

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Character's Name: Blake Makie

Age: 29

Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney

Brief Physical Description: 5"11 tall, Weighs 12 stone exactly. Has dyed black hair, hazel eyes, and a thin, black beard. The sprite was effectively a combination of Payne's body and Franziska's head (an unholy pairing if ever there was one), all recoulored, hair restyled, and given a beard so he looked less effeminate.

Brief Personality Description: He's fairly arrogant, but keeps his composure well, never straying far from a stoic personality. He likes defence attorneys, and sees them as a fun challenge. He frequently stops to fix his hair during trials. He is fond of somewhat over-the-top hand gestures.

Connection to canon characters: Miles Edgeworth's Student.

Brief Background: He was a student of Edgeworth's who was taken on while he was in Europe (Blake is English, for the record) whom Edgeworth raised much as Manfred von Karma did himself. He moved to America on the recommendation of Edgeworth, who wanted to see if he could take down Phoenix. Phoenix was disbarred not long after their first and only trial, which left more loose ends than first meets the eye. He has wanted to face Apollo for quite some time, after hearing that he was much like Phoenix, whose trial he much enjoyed.

Character's Name: Lia Feebler

Name Meaning/Pun: If you put the 'r' at the end of Feebler and put it at the end of Lia, it makes 'liar' and 'feeble', which fit both of her personalities.

Age: 23

Occupation: Unemployed

Brief Physical Description: Honey-blonde hair, thin, small (physically and mentally), brown shirt, green jacket, jeans, brown clogs.

Brief Personality Description: Quiet and shy until provoked. Lia has a multiple personality that appears when she has strong emotions (i.e.: sorrow, anger, fear). Afterwards, she is ruse and sarcastic and laughs a lot.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None

Brief Background: Lia never met her father, he just sends money back to them, and her mother was too busy as a politician, so she used her mounds of money to buy pets. In an unexpected turn of events, all of them die within a three month period. This leads to her developing her new personality, when she kills her housekeeper when she asked Lia what she was freaking out about. She lives alone and secluded for four years, when she meets a man who seems (in her eyes) to be perfect for her. Two years later (without any contact from him whatsoever) she finds out that he is now famous and engaged. This is where her other personality takes over. She goes and murders him and mortally wounds his brother (cutting him from the navel to the collarbone with her knife). Phoenix proves her guilty after she procures the knife that mysteriously disappeared from the crime scene and admits to her guilt.

Character's Name: Tom Augustyn

Age: 21

Occupation: Defence Attorney

Brief Physical Description: 6 feet 3 inches, chubby, and has brown hair and eyes.

Brief Personality Description: He is quite lax, always has a smile on his face (except when he screw's up), and he's not that smart.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None

Brief Background: When he was 13 years old, both his parents died in a car accident, he was taken care of by his older sister Ana Augustyn who is a prosecutor.
He went through 2 years of therapy to get over the fact his parents died. When the sessions were over, he continued school. He became a Defence Attorney at the age of 20. To him there was no such thing as perfect win record, he lost and won an equal amount of cases. He went up against his sister, and lost...many times, but that did not bring him down, he just continued his career.

Note: I used a Doll Base for my sprites, so I would like to thank SilverWolf-chan of deviantart.com for her Objection Base Set.

Character's Name: Katrina Deshkou

Age: 24

Occupation: Assistant/Heiress

Brief Physical Description: Average height, long red hair, green eyes, light-colored skin. Wears a long blue dress with a corset.

Brief Personality Description: She has the warmest heart and is very kind. She shows little anger and loves children.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Childhood friend of Phoenix, Edgeworth and Larry. Former assistant to Mia. A mother figure to Pearl. In love with Edgeworth.

Brief Background: Born into a rich family, Katrina’s father, Vincent Deshkou, died when she was only three years old. Her mother, Claire, raised her alone for the next 6 years before fearing that Katrina needed a father figure. She married Katrina’s stepfather, Edmund Sanders, a man whom Katrina disliked from the start. Edmund was warm at the start, but once he married Claire, turned very cold, especially towards Katrina. Claire ended up having another child, Chloe, and Edmund sent Katrina away to a harsh reform school. Katrina, who was attending the same school as Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright and Larry Butz, was forced to suddenly say goodbye to her friends.

