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Entrant's Name: Nowme
Character's Name
: Sergei Leonid Wallis

Age: 26

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: A man with curly copper blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 180cm tall and well-built even though he rarely exercises. His moves are graceful and swift because he likes to dance in his spare time. Has a classy “classic” style when it comes to outfit shown by his regular white tuxedo with bowtie for work.

Brief Personality Description: Even though he likes to make fun of things sarcastically, Sergei is actually a good, honest person. His easygoing persona is all because he doesn’t want to disclose his past and tends to bury himself in art to forget about it. He likes to cherish his moment by dramatizing and experimenting with the things around him. He is a passionate, expressive man with a good sense of justice. His dry sense of humor and deep understanding makes him seem both so young and so old for his age.

Sergei is secretly good at many types of performing arts: dancing, acting (this helps him in making a disguise during investigation/asking witnesses in examination), and music (violin and piano) of which he specializes in classical. He thinks of every occurrence as notes that would make a harmony if they were connected to each other. He also likes to fool around with the defense using musical terms in court.

Connection to canon characters: At work, he usually gives impossible tasks for Detective Gumshoe for amusement purposes. He is friends with Edgeworth and Franziska (sometimes they discuss music and go to concerts with them). Sergei despises the rookie prosecutor Klavier Gavin and thinks he’s just “a flashy-attention-seeking brat who plays loud music.” (*note: timeline is set during AA3)

Background: Sergei is half-Russian, half-American. His Russian mother, Natalya Wallis, taught him everything he needed to know about music and inspired him to become an musician. Leopold Wallis, Sergei’s father, though, was very disappointed about it. He kept telling his son that aside from his lack of talent, he wouldn’t get much money by being an musician. Alas, Sergei’s life-long dream of becoming a conductor perished when his mother died in an unfortunate car crash when he was 14. This was a perfect moment for Leopold to tell his son that he should follow his father’s footsteps by becoming an attorney (Leopold is a prosecutor), and assured him that with his intelligence, he wouldn’t have any problem passing the bar exam. Being suppressed by his father, Sergei couldn’t do anything other than study for the law school. His mother was never ever mentioned again after that.

Sergei gave up on his dream on becoming a conductor and passed the bar exam. He eventually built a reputation for himself, well known for his catchphrase “In the name of music!” He even made a quartet band in the Police Department called Justice Rondo, earning him the title “The Prosecution Maestro.” But no matter how much money Sergei made as a prosecutor, he still mourned for his long-lost dreams. Every case for him is a heavy burden, because he thinks if he doesn’t catch the criminal, everything will go down to him. After all this time, Sergei’s just been obedient to his father.

During the height of his career, he met defense attorney Lynne Ashe. They became enemies soon after they first met as they were so different from each other; Sergei always teases the Lynne who always takes things very seriously. Sergei actually wondered how different she was to him, and thought Lynne is the “true” lawyer. He began to doubt himself as a prosecutor.

Then one day, Sergei’s father was murdered. This was a nervous breakdown for him; he started to think that everything he’d been doing was meaningless, and he would question his existence every time: whether he had chosen the wrong path whether his means of pleasing his father was any good at all, and whether he should be happy or sad that his father was finally gone. Regardless of all that, he still took the case to find his father’s murderer.

Accidentally, the defense attorney at the trial was Lynne Ashe. Lynne proved her client not guilty of murdering Leopold Wallis. She also helped proving that Leopold was killed by a witness who turned out to be the perpetrator behind Natalya Wallis’s death 11 years ago; he was actually madman who had killed many people before, walking free. Leopold suspected him, but was too late in catching him as he had killed Leopold first.

When this truth was shed to light, Sergei realized that his father wanted to do justice for his mother. He now understands why his father kept forcing him to become a prosecutor and decided to stay with his current job to continue his father’s legacy.

Sergei felt grateful to Lynne, though he always tries to keep it to himself. They would still quarrel in the hall and look each other with “eagle-eyes” and scare the bailiffs, but inside, they are partners in fighting crime.


“Stop! In the name of music!”

“You’re such a treble maker… if you know what I mean.”

“Objection! Your Honor, the defense’s conjecture is simply not in harmony!”

“Why, if you can’t keep up with my tempo, your pretty client is gonna lose.”


Entrant's Name: Alien Doggeh
Character's Name: Coniglio Marrone / Shakudo Igusa

Age: 21

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: She is a short and youthful looking lady who hits only 160cm while wearing heels (without hair). The first thing one would notice about her is her thick brown hair that poofs out of her head, making her head look big, but physically taller. Her skin is fair and she has jade green eyes. She wears a brown coat with silver trimmings that shine like gold under the light with matching buttons, a vintage skirt and a bow up her hair. She is also the only one in the precinct who wears stockings with heels. Coniglio usually holds a crimson red book wherever she goes.

