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These entries are listed in the order I received them.  Remember that each entry ought to be judged not only on the quality of the art, but originality and how well the character could fit into Ace Attorney as well.  Ask yourself: Is the art good?  Is the character new and interesting?  Could this character really appear in an AA game?  Voting is up for the next week, so take your time and make your decision!

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Character's Name: Saori Shinjiro

Age: 20 years old

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Of petite height and build, Saori stands at 5'2, her weight balancing around 95 pounds. She dresses quite reserved, the only thing standing out, her candy pink hair. With a length reaching up to her mid-waist, her rather uniquely colored hair is kept tidy through a multitude of hairstyles. Though she often favors keeping them in high pigtails, it can range from buns to braids, with a different hairstyle everyday. The next feature of hers, although not completely rare, are her forest green eyes. A black chocker almost completely devoid of decoration rests on her neck, in the center of it, a small stone is shown. The color of this stone shines with the same green of her eyes. She keeps her attorney's badge on a necklace rather than pinning it properly to her lapel. Truth be told, if not for her striking hair color, Saori would not stand out much.

Brief Personality Description: Saori can be quite meek around people she doesn't know, yet surprisingly bubbly with her friends. She has trouble with public speaking, making it quite difficult for her to properly voice out her opinions. By never failing to smile in any given situation, she hopes for it to mask her insecurities. Though she is rather new to her job, with her never handling a case before, she strives to do her best and work hard. She firmly believes the most important thing is to smile for "It helps calm the person you are protecting and it urges them to believe in you".

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None

Brief Background: Saori never dreamt of becoming a defense attorney, but was instead inspired to achieve this after an incident a few years ago. As a first year student, the only thing Saori prioritized at that time was fitting in. New to her school, she found it hard to adjust to the pressure of meeting new people. It was then she met a small group of girls that later on became her close friends. A few months passed by, the six of them grew unbelievably attached to one another. But then, tragedy struck. Tamome, one of Saori's friends, had fallen off the 2nd floor of the East Wing, placing her into a coma. After a few moments of investigation, it turned out that her friend was pushed, and all evidence found pointed to the young girl. A witness was then placed at the scene of the crime, adding to the already insurmountable doubt to her.

Oddly enough, as if by mistake, a defense attorney agreed to take her case. A woman that went by the name of Lyone. It seemed she was more than capable of defending the confused Saori, at least, that was what she told her. When asked why Lyone took on her case, she quickly answered with a confident smile, "Me and that prosecutor'll get your criminal for you. Don't worry so much!" and left.

On the day of the trial, Saori felt nervous and couldn't disclose any information due to her anxiety. It was after Lyone once again assured her not to worry that she was able to speak about the day of the incident. True enough, Lyone, with the help of the rather feisty prosecutor, managed to find the person who really committed the crime. It seemed she was harboring ill will towards Tamome and wanted to get off the crime by pinning the blame on one of her friends. A week after the crime, Tamome awoke, confirming to the situation Lyone and the prosecutor had pieced together. It was then Saori realized that she too wanted to help people, just as Lyone had helped her.

Character's Name: Napoli Talzone (Napoli is an Italian name similar to Napoleon and Naples, Talzone is a portmanteau of Calzone and Tall).

Age: 47

Occupation: CEO Talzone Inc. (Witness in the case)

Brief Physical Description: Height: 4'4''.  Napoli is a dwarf with a commanding presence. His damning glare, unerring confidence, and subtly brutal gestures demand attention.

His clothing is similar to that of Napoleon Bonaparte's, except baring the colours of the Italian flag. He will often wear stilts to bring his height closer to 6'8''. This is done to increase his presence in a room.

Napoli is starting to show his age due to his rigorous smoking of cigars.

Brief Personality Description:  The main hook to Napoli's character is that he suffers from tremendous pride and a Napoelon Complex. Napoleon Complex is a condition where an individual feels inferior due to his height. Despite his accomplishments, and despite the respect he commands, Napoli feels everyone is mocking him. This is also the reason for stilts, to artificially increase his height a few extra feet. Even his clothes and cigars are meant to show power and prestige, in his eyes. His words are often demeaning and sarcastic, attempting to undermine others to increase his own perceived importance.

He demands praise, but finds all praise patronizing. It's a bitter cycle. Every accolade fails to satisfy, and only serves to increase his suspicion that his height makes him a failure in the eyes of others - despite their genuine respect for him.

This attitude has only served to drive people away from him, and make him bitterer still. There are very few people he feels he can trust, and he will meet betrayal with nothing short of blood.

His pride is his greatest weakness. The only time Napoli loses his composure is if he is openly mocked. He can become quite dangerous at this time. Napoli's pride is so strong that he would never accept an insanity plea, even though he is very much disturbed.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): No direct connection, though Phoenix enjoys his original chain of Pizza joints.

Brief Background:  Born of poor French and Italian parents, Napoli's early childhood was difficult. Since he's of rather short stature and never had a lot of money, he was often the subject of harsh ridicule.

But Napoli used this early ridicule as fuel for determination to succeed. By 18, he had started his own pizza joint. By 20, he was in control of a number of pizza shops around the city. Local vandalism was the cause of much contention for Napoli. He felt he had such an excellent start yet no one would recognize him for it. Beyond this point, his attitude would begina downward spiral. He'd start trying to increase his height and became a master stilt-walker. His other goal was to acquire power.

His business sense was enough to let him invest in several successful businesses and factories. He became a powerful figure in local business, but he wanted more. He began to associate with the Mob in order to gain more clout. He liked the idea of people fearing him.

In terms of the underground, Napoli had his first taste of blood. He had to shoot to defend himself on more than one occasion, and executed several people trying to harm his business or even reveal his criminal ties. This lead to the development of his spiked stilts. Each stilt has a detachable cover housing a large spike. This was used for self-defense in lieu of a gun, and for disposing of people in situations that he felt were personal.

"I wanted them to be crushed beneath the heel of one they never thought could even reach them. What an utterly detestable way to die. It fits them like a fine glove."

Recently, Napoli's lover of fifteen years left him. This was because of how increasingly bitter he becomes. She felt she was nothing more than a security blanket for him - there was no love left. Months later, she fell for one of his longtime workers, at one of his original pizza joints. He was a tall, muscular man ten years his junior. He couldn't see her real reason, it had to be this man's height.

He lured her into the nearby park under the guise of a letter form her lover, and crept up behind her and shifted his weight into his spiked stilt, piercing his lost love and ending it forever. He then proceeded to set his employee up for the fall. After all, wasn't Napoli  too short to hit her where the killing blow started, and wouldn't he lack the balance and force on his stilts? Though the murder weapon wasn't found, planted evidence implicated her lover.

"There is no greater offense than what she did. My confidant for so long, was she doing it just because of the prestige? Just because it was edgy to date someone as small as me? My last ounce of respect for people died the day she walked out that door. She deserved everything she got."

Character's Name: Wayne A. Komplis

Age: 36

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: Stands at 185 cm. Very large muscular man with an almost militaristic straight-backed posture. His appearance is usually incredibly meticulous, most notably his incredibly well-kept pair of sideburns.  Has a broad, somber face, and wavy, auburn hair.  The heart-badge on his hat is from his daughter, Lina.

Brief Personality Description: Wayne would like to think of himself as something of a paragon to the prim and proper.  Always with a comb and a lint remover in his front pocket, Wayne doesn't mind going out of his way to maintain an almost unsettling level of neatness in his life and presentation (which can be seen in his constant preening: Combing his sideburns, straightening out his shirt, etc.).  He's the type who considers any substantial show of emotion as a sign of weakness (not to mention it tends to mess up his hair too much for him to bother with it), and in result tries to be as to the point and detached as possible, usually hiding behind his hat whenever he can't hold back his emotions.  This coldness makes relationships hard for him and in fact hides what is actually an incredibly bad-tempered, jealous man.  When he snaps, a good idea would be to run.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Worked with detective Gumshoe. Close friend to Damon Gant after 'helping' him with a few cases. Admired Gant for a good long while before that too, but in the end attempts to frame him for the murder of his wife. 

Brief Background: Wayne worked in the police force as an officer for a while before becoming detective.  He was partnered with Cassandra 'Casey' Filer, and, after two years, married her and had two children, Rani and Lina.  Wayne and Gant had something of a close relationship thanks to the job, which resulted in Damon Gant becoming a close family friend. Their relationship became strained after Wayne's family became more emotionally attached to Gant than to him.  Murders his wife after misconstruing a conversation she held with Gant that seemed to suggest her infidelity, and then frames Damon Gant for the murder of his wife, so jealousy-fueled he even used his own children to hide evidence for him.  He is discovered, however, in court and is sent to jail.

Fanart Category 1st Place!

Character's name: Sacra Lacrima

Age: 29

Occupation: judge

Brief Physical Description:  As seen in the picture, British, pure black hair, emerald green eyes, fair skin, about 188cm, fairly well built, though kind of  towards the lean but well built side. He wears the hat with chains behind it out of remembrance for Castitas and Laurus, his two sisters, who are not here anymore (this story will explain later). The coat is just personal preference, he prefer light  colors in general, and likes casual outfits, but always keeps the coat.

Brief Personality Description:  Sacra doesn't speak that much, he's more of the silent type, he listens, and always keep a slight smile on his face, maybe because he's had two younger siblings, he has this general gentle older brother attitude, his words are gentle and never out of place. But somehow, for some reason, everyone that sees his smiles can sense this deep-rooted sadness. Sacra has a love for classical music, always carries an ipod with him, most of the time when he's not interacting with people he's sitting in  a coffee shop with a book and earphones in his ears. Easy-going and gentle as he is, he can get truly scary when he's angry.

