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Entrant's Name:
Space Coyote - First Place and Croik's Choice!
Character's Name
: Ceaser Villan

: 34

: Police Dog Trainer

Brief Physical Description: A 6'0" thin, pale European man with blonde hair, blue eyes and sturdy bone structure in the face. He wears a heavy-duty padded vest over his uniform. A giant padded canvas-fabric sleeve covers his left arm to protect against dog bites. His police cap has gold laurels embroidered on the sides.

Brief Personality Description: Prideful, calm and confident in his job. Quite condescending, often talking down to people like dogs that need taming. When cornered, instead of escalating an argument by talking back, he prefers to diffuse the situation by shushing them with a quick "tss!" then trying to reason with them in a soothing rational manner. He even does this to the Judge. It's very irritating.

Connection to canon characters: Works for the police department; trained Missile. Called to the stand by Winston Payne to give testimony on how he saw the accused, Maggey Byrde, committing the crime.

Brief Background: Ceaser was a seasoned police dog trainer whose methods had lately come into fire. His greatest critic was Sgt. Shepherd, who died after a police dog bit him in the neck. Ceaser witnessed a new dog trainer, Maggey Byrde, give the order to attack (Maggey was in danger of losing her job due to her incompetence). A surveillance camera photo of the attack in question is presented -- it shows Ceaser was off to the side eating a whistle dog (hot dog with bacon and cheese) while Maggey was right by the startled Sgt. Shepherd.

By the end of the trial, it is revealed Ceaser hid a dog whistle inside the whistle dog and used its silent call to command the dog to attack. (Judge: "A dog whistle inside a whistle dog whistled the dog... I'm afraid you've lost me.") As it turns out, he simply wanted to scare Shepherd, not kill him, then tried to push the blame onto Maggey after realizing what he had done. He's sadly sent to jail, tail between his legs.

Entrant's Name: Cardiovore - Second Place!
Character's Name: Renwick Smith

Age: 34

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description:  Long brown hair in a ponytail. A thin lock of hair dangles down the centre of his forehead. Circle beard. Brown knee-length coat over a white turtleneck sweater.  Black trousers and brown work boots.  Carries a notepad which he often scribbles in.  A long face with a haughty expression.

Brief Personality Description: Aloof, haughty, somewhat glum, quite a know-it-all. Extremely passive and flippant. Has a very short attention span. Speaks in short sentences. Often scribbles lazily in his notepad, becoming oblivious to everything and everyone.

Connection to canon characters: N/A

Brief Background: Renwick Smith will appear in Case 3 (Turnabout of the Snow) of my fangame Phoenix Wright: The Contempt of Court. Since Detective Snow is the suspect in the case, Renwick is his replacement during the investigations. Renwick joined the police force and became a homicide detective at the age of 29. At this age he was stubborn, hot-headed and disobedient, but as you can see, his personality has changed a lot after five years. I can't reveal much else about his background for spoiler reasons, but there will be a flashback investigation at some point following Renwick on his first assignment, which will show that there is more to his present self than meets the eye.

Entrant's Name: Turnabout Lawman
Character's Name
: Mai Zetetic (Young)

: 16

: Competetive fighting game player (2003-2006), prosecuting
attorney (2006-Present)

Brief Physical Description
: Tomboy

Brief Personality Description
: Stubborn.

Connection to canon characters
: Life-changing loss to Phoenix Wright.

Brief Background:
Long before her celebrated prosecution days, Mai was known as a COMPETIVIE FIGHTING GAME PLAYER. She spent her high school years competing under the name MAIGO at BEAST WARRIOR IV tournaments. She
would go on to win the championship many times, with childhood friend GEM being her fiercest competitor. Nearing graduation, Mai decided the tournament money would eventually fund her desired law career.

Her long path into LAW SCHOOL began with an apprenticeship under ZANE SCHWARZER, Riami’s top prosecuting attorney. She became Zane’s shadow-getting an in-depth look at the world of crime, investigations, and ultimately: prosecution. Zane would stick with Mai all the way through to her first case.

But it wasn’t all sweet: Zane was a radical feminist, and put upon Mai an extremely biased and narrow view of the law. She successfully convinced Mai that men, no matter the circumstances, will forever be the guilty party and should be treated as brutal criminals from the start. Many innocent men went to prison at this time-some even wrongly executed. PHOENIX WRIGHT would later uncover that such behavior had its roots in Zane's own murderous past.

Per chance, Mai's first true case would involve the implication of her childhood friend and former tournament rival. In a nearly robotic fashion, and only a shell of her former self, she would accuse Gem of the MUDER OF CROMARTIE-a crime Wright would later reveal to be Zane's doing. However, Mai was deep in internal conflict the entire time and knew Gem could do no wrong. In an emotional scene she broke down and embraced Gem (this was the shell to her former self cracking). It was just what she needed, for the elimination of Zane made certain Mai pulled herself out of the deep end of corruption before her mind was fully brainwashed.

