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1st Place!
Entrant's Name: Darklance

Character's Name: Vilks Fiercenger

Age: 26

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Vilks is tall, muscular and dark-skinned. His long darkbrown hair in mohwak style are combined with two dazzling yellow eyes.  Sometimes his eyes seem to ask for love, sometimes show hate. He has a scar on the face, caused by an incident when he was an High-school student. He wears a purple jacket and a pair of battered trousers with a simple black belt. Around
his neck, he has a necklace with a golden crucifix, that is a memento of his mother. He has another belt around his trunck, where he put his cookies, that also hold his old bamboo blade. When he was young, he had lighter hair than now.

Brief Personality Description: Rowdy and sarcastic, he has an agressive personality that he shows in and out the courtroom. He doesn't trust people and doesn't cares anything about justice. His only object is to take revenge. He could hold a grudge against someone forever. He loves bluffing and intimidating his enemies pretending to have an ace in the hole, that, in the end, he always bring out somehow. He can change everything in his advantage. He possesses a lot of informations, often embarassing, that he uses against the people in front of him, to control them as he wishes. His metods to make the witnesses and the accused talk are terrible. He doesn’t respect anyone and anything, and he often calls people with an insult. He used to scream "Soe!" at the beggining of his sentences. He LOVES cookies.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Working in the prosecutor office Vilks knows every prosecutor and every detective and knows anything about their secrets. For unknown reasons He doesn't tollerate Klavier Gavin, and he often took under hostage his red badger guitar. His mentor should be the "Rookie Killer" Winston Payne, but the old prosecutor, too scared of the boy, has never approach him.

Brief Background: Vilks’s mother was the daughter of a famous boss of the Mafia, and she should have taken his charge.However, when she got pregnant, she decided to interrupt communications with her family and to bring up her own son like a common child. When he was young, Vilks was a very happy and sunny boy, who lived alone with her dear mother in a small flat. At kindergarten, there was a boy that Vilks admired a lot and he wanted to become friends with him. One day Vilks, as always, during the lunchtime at school, was going to taste one of her mother's homemade cookies, but, while playing, the boy that Vilks admired went against him, causing the falling of the cookie: the cookie shattered in crumbs.

The boy apologized, and continued playing as nothing happened. Another child with eyes blue as the sky, who in the latest years began to open himself a bit, helped him to turn up and apologized again for what happened. Young Vilks, after standing up, kept staring at his cookie reduced in crumbles, shocked.  That day some strangers took him from school to bring him to a big mansion. In a bedroom inside, there was his mother; she had been wounded during a shootout with some rival mafia families, which led her to a comatose state. Near Vilks's mother was a tall blond man, who didn't understand why that kid was there; when Vilks started crying and yelling "mom", shaking her trying to awake her from her eternal rest, the man approached him and explained the sad situation: Vilks couldn't accept that his mother wouldn't have opened her eyes anymore. The man, seeing the child crying, got shocked and tried to comfort him after pulling himself together; but as soon as he tried to, a man ordered everyone to lay before the boss to talk about the young descendant's future. The boss decided that Vilks would have been his next successor, and that he must had been brought up as such. The man who tried to comfort Vilks, knowing why is mother tried to hide him, opposed his boss's decision, without luck. So the man asked to take care personally of the young boy, and the boss accepted his offer. Vilks was adopted by that man and took his surname. As a teenager, Vilks becomes excited by maths thanks to his adoptive father, trains in kendo and becomes very able with fire-arms, like his mother: he then gets from his own family a "picciotto" that will protect him as a bodyguard. Vilks is determined about not following the path his grandfather wants him to follow, to become a math teacher: this is why he decided to flee from home. One day he meets Leon and challenges him to a fight, losing and with a scar on his face. After that he decides that he would defeat Leon on his own field, humiliating him. He becomes a prosecutor at the age of 25, but he doesn't attend any hearing, because his only goal is to take revenge on the kid who destroyed his last memento from his mother and who wounded his pride and face, leaving him a scar.

Here, thanks to his blackmailing and to Leanne Griever, a childhood friend of him, he manages to not get fired and to mantain his role as a prosecutor. He gets entrusted with a young detective named Fio Vance, who he often works with. Fio, who became a detective to find his father's murderers, is often bullied by Vilks, though he esteems deeply his prosecutor colleague.

2nd Place and Croik's Choice
Entrant's Name: Hoshihoshi

Character's Name: Jing Feihu  (精 飛狐)
Japanese: Sei Hikitsune

Age: 25

Occupation: Unemployed (Former Prosecutor)

Brief Physical Description: With messy red hair of an improbable cut, Fei is 174 cm tall, relatively slender and athletically built. He keeps in shape and dresses in a manner that offers both comfort and confers an advantage for hands on investigations or running away. He is almost always seen dressed ready for take-off, goggles and all. Although many believe he dresses like this to taunt those who cannot kill or capture him, as yellow is a highly visible colour.

He has many scars on his body, several stab wounds on his torso and a gunshot wound in his leg. There is a word in the language of Zheng Fa carved into his chest, but he always keeps it hidden. He will only let it be seen by those he trusts.


Brief Personality Description: Fei comes across as being carefree and eccentric, often saying things he doesn't mean or completely opposite to what he means. He is not overly expressive, and has a tendency to feign feelings, manipulating or tricking others. Fei is a serial liar and not particularly concerned about forging evidence or buying his way. He does this because he believes he needs to fight fire with fire, and has lost all hope in the judicial system. His motto is something along the lines of ‘The goal justifies the means’. However he has a high sense of discipline and is extremely filial to his parents.

Fei has a deep mistrust of all law enforcement agencies, especially detectives (see background) and refuses to accept assistance or evidence from them, preferring to supervise or conduct investigations by himself. He also childishly likes to behave in a complete disregard for laws and social customs. Fei manages to out fox the police’s pursuit most of the time…

In his field of work, he is considered a maverick, despised by more senior colleagues, and not taken seriously by many, but his dedication and single-mindedness when applying himself to his cases is both admired and envied. However because of his unconventional style, he frequently exposes himself to danger.

He is happiest when airborne, and loves to travel.


Connection to canon characters: (Main events set after the end of AAI)

Does not get along with any member of law enforcement, especially Shi-Long Lang. Fei believes the Lang family's fall from grace proves his mistrust of dectectives as well founded, and will continuously remind other lawyers and prosecutors of this ad nauseum. However they keep running into each other as a result of Shi-Long's prolific crime-busting activities. It is said if Fei and Shi-Long are left in the same room alone, they will kill each other. As such, they have a competition to see who will prove the other wrong: Whether prosecutors or detectives are the scum.

(See Background)


Brief Background: Fei is born in Zheng Fa. He immigrated to the US as an infant with his father. His mother and father met while studying at university, and eloped together - he was from a poor family, a lower caste and she was forbidden from marrying him as she is the daughter of the Mayor. When Fei was only 2 years old, his mother was tricked into returning home to visit her supposedly ailing father who forced her into an arranged marriage to merge 2 powerful families. Since then she had been kept from returning to her husband and son. Fearing her new husband, she had a secret hysterectomy so that he will not have children. She was determined to leave everything to her son, Fei. Enraged, her husband banished her to the US and did not permit her any control of their combined companies. She did not know both Fei and his father were in the same country, only discovering this upon reading about Fei's case in the papers whereupon she immediately tracked him down.