Connection to canon characters and brief background:  The man in the corner with brown hair is Bane, the young girl's face in the left corner is Laurus, who looks exactly the same as Castitas, both are Sacra's sisters. Bane, Sacra and Klavier were schoolmates, and good friends.  Sacra had become the youngest attorney in history to be selected as a judge. A murder case was brought before him, and, surprisingly enough, Bane was a suspect for murdering his own fiancée. the case seem pretty set and obvious, with Klavier  prosecuting, but right before the case was settled, Apollo, being the defense, found a loophole, which turned the whole case  around. But it did not only exonerate, but led the crime to be pinned onto Sacra instead, and as Sacra stepped down from the judge's spot and stood upon as the accused, he opened a pandora's box into the past, into a case that happened many years  ago.

Their story goes all the way back to Edgeworth's second case. One night, when Klavier was coming over, he "witnessed" a murder, Laurus was killed that night, and Castitas wounded up being the prime suspect, and the one brought to court.  Edgeworth, being who he was back then, fought tooth and nails to get Castitas convicted, and Klavier was called upon as a witness. Thinking that he saw Castitas commit the murder, Klavier chose to do what he thought was right, he testified against her, which led to the conviction, and Castitas being taken away. Sacra wanted to file appeals for Castitas, however, someone poisoned her a few days after she got into jail, and the killer was never caught.

Now, with this court procedure, new evidence had subsequently led to old evidence being discovered, and soon, this was more than just a murder of Bane's fiancée. It shed new light on what had occurred at Laurus' death. Eventually, the truth was uncovered.

After Castitas died, Bane and Klavier were there to comfort him, and just as he is eventually coming out of the sadness, one night, he went over to talk to Bane and saw something he shouldn't have seen. Decisive evidence which pinned the murder of Laurus on Bane. Then, everything clicked...Bane killed Laurus and framed Castitas. Sacra confronted Bane, who wounded him, took away the evidence, Without prove, Sacra went to the police, but no evidence was found, and no charges was ever brought.  As soon as this was all uncovered, the truth about Bane's fiancée's murder was also uncovered. Sacra was the murderer, he wanted Bane to know what Castitas must have felt, to be accused of a murder of a loved one, to suffer not only the pain but the humiliation and loss. Klavier was at a loss, he now knew he was wrong before when he testified against Castitas, and so was Edgeworth. But in order to finally bring Bane to justice and restore Castitas' name, Edgeworth entered into the court, and together, they painfully convicted Sacra of the murder, but also, finally, was able to convict Bane of a crime he committed a long time ago.

Klavier watched in pain as Sacra, one of his best friends, was taken away, but Sacra finally smiled, and this time, there was no sadness. He said it was all worth it, if it ended up bringing not only having Bane experience the pain he's conflicted, but also, bringing Bane to justice.

Fanart Category 2nd Place!

Character's Name: Sophia von Karma

Age: 36 (at the end of PW3)

Occupation: Judge

Brief Physical Description: A tall, slender woman with wavy strawberry blonde hair. She wears pince-nez spectacles, and has a mole on her right cheek. Her judicial outfit consists of a dark purple and blue frock coat, black blouse with a broad frilled collar, black skirt, and an optional crimson sash.

Brief Personality Description: Though she shares the same intellect and determination of the von Karma line, she was raised away from the overbearing influence of Manfred von Karma and therefore lacks the characteristic arrogance and obsessiveness of her father and his progenies. She is honest, professional and sharp-witted, but with a slightly mischievous streak. Though she no longer lives there, she fondly clings to elements of her English upbringing, including a penchant for tea, tennis and complaining

about the weather.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Older daughter of Manfred von Karma (apparently his having two daughters really is canon, as is the older one having a child of her own), and half-sister of Franziska von Karma.

Brief Background: Sophia was born in 1982 to her English mother. When she was three, her mother separated from Manfred von Karma and took her to live in England where she spent most of her life. She studied law, taking the von Karma name because of its highly respected reputation, became a prosecutor, then a QC at 27 and eventually a High Court judge at 32 (both records, as befits a von Karma). After hearing of her father's downfall, she visited the United States to see him, and eventually she decided to forge a career there, becoming a judge at the district criminal courts. Sophia is married and has a 7 year old daughter named Alina.

Additional notes: My fanart pieces are two mocked up "artbook" pages, made to mimic the style used in The Art of Gyakuten Saiban (yes, I even put in a fake gutter where the "book" won't lie flat against the scanner!). I imagined these being from an artbook to accompany a game where you get to play a judge (well, if a prosecutor can get his own game in the upcoming Gyakuten Kenji, why not a judge? "Gyakuten Saibanchou"!). To add to the effect, I've given her both an English name (Sophia von Karma) and a Japanese one (Karuma Satomi), attempting to follow the tradition of picking appropriate names for PW/GS characters ("Sophia" means "Wisdom" in Greek, while "Satomi" is composed of the kanji for "wise" and "beauty"). In line with her English upbringing, her judicial outfit seen on the first image is loosely based on the robes of a circuit judge in England and Wales (see http://www.dca.gov.uk/consult/courtdress/annexd.htm), with a touch of von Karma-esque flounciness, of course!

Character's Name: Tristan ‘Gant’ Adagian

Age: 22

Occupation: Police Captain / former drummer of the Gavinners

Brief Physical Description: Tristan stands at 5’8” and while shorter than most of the other band members, he makes up for his muscular stature. His tan skin and contrasting blue tattoos often make him stand out, where as his sleek leather trousers and zipper vest help ‘shape’ his figure. What stands out more noticeably then his feline kinked brown and blue hair are his aquamarine eyes, which match perfectly to the tiny nose stud he has on his left nostril.

Brief Personality Description: The best way to describe Tristan’s personality is unpredictable.  He acts to get reactions out of people, whether it is positive or negative. Usually, he is very playful, attention hungry, and condescending towards others. However, his attitude towards his careers was always positive, perhaps even over achieving at times. Tristan has a mental fortitude problem, as he often likes to show himself as a strong individual, where in actuality, he needs a person to seek inner strength in to show it himself.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Damon Gant, Lana Skye, Ema Skye, Kristoph Gavin, Klavier Gavin, Daryan Crescend, Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright

Brief Background: Tristan was born in 2005, where his parents were Lana Skye and Damon Gant. He was quickly taken from his mother, and for reasons of making him the sole successor of the Gant name, grew up not knowing she was related to him. His childhood was stressful, as his father expected a good deal out of him to be the ‘best’ there was. When Tristan turned eleven, his father was trialed and found guilty, it was then that he lost his first source of inner strength. While being raised by his close relatives, the stress did not dissipate, and perhaps even got worse as he had to live up to the greatness of his father.  He excelled in school and took the crime fighting path his family wished him to take. It was then he met Klavier Gavin, whose taste for music didn’t match the costs necessary. Tristan soon joined to get time to ‘relax’ from his other budding career, and while he was still young, was more than capable of both careers. Shortly after joining did Tristan meet Kristoph Gavin, and found his new source of inner strength to look up to. It wasn’t until his conviction did the newly promoted police captain find himself at a loss. Yet again he had lost his idol, and he knew that Phoenix Wright held a hand in it. It’s then that Tristan begins to find ways around Kristoph’s sentence in the end of the Misham case, and will do anything to see that he gets out one way or another.

Character's Name:  Leon Lazard

Age:  24  (same age as Phoenix Wright)

Occupation:  Defense Attorney (Evil)

Brief Physical Description:  5'11" tall, very lean and bendy.  Sallow complexion.  Oily black hair, long thin, curly goatee.  Small, beady green eyes set so far apart (behind bulbous glasses) they are nearly on opposite sides of his head.  Angular face, constantly oscillating from side to side, never looking at you straight on, typically with an insincere grin.  Wears tasteless dark-green leisure suits, brown-and-yellow checkered vest, and ostentatious gold watch and rings  His suit changes colors depending on his emotional state or when he changes his strategy.  Goatee flicks when he's excited or triumphant.  Angular joints and limbs, particularly in his fingers.

Brief Personality Description:  Sleek, sleazy, almost reptilian.  His defense of high-profile criminals has made him very wealthy.  Obscenely materialistic, his tastes in possessions and women are gaudy and repugnant.  The opposite of idealistic and honest Phoenix Wright, Lazard's bag of tricks include bribery, blackmail or intimidation of witnesses; hiding or forging evidence; insanity pleas; blaming video games(!); and even redirecting suspicion on the innocent.  His courtroom philosophy is "truth is relative," insisting to Miles Edgeworth that the only thing that matters is what people believe.  At times, he takes this to extremes, seemingly doubting objective reality even exists.  His ultimate downfall could come from getting too deep in that belief, losing the ability to distinguish between facts and his lies...

Connection to Canon Characters:  Miles Edgeworth's hated enemy; colleague and school-companion of Phoenix Wright.

Brief Background:  Leon Lazard went to college with Phoenix Wright and studied under the same mentor, but took the 'low road' of law.  Now, Leon Lazard (Lazard, Conda, Dactyl & Cohen Law Offices) has become one of the most notorious defense attorneys in the country, retained by underworld figures to safeguard their activities from the law.  Undefeated in the courtroom, he is reviled by prosecutors and police alike, and believed to be the reason why law enforcement stands helpless against organized crime, such as the Vasquez, Cadaverini, the Kitaki and the Rivales crime families.


Character's Name: Beaura “Beau” Strokes

Age: 29

Occupation: Owner of the White Strokes Memorial Art Gallery, also indulges in some light sculpture work

Brief Physical Description: Tall and slim. Looks somewhat malnourished with an airy disposition. Often wears her fiery locks down or trailed over her left shoulder. Wears dark “Lennonesque” sunglasses, even indoors. Often seen sporting a lime green vest and a “fishy” sarong, and decorated with beads and bangles whilst trying to reinvent the ‘60s.

