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This section is for winners and finalists from CR's Original Character contest, 2007.  If you would like your entry removed from this archive, please email Croik and I will take it down.

If you want to submit an original character without it being involved in the contest, please back up and fill out the application there.


Winner of CR's Original Character Contest 2007, Fanart Division

Entrant's Name: Nowme

Character's Name: Lynne Ashe

Age: 23

Occupation: defense attorney

Brief Physical Description: short hair, 162cm tall and often wears wristwatch on her right hand. Her skin is not too light or dark, and she has dark brown eyes.

Brief Personality Description: A woman who sides with justice and always wants to win. That's indeed a contradiction. She always makes sure that every one of her clients is innocent so she doesn't have to lie in court and states only the truth. That's why she doesn't get much client. Calm and collected, a bit sarcastic. She always rolls up her sleeves every time she goes into a court. She often laughs suddenly and starts slamming things. Loves milk & poking people. Quite ambitious but a bit (too) lazy. She won't let a person get away with any problems unsolved.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Detective Gumshoe & Miles Edgeworth's acquaintance. (she was a witness) But they probably forgot about her.

Brief Background: Nobody in Lynne Ashe's family was interested with law, until Lynne they moved to Las Vegas that is. Lynne saw a murder occurred when she was 19, thus made her a witness. That time she saw a murder happened. The defendant was innocent, but he was declared guilty considering the prosecutor that time was Miles Edgeworth. Lynne realized that the defendant was innocent, yet he still declared guilty because of her testimony, and she couldn't do anything about it. She felt really bad for the defendant. Since then, she decided to become a lawyer. She studies at Grossberg's Law Offices in the age of 20, and three years later, she stopped studying there and she built her own office. The first client is a drifter named Jester Rulthe. Lynne Ashe succeeded defending Rulthe and she became (a little) popular since then.


Runner Up of CR's Original Character Contest 2007, Fanart Division

Entrant's Name:  Jes D

Character's Name: Lydia von Karma

Age: 16- GS1/ 17-GS2/ 18-GS3/ 25-GS4

Occupation: Dream job- Actress  Current job - Prosecution

Brief Physical Description: Average. Not too skinny like her sister- has a bit of pudge- like.. cute pudge. She's only 5 feet tall and weighs about 110 pounds. Lydia has a child-like disposition causing her to stand like one too. By that, she slightly turns her feet inward and leans a bit back when standing, leaving the innocence and feeling much that of a child.

Brief Personality Description: She's basically everything Franziska isn't. Many people think she was a bad omen and stole the emotion from her sister. But that was proven false later at the end of GS2. She's very childish out of the court. She also uses her child-like demeanor and cuteness in court to captivate the defense and keep the judge in her back pocket. Her happiness is her strength and fatal flaw. Not many people like her over-cheery demeanor, but that's what makes her different. She is proud to be a von Karma- but she knows that no one's perfect- despite "Papa's" thoughts. Loves her sister the most out of the family. She feels that her emotion is too much and she wants to learn how Franziska was able to build that wall of sturdyness and no breaks of emotion. When she's in too much emotional stress, she tends to faint. In public or in private. Also- knows a few languages.. But she refuses to speak German unless proving she can, or being forced to. The list of Languages; Japanese, French, American, and German

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Manfred von Karma is her father. Franziska is her older sister of one year. Miles Edgeworth is her "indirectly" related older brother, also in GS2-GS3 he's her mentor.