His father remarried while living in the States, and had 3 more children with his new wife. In order to protect his family, he stopped contacting them, had them change their names and moved them overseas yet again.

As a rookie prosecutor, at the age of 22, he was selected to take on a case where the overseeing prosecutor had retired. He formed a close working relationship with the lead detective Yuu Dunnett, a veteran detective who was working on the case to show him the way, and they formed a strong working relationship. The case they worked on involved a drug gang comprising several high school students. However in the ultimate betrayal, Fei was almost killed when Dunnett was revealed to be the ringleader and part of a larger criminal organisation. (He carries the scars to this day - the word 'Sacrifice' was carved into his chest, plus several stab wounds). The entire affair was covered up, leading Fei to believe there is rampant corruption within law enforcement agencies, and shattering his belief in the system. Because he was new to the profession, his attempts to reopen the case were blocked repeatedly and he was ridiculed. Disillusioned, he quit. However, when several attempts were made on his life again, his family threatened, he realised he was targeted by those who had failed to kill him.

Soon after he was abducted and brought to an unknown location where he was brought before a mysterious woman who provided him with a lot of money and information about what had happened to him. Unbeknownst to him, this woman was his mother. In return, she asked that he meet her every month and tell him about his childhood, his father and his siblings.

With the money and information she provided him, Fei gained new confidence to pursue the truth and expose the corruption in the system. He bought a small plane which he pilots - in fact he flies to most places because traveling by conventional methods was not safe. His mother also provided him with bodyguard to protect him.

Disastrously, his mother was murdered only 3 months after their reunion. Her husband, upon discovering their secret monthly meetings, had her killed. But before then, she disclosed that her husband was intimately involved in what had happened to Fei. Devastated, Fei swore to take revenge. To add insult to injury, Fei was framed for the murder and arrested as the prime suspect.

He befriended Franziska while studying together in Germany, and contacts her upon arrest. She brings Phoenix Wright to defend Fei, and also uses her connections with Interpol to access increased investigative authority, enlisting Shi-Long Lang's help. They discover the ones involved in forging the evidence that led to the downfall of the Lang family was a result of the same corruptive sources within law enforcement that affected Fei so adversely. Fei and Shi-Long form a temporary truce in order to bring the perpetrators to justice. The team secures an early release for Shih-na because of her assistance in their investigations, and she joins them, wanting to make up for what she has done.

The State seems intent on getting a death sentence for Fei, with massive amounts of forged evidence. Will the team expose the core of corruption before time runs out? Will he ever get his revenge, clear his name, and see his family ever again? Or will Fei succumb to his demons and drag those who fight to help him into the dark world of corruption?


Entrant's Name: Mary Katherine

Character's Name: Lorelei Campbell - うそつき いつも (Usotsuki Itsumo)

Name Meanings: English Name, her first name Lorelei containing the word "Lie" at the end if pronouned correctly and Campbell being her last name and literally meaning "Crooked Mouth" indicating that whatever comes out of her mouth isn't straight, but a crooked lie. Japanese, Usotsuki her first name is literally the word "Lair" and Itsumo her last name literally meaning "Always" so in Japanese her name means Liar Always.

Age: 18

Occupation: Student and Barista

Brief Physical Description: Standing at 5" 7' weighing 125 lbs, Lorelei's physique is typical of any North American girl. She has a wider and more cute face with a wider bottom lip which more often then not makes her look like she's pouting. Making up for her normallcy, Lorelei's hair is dyed pink and she wears pink on both her lips and nails. Sporting a white t-shirt with a steel samurai motif and purple and red jacket. She wears a "Steel Samurai" armband and constantly brings her Iron Infant Doll wherever she goes. Staying in current fashion Lorelei wears a pair of ripped jeans. Although with her clothes Lorelei is very colorful, she is just as animated with the way she moves and expresses herself. Everything about Lorelei is dramatic and she will use arm movements, body language, facial expressions and any other possible venue of dramatically conveying her emotions.

Brief Personality Description: Her personality is best defined to most as a Steel Samurai fan but upon further time spent with Lorelei it is discovered that what makes her stand out from the crowd is not fandom, it is the fact that he is a pathilogical liar. Behind a bubbly and otherwise pleasant personality is hidden the strange feature of Lorelei's compulsive lying. Being a very typical pathilogical liar, Lorelei suffers from illusions of grandure, believing at many times that she is either superbly greater then she actually is or is a mastermind criminal. No matter what she does, it always turns around to become part of the world that her lies have created. Being one personality in front of one person and a minagarie of others depending on who she speaks with one never knows who they'll be with when in the presense of Lorelei. Creating social troubles for the girl, although because of her sickness she easily presents to people the lie of being extremly popular and a social icon. Her reaction upon being discovered as a liar is to either blame the person calling her out as a liar themself or to become violent and throw whatever is closest to her at said person. Aside from her lying Lorelei has a pleasant personality and is what could be considered a "fan girl". Taking on the personalites that you would find in the "Otaku" social group.

Connection to Canon Characters: Lorelei has no relation to any of the cannon characters. However during the Turnabout Convention case, she is a witness at a murder trial where Phoenix Wright is Defense Attorney with Maya as his aid and Miles Edgeworth stands as Prosecution. During the initial investigation is Phoenix, Maya and Miles first encounter with Lorelei in which she leaves quite and impression on the three, which is fully described in her backgound.

Brief Background: Lorelei's conntection to the Ace Attorney series is during a case that takes place after the events of Ace Attorney Investigations. The case is called "Turnabout Convention". The setting takes place during a Steel Samurai Convention where the Pink Princess' Actress is murdered. Lorelei is taken as a witness to the murder for being one of the few people that were in the vincinity of the crime at the time. She is questioned by both Phoenix Wright who is at the Convention with Maya Fey and also questioned by Miles Edgeworth and Detective Gumshoe who have been sent to investigate the crime scene. When asked by Phoenix what she saw of the crime, Lorelei dramaticcally recalls a tale of heroisim as she tells him a story of how she tried to save her favorite actress and her deep regret at not being able to succeced in her efforts. After claiming a very self rightous position in the case, Phoenix and espcecially Maya and convinced that Lorelei is not in fact the murderer but has information that would be useful in hte court room. However, upon being questioned by Edgeworth and Gumshoe Lorelei's story changes drammatically. Telling the two that she was responsible for the murder and claiming to have killed the actress out of raging jealously of her love for the Steel Samurai and attempts to bribe Edgeworth and Gumshoe into not telling anyone with a lifetime supply of extra tall mocha, caramel, lattespressochaicoffee with extra whip from her work as a barista. Dispite Gumshoe being temped by the offer Edgeworth dashes his hopes by assuring Lorelei that she indeed is not the murderer becasue her fingerprints are no where to be found and the weapon she stated to have used didn't work with the crime scene. Feeling threatened by being told she was lying, Lorelei gets raging mad and throws her Iron Infant doll at the Prosecutor. Almost being taken to the precinct for assaulting Edgeworth with a stuffed doll, Lorelei is saved by Phoenix and Maya, who finding another piece of evidence want to question her again. After the questioning, Lorelei is excused and has become the first witness for the murder trial the next day. After she leaves, both Defense and Prosecution share their expreinces with the young woman, discovering that something is strange about her behavious. But without any real recourse they're left to see what the next day with her in the Court Room has to offer.