While her daughter was away, Claire was horrified when her husband forced her to sign over Katrina’s inheritance from her late father’s family to their new child. Claire refused, however, Edmund threatened to send Katrina even further away to an even harsher school. Claire complied, however, she didn’t see her daughter for five years. Katrina dealt with the reform school and the separation from her mother as best as she could. Luckily for her, she was bright and was a model student. While the kids around her received much corporal punishment, she saw little.

Finally, when Katrina was 14, she finally was able to come home. However, Edmund treated her like a servant and forced Claire to do the same. Katrina was forced to clean up after her half-sister, who bossed her around. Katrina couldn’t take much of this, as she ended up running away when she was 15.

Fleeing to her paternal grandparents care, Katrina returned to public schooling. She remembered a promise she made to Edgeworth when they were younger. “If you become a defense attorney, I will be your assistant!” Katrina declared back then. Katrina studied law and eventually met Mia Fey, who hired her as her assistant. Katrina happily worked with Mia for two years, and was reunited with her former friend, Phoenix, who began studying to become an attorney himself. It was then that Katrina learned of Edgeworth, and was devastated to learn that he had become a cold prosecutor. Katrina and Phoenix were determined to learn what happened to Edgeworth. Shortly before Phoenix’s first case, Katrina met with Miles, who gave her a cold shoulder. This hurt Katrina even more, as she was in love with Miles and had been since they were children. She ended up leaving town.

Katrina eventually returns to town after the third game and after meeting with Miles again, begins dating him. Soon after they start dating, Katrina becomes pregnant. Miles and Katrina soon marry and Katrina has a daughter, who they name Mia Edgeworth, in honor of Mia Fey. At this time, Katrina becomes very close to Maya and Pearl, becoming a ‘sister’ to Maya and a second mother to Pearl.
Two months after Little Mia’s birth, Katrina’s mother gives her a frantic phone call. Katrina hurries to the Sander’s home, where she finds her mother dead. Katrina calls the police and is thought to be innocent, however, Edmund, the real killer, and Chloe turn things around on her, having her arrested to Claire’s murder.

Character's Name: Elle-Anna Paige


Occupation: Contortionist

Brief Physical Description: Elle-Anna is a beautiful young girl. She has flowing black hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin is rather pale, but she makes it work by wearing light colours and sometimes a bit of black. Her normal outfit is a lose tank top of white and blue that goes down to mid-thigh and under that, black leggings that stop mid-calf with blue ballet-flat shoes (sometimes even blue ballet toe-shoes when she's performing). She's not one for accessories, wearing a simple blue ribbon around her neck and blue heart earrings. She usually paints her nails blue to match her outfit, when she's feeling lazy she does a french manicure with white tips.

Brief Personality Description: Elle-A is a very confusing girl, to her audience she tries to seem innocent and pure, but anyone who knows her sees something completely different. In reality she is a very rude and vulgar girl. She never talks when she's on the stage because she has a sever stutter. She is likely to swear and bite her nails if she's nervous. She spits and wrestles with the men in her troupe, she isn't very ladylike, although her appearance says otherwise.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Head over heels in love with Will Powers/ was a witness in a case Pheonix was on.

Brief Background: Elle-Anna was the middle child in a 7 child home. She was the only girl. They were poor and the older children had to work. She ended up doing street performances until she was discovered by Russel Berry. However, during the whole fiasco with Maximillion, she was doing a tv special with Will Powers when he played Pink Princess. That's where she fell in love with him. She returned to the circus later on. She was a witness at a trial where a circus goer had killed a preformer. (turning out that they had been lovers) She feels she owes a lot to Pheonix Wright because he saved her "big teddy bear" (Will Powers). Although she is madly in love with Will, she is shy about it (suprisingly due to her real nature) she tries not to be herself around him, fearing he won't like what he sees.