Brief Personality Description: Tasteful and sophisticated, Beaura is as stylish as she is witty. However she can’t seem to hide the fact that she is a terrible flirt, probably caused by all the neglect from her husband. She means no harm by it and is often only joking about as many of her “targets” are much younger than she is. It is hard to anger this collected self-provider but once you cross the line you are sorry.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Defendant, one of Nick‘s clients. Enjoys playfully teasing him, but has no real interest.

Brief Background: Beaura winds up in court accused of murdering her husband, a businessman called Rex Laurell. It is well known that she had a lot of contempt for Rex and was often hurt by his refusal to understand or appreciate her artwork and, as the murder took place in her own gallery with one of her necklaces, she becomes the main suspect. However, Beau is deeply upset by her husband’s death and although she admits they didn’t agree on a lot of things she sincerely would never have hurt him.

Beaura was born in Versailles and moved to Japan with her father, White. Originally, she dreamed of being a Marine Biologist and studied for a degree in college, only to discover she had a talented eye for fine art and would follow in her father’s footsteps, later taking over his gallery and renaming it.

After she is acquitted of the crime (naturally) she reopens the gallery with an embarrassingly large statue dedicated to “the unstoppable crime-fighting-duo of Mr Phoenix Wright and Miss Maya Fey”!  Maya thought it was brilliant.

Character's Name: Lager “Pappy” O’Doul

Age: 55

Occupation: Bartender/ proprietor of Pappy’s Bar

Brief Physical Description: Pappy stands about 180 cm tall. He is a large Scottish beefy man with a gleaming bald spot who always wears a pair of “Beer-noculars” (a pair of real beer glasses attached to a sturdy frame), due to his terrible eyesight. Speaks with a Scottish accent sounding much like Sean Connery. Sports a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, black suspenders, tan apron with a stain of from a Bloody Mary (not blood!) and beer, blue jeans, and a belt clasp of his bar’s mascot “Mr. Happy Sunshine”.

Brief Personality Description: A rough-tumble man with a deep heart of gold but an inner need to always be right. When angered, he flexes his muscles and tends to ruin many of his white shirts. And since he’s a softy, he drinks his own tears collected from his glasses. He loves making people drunk at his bar because they always pay more. This causes mass mayhem at his bar when there are too many people around. BAR FIGHT!

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Often hires Naruhodo to play at his bar, which he ends up cleaning and waiting tables instead…like a real job. Ended up being a Witness on some attempted murder cases in his bar, thus meeting Housuke, Minuki, Akane…etc. Since the Borscht Bowl became a murder scene, Naruhodo had relocated his poker business to Pappy’s.

Brief Background: Born and raised in Scotland, O’Doul was forced to move to America by his parents when he was sixteen because he had a “sober problem”. So without any form of parental guidance, O’Doul grew up to be a heavy weight street boxer…but was never able to solve his “sober problem”. No matter how much his friends made him drink, the alcohol was like water to him. Even to this day, he doesn’t drink anything. “Doesn’t do me any good.” So when he was old enough, he became and entrepreneur and opened a bar to honor his parents’ wishes. He lost his eyesight when he was thirty due to a drunk with a knife. His eyes became so bad and his pay was so low that he fashioned his own glasses.

Character's Name: Ivory Crafte

Age: 26

Occupation: Prosecutor & Artist

Brief Physical Description: 160 cm in height, brown curly long hair and brown eyes. She carries around a bag of sculpting tools, and is always holding a small block of wood and a carving tool, even in court. She points with her carving tool.

Brief Personality Description: She is friendly to most people, but often a bit selfish. She is also an artist, specializing in sculptures. She couldn't think properly if she's not making sculptures, so the Judge had agreed to let her to do her artworks in court. She often carves a sculpture of the defense attorney she's facing in court, if she thinks they're good. She has a rather strong conviction for determining the defendant guilty. However, if she finds out later that the defendant is innocent, she doesn't mind losing. Or, if the verdict is out already, she would do her best to make it up by appealing for a re-trial, which she often gets because she's on good terms with the Judge. She doesn't care too much about her trial record. She is quite a scatterbrain, which leads people who know both her and Detective Gumshoe to think that scatterbrain blood runs in the family.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): A far relative of Detective Gumshoe (his cousin's wife's uncle's grand-daughter, but both of them don't remember the exact details). Idolizes Miles Edgeworth (although she couldn't remember his name nor his face) and Phoenix Wright.

Brief Background: Her parents were attorneys, but she never really planned to become an attorney. She originally planned to take up art majors while studying law, but was not accepted, so she took laws major instead, at the age of 18. She was not too determined until she watched the trial of 2-4. She watched that trial from the audience seat behind the prosecution's bench, so all she could remember of the attorneys were Phoenix's face and Edgeworth's back. Even so, she was forever inspired by the two, by Edgeworth's determination, and Phoenix's will to get the guilty party, whoever it is. And so, she decided to be a prosecutor, and only when she finally became one at the age of 25 that she was able to get the records of that trial and finally knowing the attorneys' names and faces.

After that, her new goal is to share her inspiration, by creating sculptures of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth facing each other in court, and put them in an exhibition. But she wouldn't exhibit the work until she could find both of them and invite/force them to come. When she found out that Detective Gumshoe knew them all along, and all she needed to do was ask him, she cursed herself for not being able to remember their names. On another note, after successfully prosecuting a few cases, she made a sculpture of the Judge. To her surprise it made His Honour very happy. Ever since she’s on good terms with the Judge, which is a good thing when she needs to apply for a re-trial.

Character's Name: Lt. Warren Benny

Age: 34 (GS4 time)

Occupation: Lieutenant in the drug enforcement division of the LAPD

Brief Physical Description: Standing about 6'1" and weighing in at nearly 200lbs, referring to Benny as being a "large" fellow is a bit of an understatement. His hair is brassy-orange colour and often kept relatively short with slightly longer bangs. His eyes are naturally green, although one is a bit discoloured and has a bit of a blue tint to it due to an accident. The accident in question left him almost blinded in that eye (an expensive surgery corrected his vision for the most part, but he still requires glasses). There is a large, uneven scar beside his discoloured eye running from his forehead to the middle of his cheek as well.

He has a large, slightly crooked nose and high cheek-bones, drawing a good deal of attention to his face. He tries his best to keep his mouth closed when he smiles as his front teeth tend to stick out, giving him the appearance of an over-sized rabbit (which his fellow officers tease him endlessly about).

Broad-shouldered and scruffy-chinned, Benny is often seen wearing a short-sleeved collared shirt with a blue sweater vest and matching slacks. He wears a silver chain around his wrist which is actually a Medic Alert bracelet but he often keeps it turned the wrong way, attempting to mask the fact he's allergic to anything (he's allergic to bees!)

Brief Personality Description: Detective Benny is the definition of bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  Eager to please with a smile on his face, it's quite clear that he loves his job. Although he has a deep sense of justice, Benny is a man with few prejudices -- which is a great asset in his field. Very polite and an excellent mediator, it takes a lot to get Benny angry.

Often a target for the other officers teasing, Benny is good at taking things in stride with a smile. He knows they merely jest but he is able to taunt them right back. He is quite skilled with words and a fast thinker, allowing him to verbally defend himself whenever the need may arise. Although fully capable of defending himself physically, he is a pacifist and would much rather settle things with words.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Occasionally works alongside homicide on cases, so he has worked with Gumshoe in the past and currently works with Ema Skye (when the need arises). He knows Prosecutor Gavin but not on a personal level (he is a big fan of The Gavinners though!)

Brief Background: Growing up in an impoverished slum, a young Benny decided in his early teenage years that he wanted to clean up the area he lived in. Benny joined the force in May of 2013, shortly past his 21st birthday, right after completing his training at the police academy. Benny was part of the team of officers Edgeworth sent to rescue Maya during the state vs. Andrews trial. He was one of the officers left injured by de Killer (causing the scar on the side of his face). The assault caused a young officer Benny's glasses to break; the frame unhinging and glass shattering -- glass shrapnel cutting into his retina and leaving it heavily damaged. Not wanting to be forced into a desk job for the rest of his days on the force, Benny managed to come up with the money for surgery to repair the retinal damage for the most part.

Benny transferred into the drug enforcement division in 2019 and was promoted to Lieutenant in 2024. He was offered a promotion to Captain in 2025 but he turned it down as he still held a strong desire to stay on the beat near his old neighbourhood rather than focusing his attention on drug smuggling and working with International Affairs.

From April to October 2026, Benny was on sabbatical and spent some time in France. Despite spending such a length of time in the country, he cannot speak a word of French.

Character's Name:  Lance Galayton (Jack Toby Johns) He has an agency name that he uses and also the name he was born with. His last name in his agency name is supposed to resemble his son's stage name Galactica.

Age: 41

Occupation: Personal Travel Agent for  Magnifi Gramarye / Farmer

Brief Physical Description: His appearance can only be described as strange. At a glance it seems like he has a hard time choosing between dressing classy, or dressing like a country bumpkin. He wears two monocles, one may wonder why he doesn't just wear a pair of glasses instead.

Brief Personality Description:
-While speaking he talks in a very refined and educated way, but every now and again his country accent will come out.

-He is very strong because of his farmer profession.

-Sometimes he tends to get emotionally worked up just like his son.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Father to Maximillion Galactica (Billy Bob Johns)

Brief Background:  Lance runs a farm alongside his wife in the countryside, but his main job is being a Travel agent. Since Lance's son is a magician so it wasn't a big surprise that Lance came across Magnifi Graymare.  When Magnifi learned that Maximillion's father was a world famous travel agent he hired Lance right away, and then a week later Thalassa had the accident with Zak and Valant's practice performance.

Magnifi decided with that accident that he didn't want Zak or Valant anywhere near Thalassa ever again, so he arranged for Lance to arrange a place for her in Borginia and get her established there (getting her the small restaurant in the Republic of Borginia). Lance was even responsible for telling her that she has lost the majority of her memory and that the doctors said it would be best for her to regain the memory herself over time. In this time Magnifi has established to Zak and Valant that Thalassa had died and that there would be no further questions. With this he has Zak and Valant wrapped around his finger.


