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1st Place!
Entrant's Name: Annie

Character's Name: Frank Lee

Age: 32 (Apollo Justice arc)

Occupation: Detective in the Homicide Department

Brief Physical Description: Frank is 5’10 and has dark teal hair. He is rather sloppy and if he had ever met Franziska von Karma she would most likely dub him “Scruffy II.” He usually doesn’t take much care of his appearance, if his fohawk is any evidence; he is usually too lazy to even take the effort to spike it up. He also despises sleeves, so he always pushes them up. If he can't then he just rips them off.

Brief Personality Description: He is a total goof. He loves to make people laugh, but is not funny at all. True to his name, he is extremely frank. He is considered tactless, but not out of malice: he is just oblivious that his blunt truths hurt. Though, he is quite silly, he is also takes his work very seriously. He hates crime and has a great instinct to protect.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Childhood friend of Apollo Justice. Studied under Tyrell Badd for a short time.

Brief Background: Frank grew up in the same orphanage of Apollo. Back then, Frank was considered the toughest kid in the orphanage and bullied all the other children, especially Apollo.

Later on, Frank was became involved in a gang related crime and was the main suspect. He believed that he was going to be sent to prison for sure, but Apollo told him that he believed that he was innocent, that he knew Frank could never kill anyone. He told him he wanted to grow up to be a defense attorney. Frank deeply moved by the boy’s faith in him and vowed to someone who could benefit society as well.

By the time Frank’s trial was over, Apollo had already been adopted and moved out of the orphanage. Frank decided to become a detective so that one day he and Apollo could meet again, and he could thank him for believing in him.

Frank had always wanted a family to call his own, but he was never adopted. He has always held on to the hope that one day he will meet his biological parents.

2nd Place!
Entrant's Name: Aragorn Bird

Character's Name: Xyris Andina

Age: 32

Occupation: Head Detective of Allebahst

Brief Physical Description: Has brown eyes and black hair and goatee flecked with silver. Wears a cream colored suit and fedora lined with red and gold silk. Smokes a mahogany pipe.

Brief Personality Description: Xyris is arrogant and values fortune and wealth above anything else. He is a smooth talker and can usually manipulate others into doing his bidding. In fact, he can be quite dangerous. If you get in the way of his plans, he'll find your weakness and use it to blackmail you. He's not afraid of committing murder either. Despite all this, he presents himself neatly and professionally to gain the trust of others.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Xyris is from Allebahst and works under Quercus Alba. He is also connected to Ernest Amano, having worked to protect him in return for a large sum of money.

Brief Background: Xyris was born in Cohdopia before it split into two countries. When this happened, he was on the Allebahst side. Both of his parents had jobs in the Cohdopian government, which was how he met Quercus Alba. Alba knew Xyris was a clever individual and took him under his wing.

In reality, Xyris is not actually a real detective, but uses it as his cover. He is really one of the members of Alba's criminal organization. His job is to use his position and his influence to gain access to crime scenes and tamper or remove evidence that may incriminate Alba and the rest of the crime ring. In his suit is a hidden knife that he has used more than once to take care of people who get to close to discovering the truth.

Name Origin: Xyris Andina is the scientific name of a yellow flower that grows in the mountains of South America.

Croik's Choice!
Entrant's Name: Dice

Character's Name: Grace Liberty

Age: 22

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Grace is somewhat tomboyish and informal, but a natural beauty. She wears a three-quarter length shirt, and in a somewhat uncaring manner (her sleeves aren’t rolled up, she just let’s them fall). Despite her “eye-candy” appearance, she is more focused on the matter’s at hand, and would rather just put her hair up in a ponytail instead of any sort of other hair-do. Otherwise, she wears a jewel-colour sapphire shirt, a skirt to the knees, and shoes that always match the outfit (despite her tomboy attitude, she adores a good pair of shoes!). She wears glasses – just some of the time, and usually when she’s “feeling smart” (say, after a brilliant deduction of sorts).

She enjoys sticking her tongue out too; whether thinking, or if it is in spite of someone annoying her.

Otherwise, Grace’s facial appearance is somewhat mischievous. Her eyes are accented, and she is usually seen smirking, plotting, or simply thinking. Grace’s dark blue eyes are usually gazing skyward (rather, towards her brain, or her “thinking mind!!”) as she begins to think her problems through. Otherwise, her eyes are usually dead-centered on whomever is on trial.

Brief Personality Description: Grace is a smart, smart girl, and has little patience for anyone she feels isn’t (letting her right-hand man take care of suspect questioning [think a male-version of Mia/Trucy/Kay]).

Grace is a smart-aleck; she is quick on her toes, and amazing in her line of work. She can put people down before they even know what’s happened. She has an odd, unnatural talent for getting her glasses on astonishingly fast (as seen in the GIF!).