Brief Personality Description: In court, she is known as the Nightmare Prosecutor. She is cold, cunning, snappy and ignorant to any bluffs. She easily gets angry and screams when she does. She tends to rip pages off her book (which seems to never run out of paper) to blow off steam, and she even throws it at the defense instead if they get too excited.

But once out of court, a cheerful and sweet girl appears, easily mistaken as a 'twin sister' as her evil aura turns into a warm and friendly one. While keeping her sharpness in contact, her face only shows seriousness when the situation is. She can also be shy at first time meetings, ignoring all conversations and reading her book.

Connection to canon characters: Franziska's childhood friend. She often played with her before they became lawyers. She was also introduced to Edgeworth once and is now a die hard fan of him. Acquainted with Robert Hammond as well.

Brief Background: Coniglio is born in the Marrone family, an Italian family of lawyers who migrated to Germany, which is also a family quite close to the Von Karma's. Her mother left them when she was only 2, leaving her elder brother to take care of her, and they fly to America quite often to see their father. When Coniglio was 15, she was inspired to be a defense attorney by Mia Fey when she visited the American court for the first time. She worked hard but lost to 13 year old Franziska on their first trial. She brought shame to her family name as she got her client declared guilty without any fail, although he was innocent, but she continued to work hard. On the other hand, her elder brother was a successful prosecutor, they had even planned to solve cases together once she became successful.

But when she was 16 Coniglio saw the murder of her brother with her own two eyes. She was brought up to testify against the defendant as she did, but her testimony was rejected because it had contradicted a lot of facts which were false in reality. The defense, Robert Hammond had got the defendant free and instead, pinned the crime on her father. Coniglio was anguished by this and was left alone, it filled her with hatred against defense attorneys. But she seems to be a secret fan of Phoenix Wright as he was the student of Mia Fey, her idol. She took over her brothers role as a successful prosecutor at the age of 20. Her technique resembles von Karma as the families were close. Because of her miserable childhood, Coniglio now makes sure everything goes her way and always wins. When she heard the news of Phoenix being striped off of his attorneys badge, she was very sad and didn't accept Apollo. She thinks that he is just a mere replacement of the legendary defense attorney, so she doesn't seem to be fond of Apollo and didn't listen to him at all in their first case together.

Although she despises defense attorneys, Coniglio has finally been pinned the murder of poisoning her father after visiting his cell one day. With Phoenix no longer a lawyer, she has to trust Apollo instead, and there another turnabout begins.

Croik's Choice!

Entrant's Name: Mikado
Character's Name
: Marco Median

Age: 27

Occupation: Comedian


Brief Physical Description:  His attractive ringlets are natural, he doesn't even use curlers. His magnifcent legs were sculptured by the ballet dance, sport which he exercised being small. He was recently on a diet with carrots and he is now on top form! When he was young comedian Marco had complexes about his nose but he always refused a rhinoplasty, considering that the dramatic strength is a better asset on stage than to have the same nose as Tom Cruise.


Brief Personality Description: Extravagant and extrovert, weird and wacky, Marco likes more that everything to be under projectors, on the front of the stage. He trains
every morning in front of his mirror's bathroom by making facies limbering up exercises. He has got a poster of Molière above his bed and he likes striking dramatics poses in the street to observe the reaction of the passers. His secret hobby is to collect court shoes.  His currency? "The whole world is a show!"


Connection to canon characters:  Marco Median is the main witness on the case called "The Pink Flamingo's turnabout".


Brief Background:  However incredible it can appear our good friend Marvin Grossberg dedicate his spare time to the writing. Exactly his entitled play "The majestic Turnabout of the fying Pink Flamingo from Venice" is going to be staged and played by Timothy Attre's compagny. Not little proud, he invites Phoenix Wright and his assistant Maya Fey in the frst performance.  Little before the play's beginning, the director Timothy Attre personally comes to greet Grossberg. He explains to the small group that all the roles of the story will be interpreted by only one actor: the brilliant Marco Median! Convinced of his performance Timothy Attre returns behind the scene and the show begins. The curtains gets up. Phoenix falls asleep, Maya adores, and Grossberg emits a fat laughter after every dramatic scene and complains that armchairs aren't rather soft for his haemorrhoids. The curtain falls, everybody applauds the fabulous comedian. Grossberg insists so that Phoenix and Maya join him in dressing rooms to congratulate the compagny.