Fanart Category Croik's Choice!

Character's Name: Isaac Mallard

Age: 23

Occupation: Secret Services Agent / Ex-bassist for The Gavinners - (he is meant to show up in only one "episode" as a witness or a key character, so he's not one of those characters that show up in multiple episodes)

Brief Physical Description: Isaac is tall, with a lean/muscular build, and his most striking feature is his green feather-like Mohawk. He has four piercings on both ears, and two piercings on his eyebrow. After the band broke up, he on the job almost constantly so he wears a normal black suit with a bright green tie.

Brief Personality Description: He's a social and friendly person, despite his punkish look. In school, he was very active and received good marks in all his classes. Even back then he sported a very punkish look, but it didn't seem anyone noticed. Somewhat of a wallflower, no matter how hard to tried to be noticeable. When it comes to his talents and job, he's very prideful so he'll boast now and then about his bass-playing skills and his super-secret job that nobody is allowed to know about. His loyalty to keeping his job a secret may someday lead to his demise, since Klavier found out pretty quickly when recruiting a bassist for the Gavinners. But naturally, he didn't tell Isaac this.

Isaac has a sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy. His best friend Austin has to do a lot of things for him, mostly driving. Isaac is somewhat ashamed of his disorder and will try to cover it up by offering to drive (which is incredibly stupid of him, but his pride gets in the way of a lot of things).

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Bassist of the Gavinners, but he showed up to only a few of their practices due to his job. But he did well enough each time that Klavier forced himself to keep Isaac in the band albeit accompanied by many threats to kick him out. He isn't very close to either Klavier or Daryan. Daryan in particular, but they don't fight or anything to that extent.

Brief Background: Isaac grew up in a normal household like any other normal child, and was pretty average in everyway until he decided that he was tired of being normal and average. So, he changed his looks in hopes of gaining some attention. Despite his best efforts, that too went unnoticed, so he attempted other methods such as being more involved in school activities - which also didn't help too much, but he made plenty of friends through it. He met Austin through a music club (he was fond of music, especially rock music) and became good friends through... interesting means. Isaac had offered to drive Austin home one day, and fell asleep during his wait at a left turn (LA traffic is a nightmare, you know). Ever since, Austin drives for him in fear that Isaac will get into a really bad accident someday.

They auditioned together for the Gavinners, although Klavier was a little reluctant to keep Isaac due to his job. The fact that they were both interested in police work was purely coincidental. Honest.

Character's Name: Justine M. Craig

Age: 12

Occupation: Heiress , Witness

Brief Physical Description: Brown hair which curves outwards. She has a bead tied a strand of hair on each side of her face. People can see her honey hazel eyes very clearly too. Justine always wears an extremely puffy hat that equals the size of her head, and that matches her shirt. (she also other hats that match at least one of her outfits).  Also, she has a hard time keeping a straight face because it keeps her from being bored.

Brief Personality Description: Spunky, and is always finds something curious to ‘investigate’ in any room or place. With many corruptions around her, she still holds a sort of naive innocence…because her mother divorced with her father in order to (or attempt to) cut ties with him and his relatives. Still, Justine meets up with her grandfather at his restaurant on daily basis. She loves food as much as him. Also, like her mother (a defense attorney), Justine is bluntly straightforward and only speaks the truth, mainly because her mother taught her to be honest. She takes her mom’s words about honesty to heart so much that she may overdo it sometimes.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): On an ordinary day, Justine happened to cross a few streets in the same direction as Phoenix and Maya were walking, and commented on Maya’s outfit~. Justine got injured several times with attempted kidnaps and beatings in the past (but all the injuries and experiences were light; not enough to traumatize her) and was once hospitalized in Hotti Clinic (saw, but didn’t talk to the Clinic Director because she not hot enough, haha). 

Indirectly-ish: Her father was accused of murdering his dad, (her grandfather) because he was one people after Justine’s inheritance from grandfather. Miles Edgeworth was the prosecutor, which means he obviously won, whether or not the defendant is innocent. Her mother was the defense attorney for this case too. Justine had to be one of the witnesses because of her family (her dad)/relatives were the ones after her inheritance.

Brief Background: Her grandpa was a successful CEO for decades and was highly respected . He even opened his own restaurant because of his love for food. Because she was his only grandchild that he ever liked, he decides to give her his fortune when he dies. He puts his will/contract in a jack-in-the-box and gave Justine the hair clip with the key to it. Even since his decision, this triggered many conflicts between the adults. Later in the future (way way later), Justine finds out that her mother was the actual murderer, but with a twist. Her grandfather planned it with her mother in order to accuse someone else (not her dad). Justine was (and is still) too young to clearly understand her current position and thinks she’s living fairly happily with her worn-out mother.

Character's Name: Dr. Noa Laht

Age: 26 [In GS4]

Occupation: Coroner/ Pianist

Brief Physical Description: Short and fluffy white hair with black streaks and natural curls; built thin and short at about  5'7; grey eyes with glasses, one white eyebrow and one black eyebrow; pale skin with 4 piercings--3 in his ears and 1 in his bottom lip.  Rarely dresses in anything other than black and white or grays.

Brief Personality Description: Bitter about his height, his eyesight, his country of origin, his childhood, and pretty much everything around him Noa is the ultimate pessimist. Despite his dark outlook on life, he is very quiet and reserved, often mistaken for a polite person or completely overlooked all together. When he speaks, however, he is very blunt, to the point, and usually sarcastic as well. When it comes to his work, he is very dedicated and organized, perhaps even to the extent of being classified as a workaholic. He's a very secretive person and because of this, he seems to have no weaknesses. He claims that he's only lied twice in his life and that his forward honest is what makes people dislike him. 

Though he is Borginian, he refuses to speak the language or discuss the country. It seems he hates it more than anything.

Though never diagnosed officially, Noa has Dissociative Identity Disorder, meaning he has an alternate personality which he has no control over. This separate "self", who apparently calls itself 'Seth', is aware of Noa but Noa does not seem to be aware of him. Seth was born from the stress and hate of his counter-part's childhood and often takes Noa's place in situations of extreme stress. The revealing of this disorder occurs in his "final breakdown" on the witness stand. Seth is 'the wolf in sheep's clothing' and thus his personality is very aggressive, dangerous, and quick to anger. While it's true that Noa has only lied twice in his life, Seth is the one who does all the lying and thus, Noa is never aware of it. This leads to his breakdown, as he's certain he's telling the truth [from what he remembers] but the evidence clearly contradicts him and he is called out as a liar.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Is/was Keyboardist for the Gavinners [Garyuu Wave] and of all the members, he was closest to Daryan because Noa found him the least annoying. Even then, his relationships were always limited to strictly business or   acquaintance  and he rarely got close enough to anyone to call them a good friend.

Brief Background: Noa was born in Borginia, where children are encouraged to learn art or music from a very young age. His parents chose piano for him because it's one of the more popular musical directions in that country [See: Machi]. Noa was a extremely smart child and excelled at school and studied so often that he made little to no friends. However, at age 11, Noa was exiled to a neighboring nation called Espkopia. This country is basically the slummy, poor class extension of Borginia, where exiles and other "unwanteds" live. He never speaks about his reason for being exiled, but it appears to bring back unpleasant memories. While in Eskopia, he lived with a younger orphan and continued his education through self-study, testing out for a highly sought after scholarship provided by the Eskopian government when he was 17. This scholarship allowed him to study abroad at a rather prestigious college where he earned his PHD in a matter of years. Upon finishing college, he immigrated to the United States to get as further away from his country of origin. Here he found work at the coroner’s office and was eventually introduced to Klavier. After several short conversations and a rather awkward, but impressive, demonstration of skill, he was offered the position of keyboardist in a band that was barely a year old. He remained with both his work and the band until it's end, where he continued to work.

When Noa was young, he was constantly picked on and cruelly humiliated by a group of classmates everyday because he was such a 'black sheep'. Eventually he became fed up with the bitterness, stress, and embarrassment and Seth was created at age 11. His alter-ego was the one to take action against the group and each of them ended of dying mysteriously, all linked by the same 'poison' produced from a certain cocoon. Because of his age, and lack of decisive evidence, Noa was exiled rather than executed.

Non-Finalist Entries

Character's Name: Adriana Arguelles.

Age: 24

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Very Dark Brown Hair and Very Dark Brown Eyes, she's 5'5'.

Brief Personality Description: She's kind of cheerful, a really nice girl and although easy to hang out, at the same time she can be quite attached to her friends and is very loyal to them. In court she's not a good one sadly. but altough tries to present evidence to take justice to the guilty party. and altough she has the tendency to play videogames and sleep.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Trained by Kristoph Gavin and acquaintance (she was a Witness) Friends with Apollo Justice, Klavier Gavin, Trucy Wright & Phoenix Wright.

Brief Background: She's from Mexico but by the danger that her parent though about that place she decide to live with her Aunt. By the time, she doesn't know why she felt guilt by leaving that place and been separated by her parent .When she was 18 she saw a murder that happened and she became a witness. The defendant was declared 'innocent' by Kristoph, and after that day she decide to be a Defense Attorney. When she became 21 she decided to study at Gavin Law Office and became close friends with his mentor (Kristoph). After the case when they arrest Kristoph, all the times she decide to visit him and sometimes bring something to him, and 2 or 3 days after the case she met with Apollo and his friends and became friends an sometimes she tells to Apollo some hints to help him on court.

Miscellaneous Fact: She adores plush dolls! (specially if there Lamb or Sheep dolls) and loves pork chips.

Character's Name: Paige Turner

Age: 20

Occupation: Student at Ivy University

Brief Physical Description: Paige is an average-sized girl with reddish hair, glasses and a permanent scowl.  She loves the colour pink, so she wears it all the time.