She hates being wrong, and if she is caught off-guard in a case, she will be quick to double-time her work efforts; thinking fast and attacking back with something. She won’t be ashamed to rub-in small victories in someone’s face – a fact that irritates the judge.

Despite her youth and superior intelligence; she lacks common-sense and street smarts. Because of this, she hates being seen as stupid; and will try to fire back somehow (whether with tactful wit, or retaliate in some form of mockery in order to red herring the actual problem).

Grace is not *only* wit and pride; as she can show a soft spot. As a defense attorney; she genuinely does fight for the sake of justice, and she bears sympathy for those who genuinely deserve it.

The Ace Attorney universe enjoys creating a crafty name, and “Grace Liberty” dances on a line between a bad pun and a possible, real-life name.

Grace is meant to be somewhat ironic as she is rather somewhat ungraceful. While she has a smart head, she typically avoids proper mannerisms and is much more to the point.

Liberty takes on her more nonchalant practice of law. She, as stated in her name, fights for ‘freedom’ and all that whatnot as well.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Grace studied along Apollo, they were in the same class and get along. After graduating, they went their separate ways (perhaps chance future encounters?!)

She admires Miles Edgeworth for his ability to simply and accurately “deduct”. She hopes to one day be against him in court, in order to test herself.

Brief Background: Grace’s father is a renowned surgeon, and her mother is a physicist for a prolific company. Grace has had a fairly strict upbringing even despite relatively absent parents. It is also likely that her parents’ impressive career positions are what drove her into becoming an attorney – another sort of challenge. While Grace enjoys the difficulty of her job, she also occasionally lacks the heart for her work; giving her a mischievous and sarcastic touch.

Grace's aide in her office is an old friend of hers. He is nothing like her; but yet it is this very fact that seems to make these two effective and good at shooting back complaints, contradictions, and differences in opinion.


Entrant's Name: Kuroibara

Character's Name: Joi

Age: 35

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Only 5’1”. While her hair appears light brown, it’s actually a mix of a whole bunch of different colors. She wears glasses and is blind without them. A piece of her hair is always in front of her face, and she’ll occasionally attempt to blow it away (like when she’s near defeat)

Brief Personality Description: Usually cheerful and friendly, but when she’s angry, she is very scary. Loves to eat, but never gets any larger. She’s always got an unidentified manga book with her, and she even reads it in court (which annoys the Judge.)

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):
Edgeworth: She’s met him a few times, and he helped her get started as a prosecutor.

Brief Background: She began prosecuting at the age of 23. She hasn’t lost a single case in her career, but she’s had a lot of close calls. Her biggest case was one where a man was murdered in his own car, and no one could find the killer, until a suspect arose. She fought her hardest in that case, and just barely got by with a guilty verdict. At that time, she had Edgeworth working with her, and were it not for him, she would have lost. She has three cats, and apparently has a younger brother who is also a prosecutor.


Entrant's Name: All Mighty Eye

Character's Name: Andrew Sanders

Age: 29

Occupation: Defence Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Wears a monocle on his right eye and always wears a white suit with a black tie

Brief Personality Description: Stubborn and straight to the point, hates to waste time and only cares about the case in hand and nothing else.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None

Brief Background: A rookie defence attorney that came from a rich family and is now working at a new law firm.

Sprites used: Phoenix Wright and Luke Atmey


Entrant's Name: TheDuckOverlord

Character's Name: Xavior R. Tiste


Occupation: Lawyer/artist

Brief Physical Description: Sports a yellow/orange beard and yellow/orange hair, has a grey suit, and always wears a beret

Brief Personality

Description: Paranoid, breaks out into random sketches

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Went to Ivy U. with Nick

Brief Background: He wanted to be a lawyer, and became one, but has a tendency to break out into random sketching sessions. Needs the perfect drawing every time. Was friends with nick at Ivy University, until they chose seperate paths for jobs. (also my first OC)


Entrant's Name: Lily-in-the-Shadows

Character's Name: Avery Gumshoe/Faraday

Age: 10

Occupation: Assistant

Brief Physical Description: A young girl with dark hair and big, brown eyes. She tries to imitate her adopted father in any way possible, and dresses similar to him.

Brief Personality Description: She is very shy and a bit cold to strangers, but opens up quickly once you get to know her. She is eager to help and can often be seen assisting detectives or prosecutors. She is a lovable little girl and almost everyone in the station has a soft spot for her. She idolizes her adopted father and tries to imitate him in any way possible, even going as far as to stick a bandaid on her face and say 'pal' at the end of all her sentences.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She is Byrne Faraday's daughter and Kay's half-sister. She is Gumshoe's adopted daughter.