Brief Background: Growing up as a von Karma is one thing. But growing up for her was especially hard. She unlike her sister was more of the rogue one. She unlike the rest of the family was into the arts while they were prosecutors. Manfred von karma always expected her to be perfect but her mind told her otherwise. She tended to like miles more when she was growing up. But then years passed as Miles left with Manfred back to america, leaving her with her sister. This lead to a development in closeness. They at first had this unsettled rivalry- but for no real reason. This understanding in eachother lead them to being the only things they had to rely on. Soon the factor of their similarities caused Lydia to purchase her first hair dye, which was a auburn.. Soon it became a habbit from her, this was how she came into the world of the "red heads". But Franziska soon left a few years later- Leaving little Lydia to stay with a Nanny and sometimes the periodic visit from the oldest sister whose daughter would play with her. But that didn't statisfy her need for love and family. So she decided to drop her love for the arts to persue prosecution like her father had intended for her to do. But she then recieved note on her father's soon to be execution. This made her want to come even more, now causing her to contact Miles and arranged for her to arrive in america. It was then she had asked Miles to be her mentor in prosecution. Miles seeming a bit taken aback by the question. "Why not your sister?" He asked. She responded simply, "I'm here for justice, not perfection." Miles, liking how the younger von Karma daughter thought, took her up on her offer. He mentored her through many years. After a while- Miles vanished. Leaving Lydia on her own to fufill her prosecuting duties. But during those seven years-she grew tired of the same thing- so she took a one year break to explore the world in search of her dream, acting and art. So she traveled to Paris, Hollywood, and even New York's Broadway. She soon returned from her break back to the prosecuting bench. Leaving off where she is today.


Croik's Choice in CR's Original Character Contest 2007, Fanart Division

Entrant's Name: Garlar

Character's Name: Claus Stropovic

Age: 27 (but looks older)

Occupation: Physics student

Brief Physical Description: 1,81 m tall, thin, quite tanned, very big eyes (often widened in fear or perplexity), very short black blue hair with blue lights, a little shabby, always wears too loose space-themed clothes

Brief Personality Description: Extremely claustrophobic, Claus is generally a quiet person, rather shy and thoughtful. Very intelligent and rational, he totally loses his temper when wearing his space suit and when he's in close spaces. This "berserk mode" makes he become moody, nervous and sometimes even violent towards himself and other people. When in these situations, he always open up all the windows and the doors (even in the middle of winter) and thus has developed a great resistance to low temperatures.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Defendant. He's just another one of Phoenix's clients ^^

Brief Background: Claus has been affected by his phobia since he was a child, and it's unknown what may have happened to make him develop it. But since he can remember, he has always wanted to visit space (the only place vast enough to make him feel "limitless", and he's now studying physics to become an astronaut. The suit he often wears was bought on the Internet as a discarded item from an old space program, only to get used to small environments before venturing to the Milky Way.


Other Finalists from CR's Original Character Contest 2007

Entrant's Name: Clickmon

Character's Name: Rowen Herring

Age: 23

Occupation: University student, studying to be a doctor

Brief Physical Description: Slim built, red and orange fiery hair, grey eyes, wears a metal choker around his name with a pink heart and the words "Rowen" and "Sasha" engraved.

Brief Personality Description: Very arrogant, smug and a push over.  Even though he is accused for murdering his ex-girlfriend he keeps his cool but if you push the right buttons (like insulting him, his brother, Reid, or ex-girlfriend, Sasha) he will lash out at you and make the situation worst. Under the mask of his lies a boy who depends on his brother guidance for anything.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): A friend of Larry Butz

Brief Background: Rowen is a good friend of Larry Butz.  When Larry reads about the crime he's accused of in the newspaper, Larry knows who to go to for help.  None other than Phoenix Wright who is forced to defend Rowen in court. *Larry tears*  You learn that Reid is the killer after a brief encounter with Sasha a day after Rowen and Sasha broke up.  He only wanted to discuss why she broke up with him.  Reid always wanted to be with Sasha but Rowen stole her heart before he could so he tried to woo her.  She refused so Reid furiously grabbing her and threw her where she banged the back of her head against the corner of a desk and died instantly.  Reid desperately tried to cover up the crime scene and used Rowen's sweater to wrap it around Sasha's head that made Rowen the prime suspect.  In court, when all evidence was pointing to Reid, Rowen will give up his life and pledge guilty to protect his brother for he is his mentor and father figure.

At the end, Reid admits because he wishes not to see his little brother suffer anymore.  Now without a brother or anyone to up to, Rowen begins to idolize and tag along with Phoenix in result leaving Larry in the dark  *Larry tears*


Entrant's Name: Dave P

Character's Name: Louie Wabouski

Age: 23

Occupation: Boom Mike Operator

Brief Physical Description: 5ft. 9in.

Brief Personality Description: Generally carefree, always smiling, even in the most dire of situations. (though this appears to be a front). Takes audio recording 'to the limit' according to his CV, and takes fierce pride in his difficult, yet mundane occupation at Global Studios. His love for audio equipment is matched only by his passion for TV, his favourite show being the New Adventures of the Steel Samurai, the one that saw his 'skillz' come to light.