Brief Personality Description: Grumpy, snippy, and uncooperative. Just the type of person that Phoenix or Apollo usually has to cross-examine. When she doesn't want to talk to you, she won't and will start flipping through a book instead.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): A classmate of Wesley Stickler.

Brief Background: Paige is a real book-lover and would much rather read than talk to a "moron," as she puts it. Not much is known about her childhood, besides that it was pretty uneventful and that her mother was a librarian.

Character's Name: Kaz Yucahn

Age: 10 (GS2), 11 (GS3) - 18 (Apollo Justice time period)

Occupation: Elementary Student/Witness

Brief Physical Description: Kaz is 4"1 (around 136 cm) with lengthy, short light brown hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin, and scattered freckles. He is normally seen with a school uniform and khaki shorts that fall to his knees, and he carries a book bag around, always harboring a miniature Blue Badger key chain. He wears a navy police cap that's a bit too large for his head.

Brief Personality Description: Kaz is childish and energetic – the usual personality of children his age. However unlike most, he has an eager hunger for learning about law and investigation because of his uncle and his father. He is actually quite smarter than he looks, and always tries to stay optimistic when others are down in the dumps. To keep the hopeless running, he often bellows his family's motto, "You can do it!" (A pun on his last name.)

His innocent appearance is crushed if someone is pressuring him or discovers a secret he kept to himself – such as if someone is cross-examining him on the witness stand. Tears would come to his eyes, and he begins to get sensitive and emotional, very much unlike his normal personality.

Connection to canon character: nephew of the late Bruce Goodman and step-in partner of Phoenix Wright (like Ema Skye).

Brief Background: Kaz has been interested in detective work and the police for as long as he can remember, and for that he blames his uncle and father. His uncle, Bruce Goodman, was a detective, and his father was a mere police officer, and because of them he was often visiting the police station. He had seen Detective Gumshoe numerous times, and had actually become quite a fan of his (though in reality, Gumshoe doesn't actually live up to the hero Kaz imagines him to be). After his uncle dies in PW case 5, his father is accused of a murder that occurs in the police station. Kaz flees to Phoenix Wright's office since he had learned from the papers that he had been the defense attorney involved in Goodman's murder case. He acts as Phoenix's [first male] step-in partner (like Ema Skye), until the truth surfaces. It turns out that Kaz was actually a witness to the murder, and his father was only accused because Kaz had accidentally dropped the key to his office and a memo or two when he fell – turning suspicion to him. He had borrowed the key that night because he had been asked to pick up papers left in his office, and he caught a glimpse of two rowdy, dark figures fighting, with one collapsing on to the floor in a brief amount of minutes. Because of Phoenix's brilliant skills and help from everyone's testimony, his father is found innocent, and the true criminal is found guilty.

Character's Name:  Emerald Enigmar  (Nickname: Emi)

Age: 13

Occupation: Magician

Brief Physical Description:  Short for her age, 4'7, 139.70 cm. Has long brown hair in a braid.  Bangs cover her right eye.  Her eye color is green.  Her skin color is peach.

Brief Personality Description:  Emerald is a young girl who is fun and a pleasure to be around.  She is generous and has a great sense of humor.  At first she is timid and doesn't talk much.  But once you get to know her she opens up.  She is very smart but due to the fact that she is a bit lazy and a procrastinator her grades are normally C's ( B-'s at the highest).  She claims she's only smart when she wants to be.  Don't let her cute looks and innocent demeanor fool you, she has a dark side too.  She throws a tantrum whenever things don't go her way and it can go out of control.  Also, she is known to play pranks and is mischievous.   As a magician, her specialty is magic card tricks.  Overall, Emerald is a kind-hearted, happy girl that can make even the darkest and scariest places seem bright and cheerful.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Trucy's cousin, Apollo's assistant along with Trucy.

Brief Background:  Emerald was born with her dad being Zak Gramarye's (unknown) brother.  Emerald's babysitter was Zak, so she was close to Trucy when she was younger.  But after Zak's brother died, Emerald's mom took her and moved away, separating the close cousins.  Emerald was very sad, she thought she would never see Trucy again.  Emerald was constantly asking her mother why they had to leave, but she never answered.  Even though she loved her mom, she disliked her for never answering her question.  As time passed and the worse news came to Emerald.  Her mother had been murdered while she was away at school.  The culprit was caught, but she had no one to stay with, so she stayed at an orphanage.  But when she was 12, she was adopted by a young man.  He wasn't exactly a dad she wanted though.  He was narcissistic, mean, and was rarely ever there to care for Emerald.  A year passed, and she couldn't take it anymore.  She went on the computer, trying to search someone she knows that's trustworthy.  That's when she came across a name.  A name so familiar to her...  Trucy Wright.  Of course, it didn't say Trucy Enigmar, but she had a feeling that it was her.  She packed without her "father" knowing and ran away to go to where Trucy lived.  She arrived at the Wright Anything Agency, finally reunited with Trucy.  Also, she got a job there too, being a magician and Apollo's assistant along with Trucy.  She was finally happy.  But she kept her dark past locked away in her heart...  Never speaking of it.

Character's Name: Alex Wilson

Age: 23

Occupation: Student

Brief Physical Description: 6'2", spiky red hair, black shirt with fire on it, blue shoes, and gray pants. Also wears a ring on his right ring finger (not visible in the picture).

Brief Personality Description: Smart and resourceful, yet can let his imagination get the better of him, and can get in some bad situations because of that. Can be very serious and determined at times, and always looking out for other people. He doesn't often show emotion, but does grieve over his younger sister's death. He also has trouble staying calm occasionally, and has once gone temporarily insane.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Gavin's witness in a Klavier Gavin Vs. Apollo Justice trial.

Brief Background: After witnessing his sister's alleged murderer escape, he was called in as the prosecution's witness three years ago. Just before a guilty verdict could be established, the defendant escaped. Alex has spent the last three years trying to find him, meanwhile studying law, as he wants to become a defense attorney.

Character's Name: Tera Chirop

Age: 26

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Short and curvy, dark skin and hair.  Pretty, and deceptively cuddly-looking.  Dresses like a vampire, or maybe a vampire hunter.  The metal heels on her boots serve a dual purpose.

Brief Personality Description: A smooth operator, who keeps things close to her (ample) chest.  Never ruffled, occasionally mocking people with a dry wit.  Makes obscure references to bad 80's horror movies.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): May be familiar with Edgeworth or Gumshoe from work, but isn't close with either of them.

Brief Background: Grew up idolizing assorted "creatures of the night" in horror movies, be they the hunter or the hunted.  As she grew up, realized that the real world doesn't work like the movies, and the real monsters wear the faces of men.  Decided in school that the best way to strike fear in criminals hearts was to see to it they were all locked up.

Character's Name:  Tyray Prince

Age:  21 (GS3 Mia’s first case)

Occupation:  Lawyer

Brief Physical Description:  Tall (6’1”), fit body, wears his signature white striped coat and feathered hat, with a pair of jeans.  Has a split moustache, blue eyes, and a short haircut, an earring in his right ear, and he never wears shorts.

Brief Personality Description:  Ty is very serious when he needs to be.  He enjoys life in the city.  He acts like he came from the ghetto.  He loves to party, but can get tough when he has to.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Faced off against Manfred von Karma in court and won (the lost defeat of Manfred von Karma), Worked with Mia Fey on a big case.

Brief Background:  Ty's childhood was tough.  His father left him, and his mother died of doing drugs.  He grew up all alone on the dangerous streets of Compton, Los Angeles.  Ty loved to learn, and he spent most of his time at the library.  He had managed to skip 5 grades in school and graduate at 13 years old, becoming a lawyer at age 21.  He started his career alone, but worked with other lawyers.  Ty worked a case with Mia Fey, and faced off against Manfred von Karma.  That case cost Ty his left leg in a car accident, but he still won the case thanks to Mia Fey.  A year later, Ty returned to the courtroom with a prosthetic leg, and decided to stand up for the people of the ghetto who could not afford a big-time lawyer.

Character's Name: Ileana Inima   ( Asks everyone to call her Ina. )

Age: 16

Occupation: Studying Law and Arts.   ( Witness in the court )

Brief Physical Description:  Ina has a really weird-but-clever way to dress. There's no room to loose on her outfit! Everywhere she cans, she sticks all sort of things. That's how she ended up having a pencil attached to her scarf, a notepad stuck under her belt, her cell phone hanging on her skirt, or her camera's strap tied to her wrist. See, she likes to hide her stuff on herself, even if she always bring a small bag with her. This definitely makes a rather colorful and childish dressing. If you throw a closer glance, you can notice she wrote all sort of stuff on her own arms ... and even drew a watch. You might think she is completely crazy, and I won't blame you for that.

Brief Personality Description: As you may have noticed by her physical appearance ... Ina doesn't like to loose things. It's an obsession for her to bring everything important with her, wherever she goes. That's why everything is sort of... following her.  She also likes to collect anything that is important, or that could be. By this, I mean, of course, proof. Important, or not. If anything might be useful later, she'll pick it and throw it on her small bag. Subway tickets, important clues, totally non-useful stuff ... It goes to the bag. She is a huge collector!

Also, she might look mentally disturbed ... sometimes. Her personality is jumping from totally calm ... to totally hysterical!

She enjoys listening to music and gets easily influenced by television and games. Need proof ? She desperately wants to become an attorney. Why? Simply because her favorite game is about some prodigy attorney.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  No direct connection to canon characters, at least, that's how it seems ..