Brief Background: Avery is Byrne Faraday's ilegitimate daughter. She lived with her father and his family as a small child. Her half-sister, Kay, absolutly adored her, but her stepmother despised Avery, because she was a living sign that her marriage had failed. After Byrne died, her stepmother refused to care for Avery, and she became a ward of the state. She was placed in the temporary custody of rookie detective Dick Gumshoe until a permanant home could be found for her. However, he quickly grew attached to her, and chose to adopt her himself. Since he had no extra money to pay for someone to watch Avery while he was at work, he took her in to the station with him, where she quickly became a permanant fixture.

Note: Characters used: Dick Gumshoe[bandaid and coloring], Pearl Fey [body], Kay Faraday [hair coloring], Penny Nichols [hair]


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Entrant's Name: Elizabeth

Character's Name: Kassi

Age: 23

Occupation: Ex-Hitman, Defendant

Brief Physical Description: Straight black hair that goes down to her breasts. Dark eyes and pale skin. Her attire is normally all black; tight corset, capris, combat boots and a short coat with a white fluffy collar. She also wears a black collar to cover a scar on her neck. Normally she carries a handgun and a few daggers concealed within her outfit.

Brief Personality Description: Her personality matches that of a lone wolf; she keeps to herself and does not desire any help when it is offered to her. She is very serious and most of the time quiet. Yet, she has a short and scary temper.

Brief Background: All information about Kassi’s biological family is unknown to her. Since she can remember, she was raised by Edmund Drago, the leader of The Drago Group, a group of hitmen, and she was trained as one. Kassi was sent on her first mission at the age of 19. Kassi, however, could not bring herself to take a life and fled. Severely punished by Edmund for her actions, Kassi quit the group and went into hiding. She tried to make a new life for herself, but Edmund located her and framed her for murder. Phoenix and Maya, having seen Kassi eating alone at the exact time of the killing, take up her case and are determined to find her innocent, although Kassi pleads for them to stop for the sake of their lives.


Entrant's Name: PhoenixCross

Character's Name: Allan Cross

Age: 42 (the last PW:T&T case)

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: 195cm height. He has long black hairs with dark blue hair tips and deep yellow eyes (because of special contactlenses). Whole his face is covered with scars. Most of time wears his dark blue coat, but usually he's seen only with white shirt. Speaks with british slang.

Brief Personality Description: Acts coldly and unfriendly toward strangers, while he's kind of neutral to everyone else. Man of a few words, hates when someone tries to make a conversation with him. Stays calm and cool, even in hard situation or when something doesn't go well. He has strong bond with his siblings and friends and tries to help them in any possible way. He's also determined to help the prosecution win their guilty verdict, even if he have to hide some evidences away.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Dick Gumshoe (friend), Miles Edgeworth (co-op), Franziska von Karma (co-op), Winston Payne (co-op), Diego Armando (very close friend)

Brief Background: Born and rised on the isles of Great Britain, Allan was pretty clever and wacky kid. In the age of 19 he was able to take his first murder investigation as a detective, which was helpful for his reputation amoung law. Along with his twin brother, who was one of the policemen under his hand, succesfully solved 23 cases in 2 years. Sometimes traveled to America, where he met young Diego Armando and became his friend. When he was 21, Allan was involved into a traffic accident in which his younger brother died and he has now a lot of scars on his body. Allan disappeared three days after he left hospital. His twin brother vowed to find him someday and left Great Britain in order to search for him. After Phoenix Wright's last win, Allan decided to left his hiding place (which was somwhere in America) and works as detective again in Los Angeles, where he met detective Gumshoe and befriended him.


Entrant's Name: Carolyn

Character's Name: Moka Kafie

Age: 27

Occupation: Coffee supplier

Brief Physical Description: Moka is a very plain girl, never bothering with makeup. She also just happens to be really short. She wears a white T-shirt normally with a purple smock with a coffee mug on it. Her hair is mousey-brown and it is normally in a sloppy half-up, half-down look. Except for when she's making coffee, which is when she puts it in a hair net. She wears gloves everywhere because when she was little her hands were terribly burned by hot coffee. They aren't deformed or anything she just thinks they are ugly.

Brief Personality Description: Moka is a very forward girl. She is not afraid to tell you what she thinks of you. And that includes Mr. Wright. She is usually very Jolly, a nice girl, but get on her bad side and you're in for an earful. She tends to make horrid puns when she's nervous. It's a bad habit she got from her dad. She is crazy for coffee to the point of obsession. Never give her too much though, she goes completley nuts.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She's the person who always slides Godot his coffee. She also has a tiny crush on him, she makes him coffee herself.