But suddenly an hysteric man appears back the curtain by roaring incomprehensible words. He was trying to borrow Maya's mobile phone, when Marco Median arrives and announce that it is useless any more to call an ambulance rather to warn the police. A man died! Phoenix goes to the drama scene. In the wings, stage right, he fnds the stage director's body, head crushed by a projector fallen from the footlights. A brief look is enough for confrming his suspicions: the projector's wire was well sawed. It's a murder! The detective Gumshoe gathered all the members of the compagny together. They all have an alibi excepted the hair-dresser-cosmetician Manny Ficent, who is also the man who wanted to borrow Maya's mobile. He's accused and taken in the detention center. The trial begins tomorrow!

Naturally Phoenix take care of his defense (obviously!)… In front of him, Miles Edgeworth (who else?) calls Marco Median to the witness box. This last shows to be diffcult to examine because of his ceaseless mania which consists in hiding under his cape to change costume right in the middle of a sentence. He dresses in turn the various things of the characters of the eve's play, what amuses the judge but exasperates Phoenix. Marco shows to be very offended when Phoenix points out to him that his wonderful red cape is just a "vulgar curtain" and begins then throwing shoes through the courtroom. Edgeworth is of the opinion that comedians are persons with heightened sensibility who likes giving themselves in show and which it's useless to try to prevent from it. After some cross-examine Phoenix understands that Marco Median is hiding a very compromising secret. He eventually discovers the truth: the evening of the murder during the play, Manny Ficent (the defendant) was in the stage left wings whispering his text to Marco by means of an earphone! Marco had to have a prompt! It was also impossible to Manny to cut the projector's wire and commit the murder!

Suddenly an unexpected dramatic turn of events takes place: a detailed autopsy reveals that the death was caused by poisoning and not the projector's shock! All the compagny's members become again suspects! So?! Who killed Timothy Attre? Is it possible whether Grossberg did it? Does Manny Ficent wear his name as well? Will Marco Median tell again stories to the court? Will Edgey decide to make one's career as prima ballerina? Who will answer all these questions? Mysteries are far from being cleared up!!


Additional note:
"The majestic Turnabout of the fying Pink Flamingo from Venise" play's plot:

Antonio is a young Venetian magistrate who was dismiss following a dirty corruption case. One night while he roams in Venice's streets, he meets a mysterious clairvoyant. She has then a vision: a majestic pink famingo rise on the way of his fate. Antonio is wondering if there is a connection with the King of Venice, who has this animal as emblem, when he's kidnapped by a strange magician!  He wakes up locked into a dungeon and discovers that he's endowed with superpowers. He escapes from jail and decides to use his talents to do good, and becomes also the Upholder of Justice!

One day he saves a young lady of a shop on fre, who is actually the princess Flaminga, the daughter of Venice's King! The Upholder of Justice is then introduced in the court. But unfortunately his way crosses again the evil magician's one, who turns him into a pink famingo! In the fnal scene Antonio challenges the magician but lose the duel
against the Crimson Flamingo.

Croik Note: The stars were in the bio sent to me, so I left them in.

Entrant's Name: Lindsey
Character namerong>: Elsa Kirkland

Character namerong>Occupation
: Prosecuting Attorney

Physical Description:
Elsa has a refined, dignified, sort of scholarly beauty about her. She has umber-brown hair twisted into a braid; Unusual dark-blue-with-flecks-of-wysteria-purple eyes, and eyeglasses. She stands at five feet, eight inches; typically wears a button-up blouse in varying shades of purple with a coal-colored vest over it, matching dress pants, and a black belt. She is usually seen with a Mona Lisa-esque smile, but when she's truly happy and smiles bigger, dimples can be seen.

Personality Description:
She has an excruciatingly logical, practical mind. Don't even try to trick her about anything: you will be found out immediately and most likely reprimanded. She grew up surrounded by books and has a great love of classic literature, and will often quote such works as Tennyson and Poe; She has quite a broad vocabulary. Elsa is also stubborn and practical, almost to the point of being a killjoy. (Almost.) However, once you really get to know her, you'll find Elsa to be a caring, compassionate person that is very protective of her friends and loved ones.
As a prosecutor, Elsa is one of the few that doesn't overly concern herself with guilty verdicts, but she's no pushover either. She understands that it is important to give everyone a fair chance, but she also knows that people do lie, and in the court of law, nothing must be taken for granted. She believes that for a truly just verdict to be reached, both sides must ensure that no stone is left unturned, no fact unchecked, and nothing is assumed.

Connection to cannon characters: She faced Phoenix Wright in court; He beat her, but she doesn't hold it against him. She is appalled by the way Gumshoe is constantly having his pay cut and is working to get him a raise. She is familiar with nearly everyone at the Police Department and the Prosecutors' Office, and is a particularly close collegue of Miles Edgeworth and Lana Skye.