Brief Background: Ina came from Romania to Study Law and Art. Her will is to become an attorney, yet she hadn't decided which side to take! That's why she was pretty happy to appear in court for the first time as a witness: she was in the middle! Because, yes, she had been called to court as an eye-witness for a murder case: she happened to unintentionally knock-out the major suspect of serial killings ... before he was taken away by police, she tried to collect all the information she could gather. The day of the trial, as a WITNESS, it appeared that ... she raised .... objections ... against .... her very own testimony.... Claiming that the proof she had contradicts most of what she saw, so there was something wrong. She also said that both attorneys should be more attentive when she testifies. That case really got messed-up, but she thinks she made herself a good name in that trial!

Also, she studies Art and tries to draw a thriller-comic about what she saw in court.

Character Name: Aphrodite Sakura

Name Meaning: Aphrodite=goddess of love/beauty. Sakura=cherry blossom.

Character’s Nickname: Called Afro by her half-brothers

Age: 15

Occupation: prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Aphrodite is stunningly beautiful. She has long blonde hair, which she usually wears straightened and loose. She has light, peach-colored skin, is slender, and has long arms and legs. She is about 5’8”. Her eyes are an unusual shade of deep purple, and she likes to wear clothes that accent them. On her thirteenth birthday, she got tattoos on her face and arms, as is typical for Caradian princesses. Aphrodite felt no need to remove them when she moved to America.

Aphrodite usually wears a light purple sleeveless minidress. The dress has a dark blue collar accented with pearls. She wears a pale blue belt with green trim. On her right hand, she wears a fingerless glove in the same shade of blue as her belt. She wears two pink wooden bangle bracelets on her left wrist. Aphrodite is never without her deep reddish brown boots. At first, she thought they were dull, so she wrapped red ribbons around them. Aphrodite wears a gold tiara with emerald studs on it, as she is still the Caradian crown princess.

Brief Personality Description: Aphrodite is, outwardly, very peppy and excitable. She is always either very happy or very sad. But even when she is sad, she is very dramatic about it.

Inside, Aphrodite is still deeply saddened by her mother’s death. She didn’t want anyone to comfort her about it, so she learned to keep her sad feelings in check. She never wanted anyone to worry about her.

Connection to Canon Characters: Detective Gumshoe is her dad, Maggey Byrde is her stepmom

Brief Background: Aphrodite’s mother was the crown princess of Caradia. Her mother and father (Gumshoe) met while her mother was traveling in the US. They married, but got divorced several years later. Some time after, Aphrodite was born. She was raised as a princess, thinking that the crown prince (her mother’s second husband, and Aphrodite’s stepdad) was her real father. Aphrodite was spoiled, and thus became dependant on others.

Aphrodite’s mother died when Aphrodite was 14. Aphrodite then learned that she had a different father. She was sent away to live with that father, having no idea who he was. When she arrived in the US by plane, she was horrified when a scruffy-looking man, followed by a petite woman pushing a double stroller, came up to her. The man introduced himself as Dick Gumshoe, her father. The woman was Maggey Byrde, his wife. Their twin boys were eighteen months old.

After a few months of being in complete and total shock and denial, Aphrodite finally accepted her new life. Her dad and stepmom were very surprised when she burst out of her room one day her cheerful self.

Soon after, Aphrodite heard about the famous Phoenix Wright. She decided that she wanted to meet him. She became a prosecutor, charming all the teachers at prosecuting school into giving her a badge after only one month of training.

Since Aphrodite had no training, she is the WORST prosecutor EVER. She always feels sorry for the defendant, and therefore makes no effort AT ALL to get a “Guilty” verdict. She has the ability to become a great prosecutor, but she doesn’t want to send people to jail or have them killed.

Because Aphrodite does not try to win cases, every defense attorney that wants to win takes cases that she prosecutes. When she loses the case (as she often does), she breaks out in tears, and can only be comforted by the defense.

Sometimes Aphrodite accidentally makes a good point during a trial. She then wins the case. Even when she wins a case, she cries. When she wins, she cries for the defendant. She once again needs to be comforted by the prosecutor.

Character's Name: Kyung Shin

Age: 26

Occupation: Doctor/ Medical Examiner.

Brief Physical Description: Kyung is a young Korean man with bleached orange hair, worn long in the back. He has bangs that swing in from the left side of his face. Due to his Korean background, Kyung has the slanted eye trait, his iris’ gray/black in color. He’s about five foot seven, and is normally seen wearing his white coat, showing his occupation. When not at work, you can often find him in a pair of jeans and a graphic t-shirt.

Brief Personality Description: Despite his name (Both ‘Kyung’ and ‘Shin’ mean respect), Kyung is far from the most respectful guy. Actually, he is blunt, sarcastic, and to top it all off, seemingly very egotistical.  However, he does mean well, and always tells the truth. Kyung never sugar-coats ANYTHING, leaving all to be known. However, he is very mysterious and protective when it comes to his own personal life, cunningly able to change the subject.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Dr. Shin has numerous encounters with Phoenix and prosecutors (Edgeworth, Franziska, etc.), as he is the one normally writing up the autopsy reports. He also interned under Godot’s doctor, and the two have often clashe- -Err, talked.

Brief Background: Kyung moved with his mother to America at age five, after his father left the family two years prior. Kyung’s mother dreamed of designing clothing, and taught her little boy to do so too, in hopes that together they would make a thriving business in their new country. (To this day, Kyung still makes most of his own clothes)

However, several years later, while Kyung was in college, his mother was brutally murdered, and later on his girlfriend died of a mysterious illness. These two events are what changed Kyung forever- He no longer feels like he can get close to people, but not only that, but he chose the path of a medical examiner, in secret hopes of helping other people going around with the same heart ache: Attempting to make it slightly easier for grieving families, knowing exactly what happened to their loved ones.

Character's Name:  Ivory Fortepian (Polish for ‘grand piano’)

Age: 23

Occupation:  Ivory is an apprentice for Ema Skye

Brief Physical Description: 5”3 with long turquoise hair and light brown eyes and glasses. Has a slightly curvier build. She wears a lucky red headband that she believes keeps her focused (she also has a minor panic attack anytime it’s removed without her knowledge i.e. stolen), she wears small reading glasses and wears fairly stylish clothes and carries around a small pink notepad.

Brief Personality Description: Ivory is very quiet and is easily flustered. She has a terrible memory, trails off her sentences and is extremely clumsy but despite all that she still works hard in order to become a great detective. She is very loyal, hardworking, and kind but becomes fierce when pushed off the edge. She also keeps a notepad with her in order to keep track of evidence and suspects so she won’t forget them later.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Ivory is Ema Skye’s apprentice.

Brief Background: Seven years ago Ivory’s twin sister Ebony was kidnapped after witnessing a murder by the Rivales Family, leaving Ivory alone for the first time. Since Ivory witnessed the kidnapping she assisted the police investigation which led to the two girls reuniting. Ever since that day Ivory has always been passionate about becoming a detective and helping people so they wouldn’t feel the same loneliness and fear that she felt when her sister had gone missing. She now works as Ema Skye’s apprentice and worships her like a god, listening and jotting down everything she says, adding her own two-cents here and there. She hopes to one day become a great detective in the missing persons department.

Character's Name: Cielo Ruffoni

Age: 19 (JFA)

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Tall and rather lanky. He has blonde hair to the back of his neck, and hazel eyes. He dresses formally, but often excessively. He also has Blue Tooth on his ear; perhaps he sleeps with it...

Brief Personality Description: Reflecting his wardrobe, very full of himself. He's very competitive, but isn't the very best.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He comes from a family that considers themselves the "Italian counterparts of the von Karma family"(to the point that they emulate their pompous attire). Sadly, they have never been successful enough to bring any attention outside of Triests. Thus, the von Karmas have never even heard of them. He resorts to "stalking" Franziska in her career as he considers her his rival.

Brief Background:  Recently passing his bar exam (around case 2-2), he came to America after hearing of Franziska's multiple defeats in JFA in an attempt to beat Phoenix Wright and smother it in everyone's faces. Much to his dismay, he was never given a case against Phoenix while in LA. He in particular is known to answer phone calls in court via Blue Tooth or text witnesses in case things go awry in a testimony.

Character's Name: Jackie Love ("Jackie" as in Jackie Chan; "Love" references the flirtatious side of her personality. Also, the Chinese knots found on her dress, earrings, and other accessories are often used to symbolize love.)

Age: 24

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Hair-Blond, Eyes-Blue, Height-5'7"

Brief Personality Description: Having spent six years in China training in martial arts, Jackie Love possesses a basically calm, disciplined nature, however, this is often overshadowed by her stereotypical "blond" appearance and tendency to be a bit of a flirt. As a result, her colleagues generally distrust her despite her success as a prosecutor, but that does not stop a few heads from turning when she enters a room. While one might expect the strong attitude of a martial artist to be indifferent to such negative opinions, Jackie is sometimes frustrated by the lack of acceptance she feels and has an almost unhealthy drive to prove herself. She can become defensive and sometimes loses her objective in pursuit of a challenge. Some of her quirks in the courtroom include constantly digging in her disorganized tote bag for evidence and her habit of executing one of her powerful strikes when raising an objection, which sends splinters of the desk in front of her flying...much to many a judge's dismay. She is also fond of reciting Chinese proverbs that are relevant at the time.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): N/A

Brief Background: Jackie found the prosecutor's path after being attacked by a burglar in her home three years ago. Jackie fought and escaped with her life, but the thief was not convicted during his trial due to lack of evidence and a sloppy performance by the prosecution. Feeling she needed more than her martial arts to bring justice to the world, Jackie abandoned her master in China, despite his protests for her to be patient and continue her training, and set out to become a prosecutor to be sure no one else suffered her fate. Her master still seeks to return her to the warrior's way, but knows only her failure as a prosecutor will open her eyes to her impulsiveness.

Character's Name: Malai Alam

Age: 17

Occupation: Computer Programmer/Detective

Brief Physical Description: Built lean and short in stature. She has insanely long hair that she keeps in prim condition. (she claims it keeps her constantly charged with static electricity, and therefore her monocle computer always stays on) She's somewhat frail if taxing conditions are placed upon her (such as running for long periods of time) since most of her life she has spent with computers, and not outside playing/working out.