Brief Background: Moka Kafie was born into a coffee making family. As an only child she grew up learning the fine nuances of coffee. Other kids tended to make fun of her, but as long as she had her coffee she was happy. She adored her father, who was one of the best blenders in the world. Diego Armando was an avid customer of her father's. When she was young her parents were murdered and she was blamed. Diego defended her in court and she was proved to be innocent. She promised him free coffee for life. She was devastated when he died. She found Godot and instantly fell in love with him since he loved coffee as much as she.

Extra: In order to please, Moka makes Godot's personal blends by hand.

Base used: Kay Faraday



Entrant's Name: PandaPrinzessin

Character's Name: Vanessa Cardui (name origin: in a similar fashion to Colias Palaeno, Vanessa Cardui is the Latin name of the Painted Lady butterfly)

Age: 20

Occupation: Cohpi Dancer

Brief Physical Description: Vanessa is a curvy, dark-haired young woman who always wears the traditional red and black dress of the cohpi dancer, complete with red comb in her hair- although she appears not to realise that her outfit is quite archaic, even in Cohdopia. She's never without her fan which she uses more as a communication device than she does as a dance prop.

Brief Personality Description: She's very light-hearted and outgoing and will flirt with practically anything that moves. Where dance is concerned, however, Vanessa is very serious- point out the similarity of cohpi dancing to flamenco and prepare to face her wrath- for her, it comes before anything else. Although she's naturally a very social person, she's suspicious of strangers and often pretends not to speak English when approached by visitors to the Embassy- instead replying in her near-unintelligible Cohdopian border dialect. Actually when she speaks Cohdopian, even most native speakers can't understand her...

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Dated Akbey Hicks for four years up until his death and knows Colias Palaeno well, as he was the one to offer her a job at the Embassy. She was a defendant of Phoenix and Edgeworth prosecuted her case.

Brief Background: Vanessa trained as a dancer from a very young age, specialising in Cohdopia's traditional discipline of cohpi and was quite well-known by the time she reached her teens. When the country split, sixteen-year old Vanessa fled over the border into Borginia, where she met and began dating Akbey Hicks. Shortly after, she was offered a place in the former Cohdopian Embassy over in the US, where she has worked for several years, mainly dancing in Embassy events. Aged twenty, she was accused of killing an Interpol executive who was visiting the Embassy on diplomatic business- her alleged motive being that the woman she “killed” had been the one to send Agent Hicks on his final mission. However, when questioned, it was discovered that Vanessa had no idea he had died- she thought he had just left her, thus she had no motive and Phoenix managed to gather enough evidence to prove her innocence. After the re-unification of Cohdopia, Vanessa resolved to return to her homeland and take up professional dancing again.

Sprites used:
Eyes- Alita Tiala, Desiree DeLite
Nose- Thalassa Gramarye
Arms- Lauren Paups, Adrian Andrews
Hair- Alita Tiala, Trucy Wright
Mouth for angry pose- Angel Starr
All other details custom-made


Entranth's Name: Keki Fair

Character's Name: Shay Williams

Age: 7

Occupation: 2nd grader, witness.

Brief Physical Description: Shay is under height for his age, about 3'3"(about 100.5cm), He has red hair, dark green eyes, and ivory skin. He wears a white collared dress shirt under a black sweater the stretches just below his finger-tips, dress pants, and tennis shoes. He also loves to wear "grown up socks". Under his sleeves he has a broken wrist-watch that is decorated with Steel Samurai characters.

Brief Personality Description: Shay is a very positive, simpleminded, and loving boy. He wishes to be just like his mom and her colleagues in just about every way, which is why he dresses the way he does. He loves to boost people's moods and give gifts.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Has briefly met Miles numerous times going to work with his mother. Later meets Phoenix Wright one behalf of being a witness.

Brief Background: Shay grew up with a single mom and a much older sister(older by about 14 years). His father was a bit of a deadbeat-loser and left the family when Shay was just a baby. His mother was a lawyer and Shay loved to go to work with her. When Shay "witness" the murder of his mom, He told the police he saw the man running from the house. It ended up just being shock and him remembering a TV show he saw leaving him as a useless witness. After the murder Shay moved in with his sister and she now raises him. Shay will still go to the office sometimes after school to speak with his moms friends and to pretend to a Lawyer.

(I used a Young Trucy and Pearl sprite, the rest is hand drawn. )


Entrant's Name: jaydrick0620

Character's Name: Matthew Faraday

Age: 36

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Large Build, Brown suit, Cravat.

Brief Personality Description: A nice, kind and gentle person most of the time, but can get hot-headed and irritable during court sessions.

Connection to canon characters: Byrne Faraday's Half- Brother, Kay's Half- Uncle, One of Phoenix's lawyer friends.