His unflinching demeanor is usually never broken, but when it is, it breaks HARD. The pressure causes him to cut loose, whipping out his most prized 'Pony Palz' doll, combing it's hair furiously, and sweating profusely in an attempt to fight back the stress. The doll is a coveted toy from his childhood, and secret shame, though he'd never admit it to anyone.

Connection to canon characters: Attended the same school as Pheonix in the year below him, frequently teasing and jabbing him for his spiky haircut, which ultimately ended up in a fight between the two    ...Pheonix won. In his younger days at the school he would refer to Phoenix as 'Rush the Porcupine', a popular video game character of the time. Despite the playground scuffles, he revered his older aquaintance, possibly due to his resemblance of Global's 'Iron Ronin'.

Brief Background: Born to the owners of a discount electronics store, Louie grew up in front of the TV, raised by the popular action heroes of the day.  He regularly peanut-buttered his hair in an attempt to match his on-screen idol's striking gold hair arrangement. This finally stopped however, when he discovered the miracle of bleaching at 7, while scrubbing the bathroom.

He always wanted to work in the motion picture industry, and finally achieved a slight variation of this dream when he came to work as a Production Assistant at Global Studios, eventually moving up to Audio Technician. It sure as hell beat lugging coffee around.


Entrant's Name: Kidzu

Character's Name: Cadence Echolade
Age: 22 (DOB: July 20th 1995)

Occupation: Dog trainer and is in the middle of veterinary career.

Physic Appearance:
       Eyes: Greenish Blue
       Hair: Brown
       Height: 1.64 m

Personality: She's a easy-going person, optimitic, smart and she easily "fall in love" (and likes to daydream), sometimes, she can be rude (unconsciently).

Connection to characters and background: Cadence is Maggey's cousin. Since a child, she wanted to become a veterinary, but at the time, she got a job of dog trainer in the Police Precint (Thanks to Maggey). She met Larry while she was taking a walk with the police dogs in the Gourd Lake.

Misc: She wears a dog tag, actually as a memento of her dog, and know random facts about unnecesary and necesary things (sometimes).


Entrant's Name:  Neneno

Character's Name: Cyan "Khaki" Gray

Age: 29

Occupation: con artist, but goes by "business man"

Brief Physical Description: Cyan has light blue hair that's almost white, thin face, and deep blue eyes.  He is extremely hygienic and is always dressed formally.

Brief Personality Description: Cyan has antisocial personality disorder, meaning he feels no guilt.  As a smooth-talking con artist, he comes off as charming.  But instead, he's a cold-hearted individual that always gets what he wants.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Cyan Gray used to work for Redd White in Blue Corps.

Brief Background: Cyan is a high-ranked employee in a company similar to that of Blue Corps, thanks to his ability to obtain information.  In one instance, he kills a man for information and, to escape the charge of murder, acts as a witness to his own crime and frames an innocent bystander.  He becomes slightly concerned by Phoenix Wright defending the said suspect, and tries to bribe him out of it in several occasions.


Entrant's Name: Angel K.

Fourm name: Terri Aki

Character's Name: Terri Aki (Like "Teriyaki" :B )

Age: 22

Occupation: Miles Edgeworth's Paralegal assistant

Brief Physical Description:  Petite in size, Terri only just stands at 5'2. (Wears heels to add height) Terri likes to dress up in cute fashion, and (though probably in vain) trys to get Miles attention.  Has hazel eyes, wears contacts, but sometimes wears glasses.  Has short-medium length natural red hair.

Brief Personality Description:   Terri is a mild-mannared and hardworking young woman. It's unusual to see Terri without a smile on her face since she is generally cheerful all the time. She is a down-to-earth, sweet girl who in her spare time likes to volunteer at a local animal shelter.

Brief Background:  Being studious and organzized, Terri pursued to be a paralegal because she thought it would suit her abilites. She got her degree from community college. She enjoys her job and hopes to for a long time.

The daughter of Mary Nayde (Marinaide) and Taku Aki, Terri is half Japanese and half American. Her mother owns a florist shop and her father is a police officer.