Brief Personality Description:  Malai is very eccentric. She has a weird taste to automatically mime everything she regards as cool. Some view this as cute, some others view this trait as just plain creepy. While she might be a little off kilter, she has a good soul underneath, and will try anything to find the truth for any cases presented to her.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Lisa Basil (adoptive mother) Jake Marshall (Idol) Ema Skye (friend) Apollo Justice (rival)

Brief Background: Claims that she's the adopted daughter of Lisa Basil. She idols the Blue Screen CEO and works her hardest to impress Lisa. While it's unclear if Lisa has legally adopted her, she seems to go along with it and lets Malai have her way around the company and always lets her put her two cents in to any situation for the corporation. After the death of Glen Elg, Malai became interesting in crime investigation. (Lisa thinks it's to protect the employees of Blue Screen, while Malai's true motions are unclear) Upon becoming a partial detective at the Police Agency, Malai heard about the now Ex Detective Jake Marshall. Reading into the incidents surrounding him, she decided to copy his sence of style and mannerisms. (leading to much headaches from everyone yes?) Despite her odd behavior, she later became friends with Ema Skye once she joined the detective agency, and is the other person in the embassy who can stand Ema's constant griping about her misfortunes. (whether or not Malai really understands, or cares, is also unknown.)  Due to Ema's constant griping about Apollo and the others though, she doesn't have a high opinion of the new junior Attorney.

Character's Name: "Alejo Armando/Jodot"


Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Somewhat tall, slightly dark skin, white hair. Metal "Eye Patch" over right eye. Left eye colored blue.

Brief Personality Description: Friendly, calm, and a "Lady's Man". He also likes to drink lots of soda. He treats the court system rather informally, and can be a tad rebellious at times.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He's Godot's younger brother, and Apollo Justice's friend. He also does odd-jobs for Phoenix at the Agency (Research, Filing, and even some detective work).

Brief Background: Alejo was once an aspiring Forensics Scientist who helped his brother, Diego, receive many vital pieces of evidence to help put the right criminals behind bars. Shortly after his brother's "death", he himself was nearly killed by a hit man from a black market operation he had tried to break up a few months previous. The attempt was unsuccessful, but several bullets went through some of his vital areas, including his left eye, and he had to be taken into ER. His condition remained in stable, yet critical condition several months after Godot awoke. To prevent future attacks the clinic made sure that everyone, Godot included, kept Alejo's existence a secret. Alejo awoke himself several years later on the year 2023, where he would meet Phoenix Wright. Alejo calls himself "Jodot" (Ho-Doh) after his big brother, and has decided to defend the innocent (like his brother, before his "death") and become a defense attorney. (Note: his name in Spanish means "Defender".)

Name: Julius Blut (Last name is German for Blood)

Age: 24

Occupation: Model

Brief Physical Description: 6’9”, thin build but very muscular. VERY pale complexion and blue eyes. English in appearance. Has curly, waist-length silver hair, the bangs of which cover this right eye. He wears a white suit w/ tails, with silver accents. His cummerbund is black, as is his string tie. Also wears a white top hat, with a black hat band and white gloves.

Brief Personality Description: Normally flirty and effeminate. (Was mistaken for a woman at first by the Judge.) He tries to cover mistakes and lies with jokes, and usually fails. When angry or annoyed, he becomes very masculine and violent. He is easily offended when it comes to his gender.

He is actually quite insane. He’s very intelligent and calculating, and covers it up by acting the part of a blonde ditz. He can be outright cruel and take no qualms in shredding a person’s dignity, in fact, he rather enjoys making people miserable.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): The only defendant of Phoenix’s to date to actually be guilty. Prosecutor was Edgeworth.

Brief Background: Julius is a model, who was the prime suspect in the murder of his agent, Millicent Bysander. He ends up being defended by Phoenix is his case. Julius didn’t directly kill her, but drove her to suicide by his constant taunting and insulting. As a result, be can’t be charged for murder.

Most Memorable Quote: “I didn’t actually kill the bitch, she did that herself.”

Character's Name: Irene

Age: 20

Occupation: Collage Student (Working to become a Meteorologist)

Brief Physical Description: Irene is 5'4" and 115lbs. Her eyes are dark blue. She has long, red hair that is just a few inches above her elbows (she normally has it in a braid). Her skin is somewhat tanned, due to her time spent outside watching the sky.  She wears her old high school uniform, so she is constantly mistaken for a high school student.

Brief Personality Description: Irene is lighthearted, easygoing, and smarter than most people think she is. She always knows what she wants, and is confident in her abilities to get it. In terms of personal appearance and manners though, she is lazy, almost never brushing out her hair. She is almost never seen without a smile playing on her lips.

She has a habit of tapping her foot when she is nervous.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She is one of Apollo's clients after GS4.

Brief Background: A few days before her 20th birthday, Irene is charged with killing her parents. Her younger brother hired Apollo as her attorney. When they met her at the Detention center, she was very nervous, and could not stop tapping her foot.

In court, she still could not keep still, and kept on tapping. Apollo even called her on it a few times during her testimony. Thankfully, in the end they got her a 'Not Guilty' verdict. Sadly, they discovered her brother committed the crime and he was arrested shortly afterward. She has long since returned to her collage life.

 She is very grateful to Apollo and Trucy for their help, and every so often, she leaves something outside the doors as a token of appreciation.

Character's Name: Marianne Janvier

Age: 21

Occupation: Newbie Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description:  Marianne's about 168cm tall (5'5''), with her heels, she is 5'8'', which is quite tall; which allows her to "tower" over Apollo (laugh). She has dark brown hair with red and auburn highlights. She's also quite skinny so she's about 48-49kg in weight. Her eyes are bright amber, and no, its not contacts; she seems to be able sense and see people's emotions in colors. Her clothes are often contrasting colors and bear marks of the playing cards: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, at random parts of her clothing. Most of the time, when you see her, she will be holding 3 lollipops between her fingers, each with a white sugar-slate inside engraved with also, the symbols of the deck. In fact, the candy pops are so hard, that she uses them as weapons to throw and pin people to walls (laughs). Her clothing always contains frills to give an innocent, young girl feeling, but her face always gives her away when she smirks and points her finger.

Brief Personality Description: Marianne is quite a head-strong girl, and is quite relentless when it comes to court procedures and prosecuting. She is always the most competitive in court and is not hesitant when throwing ''honest'' comments at the judge. She aims to win all of her cases and will do anything in her power to achieve that goal, but rules are rules, she definitely despises people that make fake evidence, set witnesses before trials or any shady actions; she would rather study more and spend more time thinking that crossing over to the dark side. Marianne always puts on a tough appearance and not let anybody see through her. But on the real side, she is actually quite sensitive to many things, and she seems to have a soft spot for Phoenix Wright, when he was a lawyer and after when he became a piano player at the Borscht Club. Her most favorite thing to do, unknown to everyone else, is lying in her fluffy couch at home, eating bags and bags-full of candy, while playing with her tabby-cat, Butterscotch (because of the cat's golden-brown fur). One last thing, she absolutely adores Troupe Grammarye, the magic, the cards, the excitement, you know, you can probably see it from her clothes.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Marianne is connected to quite a few characters. In order from first to last: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright, Franziska Von Karma, and Apollo Justice

Brief Background:  During one of Edgeworth's trip out of town to France, he discovered young Marianne on the streets at the age of 11, being able to read emotions and thoughts, visualizing them through colors and shapes. Edgeworth thought that she was a definite talent the Prosecutor office could surely use, and brought her back. So whenever she reads somebody's thoughts and it becomes clear to her, she would point her finger and shout, "I see it!", being able to read the opposing attorney's tactics and ways of thinking. She had been a little apprentice of Edgeworth for another year before the 5th case of GS1, where she first met Phoenix Wright when he paid a visit to Edgeworth's office. Because Phoenix's hair and the magatama he holds reminds her of candy, she had always had a soft spot for Phoenix; her determination would always be side-tracked towards his hair and magatama which makes her forget about everything (laugh).

Later on, when Franziska Von Karma came back to replace the missing Edgeworth after his "suicidal" note, she had been a model to Marianne; the main reason might be that Franziska was the only female in the prosecution department other than her, so they get along together quite well. She once tried to learn Franziska's famous ''foolishly foolish fools with foolishly foolish comments'' speech, she never really quite remember how many fools and foolishes there were in a sentence.

After both Edgeworth and Franziska had departed the country, she was left alone at the prosecution office, and since Phoenix was still the major attorney at work, she let Klavier do the job; she took a long vacation off and came back 7 years later. When she heard that Apollo Justice will be succeeding Phoenix, she was the first one to volunteer as the opposing prosecutor. She would switch between duties with Klavier and she had sworn to beat Apollo for concealed reasons. Apollo is the only person she can't read completely (mainly because of his, "I don't have a plan but here goes nothing!" way of thinking), and has lost to him in all of her cases. It gets her extremely frustrated and more fired up each time. And till now, their battle is still raging on.