Upon the next day, neither Defense nor Prosecution can find Lorelei at the Court House for the trial. Frustrated at being unable to prepare his witness Edgeworth prepares another witness for the stand while the police are sent to search for the girl. But once in the Court Room when asked to call the first witness to the stand before Edgeworth can call his newly prepared witness, Lorelei pops up on the witness stand out of no were smiling widely and seemingly very happy. Following the judges insructions she states her name but when asked her occupation Lorelei tells the courtroom that she is the actress of the Pink Princess, causing questions to be raised about both the victim's identity and Lorelei's credibility. Upon having her sanity questioned, Lorelei fusses asking why the Judge why he made a big deal out of her little joke and attempts to make him feel bad. After the small ordeal she promises to tell the "whole truth and nothing but the truth". During the cross examination, absoloutly everything that Lorelei says is a lie, no matter how small the details. Making it impossible for Phoenix to choose one of the comments in her testimony, even upon choosing different statements and presenting contrary evidence, Lorelei turns her statement around to make Phoenix into the liar. After several failed attempts Phoenix discovers that the only way to confuse Lorelei into telling the truth is by picking a statement and presenting evidence to make it look like her lie is in fact the truth. Cuasing Edgeworth to become confused, he objects to Phoenix creating the illusion of Lorelei's "truth". Making Lorelei switch her statements once more and this time causing the girl uinknowningly to tell the truth. After all the effort that Phoenix makes, Lorelei finally gives a large truth pointing to the true murderer. But once she's asked to leave the stand, Lorelei refuses, stating that she has more to say but when told by Phoenix to leave, Lorelei becomes angered and just before exiting the court room the throws her Iron Infant Plushie at Phoenix and leaves in tears.


Entrant's Name: Ellie

Character's Name: Lola Heart

Age: 15

Occupation: School Student (is in the same class as Trucy Wright)

Brief Physical Description: Lola has wavy, silver and grey hair. She has stunningly beautiful blue eyes, which are often mistaken for coloured contacts. She wears bright clothing all times of the year. She has incredibly white pale skin and is often mistaken for a ghost or an angel, her skin becomes highlighted in the sun.

Brief Personality Description: She is very quiet and spacy, and rarely shows emotion to people, because of this she is very lonely and doesn't have any friends. Normally the only thing that she shows emotion to is her cute cat 'Oreo'. She loves cute things, such as kittens and fluffy things however when she sees them, she just picks them up and stares at them strangely, so people often find her odd and strange, so they feel uncomfortable to be around her.

Connection to canon characters and brief background information:
When Lola was younger she was always left alone and what started off as a bubbly child was soon eliminated and a emotionless girl was put in her place. As soon as she was 15, she asked to live on her own, and her parents, who didn't care much for her, agreed.

Thanks to her parents wealth they brought her a small house with a garden in the city, which happens to be right next to where Apollo Justice lives.

When her beloved cat 'Oreo' goes missing she arrives at the 'Wrights Anything Agency' and pays Apollo and Trucy to find her cat, who they happen to find in the Meraktis Clinic Garage.
When her cat was returned, she smiled which suprised Trucy and Apollo, because all the time they spent together so far, she showed no emotion.

Finding out she lives on her own, Apollo is often bringing her meals because he's afraid that she's not eating enough.

About a month later, Lola is accused of murdering a fellow classmate who was last seen with her on a CCTV camera. A teacher who was apparently a witness to her killing the victim was the actual murderer. And with Apollo's help and his amazing lawyer skills he clears Lola's name of murder.

Thanks to Apollo, Lola has slowly began to display emotions like the one's of her bubbly younger childhood that have been locked away for years. She eats meals such as dinner and breakfast, often with Apollo and see's him as her older brother she never had. Also thanks to Trucy, she has been able to make many friends in her class and often forces all her new friends to go see Trucy's perfomances.


Entrant's Name: Lucy Verity

Character’s Name: Chance Fortunato/ Japanese Name: Yoshi Shiawase

Name origin: Simply a play on the words “chance” and “fortunate”, his Japanese name is “Yoshi” meaning good luck and “Shiawase” literally meaning “good fortune”.

Age: 25 (30 years after AJ)

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: About 5’4”, Short red hair with a shock of hair hanging over the middle of his forehead, amber eyes, wears an azure sports jacket over a white dress shirt with a beige vest and gold tie along with black slacks and brown loafers

Brief Personality Description: He lives by his motto “I take everything as a 50-50 chance, either it happens, or it doesn’t.” When not actively speaking in the courtroom, he is seen constantly flipping a gold coin. There are times when he could actually be described as a charming, intuitive person, but Chance is known to hold grudges, the main one being against an attorney named Lucy Verity for a case that occurred 10 years ago.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Apprentice to Klavier Gavin

Brief Background: Starting his prosecuting career at the age of 22, his ultimate goal was to make Lucy Verity suffer for her involvement in a case known as IL-3.


Entrant's Name: Ace Attorney Ali

Character name: Samisle Atmey (smile at me)

Age: 23 years old (GS4)

Occupation: Ace detective

Brief physical description: Samisle has jet black hair with a golden blonde fringe, a typical genetic trait of her family. She is of average height and has a light build. Her eyes are a chocolate brown melded with the black of her pupils and shine like those of a cat, as though they can see things invisible to the blind eye. She wears a magenta bow in her hair, scarlet jewelled earrings and a grey trench coat over her magenta dress.

Brief Personality description: A proud person of sorts, Samisle isn’t loud but she isn’t shy either. Despite seeming extremely cool, calm and collected, Samisle is plagued by self doubt and an extreme fear of making mistakes. She isn’t as friendly as most people, but she is trustworthy beyond all doubt. More than anything though, she is determined to do whatever her mind is set on, be that finding evidence, cracking a case or holding an unforgiving grudge against someone.

Connections to canon characters: Samisle is Luke Atmey’s younger sister by more than ten years. She is good friends with Ema Skye and they regularly work on cases together. She knows of Detective Gumshoe, but doesn’t bother talking to him much. Samisle bears an extreme grudge against Godot and also Phoenix Wright for what they did to her brother.

Brief background: As a child, Samisle Atmey had no feelings nor desires to become a detective. She never dreamt that one day she would solve mysteries and collect evidence for trials. But that all changed when she was sixteen years old. Her older brother Luke, whom she dearly loved became an “ace” detective and was pursuing the infamous criminal Mask DeMask. She was so proud of her brother’s efforts to uncover the secrets of this criminal, not jealous, but happy for him. But that all changed when he was convicted guilty of murder and when he self admitted to the theft of the artefacts. Samisle’s idol had been destroyed and her family was in disgrace. She never blamed her brother for his actions, despite them being wrong. She always loved him. The one she shifted the blame to was the defense attorney who insisted on his guilt, Phoenix Wright, and the prosecutor of the case, Godot, for not doing more to get the defendant declared guilty. She knew though that the criminal had to pay but she couldn’t help despising the pair. After the trial, she knew something had to be done, something to bring back the glory of the Atmey name. After graduating high school, she decided to take over the work of her brother, to become the ace detective he never was. This, she felt, would restore glory back to her family. She does it for him each day, finds evidence she knows should be his to look at and say “Zvarri!” (She doesn’t say it much herself though.) She is still a detective today, doing her work solving crimes, being the ace detective Luke never was.