Brief Background: He grew up not knowing who his father was as he was raised by his mom. He became a defense attorney to find his half-brother. After 2 years of searching, he found Byrne and asked about their father but Byrne didn't know anything either. He was invited to join the Yatagarasu, but he said he wanted to find the truth through the law.
Sprite Parts: Kristoph's body, Diego's hair, Byrne Faraday's Face, Oliver Deacon's Head.

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Entrant's Name: Daleksam

Character's Name: Clark Lupine

Age: 27

Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Stands at about 185cm tall, has brown hair, green eyes, and is well-built. Clark is British.

Brief Personality Description: A nice guy who's easy to get along with. He's always happy to meet new people and is normally a cheery person. However, he can get serious when he needs to, such as when chasing down a killer in court. He loves his job, and the satisfaction of catching a guilty party (He can get very energetic in the courtroom.) When he commits himself to a case he doesn't let it go and puts all other things aside until a verdict is reached. Respects the detectives he works with (unlike other prosecutors) as forensics have always fascinated him.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Has an office on the same floor as Edgeworth at the Prosecutor's Offices, and so he bumps into him from time to time.

Brief Background: Clark had a fairly normal childhood. His father was a bailiff at the local courthouse and would bring back exciting stories about the latest cases and tell them to Clark. He became very interested in the law process and the chase that follows trying to catch a perpetrator. At 16 his father started taking him to the courthouse to watch cases and it was the culmination of his father's influence that got Clark interested in becoming a Prosecutor. He eventually became a prosecutor at 22. His green goggles can detect things like Luminol (remember, he loves forensics) but he mainly wears them because he thinks they look cool. He's seen various famous cases to get a good understanding of law, for example he was present at the 3-2, 3-3, and 4-3 trials. He's single, but has the hots for his detective partner Redken Tonks (Who I might submit next year!). When Clark is relaxing he likes to watch sci-fi movies and drink Coke straight from the can. He owns a blue moped which he calls 'Dana', which he is very fond of. He enjoys watching the stars out a clear night. After winning a case, he normally goes to his regular hangout with Redken and a few other friends, then afterwards go home and file away the case notes. At the weekends he can be seen in the nearest park chilling outwith friends, or driving around on Dana.


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Entrant's Name: Auraion

Character's Name: Erika von Karma

Age: 7

Occupation: Student

Brief Physical Description: 122cm. Half American half German (sepaks both languages). Aqua-Silverish hair, and bangs that cover almost half of her face.. Thin and small body, with white clear tone of skin, big blue eyes, small nose and a fine mouth. Wears shiny pink & white clothes and gloves. A little cravat for her neck.

Brief Personality Description: Always trying to be a "Big Girl". She gets mad (and embarassed) when someone points out something that makes her look like an child (which she really is). She loves drinking ice cold cherry cola, and dislikes onions. It's hard for her to make friends.
Connection to canon characters: Daughter of Franziska von Karma (Fran's age: 29)

Brief Background:  Erika von Karma is The daughter of Franziska von Karma, a prosecuting attorney currently on a leave of absence, and her only child to the von Karma fortune. She attends a private school, St. Charisma which is in the heart of Los Angeles' elite district. A very smart girl, one of the smartests children of the class.
Although it may not look like it, is very hard for Erika to make friends at school. She's a lonely girl, but she hides it behind a smile.
One day, Franziska forgot to pick her up from school. Erika, while thinking that she was "Big enough" to take a walk alone back to home, she got lost, Franziska remebered about Erika, and went to pick her up, She wasn't in school anymore. The sun was setting, she just sat down and cried. A boy named "Ryu " aproached, and helped her get back home. Eventually they became friends (Ryu became a Prosecutor, but that's another story).

Erika Always jokes about becoming a Defense Attorney to defeat Ryu in court. She really knows when someone's lying, and some tricks to make people tell the truth, but she doesn't want to become an Attorney. Dreams of marrying an attorney.


Entrant's Name: Mio

Character's Name: Jap: Mio Nakamura/ Eng: Mio Cross

Age: 19 (AA: PW), 20 (JFA), 21 (T&T), 22 (AAI), 28 (AJ)

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: Long brown hair and dark green eyes. Has a black tattoo of an iris on her left arm.

Brief Personality Description: Mio is generally kind, polite and outgoing. But she can be a little clumsy with her job.  She has a short temper and if pushed too far, tends to act like a thug and scares others around her. A quality she's trying to get rid of.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Detective Gumshoe and Edgeworth was the reason she became a detective.