With her mentor on death row, and all other prosecutors refusing to take her under their wing, Mai would be gone from the court for more than two years-deep in self-study. She would make her return by age 18, prosecuting the MURDER OF DOBER MANN and taking on none other than Gem, who was now a DEFENSE ATTORNEY. The precedent for next 9 years to come had now been set...

Entrant's Name: BuddyFaith
Character's Name
: Drake Kones

Age: 17

Occupation: Mental Ward Patient

Brief Physical Description: Around 5'5 and pale, he wears an orange sweater with a flame on it, and, while not seen in the sprites, wears green sweat pants and red slippers. He wears red colored dragon wings(he even made them himself!) He has yellow eyes, which are later revealed to be contacts, and walnut brown hair, which has a spike hanging down to the bottom of his nose.

Brief Personality Description: He's mentally unstable, so to say. In fact, he is extremely smart, but tries to hide it by feigning stupidity. He is not very perceptive and often jumps to conclusions, which sometimes lands him in trouble. He believes he's a dragon, and for that, was deemed mentally unstable.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Briefly mentions that he met Luke Atmey while he was being detained at Quartz Mental Facility.

Brief Background: Drake, from a young age, fell in love with dragons. He spent all his time studying these fascinating creatures, and, at age 14, told his parents he believed he was a dragon. His parents thought it was just a phase, and quickly pushed it aside. They began to worry, however, at age sixteen, and Drake still hasn't gotten over his "phase." As it would turn about, he had a mental disease called Delusional Disorder(yes, real disease by the way), and was admitted into Quartz Mental Facility.

Name Origin: His name comes from the word 'Dragon' which suits his appearance.

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Entrant's Name: Zoo977
Character's Name
: Kara Mass

Age: 43

Occupation: Owner of Ashes To Kohl, a small cosmetics store

Brief Physical Description: Tall, self conscious about height, light blue eyes, wavy brown hair, dark skin, hourglass figure

Brief Personality Description: Despite being a bit of a snob, Mrs. Kara Mass retains a god social status and a great customer count at her small store. She spends the majority of her time working at her store, spending time with her only son, Cole, and toying with a small collection of trinkets she'd gathered over the years. But, with her recent divorce, she's fallen into some hot water financially. Lord knows just what she might do to pull herself out of the red...

Connection to canon characters: Was an important witness in a case Phoenix and Apollo worked on together

Brief Background: About five months ago, her husband, Vale, divorced her, leaving her to take care of her shop and of her son on her own.

Creator's notes:  Flipping her names results in "Mass Kara", which is phonetically identical to mascara.

Entrant's Name: Omnomlicious
Character's Name
: Jean Paul George

Age: 27

Occupation: Musician

Brief Physical Description:
-Thin and tall
-Blonde Bowl Cut Hair
-Slim fitting blue dress suit
-White dress shirt
-Dress tie in the shape of the Union Jack

Brief Personality Description:
-Sometimes reckless
-Doesn’t take things very seriously

Connection to canon characters:
-Former bassist for the Gavinners

Brief Background:  Jean Paul did a brief stint in the Metropolitan Police Academy in London, training to join the Scotland Yard. While attending he became the bassist for the Gavinners and performed with them regularly. After the realization that his passion was music, not law enforcement, he left both the academy and the Gavinners behind to pursue a solo career.

Years later Jean Paul had accumulated a significant reputation for both his musical chops and his wacky public persona. After a heated discussion with his lawyer concerning a bout of allegations towards Jean Paul, his lawyer was murdered and Jean Paul framed for the crime. Jean had been arrested, processed and jailed for so many minor incidents prior that he didn’t actually realize he was suspected of the crime or what he was in for until a detention center visit from Apollo Justice, who was appointed by the state to be his defense attorney.

Entrant's Name: Amia725
Character's Name
: Lillian Padd. (People call her Lily for short)

Age: 26

Occupation: Nurse at Gray Surgical Clinic.

Brief Physical Description: Lily is 5'5, fairly average for her age. She has long, ocean blue hair with light blue eyes to match. Some of her hair would always be covering part of her right eye. Because of her love of flowers, Lily would often be wearing a purple lily pad flower in her hair. Wears a nurse's outfit due to her job and carries around a clipboard in her, giving her a professional look.

Brief Personality Description: Lily is a bit of a wallflower, but friendly towards people that she knows. The people that she works with would describe as a shy and timid young lady, if not a bit stubborn at times. Usually when someone approaches Lily and tries to start a conversation with her that she didn't know or piqued her interest, she would hide her face behind her clipboard and talk very little. This made it difficult for her to make new friends. Although she may seem like a kind, innocent nurse, she is known of having a very short temper towards certain people. When pushed to the edge, her personality seems to switch from shy and friendly to very rude and threatening.