Entrant's Name: Ace Attorney Alex

Character's Name: Alexandra Candor

Age: 29 (a year after the AJ timeline)

Occupation: Interpol spy. She’s considered the “master of disguise”

Brief Physical Description: She seems very small for her age. She’s quick and tiny, and she always has a smile of some sort on her face. She has bright blue eyes with shimmering auburn hair. She bears a spy device in her hair disguised as a hair barrette. It sends out holographic images that contains updated information from Interpol. She tends to change her appearance a lot, altering it with wigs, make-up, and even padding to undergo a transformation for her job.

Brief Personality Description: She’s very bright and bubbly, and she treats everything like a game when she’s working. She always keeps a level head and stays calm mostly all the time. But she tends to be a little emotional, and she often stresses a little and gets a bit too excited. She loves the Blue Badger.

Alex was born with a very special gift: Precise photographic memory. She can remember anything to the last detail, even if she only glanced at it for only a second. This comes in handy for her later jobs.

She has numerous alter egos that she developed during her spy career, but she usually keeps in touch with two: Kaitlyn Rhodes and Izzy Able.

Kaitlyn Rhodes is the woman she uses to negotiate anything business or serious. She acts cold and to-the-point when using this character, and she often changes her name and her appearance (only very slightly) when dealing with different organizations.

Izzy Able is modeled after Alex’s sixteen-year-old self, with a care-free, dorky, and goofy attitude with a style to match. She tends to be somewhat overactive and socially awkward, and Alex’s favorite when dealing with Edgeworth.
Lily Summers is a woman she takes the name and appearance of after she is accidentally murdered in a case Alex was working on. She will be further explained in the background section.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):

Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma, and Manfred von Karma gang up on her at age sixteen to strip her of her prosecuting rights (though Edgeworth was reluctant to do so.)

Later on, Gumshoe found her and discovered her photographic memory talents and issued her in the force, where she worked as a detective alongside him.

Many of her cases in Interpol are headed by Shi-long Lang.

She met Phoenix before he started his defense attorney career and dated him for a little while, but had to end the relationship abruptly because of her job offering from Interpol. She later meets up with him after he gets his attorney’s badge back a year after the AJ timeline as a suspect in a case, disguised as a woman named Lily Summers.

Brief Background:
Age sixteen:
Alex was about to take her Bar exams to become a prosecutor when Manfred von Karma, along with his two students, Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma, came to overlook one of her classes. He noticed her not paying attention and accused her, and with a cold look in her eye she told him she’d already memorized the stuff. He only got more angry and yelled at her. Finally, she snapped and called him a disgrace to all of law, and that he was not perfect, that he was a cheater. This outraged him, and he ordered for her to never step in court as an attorney. Alex laughed and said that it wasn’t fair for her to be kicked out for stating her opinion. She and Manfred then settled on an agreement, where she would have to state her opinion with supporting facts in a very formal debate against his best pupil: Miles Edgeworth. The stakes? If Miles won, Alex would have to leave the courtroom forever. If Alex won… Miles suffered a tarnished reputation. Alex wasn’t worried about the odds, though, for she knew she had enough facts to back up her claim.

The next day, the court was ready for the heated debate of the two rookies. Topic: Perfect Prosecution. Pro: Miles Edgeworth. Con: Alexandra Candor. The debate went on for hours, and the time had come where Alex could drop her secret weapon:

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Alex spoke in a clear, steady voice as she placed a file on the judge’s desk, “I’m sure that you all remember that case ten years ago, the last case of a renowned defense attorney who fought for an innocent man’s freedom against a heartless man hungry for nothing other than a perfect record. I surely remember it,” Alex bowed her head. “The defendant who was pronounced ‘guilty’ thanks to the prosecution’s forged evidence was my father.” The crowd began to whisper. “And I’m sure you remember it well, too,” Alex pointed an accusing finger straight at Miles Edgeworth’s paling face, “for it was your father who defended him!” Alex smirked coldly. “But, even your father wasn’t great enough to stop the prosecution’s evil grasp. All the prosecution suffered was a simple slap on the wrist for the forged evidence that was found, and through some terrible miracle the defendant was still found guilty. The accursed man who sent my father to jail?! Manfred von Karma!”

The crowd was now in favor of Alex, and her victory was prominent… yet she still lost. She was booted from the law school, never to register again. She heard rumors that Manfred had bribed the judge (the judge was the one used for lower courts, such as money disputes, not the same, lovable one we all know and love), but Alex didn’t care. She just wanted to move on and find her true calling in life.

After the debate she met up with Edgeworth, and he admitted that he had immense respect for her. She forgave him, but warned him about Manfred, saying that she suspected that he was no good. It turned out that she was right.

Several months later she met Gumshoe as a witness where she expressed her prosecuting, analyzing, and memorization skills. He had her register in the police force, where she quickly made detective.

Age 19
This is the age Alex meets Phoenix for the first time at trial as a witness. She sat in at one of Mia’s trials where she defended an Ivy U. student who was suspected of stealing historic artifacts from the University History Museum and selling them for enormous profit. Phoenix overlooked it as well, for he was about to experience his first case. Alex was thoroughly convinced that the man Mia was defending was truly innocent, so she decided to conduct a private investigation of her own. She managed to catch the Archeology professor in the act, and she performed as a witness at the trial in the defense’s case. The student was acquitted, and Mia thanked Alex tremendously, and she later on introduced Alex to Phoenix, where they proceeded to date. A few months later she received a call from Interpol that offered her a huge but risky job as a high-tech spy. She knew that if she accepted, she’d have to cut off from the world she knew and loved and enter a completely new one, perhaps permanently. She discussed this with Phoenix (without mentioning Interpol or the position she had been offered, of course), and they both agreed that it would be better off if they went their separate ways. Alex’s spirit somewhat crushed over this, for she was in love with Phoenix, but she understood that it was going to be difficult to maintain a relationship since Interpol had to erase her from existence, in a matter of way.
Age 29
She started a special smuggling case concerning Fallesia, a small South American country. The smuggled item was the deadly Fallesian Coffee Bean, a bean that smells, looks, and tastes like a typical coffee bean, but contains an odorless and tasteless poison that slowly paralyzes the body and breaks down the muscle tissues. Just one bean mixed in with normal coffee beans could kill you. The poisonings were very common in business leaders and politicians.

Alex and Shifu began to investigate the matter a few months after the incident started. The main suspect of the smuggling ring was a medical practitioner named Sarah Hanner. She grew up in Fallesia and studied medicine there, and she used to work for Interpol as a medical doctor. Suddenly the poisonings started to occur among Interpol, killing a lot of important people. A few days after the outbreak, the records room that contained very detailed accounts of the agents’ past lives was broken into, with all of the top agents’ files missing, one of them being Alex’s. Sarah disappeared from Interpol after that.

She was spotted working at the Emblem Clinic a few weeks after the case started under the name Sarah Williams. Alex went undercover as a nurse there and began to investigate her. She befriended another fellow nurse, Lily Summers. She had no relation to the smuggling case, though it was believed she helped get her a job there.