Brief Background: At age 8, Mio, along with her little sister, were abandoned by their parents. Because of this, Mio developed anger issues.  Mio's strict aunt took her and her sister in. At age 12, Mio started fighting on the streets to vent her anger. And at age 13, she was caught fighting on the streets by the police. Not wanting to deal with a violent child, Mio's aunt kicked her and her sister out, giving them money for a cheap apartment.  To support Maki and herself, Mio started stealing money from the people she fought.

At age 15, on a stormy night, Mio left to get some food, while her sister, Maki, was afraid she was going out to fight again. Against her older sister's thug life, Maki went after Mio. Maki ended up running into Mio's friend, Hina, and asked about her sister. When she learned that Hina had no information on Mio's whereabouts, Maki ran off to continue her search. Worried, Hina called Mio, reporting that Maki was running around the city alone.

The two friends met up and searched for Maki. After a couple of hours, Mio found Maki...dead in an alleyway, with the murderer running away. Hearing Mio's scream, Hina rushed over to the scene. With Mio completely devastated, Hina called the police.

The police, along with Detective Gumshoe (who was still a new detective), arrived on the scene. Naturally hating law enforcement because of her thug life, Mio fled the scene with a few officers on her tail, since she was considered a witness.  Edgeworth, who was 20 years of age at the time, arrived on the scene to investigate. After investigating everything they could at the moment, Gumshoe and Edgeworth set out to help the police look for Mio. Gumshoe and Edgeworth found Mio and eventually caught her. After some convincing, Mio agreed to testify; on the condition that they would let her help them investigate. Mostly because Mio was originally going to go after the killer herself.

They hesitantly agreed and they worked together on the case, Mio's outlook on law enforcement slowly changing. It was fully changed when Maki's murderer was caught and sent to jail. A few days after the killer was caught, Mio approached Edgeworth and Gumshoe, announcing that she had decided to become a detective.  A few years later, Mio accomplished her goal of becoming a detective at a young age. She had gained a sense of justice and from then on, she had worked on different cases with different prosecutors.


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Entrant's Name: MezciMorii

Character's Name: Ariel Fisher

Age: 19

Occupation: Dolphinarium Employee.

Brief Physical Description: Ariel is approximately 5’0 in height, but refuses to let anyone test that. She wears her teal hair in two pigtails at the top of her head with a star barrette and has crimson eyes that never seem in focus.

Brief Personality Description: Ariel is a fairly laid-back teenage girl. She refuses to show sadness in respect for her uncle and his mantra – be strong, even when everything seems bad – and is determined to help the people she cares about. She’s a fun-loving teen who obsesses over all things pertaining to the ocean and likes to laugh at her own jokes, even if they aren’t all that funny. She’s a troublemaker, but her heart is in the right place.

Brief Background: Ariel spent the majority of her childhood with her uncle. Her father, as an oceanographer, was away from home for long periods of time, and her mother died in childbirth. Ariel’s uncle, the manager of the Dolphinarium, told her to be strong, even when everything seems bad. He showed her marine life, and she was inspired to become an oceanographer. Her dream was to explore the seas with her father, who she only saw once every year. Shortly after she got a job with the Dolphinarium her uncle was found guilty of a murder that he did not commit. Ariel, desperate for justice, vows to find the attorney who can flip the case on its head and clear her uncle’s name.

[Sprites used: Kay Faraday, Young Kay Faraday, Calisto Yew, Tyrell Badd, Lauren Paups, Young Franziska Von Karma, Rhoda Teniero, Lance Amano, Angel Starr, Maggey Byrde]


Entrant's Name: Pokemon71096

Character's Name: Carlos Armando

Age: 60- 2 years after end of T&T

Occupation: Prosecutor turned artist

Brief Physical Description: Looks like Diego with a beard and hat.

Brief Personality Description: He is very reserved, but a good friend after you meet him. Depressed more often after Diego's imprisonment.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Father of Diego Armando

Brief Background: Carlos was a prosecutor, but became a successful artist after his early retirement. He wears his son's mask, which was taken from Diego when he was imprisoned. He met, thanked, and befriended Phoenix, who he left is hat to on his deathbed about 5 years after T&T.


Entrant's Name: Pandora

Character's Name: Jade Lawson

Age: 26

Occupation: Law Student

Brief Physical Description: She has big, blue-green (she refers as sea-green) eyes, and is baby-faced. She wears a lot of pink eyeshadow, and loves makeup. She has a short tangle of straight black hair, that she has dyed with two purple stripes. She wears a Pink Princess t-shirt and a purple Gavinner's jacket. She wears green jeans.

Brief Personality Description: Jade is an optimistic, hardworking, fun-loving and studious individual. She loves to make people laugh, and is a bit ridiculous at times.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She is Ema's best friend since high school.