Brief Background: Elsa was born into a reasonably well-off family in England. Growing up, she was often referred to as a genious by both family and strangers alike. She graduated early from secondary school and moved to LA. While there she observed, as all of us here are already aware, that the judicial system was rather ---lacking. Though it wasn't in her power to change it in any way, she sought to make the best she could of it, and went on to become one of the most esteemed prosecutors in the district.

Entrant's Name: Jeudi S.W
Character's Name
: Gabrielle Romero

Character's nicknametrong>: Gaby (only with her relatives and close friends)

Age: 25 (GS3)

Occupation: Defense attorney

Brief Physical Description: L: Long brown hair tied in a pony tail (she detaches them only at home, when she can relax) with two "antennas"on the front, blue eyes, 172 cm tall, top model shapes due to her intensive sport training. She wears a black classy suit for work.

Brief Personality Description: An independant women who fights for justice. Because of Phoenix's teaching, she learns the importance of the truth and doesn't want a not-guilty verdict at all costs. She passionately loves her job and always does her best on each case. Like every attorney, she have a little "trick": which is her talent in criminal profiling.
Behind her feminine and seductive apparence, she can also be a pure tomboy when she feels like it. Spontaneous and a bit sarcastic, her friends loves her because of her frankness and kindness. However, she's quite susceptible and flame up easily. When she gets mad, she can be pretty rude and especially with male prosecutors (but outside trials of course). In fact, they all have a problem with her surname and take pleasure to call her "Romeo" or play with her name (O Romero, Romero!). Furthermore, her name is androgyne (male version: Gabriel) and lot of people thought she's a boy before to meet her. And especially judges and prosecutors.

Connection to canon characters: Phoenix is her mentor and her boss (she calls him "Prof"). She gets along well with him and Maya. In spite of her disputes with prosecutors, she seems to have a little crush on Edgeworth. Gumshoe and her were old co-workers (but she doesn't remenber him a lot, for his despair...).

Brief Background: Rescued by a police officer during a bank robbery when she was young (she was an hostage), she first wanted to join the police. And she did pretty well. During two years, she learns all the tricks of the trade (investigation, court system, self defense training etc). But the relation between police and prosecutors and the way of thinking of the job (find a culprit at all costs) begans to disgust her. The first time that she had to testify during a trial and saw the determination of a spiky defense attorney, that was a revelation. She started to study hard law and finally join Wright&Co office at 25 years old.

Entrant's Name: 14toJericho
Character's Name
: Wok "The Coyote" Eidolon />
Age: 25

Occupation: Street Artist/Police Source

Brief Physical Description: C: Coyote is a tall man, nearly six feet tall. He is pale, with flame red hair that hangs down his neck and curls slightly at the ends. He is often seen barefoot, finding shoes uncomfortable and restricting. Despite being mostly a street artist, he keeps himself very clean, not a hair out of place. He is often seen without his shirt, and wearing a long tan and bright blue trenchcoat, one sleeve always rolled up. His jeans drag a little on the ground and hang on his hips. He wears square-framed glasses, and a set of taxidermy coyote ears that give him part of his signature nickname. His eyes are striking. He has heterochromia, one eye is white and black, the other seems to be the complete opposite, black and white. There is a little swirl tattoo under his right eye.

Brief Personality Description: Wok prefers to be called Coyote, hating his real name. He believes he has earned the nickname and should be properly recognized for it. He is a man who is talented at picking up every rumor that passes around on the streets. He is commonly known as the go-to man for any sort of information or dealings, legal or illegal. It is well known that he has worked for the police in the past, but few dare to cross him, as they say he has more connections than silken lines in a spider web. Coyote does not sell his information for cheap though, but it is always worth the price he asks for it. More than once, the police force has come to him, but he does not talk to just anyone. He finds it most entertaining to speak to detectives and attorneys, wanting to see how all of them react to the information he holds, and see if they will play his games. Coyote prides himself on his status as being a professional information hub, and nothing on the streets escapes his notice. His reach is far, and his information is vital... and good help does not come cheap...

Connection to canon characters: Most of the police force, Detective Badd, Detective Gumshoe, and most of the prosecutors (Edgeworth, Franziska, even Payne) are at least aware of his existence, even if they loathe it.

Brief Backgroundtrong>: Wok was always good at keeping secrets. He was the middle child of three, and had a talent for art. However, his desire to be an artist got him relatively nowhere. He moved out of his parents' house at 18, intending to go to college. Wok dropped out, and lived in a warehouse with several other street artists, massing what money he could until he could afford an apartment. It was during his initial months on the street that he started to spend more time listening, and he started picking up information, selling it mostly to criminals who wanted to know of recent police activity.