One day, Alex confronted Sarah at the garage of the clinic, saying that she had Interpol agents on their way to arrest her, though it was only a bluff. Sarah saw through it and attacked her, destroying her favorite spy tool, the barrette, and caused quite a racket. Lily Summers happened to hear the struggle and went to inspect what was going on. Sarah saw Lily hiding behind her car, ambushed her, and knocked her unconscious, and Alex ran to help her. Sarah, on the other hand, was by a nearby car, its gasoline emptied onto the garage floor and lit a fire, and Alex and the unconscious Lily were soon engulfed in flames.

Alex managed to get a safe distance from the fire, but she realized too soon that Lily’s body was no longer in her possession. Alex fainted from breathing in too much smoke.

They took Alex to another hospital (for the one she worked at was currently in chaos), and she went under the name of Lily Summers.

After she recovered, she went under one of her dramatic makeovers to make herself resemble the woman Sarah had killed that day, yet she had no way of contacting Interpol to tell of her plans. The next day she (as Lily Summers) was arrested for the murder of the victim in the garage. The police believed the victim was Alex Candor, but the body was so charred and destroyed that they couldn’t get an identification, and a witness saw Alex enter the garage before Lily (yet she didn’t see Sarah).

During this time, Phoenix was just finishing the last of his bar exams. He received his brand new attorney’s badge, and after much celebrating with Trucy and Apollo, he settled down to get ready for his first case. The defendant? Lily Summers. The victim? Alexandra Candor. He instantly recognized the name. He rushed down to the detention center to question Lily immediately.

When he arrived, Alex (disguised as Lily) instantly recognized Phoenix. She knew it was dangerous to reveal her identity to him because Sarah was on the loose, and she might try to hurt him. He questioned her, and, thanks to the Magatama, thoroughly believed her story and agreed to defend her.

The next day, the trial went on as heated as ever with Gavin as prosecution (he saw this as his chance to finally have a fair fight against Phoenix without his brother’s interruption). Gavin produced t he security camera footage from the garage that night. It showed three figures dressed in nurses outfits, yet the faces of the figures were unidentifiable. Phoenix said it was impossible to tell who attacked who, but as the video continued to play he became shocked.

One figure was by a car, trying to open the car door, when another figure came in and yelled at her. The figure by the car attacked the other, and then the third figure runs in. The third figure ran over to a car and released the gasoline. The video ends when the two other figures notice her and run to confront her.

Gavin then presents the punch-card data. According to the data, Sarah entered the garage first, followed by Alex, then by Lily. Meaning the third figure that released the gasoline was Lily.

Alex (disguised as Lily) was quite shocked at the fact, saying she had no idea what the video was portraying. She said she never even got close to that car.

Phoenix contemplates that if this is true, then that means she isn’t the figure that they thought she was.

A surprise witness comes to the trial, Shi-Long Lang, to testify about Alex and who she was. His information helped Phoenix immensely.

The trial continues, and Phoenix figures out the defendant’s true identity. He eventually figures out that the real Lily Summers was working along Sarah Hanner, that they were both big shots in the smuggling case Alex was working on. The police eventually find and arrest Sarah, and afterwards Alex left Interpol to pursue her old job as a detective alongside her good friend, Detective Gumshoe. She works often alongside Phoenix as a P.I., and their relationship rekindles and blossoms into something more.

Entrant's Name: Hushicho

Character's Name: Niko (full name Nikodeimos) Locke; the pun is that 'Nikodeimos' (also 'Nicodemus' and other variants) has a certain 'dark magic' sound due to etymological elements, and 'Locke' can be a shortening of 'warlock', due to his appearance and at times mysterious behaviour.

Age: 34

Occupation: Spirit Medium, Researcher

Brief Physical Description: Tall, fiery-haired, and on the slight end of average build, Niko Locke is nonetheless difficult to miss for his dramatic dress sense and long hair. His eyes are green.

Brief Personality Description: Niko is as passionate as his hair is fiery, but he is usually rather soft-spoken until he gets to know someone. He can be self-doubting and meek, but sometimes things set him off and he becomes very outspoken and strongly-worded. He can be harsh at times, but he typically means well. Vegetarian and pacifistic, he is also heavily influenced by the mysticism of India and Mesopotamia, which has been incorporated into his appearance. Niko is trying to conduct research into mysticism and channelling so that they can be used more efficiently to help people. After finding out
about Godot's case, he worked hard to prove that a channeller is not in control of himself or herself when possessed. He wants to use
channelling and mystical means to be sure that the innocent are protected. He likes karaoke and sings well, although he almost
invariably chooses odd songs to sing, like women's enka.

He can be terribly flighty at times and sometimes governed by his whims, which is how he got himself stuck channelling Mia Fey for an extended period of time. He is, however, generally reliable and honest to a fault.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Niko was defended by Phoenix Wright during a crisis also involving Godot. He became friends with Maya Fey, though they started out at odds due to different approaches to mysticism. He actually was stuck being possessed by Mia for a length of time, which played a part in bringing them all together. He has met Miles Edgeworth and finds him appealing, but is frustrated by his unwillingness to accept channelling. He is a friend of Marvin Grossberg. He is very fond of Godot, although he at times wonders if all of the fondness is his own, or if part is influenced by the extensive possession by Mia Fey.

Phoenix isn't certain what to make of him, and having Mia in technically a male body (albeit with her certain features) confused and distressed him. Maya was initially diametrically opposed to Niko, although they seemed to have resolved most of their differences during the course of the case. Mia likes Niko, though they've only really briefly met, apart from her possessing his body. She liked the experience though. Marvin Grossberg is a fond friend of Niko's, and the two get along well. Miles Edgeworth thinks he's a flake. Godot at first thought Niko was just another flake too, but through the ordeal of the trial and the extensive possession, he finds it difficult to dismiss him outright and has become more friendly.

Brief Background: Niko Locke followed his childhood desires and travelled to Mesopotamia to study mysticism there, becoming a capable mystic of his own. It was sometime during his youth that he met Marvin Grossberg, and the two kept in reasonable touch. Eventually Niko began to develop a study of mysticism in use of crime solving and came across the case of former star prosecutor Godot. Through his connections with Grossberg, he was able to influence Godot's release in order to participate in a study that Niko felt would shed greater light on the proceedings, as he felt they had been mishandled. Godot was not entirely comfortable with the whole situation, but at the same time it promised to help him in ways greater than the immediate physical world.

Unfortunately, during an impulsive channelling session, both Niko and Godot were rendered unconscious, which trapped Mia Fey in Niko's body, complete with cleavage. A murder had been committed, and the two were innocent, but Mia was unable to vacate Niko's body and thus he was unable to contribute at all until much later. They would need a lawyer, and of course Mia knew who they would need to approach. Phoenix Wright was able to defend Niko and prove that neither he nor Godot were responsible for the murder, although it turned to his advantage only late in the day, with Mia finally enabled to leave Niko's body in time for him to give a more complete testimony.

Undaunted by the attempt to use him and his research -- as well as his new friend Godot, whom he was beginning to grow truly fond of -- as a cover for murder, Niko continued on with his valuable work. His findings have helped the authorities to understand and to approach things more reasonably, and he has become a trusted consultant.

He has of late been seen around Godot's cafe doing fortunetelling, between investigation tasks.