Character's Name: Lamont Keane

Age: 24

Occupation: Zoo Keeper

Brief Physical Description: Blond. Has a goatee. Buff. Medium height.

Brief Personality Description: Even though his large muscles make him out to be a tough guy, he is somewhat of a wimp. A
relatively nice guy, always tells the truth.

Connection to canon characters: First client of Phoenix Wright after he returned to the law. Accused of killing Lotta Hart.

Brief Background: He became a zoo keeper to avoid the dangers of the real world, as he connects much better with animals than people. He idolized Phoenix as a teen and was devastated when he lost his badge. After being arrested for the untimely murder of a zoo-goer (Lotta Hart), he was almost hopeless... until he saw Phoenix walk into the Detention Center.

Character's Name: Mira Culles

Age: 15

Occupation: Future Stage Magician/Singer, Witness to one of Apollo's cases

Brief Physical Description: Mira is an athletic, and very active person. She likes walks and jogs in the park. That's why she's fit. She has black hair and black gloves. An orange cape, pink scarf, and red clothes.She also wears a purple version of Phoenix's hobohat.

Brief Personality Description: Mira is an excitable, active and happy person. And really fond of girly things. She likes to sing that's why she's considered being a professional singer.

Connection to Canon Characters: Mira is one of Trucy's best friends in her school. Trucy greatly influenced Mira on magic that's why she became a magician.

Brief Background: Mira was in the care of wealthy parents. They gave her everything she ever wanted. They gave her nice clothes, but she never got the love she needed from her parents. That's why she clung to her school friends for support and care.

Character's Name: Ewald Gavin

Age: 80

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: He is surprisingly strong for his old age and has a dark gray hair with a dark gray mustache and a home sewn dark purple suit with a striped tie.

Brief Personality Description: Ewald was a classic "anything to win" prosecutor but was driven to insanity by his first loss. He still does anything to win but lives completely in the past.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Ewald is the Grandfather of Kristoph Gavin and Klavier Gavin.

Brief Background: Ewald was once one of the world greatest prosecutors who never lost a case. Until one day he lost to a Mrs. Venus Mercury. After his devastating loss he fled into the wilderness where he lived in isolation for close to thirty years. He returned to the courts years later to face off against Venus's son, Eric Mercury.

Character's Name: Maisey Byrde

Age: 20

Occupation: Waitress at Bien Bien, a branch to Tres Bien. Defendant.

Brief Physical Description: She looks younger than she actually is, and resembles her sister very little. She has bright red hair, and wears a similar waitress outfit to her sister, only in blue and green. Blue hat.

Brief Personality Description: A slightly immature girl. She loves to joke about, but has similar bad luck to Maggey Byrde.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Sister of Maggey Byrde, and very good friends with Maya Fey, as they have a similar personalities.

Brief Background: Maisey was a detective until her sister became a waitress. Feeling guilty to keep her former job when her sister had to quit, she became a waitress at Bien Bien, the branch restarant started when Jean Armstrong learnt to cook. She was accused of the murder of Armstrong, which is when she met Phoenix and Maya.

Character's Name: Ray Nebow

Age: 32, as of one year after AJ

Occupation: Unemployed. It is doubtful he could get a job if he cared to try.

Brief Physical Description: 5'9", 12 stone. Different parts of him correspond to different colours of the rainbow: Red half of jacket, Orange Trousers, Yellow hair and buttons, Green other half of jacket, pale blue shirt and blue eyes, purple cravat/necktie thing.

Brief Personality Description: Ray is a bit of an eccentric, spending all his time gazing up into the sky in the park outside his house, reacting almost frighteningly joyfully to everything he sees. Though when you speak to him he gives an air of being more intelligent and less like he should be in an asylum than it appears.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None.

Brief Background: Ray has no job, and spends all his time at Rainbow common, a part of People park close to the southern entrance. Nobody really is sure what he does there, nor do they particularly care, as they write him off as pretty crazy. Though there could be more to him that it appears...

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email them to Croik at courtrecord @ gmail dot com.