His ability to trick and hoard information earned him the nickname "Coyote," and he was soon able to live rather comfortably. He continued his front as an artist on the street, for it was the best place to do his real job - collect information. It was not until a rather major raid that Coyote was actually picked up by the authorities. Using his connections, and his intimate knowledge of the habits of some lesser members of the force, Coyote was released after making a deal. He would provide the police with information, but always at a price - usually a lesser price than what he usually asked.

Coyote gained a fondness for speaking to the attorneys, finding them interesting to provoke. It cost him injury more than once via teasing both elder and younger Von Karmas, but he always declared that it was worth it. Due to his connections, and his status as a source, Coyote was called to be a witness in a few trials, despite how much he resisted being a part of it all. He always went into hiding for weeks after a trial, needing to rebuild his proper reputation after being dragged all over a trial.

Nowadays, he continues his life by selling information, and he is good at what he does. Everyone needs information, and everyone needs him.

Entrant's Name: Kirlyfish
Character's Nametrong>: Tomoko Fairchild / (From the Japanese 智 TOMO "wisdom, intellect" combined with 子 KO "child." Fairchild means "beautiful child" in Middle English.)

Age: 18

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: T: Tomoko is a young, short and skinny girl with curly apricot hair and emerald eyes. Despite having the age of 18, Tomoko often gets mistaken for a middle-schooler because of her small body frame.

Brief Personality Description: When working, Tomoko is known to be calm and composed in handling cases. Outside the court, she also appears to be outgoing and friendly, thus gaining a reputation as being well-respected for her approachable personality, intellect and talent as a prosecutor. However, there is another case...

Tomoko has a very short patience with comments regarding her middle-schooler-like appearance. She becomes rather quick-tempered, resorting more often to violence than calm negotiation. Even in moments of relative composure, any and all references to her stature cause her to violently lose control of her emotions and lash out both verbally and physically. She takes any casual mention of her height as an insult and interpret it exaggeratedly.

- When doing paper work, she likes to fix her hair into two braided pigtails while wearing her reading glasses.
- She never takes her Magatama off (unless she needed to take a bath or something) because it reminds her of her parents. She considers it her lucky charm as well.
- Just like Phoenix Wright (and maybe even Mia Fey), she was very nervous during her first trial, but in the end, she managed to win her first case.
- Tomoko is usually clumsy with words, clumsy with her foot, and sometimes even just plain clumsy; But she's an optimistic, hardworking girl who never gives up.

Brief Background: Tomoko is a half-breed daughter of an English father and a Japanese mother, who both had passed away due to an accident when she was at the tender age of 12. Ever since then, she has been under the care of her English grandparents. Before Tomoko's parents died, her father, a notable and respected prosecutor, often took her with him in his trials, which was where Tomoko gained her knowledge about the world of law and picked up her skills as a prosecutor just by observing. The story behind the death of her parents remains to be unsolved, thus at the young age of 17, Tomoko ventures out on a journey as a prosecutor to learn about the truth.

Connection to canon characters: Tomoko's mother lived in Kurain Village as one of the common residents, hence Tomoko was born and raised there. She was also childhood friends with Mayoi Ayasato (Maya Fey) and Chihiro Ayasato (Mia Fey). When Tomoko turned 6, her father needed to migrate to England because of work. Her mother chose her husband over the strict matriarchal society of the village, thus Tomoko's family leaves. As a result, she never learned about spiritual powers and her mother refused to educate her about it. She, however, gave Tomoko her Magatama as a good luck charm but it's up to Tomoko to find out what it really is.

Entrant's Name: Anything Agency
Character's Name
: Clara von Karma

Age: 20 (Apollo Arc.)

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: A woman on the tall side, reaching 170 cm. Clara is best known for her thick grey-blue colored hair that falls down below her waist. It is arranged in a half-ponytail updo with a grey bow in place to hold it up. She always has a concerned and almost teary expression, with eyebrows slanted back and bright, red cheeks also. Her eyes are of a vibrant bright blue that stands out from her other wise, dull appearance. Her apparel is loosely inspired by her relatives consisting of a grey cravat and colour scheme. She wears a thick, cotton blazer with flared out sleeves that reach below her elbows. Underneath, she wears a two piece dress that reaches past her calf. The upper half of the dress is a sleeveless, white and buttoned up top whilst the bottom half is a long roughed up skirt with a large bow on the right. Clara also wears grey tights and ankle high brown laced boots.