Entrant's Name: MoronSonOfBoron

Character's Name: Sunny Nebels

Age: 18

Occupation: Weather Girl

Physical Description: If not her pervasive exuberance, the first and second things most people notice about Sunny are her huge breasts. However, they never seem to weigh her down; she is very animated, and even when idling she bounces on her toes. Her hair is a wild cloud of brilliant platinum, fluffed out in every direction like her favorite dandelions, and she loves to wear flowers in her hair. Even when Sunny's million-dollar grin doesn't adorn her face, there is a content or mischievous look in her bright blue eyes. She always dresses in green, her favorite color.

Personality Description: If not her overbearing bust, the first thing most people notice about Sunny is her never-ending enthusiasm. Although dim-witted, her imagination and optimism let her always see the bright side of things. Her attention span is short, and the smallest things can capture her attention; in conversation she often excitedly rambles on about anything that comes to mind. Fun-loving and active, she has the tendency to smother people with her energy (among other things), and she's always trying to make new friends. Sunny loves to eat heaping scoops of ice cream, and keeps her favorite ice cream scoop on hand.

Sunny is a less-than-helpful witness in cases that happen to involve her, though her knack for being fascinated by the tiniest details can occasionally reveal clues.

Connection to Canon: Sunny's position as the local weather girl has earned her the dubious attention of a certain Dr. Turner Grey. She proudly keeps all of the angry letters he sends to her, as they constitute a good portion of her fan-mail.

Background: Her family owns the local news channel where she works, much to the chagrin of her professional coworkers, but no one dares raise an objection due to her executive relations. When Turner Grey was murdered in Kurain Village, the other broadcast news staff had to explain to her that Dr. Grey wouldn't be sending her any more fan-mail. She commemorated his passing with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.


Entrant's Name: Kimchi-Artist

Character's Name: Cerulean Foster / Midori Tanaka
Name meaning: Cerulean is a shade of green (probably named because of his eye color) and Foster is a common English family name.
Likewise, Midori means green and is a common name and Tanaka is a common Japanese name.

Age: 23 (GS1)
Occupation: Police Officer

Brief Physical Description: Brown hair, Long in the front and a lot shorter and messy in the back. Green eyes, specifically Cerulean. Medium height around 170 cm, physically a little to thin for his age which causes him to be extremely sensitive to cold temperatures. He usually is seen with a scarf around his neck or around his waist. Usually seen wearing a jacket and almost never seen in public wearing short sleeves except in summer.

Brief Personality Description: Cerulean is an easy-going person, he is very gullible which causes some of his colleagues often tricking him. His opinion is easily influenced by another person and this often causes problems in his job. As he never actually had any real girlfriend, he is quite sensitive to the subject if mentioned.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Works under Gumshoe. Friend of Maggey. Acquaintances of Edgeworth, Franziska, Phoenix and Maya. Ever be a witness in one of Phoenix’s case.

Brief Background:

Since a kid, he is always sensitive to the cold due to him being quite underweight. He is born in a poor but close family in the countryside and still keeps strong ties with them. He always ties a scarf around his waist just in case the weather becomes cold whereby he can directly use the scarf.

His work uniform is torn because of an unfortunate incident in which a stray cat started attacking his jacket and Cerulean’s attempt to pull it away results it to be torn. He tried to retrieve the cloth piece but the cat is nowhere to be found. As he works under Gumshoe, his salary is even LOWER than Gumshoe’s so he still needs to save his money until this day to afford to fix his uniform. Because the wind causes his hand on the torn part to be cold, he uses a glove to cover it.

Cerulean works under Gumshoe for quite a long time. He ever works with Maggey when she works under Gumshoe too which causes Gumshoe to ask him a lot of information about her. He is now secretly in jealousy for Gumshoe as now Gumshoe and Maggey have such a nice relationship while he is still looking.

He is extremely sensitive to the topic of girlfriends as he never had one before. Because of this, he ever prevented Phoenix from entering the crime scene only because Pearl convinces him that Phoenix and Maya are “Special Someones” Until Gumshoe managed to convince him that both of them are NOT together, Cerulean still insist that both Phoenix and Maya are not allowed to see the crime scene and their love is forbidden. Phoenix also promised him that he will introduce Cerulean to one of his friend which is professional about the ladies (Larry) to make Cerulean allows them to see the crime scene.

One time, he ever becomes a witness in one of Phoenix’s case whereby the murderer commits another murder in the same crime scene at the time where Cerulean guards it. The fact that he wears gloves only in on his right hand is quite important in the case as there are no fingerprints on the murder weapon. Later in the trial, he is proven to be totally left-handed and can’t handle a weapon properly in his right hand and is cleared of all suspicions.


Entrant's Name: Liu Bei

Character's Name: Ruth Fey


Occupation: Medium

Brief Physical Description: Ruth Fey is a rather small person, who is mere 143 centimetres tall. She has light grey hair and grey eyes and her face shows the bitter memories she made in life. She wears the special clothes of the family advisor.

Brief Personality Description: She is a strong-willed person, who uses any means necessary to achieve her goals. However, the one and only thing she wants, is to assure the safety of her family. She distrust any person outside of the Kurain village and has little patience with outsiders. The only outsiders she somehow tolerates are those who ask for her service as a medium. But even they can feel the hostile gaze, which the old woman throw at them.
The most members of the Fey family admires her dedication for her family, but at the same time they believe that it makes her also very unpredictable in her action. They fear that Ruth is an old paranoid woman, who is slightly crazy. The current master Maya Fey thinks that Ruth's rough behavior towards strangers is just her way to hide the fact, that she is in reality afraid of the people outside the village.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): The current honorable family advisor of the Fey family and therefore the advisor of Maya Fey.

Brief Background: Ruth Fey was born as an orphan without any family and was raised in an orphanage. Her life in the orphanage was the most horrible experience in her whole life and the reason why she could never trust anyone outside the family anymore. It was an orphanage where the children were abused and where they led a miserable life. There was a time in the orphanage when Ruth would just hide in her room, being afraid of every noise that could indicate the coming of an adult.

At the age of 14 she found out that she was able to communicate with dead people and summon them with her body. However, the very first person, she summoned was a victim of the orphanage. Upon hearing about the tragic death of the ghost her fears just increased.

After the discover of her ability, she decided to use the skills and knowledge of the dead to flee from the orphanage and she succeeded.
Later she fell into the hands of a shady organization , which used her ability to their advantages.

Her life under miserable conditions continued two years, until a member of the Fey family, called Lily Fey, found her during one of Ruth's assignments. Lily Fey noticed Ruth's origin and decided to take her to the Fey family. With the protection of the Fey family Ruth was finally able to leave the organization and her miserable life in the world outside of the village.

Finally she experienced the warmth and love of a family, who took care of her. To return the gifts the family has given her, she decided to dedicate her life for the sake of the family. She soon became a great medium, who holds many political relationships and great influence. Her love and devotion for the family made her the perfect candidate as the family advisor, whose task is it to remind the master of her obligation to the family.

The Fey family however noticed, that her dedication for the family was sometimes too strong. Her emotional scar remained, so that from her point of view every outsider was a potential enemy of the family. She used her relationships with underground organizations (although she hates them) to crush anyone, who she deemed to be a danger. The older she became the more radical became her methods and the family began to think of her as a crazy witch.

But no one dares to say so, because they were afraid they could be considered as a danger themselves.


