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Winner Takes All
1st Place!

Entrant's Name: Lauren

Character's Name: Jackson Hart

Age: 33

Occupation: CIA agent, known to everyone else as a truck driver. Also a world-renowned poker player.

Physical Description: Tall and thin, with red hair that always covers his eyes. Overall a mysterious figure.

Personality Description: He tends to get obsessed over small details, and is easily angered. He gives off the impression of being violent, but is a peacemaker at heart. He is much more refined than his sister, Lotta, and often laughs at her for being so naive.

Connection to Canon Characters: He is Lotta Hart's older brother, and his nemesis is former attorney Phoenix Wright. He was the defendant in a trial concerning the murder of Larry Butz.

Brief Background: The story takes place in 2022, in the years between T & T and AJ. Jackson has been waiting for a long time to get revenge on Phoenix Wright for falsely accusing him of a murder he didn't commit. He is ready to do whatever it takes to bring Phoenix to justice. However, he must constantly face accusations that he is mentally ill because of his severe anger problems.

A Turnabout Of Sorts
2nd Place and Croik's Choice!

Entrant's Name: Kayla

Character's Name: Wednesday Adelaide

Age: 23 (Apollo arc)

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Honey blond hair, light brown eyes, fair complexion, 5’4”, petite. Her outfit constantly changes, sometimes to the point of coming to court in one outfit and showing up at the crime scene the same day in a completely different outfit. She wouldn’t be caught dead in something as frumpy as a T-shirt and sneakers, and she rarely wears pants of any sort. Her typical court outfit, though, is usually a blouse and pencil skirt with heels (though of course you can’t see her feet behind the bench). Her hair is always pulled back in some way, and her bangs are thick and cover her forehead and eyebrows completely.

Brief Personality Description: She is very spoiled, and often snobbish. She speaks her mind when she feels appropriate, and is sometimes blunt to the point of rude. She is competitive by nature, and strives to be the best in all of her endeavors. She is known for her hard-working, ambitious disposition, and detests laziness and stagnancy of any sort. She is rather even-tempered, and can usually stay cool under pressure. She is always on the go, and she loves to get out and investigate crime scenes herself rather than let the police do all of the work. She’s an avid Franziska von Karma fangirl, and often grapples over the conflicting creeds of her idol and her teacher.

Her personality makes it hard for her to make friends, and has had few in her life.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):

Phoenix Wright: He defended her when she was accused of murdering her friend. She has since lost respect for him after he lost his badge.
Miles Edgeworth: He was the prosecutor in that case. After the case, she worked for him as his secretary where she learned the ins and outs of real law. She worked for him almost the entire seven years between T&T and AJ. He was rather annoyed by her at first, as she kept pestering him for a job. He began to admire her tenacity, though, and he finally gave in. Their relationship has a purely student/teacher dynamic, and she often compares him to and treats him like her own father.

She strongly questions his fashion sense, and she hates his cravat. Similarly, he gets annoyed when she puts her appearance first over her work.

Ema Skye: They’ve met once or twice in passing while she worked for Edgeworth. Their relationship is rough at best. Ema is jealous that she worked with Edgeworth for those seven years, and Wednesday knows it. They are cordial to each other’s face, but sometimes they talk trash behind each other’s back. (“Can you believe her? She thinks she’s hot stuff because she’s Mr. Edgeworth prodigy. *MUNCH MUNCH*” “Ugh, that detective is so sloppy sometimes. Those capris are so…shoddy!”) However, they do share the common bond of their similar feelings toward Klavier.

Klavier Gavin: Wednesday absolutely, positively, cannot stand him and avoids working with him at all costs. He’s a lazy, selfish, complacent fop of a man in her opinion. Her prejudice against him exceeds his personality, as he became a prosecutor at 17 (she became one at 22) and he is the brother of Kristoph (which probably needs no explanation).

Brief Background: She comes from a very (inexplicably) rich family. Her mother was a successful fashion designer, her father a very well-known detective. Due to unknown circumstances, her father was forced to take early retirement, and so he took his family to Europe. Wednesday lived through most of her childhood moving from country to country wherever her father owned homes (of which he had many), including America, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, as well as the Republic of Borginia and the Principality of Cohdopia. She discovered that she inherited not her mother’s creativity but her father’s sense of justice, and attended vocational school in Germany, training to become a lawyer. When she was 16, she decided to go to America to finish school and take the bar exam. However, she was swept up in the murder of her friend, and was even accused of the murder herself. With Phoenix Wright as her representation, she was proven innocent.

Unfortunately for her, even though she was proven to be innocent her school still expelled her. She had to start the year over, and she was unable to take the bar exam when she had originally planned.

With nowhere else to go (without returning home), she implored Edgeworth to let her have a job as his secretary (all the while secretly hoping to get close to Franziska). He refused at first, of course, but she persisted, showing up at his office every afternoon after school. After about two weeks, he pensively gave her a job. She worked for him as his secretary part-time while she was in school and full-time when she was out. She didn’t take the bar exam until just before AJ.

Other: She has an odd prejudice against defense attorneys, as she knows them to be murderous and corrupt (Phoenix, Kristoph, Calisto). Conversely, she has a deluded image of prosecutors based off of her interactions with Edgeworth and Franziska and never acknowledges the fact that prosecutors can be just as corrupt as anyone (Godot, Jacques, Manfred).

Her father was part of Alba’s organization, but he quit when he thought he was about to be found out. Since he was no longer an active member of the smuggling ring, his name never came up in Edgeworth’s investigations (assuming that is what Edgeworth was doing during the seven years between AAI and AJ), and since he quit before Wednesday was born, she knows nothing about it.

The Man Who Looked At The Sky

Entrant's Name: Carlis

Character's Name : Nail Colfin

Age : 25

Occupation : Forensic Scientist, ex member of The Gavinners

Brief Physical Description : When he was in the music business, he dyed his hair blue as part of the rock star image and wears blue contacts. As the story progresses, the colour regresses into it's original colour because he hadn't bothered redyeing it with the band disbanded, and gets progressively sloppier. By the time he makes his debut, he's back to being average Joe - brown eyed, brown haired and wearing glasses.

Brief Personality Description : Oh, Nail's a real friendly fella. He's the soulmate you never knew you had, the grinning guy with the kind word and the friendly slap on the back, the guy you spill your innermost secrets to, because dang, is he friendly! Nail's a damn awesome buddy too. Nothing seems to ever scratch him, nothing ever seems to get him down. He's so lovely and friendly that when you look at him, he hurts you in both eyes, shining like a goddamn halo.

Connection to canon characters : One of the members in The Gavinners; Occasionally works with Ema when they're on crime scenes

Brief Background : Nail led a bland and normal life. He originates from Denmark, and was one of the guys Daryan and Klavier picked up to join the band. After traveling with them for so long, he's pretty much an all-American dude who's forgotten any Danish he used to know. Nail plays the bass in their band, bails them out when they get into drunken misconduct, and sometimes try to fob work off on Ema, pretending that it's for scientific purposes.

When Daryan escaped from prison, he was put in charge of the team to capture him, since he knew his own mates the best. (Klavier's handling Kristoph.) His mantra for every single depressing thing in life is to smile.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email them to Croik at courtrecord @ gmail dot com.