Brief Personality Description: Unlike her other family members, Clara was very shy amongst other people. At first she was easily startled and slightly neurotic. She also shows mild signs of Androphobia, a fear of men caused by her traumatic fear of her grandfather. Out of pressure and her timid personality, she could not voice her opinion during court resulting in a majority of losses. When she starts to open up to her close friends, she is revealed to be very kind and thoughtful, trying her best to help others. Her wealthy upbringing cause her to be unknowledgeable and ignorant about certain things. Like Edgeworth, she shares a love for exotic teas, and often attempts to convert everyone around her about the wonders of the beverage.

Connection to canon characters: Clara is the child of Manfred von Karma’s eldest daughter and Franziska’s niece, she was brought up in a close community of prosecutors and briefly knows everyone in the sect. She is close to Edgewoth and shares a sort of father-daughter relationship. Since she has been employed at Wright Anything Agency, she becomes a close companion to Apollo and Trucy and Mr Wright.

Brief Background: Born into the von Karma clan was not something Clara wished for. Her time during childhood was harsh and strict. Like the others, she was bred to become an elite prosecutor at a young age. Her only memories of growing up were of the traumatic experience of her family’s strict teachings she was forced to endure. Though Clara was obviously not suited for the career, her mother’s side forced her to become a prosecutor.

Clara’s father and mother had separated when she was four and seeing her biological father was rare being also an elite detective. Her father whom was not accustomed to his ex’s side of the family, tended to spoil her whenever he could. Showing her love and teaching her to be a honest person. She was very close to her father and adored him dearly, unlike her mother and grandfather whom she feared.

At the age of twenty she had finally became a prosecutor, the delay in her career slightly worried her mother though did not faze her completely. As she pushed for their only daughter’s success, Clara became pressured to satisfy her family’s expectations instead of searching for the truth. The falsified evidence she was given in each trial made her think more about what her father would have wanted her to do. She started to lose all her cases and soon became the laughing stock of the prosecutor’s office. Her reputation gave her the nickname: dunce von Karma, if she were to prosecute, the defense were sure to win.

In the first trial of Apollo’s game, he faces her and wins quite easily. Embarrassed by her daughters down grading actions in court, her mother with her strong ties, instantly dismisses her from the prosecutor’s office. Clara-with no other options left, asks advice from Mile’s Edgeworth, a man in which she could trust, but not having seen him since her grandfather’s arrest. Feeling sympathetic towards the young woman, he hands her the address to Wright and Co. agency, strongly believing that the owner would know what to do (unbeknownst to him, Phoenix Wright had become a homeless pianist and compulsive gambler haha).

Twenty yards away from the agency, she is recognized by a tall figure with a blue top hat - Mr Hat. The tall figure of a man and her androphobia causes her to collapse in the middle of the street. When she awoke, she found herself lying on the couch of a compressed and messy room full of odd furniture and utensils. Confused and alarmed by her chaotic surroundings, Clara simply freaks out concluding that she had been abducted. After a long episode of Clara’s break down, Apollo and Trucy finally calm her down and explain her situation. Before Clara can comprehend with the sudden change of pace, she is given a Wright Anything Agency Agency Flyer by Trucy and is forced to join the rowdy gang.ra, against her will becomes the “exclusive prosecutor”, though she is usually taken advantage of as a maid by the magician and hobo. During office hours he offers staff exotic teas to relax them. The aroma and distinctive taste of the tea makes Apollo uneasy, but the young man he is, he is unable to object to her kindness. She also joins Apollo on his investigations in both cases two and three, trying her best to be of help to the protagonist.

In the fourth and final case, Clara was arrested for murder. The victim was non other than her beloved father, killed in a very suspicious manner. Being told to keep quiet she refuses Apollo’s request to defend her, stuttering that it was her who killed him. Not believing Clara’s meek excuse, he forces her to accept that he would be her defense attorney.

Though out the corse of the journey, Clara becomes less timid and barricaded. She opens up to the gang and shows her true self. Though she is frequently teased by Trucy and Phoenix because of her vulnerable personality, she is very grateful that she is employed in the agency.

Entrant's Name: Iria
Character's Name
: Abalone Fairchild


Occupation: prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: She is tall with a strong semblance of authority. Despite this apprearance she is very tender with the people in her life that she cares about. She has beautiful green "cat-eyes" and golden shoulder length hair. She ties it out of her face with a red bandana that matches the one around her neck. She flips her bangs out of her face which is void of make-up. None is required as her skin is a beautiful sun-kissed bronze.