Brief Background: Jade Lawson is an old friend of Ema Skye's. She wants to be a lawyer, and has just started law school. She is a bit obsessive over things, such as Pink Princess and Gavinners (as her attire clearly states.) She thinks that everybody should be in love with her all the time. She loves her best friend, Ema, more than anything. Having closely seen what goes on between Ema and Klavier, she is often hinting that Ema and Klavier must have romantic feelings for each other, despite Jade's obsessive fangirl love for Klavier. She gets along well with Trucy.

Sprites used: Iris Hawthorne, Regina Berry


Entrant's Name: Eduds

Character's Name: Hana Brushel

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Brief Physical Description: 162 cm tall, short spiky brown hair, green eyes, always wears her blue beret.

Brief Personality Description: Curious and hyperractive, which can lead to sudden change of topics during a coversation. She can be sometimes clumsy, but she is always optimistic, no matter the situation.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Spark Brushel's daughter, but she got the looks of her mother

Brief Background: Hana is the daughter of Spark and Lily Brushel, she got her blue beret from her mother when she was 13, it belonged to Hana's grandfather. Two months after Hana's 16 birthday, Lily Brushel was murdered. The main suspect: Spark Brushel himself. So, Hana went looking for Apollo because Spark wanted him to be his defense attorney. Obviously, she becomes Apollo's new sidekick.

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Entrant's Name: Qwerven

Character's Name: Sergeant William “Billy” Peppers/ Ringo Peppāzu

Age: 47 (Born July 7, 1980)

Occupation: Ex drummer for the musical group “The OffBeats” Music Producer and founder of the “Peppers’ All Star Band”

Brief Physical Description: Billy is a 5’ 11” male who wears his old Uniform from his ex-band, The OffBeats. His uniform is a navy blue jacket with fancy buttons and tassels and a red and green tie with a long sleeved black button down shirt. His pants are the same color as his jacket with a red and cyan stripe. He is famous for his signature Newsboy cap and glasses. He also dyes his hair a cranberry red. He also has problems using his left arm.

Brief Personality Description: Billy is a bit of a goof ball and usually ends up being the butt of the jokes. He will usually be a good sport for his fans but when he is out of the spot light he hates to speak of his old band what so ever. He also is very keen on separating his life as a music star and his private life.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): (None)

Brief Background: Billy was a sergeant working for a military academy when he and some friends created a small band called The OffBeats. The band’s popularity skyrocketed and they became known as the most influential band of their time. But a fire which severely injured Billy’s left arm and killed two people, the bands second guitarist, Grant White, and Billy’s secret fiancé, Madi Daly, caused the band to break up. Afterwards, the Bassist, Pal Carters, disappeared completely. This led to many rumors started to spread of Pal setting the fire and mob connections. The band reunited for the first time in 2027 to honor the opening of Grants old house as a Rock and Roll museum. During this time Pal admitted to Billy that he set the fire which led to Billy shooting him. Billy then panicked and framed the first guitarist, Tom Lenom for the murder.

Sprites Used: Body: Shadi Smith, Mike Meekins, Daryand Cresend, Furio Tigre, Diego Amando, Lana Skye, Custom Head: Guy Eldoon, Godot, Shih-na, Custom (there's a chance of other sprites that I've forgotten, sorry!)


Entrant's Name: Nat

Character's Name: Felix Wright

Age: 6

Occupation: Elementary school student

Brief Physical Description: Has black hair and light blue eyes, wears a blue suit with a small cravat that has Franziska's brooch on it.

Brief Personality Description: Sweet and Innocent, Tries to do the best he can to make people happy. Is a huge fan of rock music thanks to his uncle. Loves cats and hates people being falsely accused. Is very shy, yet extremely intelligent for his age.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Phoenix and Franziska's first child.

Brief Background: Was born after AAI-4, Franziska was sent to IVY university to study the last things she needed to become a prosecutor. Over there was a certain Phoenix Wright, studying to become a lawyer. What she didn't know it Phoenix was badly bullied by a classmate of his who went to extreme measures to torture him. Some time after Franziska was there, he decided to make Phoenix suffer once and for all. Something so evil, Phoenix would hate him, so he made sure both of them were fast asleep, and as quietly as possible, set it up. When they both woke up, they were horrified when seeing what Phoenix's bully did to them. Some time later, Franziska was forced to go back to Germany, and over there she realized she was pregnant with Felix, and decided to keep him. Throughout those six years, he has helped Franziska win a few cases. He didn't grow up to be a stuck-up von Karma because his uncle always played with him and never talked to him about being perfect, unless Manfred was walking along a hallway, which was then where they give each other a signal and change their personalities from fun to serious. It always worked, so Manfred never knew that his grandson wanted nothing to do with perfection. Six years later, when meeting Phoenix, Felix thought something was familiar about it, and when finding out that he was his father, Felix grew incredibly close to him.