Terri was born a single child, but is close with two of her female cousins that she considers sisters.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): After finishing an internship under a diffrent lawyer, Terri was eventually was transferred to Edgeworth at the state prosecutors office, and has been working with him for 7 months.

After working with him closely, Terri devleoped feelings for Edgeworth and admires his intellegence and sophisticated demeanor. She is too shy to confess her feelings and is afriad of rejection. She sometimes gets distracted by having (comical) day dreams about him in the middle of work.

Edgeworth is (seemingly) oblivious to Terri's interest in him. He respects her and vaules her help and regards her as a depenable and loyal co-worker.

When Edgeworth suddenly leaves, Terri is devistated. Edgeworth contacted her a week later to ease her worry. Though Terri was upset, she understood that Edgeworth needed to work things out and promised that she wouldn't let anyone else know of his whereabouts. They kept in touch over the year that he was missing (as Edgeworth also did with Gumshoe) and when Miles finally returned, she was relieved that she could start working for him once more.

Terri also knows Dectective Gumshoe because her policeman father is good friends with him.


Entrant's Name:  Emily Kuznia

Character's Name:  Disco Steve

Age: 36

Occupation: Defense attorney

Brief Physical Description: Tall and lanky, but not as tall as he appears thanks to his platform shoes.  He wears strong cologne and has glued fake hair to his chest.  His afro, however, is his real hair.  Sometimes he loses things in it... combs, food, small children... but he cares for it obsessively to keep it in its large spherical orange glory, like a fluffy miniature sun.

Brief Personality Description:  Disco Steve thinks he's still in the 70s.  When he wins a case, the lights dim and a disco ball drops from the ceiling while disco beats play from an unknown source.  When he loses a case, his majestic afro deflates.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Lotta Hart gets styling tips from him.

Brief Background:  Just up and decided to go to law school and become a lawyer one day, thinking it might be groovy.

Entrant's Name: Megan Davies

Character's Name: Dennis Lischiz / 大石 綾里 (Ōishi Ryōri, written Japanese style, being a lame pun on oishii ryouri (delicious food). English version is of course. Mr. D. Lischiz)

Age: 31

Occupation: Detective / Recipe tester and restaurant reviewer

Brief Physical Description: About 5'8"/175 cm. Fairly slender build with scrawny legs. Green eyes and auburn hair.

Brief Personality Description: As a detective, he is very deliberate and thoughtful taking a while to answer sometimes. He often comes across as being quite shy. He is logical, hardworking and has an eye for detail. He is partially long-sighted and needs to use reading glasses to examine paperwork and evidence, which causes him embarrassment as the glasses are a little too big and they slip down his nose. However, when talking about food he is much more expressive and upbeat. Sometimes people describe him as becoming almost a different person when he is dressed as "Mr Delicious" outside of work hours. His favourite foods are crepes and pancakes of any kind.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None particularly, but if he is 31 during the events on Gyakuten Saiban 3, he would have met all the detectives we know well, and most likely reviewed the Tres Bien. He'd still be in the force around GS4 time, so he would have met Ema and might have reviewed the Boruhachi.

Brief Background: As a student, he was hardworking and dependable. He didn't really have much of a career in mind, but he liked cooking and so wanted to become a chef. His father only wanted him to go into accounting. Dennis felt pressured and on a teenage whim ran away from his parent's house at the age of 19. He soon became an alcoholic and for the next 3 years he spent his time drinking and accumulating debt through gambling. When he was 22, he was arrested for vandalising a statue in the town centre. He actually had been pretty drunk on that night and so couldn't actually remember whether he had done it or not. Luckily, thanks to the efforts of the detectives assigned to his case, he was cleared of all charges. Admiring the work of the detectives, and finding the job interesting, he cleaned up his act and trained to become a detective, qualifying a year later when he was 23. He also rekindled his passion for trying out new foods and restaurants most of his paycheck would go to paying off his debts and eating out in restaurants. When he was 25, a restaurant owner asked if he would write a review for the restaurant. Since then, he has continued to write restaurant and recipe reviews under the amazingly imaginitive pen-name "Mr. Delicious", and is also employed at the weekends as a recipe tester. He only drinks wine with meals now.


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