Connection to canon characters: Gray Turner was her boss.

Brief Background: When Lily was a little girl, her parents died in a car accident leaving her big brother, Mark, to take care of her. She would always look up to him as an idol. He was a very talented doctor, which inspired Lily to be a nurse when she got older.

Years later, Lily became a nurse at Gray Surgical Clinic and worked alongside with Mark. The two were very well known together.

Soon, a terrible accident had occurred at the clinic causing Mark, and some other doctors were injured on the job. As Mark was being hospitalized, Shea, Lily's supposedly best friend who is also a nurse, killed Mark by the use of malpractice. Since Lily was in charge of taking care of him, everyone believed Shea over Lily. The head Doctor, Turner Grey, told everyone to keep quiet about this incident so it wouldn't ruin the clinic's reputation. Ever since then, Lily and Shea had turn into bitter enemies. Lily's attitude towards people have changed as well.

Years after the incident, tragedy strikes once more when Shea was murdered. Lily was the main suspect. Mark's death being brought out to the public made it more difficult for her to seem innocent. Some of the other lawyers even denied to defend her.When Lily was ready to give in, Phoenix Wright stood up and believed in her. Proving her innocence was a bit of a challenge since she would get nervous or lose her temper when there were evidence against her. But, thanks to Phoenix, he was able to get her a 'not guilty' verdict and found the real killer. After the trial was over, Lily was actually happy for the first time in years and thanked Phoenix for what he'd done.

Entrant's Name: Kroki
Character's Name
: Vincent Martin

Age: 20

Occupation: First year student. For three years.

Brief Physical Description: This COOL jacket. Vincent loves this cool red jacket, he's wearing it all the time, all the time! He's quite fond of his amazing quiff too, that makes him look like a real thug.
Also he is always sulking because that gives him a bad guy look. Yeah man, he's a bad guy.

Brief Personality Description: Wow man, like, wow, this guy, he's like, such a terrific guy, when he arrives it's like the sky is shaking and everyone stops breathing and, no, in fact no, not really. He's just a little thug that would like to be considered a tyrant, but in the end he's more funny than scary. And he's not even able to understand this! You see, he'd like to be a real badass, but let me tell you, that's not how it works, oh sure he can talk loud and be a total moron to little kids and grandmas, but man, when you pick up a wounded cat in the street, it's like so, not bad man. But what do you want, he's a moron even to little cats but is that his fault that he can't let them suffer in the street? I tell you man, he's still a long way to go to become the badass thug.

Connection to canon characters: He was a witness in a case of a certain lawyer.
Brief Background: So yeah, he was like, cool and all, being a moron with his friends, he's got friends you know! They are a happy little gang of rabble. And there suddenly he witnesses a murder! But, a murder! Wow he's quite impressed, that's rather amazing. And so he goes in court and tells stuff, about how cool it was and how of a bad guy he is himself, and it doesn't really interests anyone at all so he gets scolded like so violently by this lawyer, a man with a weird hair you know. And he is so not used to it man, it's so totally terrible, that he's like, wow, what's that that's happening. That is so odd that he stays totally quiet man, and yeah he can't believe it, and that makes him think “I hate you dude, I'm gonna be cooler than you”, and he decides to become such an amazing thug that no one will ever dare to give him an earful.
What a man! Isn't he the best? He thinks he's the best.

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Entrant's Name: Maiksrain
Character's Name
: Kelly Greene

Age: 25 years

Occupation: Interior Designer - Witness

Brief Physical Description: She is 5ft 5" and has green hair that she dyed once she left journalism which has become her proud feature. She has brown eyes and very petite in her figure. She enjoys wearing makeup and likes experimenting with natural colours.

Brief Personality Description: Her speech pattern is repetitive (which gets annoying) and is very feminine; she refers to people as "honey" and "sweetie". She has a light personality that always enlighten people when they first meet her. She does her best to help but usually muddles things up when she gets too focused on a task. Kelly also has a knack for guessing what kind of a person someone is. She is very imaginative person but her ideas are either too surreal or something no one would need. While she is a bright person she can easily be offended when question about her creative skills. She becomes protective over her brother.

Connection to Canon characters: Witness

Brief Background: As a child she loved painting and being creative. Despite her love for drawing she has never been good at artwork. When she was young she had family problems and as she grew up became very defensive over what happened. Kelly only has her younger brother (14) that she looks after. She used to be a journalist (on the side) and specialised in doing reports on crimes and law however during a legal case she was fired from her job but was never told why. Therefore has some resentment for the law.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email them to Croik at courtrecord @ gmail dot com.