Entrant's Name: Percei

Character's Name: Cheryl Illbish
Age: 41

Occupation: Film Producer at Global Studios, Defendant in case of State v. Illbish

Brief Physical Description: Of average height, she's a frail but shapely woman. her age is beginning to show despite her attempts to hide it by dying her hair blonde.

Brief Personality Description: Cheryl is what her name pun suggests, a bit of a shrill bitch. She is a hardened, aggressive business woman, who oozes with self-confidence. This though is constantly her downfall, because she becomes too cocky and confident, it gets to the point when sometimes she makes a large mistake and cannot admit it due to prior confidence.

All throughout her murder she always seems to have something more important to attend to. Be it a conference call on her Bluetooth, or an important e-mail on her Blackberry. All business, all the time (never taking time to speak on the phone casually, or things like that); she never seems to be focused on the matter at hand and doesn’t seem to understand the severity of what she’s going through. A running gag with Cheryl is her constantly firing one unlucky soul and then rehiring him for some arbitrary reason, only to have him fired a few minutes later.

When not on the phone, she has a very hard to describe personality. A good comparison is like the teacher or principal who everyone hated, but they got things done and you came out of the situation better than you were. She’s constantly treating her attorney as if he’s one of her unlucky employees. Lecturing and talking down to him, she’s not rude per se, but she is nowhere near polite.

In reality she does have a sort of moral conscience, shown in her romantic relationship with Horus Canai, the victim. She is revealed to have left her business behind when she spent time with him. And by the end of her case, this begins to show more and more as she sees what people are doing to have her.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): The successor of Dee Vasquez after 1-3

Brief Background: Always upwardly motivated, Cheryl has been agressive about her work, but always returning with good quality. The head honchos at Global Studios had been keeping their eyes on her for a good time, and after Dee Vasquez was caught up and arrested for a murder. They knew that Cheryl would be the perfect person for the job. Soon after taking over the Steel Samurai show she decided to revolutionize the franchise. The introduction of the Nickel Samurai brought new life to the series, but when its star was arrested again, Cheryl decided to escape from the infamous franchise.

After making the Steel Samurai movie, Cheryl passed the torch onto her successor. She got into movies, and quickly became the must have producer, many of her movies did fantastic in the box office, and a couple won Oscars. She worked constantly with one man in particular, director Horus Canai. Many of their best movies were made when they were together, and their final film together, "Pacific's Five" was rumored to become their opus magnum. But tragedy struck when Horus was murdered on set and Cheryl was accused, with some evidence.

After being proved innocent in her trial, Cheryl moved on to other projects, including a law drama inspired in part by her actions in court.


Entrant's Name: Davis

Character's Name: James Horowitz

Age: 35

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: Tall, sports a scarf over a short necktie and trench coat, has a white streak going through his spiked black hair. His appearance when he is not disguised as Bo is never shown.

Brief Personality Description: Jittery, nervous and quite.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Works in the Criminal Affairs Department with Dick Gumshoe.

Brief Background: James was never an approachable person, he was born in Japan and stayed there his entire life. While growing up, James was bullied and harassed by his classmates, he remained silent and developed a passionate desire to exact justice on his foes, however his judgment had always been rather skewed.

In his pursuit of justice, James grew up to be a Detective and worked in Criminal Affairs. He didn't exactly develop an ensemble of close friends but he became developed mutual respect for Detectives Dick Gumshoe and Bo Ginman. James admired his acquaintances friendly and laid back attitude and started a sort of stalking habit.

One day Ginman, without warning, submitted a letter of resignation, left the department and inexplicably moved away. With some rather unorthodox investigation methods, James discovered that Ginman had been diagnosed with a rare blood disease and left for North America to live out the rest of his days in an undisclosed location.

James saw this as a golden opportunity to fill his empty life with purpose so he murdered Bo’s younger brother Casey (the only person who knew about Bo's condition), disguised himself as Bo and assumed his identity. He returned to the force, posing as Bo Ginman and said that he had been ready for early retirement but felt obligated to come back and put his brother’s murderer in prison. The investigation of the death of Casey, along with the apparent disappearance of James proceeded for two weeks until Gumshoe got suspicious of “Bo’s” new personality. Bo then points the finger at Gumshoe saying that “Gumshoe is trying to kill off all of the Detectives that are obviously more competent than him” and that he saw Gumshoe kill James and dispose of his body before his very eyes.

Gumshoe is tried for both murders and on the final day of the trial when it appears as though all is lost, The real Bo Ginman enters the courtroom, rather than accepting death he had pursued treatment and been cured. James is found out, arrested and jailed. Afterward, the real Bo Ginman rejoins the force.

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