Entrant's Name: Harusame San

Character's Name: Avalon de Rais

Age: 25

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Shoulder-length white-blonde hair, pale skin, and red eyes makes Avalon seem almost albino. Add a skull and a sickly sweet smile and you’ve got Avalon. Standing at 5’5” and weighing 103 lbs, Avalon is thin, almost disturbingly so. She always keeps a smile on her face, well, until she’s caught in a lie. When Avalon gets nervous, she pulls her arms back, bits her lip, and covers her face, but as soon as she’s regained her composure, she’s back to normal. On her back, she has the phrase “Memento Mori” (a reminder of death) tattooed across her shoulder blades in an elegant, gothic font, and across her chest she has the phrase “Dum vivimus, vivamus” (Let us live while we live) in similar writing.

Brief Personality Description: Most people would describe her as a bit “off”. Obsessed with death, violence, and history, she has a reputation among the other prosecutors for her uncanny, maverick courtroom ways. Most of the time, she carries around and talks to a skull she calls “Yorick”, whom she asks advice from, and is predicts the outcome of events using her tarot cards. She’s ever-smiling and full of strange factoids in which she will randomly sputter out, even at the expense of the court’s time. She overall a nice person, but issue can arise when anyone accuses her of lying. However, while she does not lie, per se, she will leave key details out on purpose. Her reason for doing everything is the amusement she gains watching others try to figure things out. What one would find out from reading her thoughts is that she is not as innocent—or sweet or naïve or stupid—as she seems.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Has worked with Phoenix, Edgeworth, the von Karma family, Damon Gant, Gumshoe, etc.

Brief Background: Avalon was born into a small farm-family, with Ma, Pa, and Susanne, her sister. Everything seemed fine in the family until one day, when Avalon was six, locals began disappearing. The police questioned Ma and Pa, but left. One night not long after, Avalon heard a noise in the basement. She crept down the stairs, investigating. The door was ajar, and she quietly peaked inside. What she saw was her father killing the owner of their rival farm. Frightened, Avalon ran upstairs and hid, never saying a word. Eventually, the murders stopped, the police arrested a suspect, and he was convicted. Ma and Pa went on like nothing had ever happened. Avalon became quite obsessed with the ideas of life and death, and eventually decided to become a prosecutor. Only a few years after gaining a job at the prosecutor’s office, Avalon’s understudy was gruesomely murdered. The police charged Avalon with the crime, and not without cause. She asked Phoenix to defend her, and he did. Eventually, after a long, grueling (day long) trial, Avalon was declared innocent. Nowadays, she still works as a prosecutor.


Entrant's Name: Koton

Character's Name: French name: Léo Part (“Leo leaves”, pun on “leopard”) / English name: Leo Pard / Japanese name: Saru (“leave”, NOT “monkey” it’s not written with the same kanji) Hyou (“leopard”)

Age: 80 years old (Gyakuten Kenji timeline)

Occupation: Retired policeman

Brief Physical Description: At first glance on him, you can say “oh my, he’s so old!” but it’s not the main point. Léo is as short as he’s plump, resulting of his love for food and his laziness. His bouncing belly can testify about that. Plus, there are more wrinkles than hair on his round head, modeled by merciless hands of time and genetics. His eyes are barely opened most of the time, like he’s always sleepy (and he is). Léo never goes out without his sardines suspenders, combined with a simple shirt and loose pants. Believe me or not but he always wears sandals with socks. You can always find him with a plastic bag filled with sardines cans, for him and kitties.

Brief Personality Description: Even if we don’t see clearly his qualities, his flaws are obvious. Léo acts like a cat: lunatic, sleeping a lot, motivated by food (and he’s often hungry)... Lunatic means that he can be soft-spoken and also short-tempered, even for silly things. While getting berserk, compare Léo as a barbarian. He likes teasing his cat Coton (Cotton/Momen, it’s a female) but always get bitten or scratched by her. Léo is slow at understanding, lazy and stupid, annoying for others, especially for Coton but she knows that his owner is a good old man, caring for cats.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None, although Léo used to work in the same precint as Gumshoe without meeting themselves

Brief Background: Actually, Léo wasn’t vowed to serve justice and order as a great policeman or a top-notch attorney. He entered the police to stay in an office so it’s easier for him to become freely a slowpoke between piles of papers and people’s problems. His fondness for cats brought him to take care of stray cats or lost ones in his office, there’s no day without a Léo arriving in the precint with a kitty in his arms. This job allowed him to help people and little furry creatures. Even if he likes cats, Léo never had one as his sidekick. One day, his cousin told him that his cat had kittens but couldn’t keep them all, so he gave a creamy furry kitten to Léo. Because this kitten loves cotton blankets, her owner named this kitty Coton. She can be sweet but sometimes harsh when Léo annoys her or does silly things like running after his detached suspensions. Coton was always with her owner at work and looking after him with her own way.

Now, Léo is retired but still brings stray cats at the precint, Coton at his side.
Quote: “Swear on my cat!” (French: “Sur la tête de mon chat!”)


Entrant's Name: Shibataea

Character's Name: Brett Anbuhta

Age: 19

Occupation: Luxury Train Conductor

Brief Physical Description: Superficially, Brett appears to be a young, effeminate male: tall, thin, brown-haired, and green-eyed, perpetually wearing a conductor’s uniform. Well-dressed and well-groomed, Brett is in fact a very gender-ambiguous girl blessed – or cursed – with an androgynous name. Nevertheless, Brett keeps the hat on, sports a pair of white gloves, and never loses his (her) professional air.

Brief Personality Description: Fiercely dedicated to preserving the prosperity of the train to the point of slight obsession, Brett seems to be the perfect conductor. The witness is always level-headed, never gets angry at guests, and takes on tasks that aren’t exactly in the job description (such as caring for children or taking care of personal business between passengers).
As a witness, Brett is quite friendly and gives a highly factual and seemingly impermeable testimony, but slowly becomes dazed, quiet, and shy as the cross-examination goes on. In contrast to this constant doubt, when called upon as a witness for the second time, the conductor is cold and indifferent – almost spiteful.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None.

Brief Background: To put it simply, Brett’s father owns the train; he trusts no other but his child to do a good job. When a passenger is killed and the train’s chef accused of the murder, Brett is called up to be the prosecution’s witness. Not that Brett gives a reliable testimony; the young conductor claims to have seen the victim being killed in the bathroom, though all the statements given are contradictory to the facts – “the shower in the bathroom is to the left of the entrance, the victim could not have been slumped against a glass screen that wasn’t there, and there is no mirror in the men’s bathroom!”

The men’s bathroom, yes, but it isn’t until Apollo shouts this in the heat of cross-examination that Brett reveals that ‘he’ is in fact a ‘she’ and that the murder took place in the women’s bathroom, turning the case completely on its head. (And is then promptly confused all over again by the issue of clarifying her own gender, muttering something about how she’s not quite sure herself and doesn’t really know the difference, and ends by saying, “It was in the women’s bathroom, and that’s that!”)

Brett is later called upon to testify about a second crime connected to the current case - her mother’s murder three years ago which was unresolved because of a lack of evidence – and is almost completely unwilling to talk about it, but is eventually coaxed into giving her testimony. This eventually reveals that a passenger on the train had the facilities to kill the victim, and was also the one who killed her mother.

Brett Anbuhta does indeed love bread and butter.