Brief Personality Description: Her free time is spent with the most important people in her life--her loving family. She appreciates people who assert great effort in the tasks they are persuing. She doesn't make friends easily. She prefers to stay somewhat aloof until she sizes up a persons qualities and any hidden motives. Those who know her, recognize the nervous or thought provoking look she gets when she is nibbling on the wheat stalk she sometimes pulls from her hair bandana which is ever present.

Connection to canon characters: she faces Apollo in court (in a second game of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)

Brief Background: She lives on the Family's Ranch. She helps her father tend the sheep and rides with him on the old Ford tractor whenever possible. Her mother and older brother, who she idolized deeply, fell victim to a violent crime that happened years before on the Ranch. Her brother always dreamed of the day he would become a policeman and would talk of the day when she would become a prosecutor. Together they would become a great team with "justice for all" as their final goal. Although he died, she continued with their dream.

At first she was wary of Apollo, but after observing him, she realizes he has some very strong attributes and has one the
most beguilling personalities she had ever encountered. Who knows, maybe now that they are friends, she will be able to work with him, as she would have her brother. And maybe together they can find her Brother's and Mother's murderer.

Entrant's Name: Ace_Attorney_Ali
Character's Name: Hugo Darcy

Age: 26

Occupation: Judge, Author

Brief Physical Description: Tall and of average weight. Hugo has ash hair that often forms a curtain over his golden unpredictable eyes. He constantly wears his crimson hat that contains his quill which he uses when writing. Hugo is always sharply dressed in his suit coat and red tie, his hands always covered by his gloves.

Brief Personality Description: On the outside, Hugo Darcy appears as though a well brought up English gentleman. He is charismatic, his deep voice as charming as his outwards appearance. Being both a judge and an author, he has many connections to high society as well as many friends. He is well mannered and modest of his numerous literary achievements, which are plentiful. On the inside, however, Hugo is a dark man hiding dark and diabolical ambitions. When needed to be, he becomes ruthless and cruel, his anger contained into carefully chosen words and a fearful calmness that can induce terror in any victim he chooses.

Connection to canon characters: Generally, Hugo gets on well with all people he meets. Being a judge, he is familiar with the majority of the defence attorneys and prosecutors. He and Edgeworth, though not enemies as such, enjoy a rivalry over who is the more chivalrous and gentlemanly, a competition that Hugo usually wins. The pair often have tea together at a local teahouse where they discuss legal matters and good books. Despite generally being courteous with most people he meets, Hugo Darcy greatly despises all detectives. He is also suspicious of Wright, however tolerates him with an air of friendship.

Brief Background: When Hugo was a child he was bullied mercilessly and beaten up daily. The bullies told him that he would never amount to anything and never have any control over anyone. They said that he would be powerless to alter any sort of fate or determine any true of the world. To keep himself company, Hugo wrote stories as a child and created friends that adored him. As he grew older, his parents died and he was force to live with his wealth grandparents in England. His grandparents were exceptionally doting and gave him everything he desired. As Hugo became more and more prominent in society, his imagination flourished and his stories became more elaborate and deeper. Over time, he achieved international acclaim with his novels and became a judge, a choice motivated by his desire for power and revenge against those weaker characters of society who had destroyed him so long before. As a judge, Hugo Darcy is neither in favour of the defence or prosecution, his only goal in court is to invent the best story he can weave, be it true or false. It is thus that he hates detectives, who feel a case is only motivated by facts and evidence. As the powerful supreme narrator of the courtroom, he makes trials go however he wishes, whichever way will create the best chronicle of transpired events to engage his imagination and to persecute all people he does not consider worthy of existing in the definitive story; reality. This sometimes results in a guilty sentence for an innocent person; however this does not matter to him, because, in essence, he is Fate – the ultimate Storyteller with no bounds to his power to alter the destinies of all. His ultimate goal remains a secret, hidden by his gentlemanly air and whenever he feels someone boarders too close to knowing the truth, they ‘exist’ from the stage of life mysteriously, as though they have been written out of the script. His is a writer without mercy and without restraint; for the characters are defenceless against their author as the world is helpless to the arms of justice, or in this case, to the bounds of his imagination.