Entrant's Name: Untaken Fingerprint

Character's Name: Madison Themis

Age: 21, although she is often mistaken for a teenager

Occupation: Paralegal Assistant (Aide) to Winston Payne, eventually Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Short, cute and blonde, Themis wears lots of green and stands slightly pigeon-toed.

Brief Personality Description: Bubbly and cheerful and often childish, Themis is a very friendly prosecutor. She's thrilled about everything around her, especially her mentor (and hero) Winston Payne.

Yet Themis seems to ooze ditziness. Her ignorance of even the most basic court procedures leaves Apollo (And everyone else) mystified as to how she passed law school--let alone the Bar Exam.

But as if to compensate for this lack of knowledge, Themis possesses great curiosity. As Payne's Aide she clogs the proceedings with numerous questions ranging from the most pertinent to the very random and requiring Apollo to explain --Again-- how to do his job.

As a prosecutor, she seems to radiate the incompetency befitting a student of Winston Payne. Even when her notes are impeccably organized, she spends her time going down wrong paths and grasping at straws. As if that was not enough, Themis never objects to anything, but only asks questions of the witness and defense.

Apollo first gets annoyed at having to baby his opponent so... but then he begins to notice that her "Innocent questions" start to poke big holes in his case...

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She works in the (AJ Timeline) Prosecutor’s Office. Her mentor is Winston Payne, whom she treats as if he’s a prosecuting god—much to everyone else’s confusion.

She also stayed at the same orphanage as Apollo briefly, when she was seven. Neither of them remembers each other. (They were not on the best terms,)

Brief Background: When Madison was six years old, her parents were murdered in a robbery-gone-wrong. Winston Payne successfully prosecuted the case as "The Rookie Killer" putting the robber behind bars.

After the case ended, leaving Madison without any living relatives. She was placed in the San Baudelio Orphanage where she met Apollo (A long time resident). Only seven months later, she was adopted by Ajax and Minerva Themis. Who signed as legal council to the adoption? Why, Winston Payne of course. After the newly Madison Themis found out, she decided to find a way to thank him some day.

Fourteen years later, fresh out of law school, Themis finds Payne a downtrodden laughing-stock of the office. After repeatedly applying to be Payne's Paralegal Aide Themis decides that she has to restore his pride as a prosecutor the only way she knows how: by becoming the best there is as his student!

Winston Payne, of course, has no idea who she is.


Entrant's Name: Julie

Character's Name: Thyme Zupp

Age: 27 (During Ace Investigations)

State of Origin: Principality of Cohdopia

Current residence: None (Formally stayed in Borginia)

Occupation: Bio Chemist

Martial status: Widower

Hobbies: Racing (MotoGP, SBK)

Brief Physical Description: A tall and slender man in his late twenties that hides behind many layers. A pair of prescription sunglasses sit behind a thicker pair of lab technician goggles, keeping both harmful chemicals out of his eyes alongside with adding another glaze over blue-green eyes. A racing outfit sits underneath a long tan coat, which he rarely removes. His hands, clothed in fingerless gloves, often tug on a bottle in his left pocket or the racing borginian pin settled onto his lapel.

Brief Personality Description: Vague, Secretive, guarded. Thyme is seen as a man who is hard to approach in a casual setting. He skips around topics and, unless the conversation is brought down to ‘business’, he hardly opens up. Science and racing seem to be his only points of interest.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Father to Machi Tobaye, associate to Quercus Alba.

Brief Background:
Thyme was born to a well-to-do Codopian family. His early interests lay in Italian motorcycle racing and at a young age he traveled around much of Eastern Europe through his involvement in a number of Moto GP and SBK racing events. However, his parents felt he needed a career and not just a hobby. They enrolled him in one of the Europe's finest colleges to study science. He took immediately to biochemistry, enjoying it nearly as much as racing, and became well known for his discoveries while in school. A fellow Codopian professor sought out Thyme to assist him on his research on the restorative properties of the Borginian cocoon during his final years of schooling. After the untimely and suspicious demise of his professor, Thyme inhereted all the work they had done together.

Mere months after Thyme had graduated, Cohdopia collapsed into two separate nations, Babahl and Allebahst, both of which were interested in Thyme’s theories. Overwhelmed by the advancements from both sides, he fled to Borginia and claimed asylum. There he returned to his first love, racing, joining the Borginian team through which he met his second love and future wife. The accomplished flautist was the daughter of one the team's sponsors and wealthy Borginian aristocrat. They started dating a few months after meeting and were engaged within the year. She encouraged him to return to his research during the off season and asked her father for funding. He tentatively agreed to help his son-in-law. It was during those months that he unlocked the secret to the curative properties of the cocoon from which he could produce a potent treatment. However, his discovery also revealed deadly properties hidden within the cocoon's spindly threads: it was capable of producing a key element that would eventually be refined into atroquinine.

Thyme shared this information with his wife while she had a surprise of her own. They would soon be a family as she was pregnant with a son. They decided it would be best to keep his new discoveries from the Borginian government until his son was born, after which he would hand over his research and devote his entire time to his family. Not a week after the birth of their son, he returned home after a race to find his lab ransacked and parts of his notes for both formulas missing. Luckily, he had the foresight to hide important notes in a special compartment within the lab. Realizing the danger that his new family was in, he had them quickly pack up their things and flee for the Borginian border. However, during the process his wife mishandled vials of the poison and fell into a coma. He turned to the only person he could trust, his wife's father. Enraged by his son-in-laws carelessness, the wealthy aristocrat had the researcher jailed and established laws to make sale of the cocoon illegal.

While in jail, Thyme was approached by a former Cohdopia member who represented a smuggling operation which wanted to ‘use’ Thyme’s forumula to sell on black market. If he cooperated, they would promise him free access to a laboratory where he could work on a cure for his wife in return.Thyme would agree to the deal but with one amendment. Knowing his wife may never recover from her state, Thyme made arrangements to save his son's life and hide him away by any means necessary. He sent the child to an orphanage and later found a surrogate mother to adopt the child. Though to this day, cocoons are still exported, and poison is still created, something that Thyme regrets immensely.


Entrant's Name: Minsu

Character's Name: Renxiang "Ren" Feng


Occupation: Prosecutor, translator

Brief Physical Description: she's 174 cm tall with sandy pink hair tied in two loose loop that is pinned with two hair sticks shaped of a sword handle. Have grayish-yellow eyes. She wears a black pencil skirt with a white blouse and a red string brooch. Sports a teal with gold trims chinese-inspired coat with dragon designs interloping.

Brief Personality Description: A well-mannered woman who's soft sweet voice contradicts to her very blunt comments. She is modest due to her asian upbringing.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Klavier (collegue)

Brief Background:
She became a prosecutor at the age of 24 and was top of her class. Because of her good marks, the Zheng Fa government chose her along with nine others to go and observe the American law system and report when they return. After her three month stay, she had fallen in love with California and decided to move there. When she arrived, she applied to the Prosecutor's Office and was hired. Although she received high marks, did not mean she was the best. Adjusting to the american law system was difficult for her and needed guidance for the first two years. Then as the years went by, she had improved. With the combination with her bluntness and finding contradictions, her words "bites" back to the defense. She became known as Prosecutor Ren "Fang". Ren has a very heavy asian accent ( calling Apollo "Mr. Jyooh-se-stu") and can understand most people but cannot grasp the English metaphors and idioms very well. She is also a married woman with a 3 year old son.

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