Entrant's Name: Vgfeather
Character's Name: Dow Nimbus (Dow is the first name of a professional golfer; Nimbus is the name of a type of cloud)

Age: 64-66 (PW:AA era), 71 (AP:AA era)

Occupation: former Inspector of Police force, now a retired golfer and witness to the Elk Creek Range murder

Brief Physical Description: Dow usually wears standard golfer’s attire, including a green argyle sweater with a blue diamond patter, gray golfer pants, black cleated shoes and a red flat cap with thin stripes of color. His tie (which he always places on last when putting on wardrobe for reasons unknown) features many small outlines of the Blue Badger, and his golf bag has been personalized with a Blue Badger patch. Many years of working with the police has given him a quirky fondness for the Badger. His bags, while housing normal clubs, also houses the most striking detail of Dow’s appearance; his umbrella disguised as a golf club. Dow never leaves home without an umbrella and, since his retirement, has made it a habit to always take the golf umbrella instead of a normal one. As for facial features, Dow has a large nose, pale skin, beady pupils, and whitish grey hair on his head, eyebrows, and mustache. The hair and mustache are quite curly and appear to “puff up” into the shape of clouds.

Brief Personality Description: For the most part, he is a happy old man. As a police officer, Dow was very loyal to his superiors and respected by his minors. He was so loyal to others and his job; he even pledged at one point to never quit the force and would rather die on the job than retire. However, unforeseen circumstances leading to the arrest of a higher up (more on this later) ate away at him until his conscious and sanity forced him to retire. For retirement, Dow decided to take up golfing, as it was a comforting sport and one that could be played in solitude, so as not to face others. While his desire for solitude was partially about his retirement decision, it also stemmed out from a fear Dow has; Ombrophobia. From a little boy, Dow has feared rain or any sort of falling water (he claims it’s unnatural), which is why he always carries an umbrella. The phobia only caused minor states of panic initially, but post retirement caused his symptoms to grown almost to a state of uncontrollable rage.

Connection to canon characters: During his time as an Inspector for the police, Dow grew to admire the head honcho of the entire force; Chief of Police Damon Gant. Dow lived to serve the chief; some believed his loyalty to Gant borderlined obsession even (Dow was once offered a promotion to Chief at a different precinct, but gladly declined so he could continue serving Gant). However, once the events of Rise from the Ashes had Gant arrested for murder, Dow, completely ignorant to the truth, felt Damon was wrongfully jailed. Disgusted with the trial and the outcome, he retired from the force. Also, as a minor connection, the trial led to Nimbus hating Phoenix Wright and growing a deeper love for the Blue Badger then he had. In his eyes, Phoenix was just an attorney searching for notoriety in town and thus decided to wrongfully take down Gant and his reputation. The Blue Badger, however, was trying to foil Phoenix’s attempts at Gant’s downfall, despite said attempts backfiring in Phoenix’s favor.

Brief Background: Dow, after retiring and losing the last form of loyalty he had to a person, spent most of his free time golfing on various ranges, his favorite being Elk Creek Range. One day, as Dow was finishing a round, the skies turned grey and started to drizzle. As prevention for his Ombrophobia, Dow ran into the nearest shelter available, an old shack, but one with modern applications installed. Now free from the rain Dow encountered another issue, running into a former employee, Patt Greene, who also was taking shelter. Patt started to ask Dow numerous questions about the job, Gant, and his retirement, all questions that Dow was unwilling to answer. To make matters worse, the drizzle outside turned into a heavy storm, accompanied by thunder and lightning. As Patt and Dow’s conversation carried on, a bolt of lighting hit a nearby tree branch, causing the branch to catch on fire and fly into the shack. The branch startled the two men as it proceeded to light the floor on fire. To prevent a huge fire, Patt started the sprinkler system in the shack, and while it put out the branch fire, it ignited Dow’s Ombrophobia. Dow began to panic, first mildly and in small fits, but as the water continued to fall, Dow became enraged at Patt. Not only was this man a nuisance, but he created rain, an act most unforgivable to Dow. In his rage, Dow grabbed his golf umbrella and struck Patt in the head with the club side, killing him instantly. Dow proceeded to flee the scene and, thanks to the sprinklers, any traces of blood washed away.

This was the story uncovered by Apollo Justice. An unfortunate caddy was the first to discover the body and he was immediately framed as the murderer, police and detectives saying that the caddy used the burnt tree branch as the murder weapon and that the room was flooded, washing away the blood. As an aid to his client, Apollo’s investigations uncovered the truth that the caddy was completely innocent and, despite testimony saying otherwise, proved Dow Nimbus to be the murderer.

Upon hearing the judge’s verdict, Dow uttered to the court, “This was why I left the system in the first place. NO ONE CARES FOR LOYALTY OR TRUTH ANYMORE! JUSTICE? HAH! YOU’RE NO BETTER THAN PHOENIX WRIGHT!”

Due to his phobia and the outburst, the judge was willing to give him a lighter sentence, stating that he could technically claim insanity from his rage fits. However, Dow declined the offer, instead taking a sentence identical to the one given to Damon Gant. “If I must be locked up and taken out of this world, at least let me do it in the manner of a hero.”
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