Character's Name: Max Steele

Age: 22 (In GS 1-3), 29 (In GS 4)

Occupation:  Prosecutor, Defense Attorney (The Reason why he is both is explained below) and occasional waiter (for when cases are scarce)

Brief Physical Description: Max is 6'2"; he has a slim but athletic build, sharp features and an upright demeanor. His hair is medium length and grayish black, except for a mesh of white near his forehead (explained later). His eyes are grey mixed with purple and suffer from myopia, this results in Max wearing square glasses that tend to slide down his nose. His face is, for the most part, friendly and trustworthy, but switches to stern coldness when he enters court (it practically shows no emotion). He is considered handsome and has no trouble attracting women. Despite his slim frame, Max is in good physical condition and can easily hold his own in a fight (although he prefers to avoid violence as he could get hurt if he uses it). Lastly, Max always dresses in light grey suits with golden buttons (or so he claims), white shirts and a tie that varies in color according to his role (blue for defense attorney and red for prosecutor), his attorney badge is pinned over his left breast and he never takes it off (according to Max, it makes him feel important)

Brief Personality Description: As a person, Max shows a surprising contrast between his work personality and his usual personality. In everyday life, Max is a jovial fellow who never hesitates to laugh. He is emotional and frequently weeps at touching stories, or when someone doesn’t believe him (often in a comical fashion); he also tends to let his ego get the best of him during conversations. When this happens, his glasses fog over and he gains an “I’m such a genius” grin, this often leads to someone (usually Miles Edgeworth or his niece May) to sharply bring him back to earth (often by pointing out a flaw in whatever he was saying). All in all, Max is a fun person to be around and is a truly good and dependable ally (when he’s on the main character’s side).

However, this Max completely disappears once he enters the court. When he goes to work, Max becomes cold and focused, never letting a single hint of emotion bleed through his face. He lets his adversary present their case and then proceeds to coldly and meticulously pick it apart, using a balanced mix of rhetoric questions and (100% real) evidence. He is always formal with his adversary, but never misses a chance to add insult to injury (usually by questioning the opposing side’s readiness); however he doesn’t display bravado and always keeps a level head. When Max disproves or rejects the opposition’s claims, he pushes his glasses up to his eyes (the glasses are fogged over in these cases) and when he is about to present decisive evidence, he begins to chuckle (so as to unnerve his opponent). This courtroom personality and the way he objects (a sharp and clear objection that always stops people dead in their tracks) have earned him the moniker “The Heartless Attorney/Prosecutor”. (As well as the name “Mr. Moodswing from Trucy Wright)

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Max Steele attended the same law school as Phoenix Wright and they have been good friends since then (Max is one of the people who calls Phoenix “Nick”), with Max frequently popping in to visit Phoenix whenever he doesn’t have a case going, he has helped Phoenix on quite a few cases. However, Max has faced Phoenix in court numerous times, these confrontations have materialized in some of the toughest cases in Phoenix’s career (in fact, Max beat Phoenix quite frequently during mock trials in law school). Max is also on good terms with Maya Fey and usually joins her in moments of excitement (they are both fans of the Steel Samurai)

As of GS4, Max is still Phoenix’s friend and his personality (and appearance) has remained the same. He manifests a fondness for Apollo Justice and regularly helps him with his cases (Apollo has yet to face Max in Court); he has taken to calling Apollo “Young Justice” despite being only 7 years older than him. As previously mentioned, Trucy Wright calls Max “Mr. Moodswing” (because of how her father explained his courtroom shifts) and considers him to be somewhat of an uncle (albeit one who sometimes acts just as childish as she does). Also in GS4, it is revealed that he has a 13 year old niece called May Steele, who (in contrast to her uncle) is often serious and down to earth; in fact she has taken up the role of “straight man” to Max’s character. An amusing fact is that May tends to act the way her uncle does in everyday life, only in court, as she is fascinated by the attorney’s life and the courtroom drama (she wants to be a judge when she grows up just so she can observe the trials.)

Brief Background: Max Steele was born in the U.S (this remains unchanged in the U.S version) somewhere in the American heartland. His mother died giving birth to him and he was raised by his kind and loving father, who was the sheriff of his town. At an early age, Max took a keen interest in his father’s work and aspired to become a man of the law. However, Max’s peaceful existence was shattered when he was 17, after his graduation from high school, Max returned to his home just in time to witness a man breaking into his house, when Max confronted him, the man shot him the shoulder and was about to finish him off when his father knocked the man out. The shock of this ordeal caused a bit of Max’s hair to turn snow white. The criminal was tried for robbery and attempted murder, but due to corruption of the judge, the criminal was pardoned. This breach of the legal system outraged Max so much that he vowed to become a lawyer, so as to ensure no such thing would ever happen again.

He went to the same law school as Phoenix Wright and the two have remained friends since then. Over his career, Max has clashed with several important lawyers of the GS universe, of course Phoenix Wright is one of them and he has gone head to head with the likes of Mia Fey, Franziska Von Karma, Winston Payne and Godot. After the incident with Zak Grammarye seven years ago, Max was one of the few people to believe that Phoenix did not commission the forged evidence and stood by his belief (and his friend) until it was eventually vindicated in GS4.  He met Apollo Justice in case 4-2 and, along with his niece May, proceeded to aid the young lawyer for the remainder of the game’s cases (and also getting on his nerves when he and Trucy Wright agree on strange things).

Character's Name: Kyoko Hanada/Selene Bei

Age: 17 (during T&T)

Occupation: Ningyo Spirit Medium

Brief Physical Description: Long brown hair tied into a half-ponytail. About 5' 4" tall and wears orange spirit medium robes. Always carries around a small stuffed doll.

Brief Personality Description: A little childish and stubborn, but very kind and compassionate about her friends. A little bit naive in that she takes sayings and metaphors literally.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Considers Maya to be her biggest rival when it comes to spirit channeling.

Brief Background: Selene is a spirit medium that uses the Ningyo channeling technique, which channels the spirit into the doll that she holds instead of the medium's body. She first hears about Maya after "Reunion and Turnabout", and thinks that the Kurain Channeling technique is trying to outfame the Ningyo channeling technique. She then confronts Maya and tries to prove that the Ningyo channeling technique is better, but she changes her opinion after what happens in "Bridge to the Turnabout." After apologizing to Maya, the two become fast friends, as they both like watching the Steel Samurai.

Character's Name: Xhao Ah Ben

Age: 23

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: 5'11" and very voluptuous. Chinese but prefers to dye her long hair a red-orange color. Loves the European cultures and the elegance in them, thus the type of suit she wears (which is also inspired by Von Karma being her teacher). Her eyes are gold from her contacts which she wears for fun.

Brief Personality Description: Very straightforward and to the point. She has a short temper and hates to be proven wrong. Very aggressive in the court room, trying (if possible) to end each case in under 15 minutes. That's about the amount of time it takes her to enjoy a nice big slice of Dream Cake. If she fails at this, she becomes extremely irritable and sarcastic during the rest of the trial. If worse comes to worse, she'll even throw her delicious cake at her opponents out of anger. Outside of court, she's practically the same but a little friendlier.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): An apprentice of Manfred Von Karma and friends with Franziska. She is also head-over-heels in love with Neil Marshall.

Brief Background: Xhao Ah Ben is a prosecutor from China who wanted to be taught by the best of the best. She became an apprentice of Manfred Von Karma because of his impressive 40 year winning streak. Although she doesn't win EVERY trial, she does win majority of her cases. Sadly, she has never won a case against Phoenix Wright.

Character's Name: Farha Wailythe

Age: 20

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description:  She's 158 cm tall and not too skinny. She has bright orange hair and green eyes. She wears an earring on her left ear (its pair is worn by her brother). The pendant hanging on her waist actually is a hand-made clock.

Connection to Canon Characters (if applicable): Farha works at Prosecutor's Office in the district where Lana Skye holds the chief rule. Lana sees the great potential of Farha being a prosecutor and since that Farha becomes Lana's apprentice. Farha befriends with Miles Edgeworth but not too close to him.

Brief Personality: Farha is a quite rare honest prosecutor, not attempting just to get the guilty verdict for her win record, but revealing the truth. That's why there's no nasty rumor about her. She's naturally a creative thinker, absolutely imaginative. She's highly interested in making innovation of her theories and explanation and she always have high self-confidence in debate. She's the one who appreciates art more than anything, and finding the truth in the name of law is like an art for her. She's straightforward and outgoing enough, but she may have difficulty understanding her relatives' feelings and giving suggestion concerning intimate relationship. She's also close-minded, almost every problem of her is always kept to herself, yet she intends to seem normal. However, she's still bearing with her emotions. She can be too emotional and easily depressed. Always do painting as her mind refreshment.

Brief Background: Farha joined the Prosecutor's Office at the early age of 18. Having brilliant ability to create original theories and analyze complicated matters makes her a well-thought-of prosecutor since her first appearance in trial, in spite of her young age and her status of freshly graduated law student. All of the trials she passed in her first year went pretty well, until the destined trial changed her fate in the beginning of her second year career. The case was a serial murder committed by a young man. He was declared guilty and sentenced to death, which means Farha won the trial. But, just after the verdict announced, the defendant revealed and proved about his true identity. He actually was Farha's brother with his name and appearance changed, who was considered lost in 9 years, even some including Farha believed he was already dead. Farha, shocked and traumatized, was haunted with feeling of guilt about giving her own brother a death penalty. Finally, just in a few days, she decided to quit being a prosecutor, leaving the Prosecutor's Office without anything left. Filled with curiosity, a month later, Lana went looking for her and found her in her apartment doing her painting. That was the only business Farha had during her jobless days. While talking, Lana knew Farha learned how to paint from her brother who taught her when they were kids, and the reason Farha became a prosecutor was to uncover the truth concerning to her brother who might be kidnapped or killed. So painting was like an apology to Farha's brother. But Lana disputed Farha's reason, telling Farha just ran away from the reality she was facing. Lana endeavored making Farha realize that truth doesn't take side with any parties involved, trying to expel Farha's depression. Few days later Farha went to Prosecutor's Office to regain her job. Thanks to Lana, she gave her special permission to Farha and Farha is now back to the court.

Character's Name: Winnie Kitaki

Age: 10

Occupation: Kitaki mafia’s daughter

Brief Physical Description: A short girl, with short brown hair, but has very long eyelashes. Wears a long grey and red dress with lace and pearls. Wears a black hat with pearls and red flowers. Black stockings. Grey shoes with red flowers.

Brief Personality Description: Winnie usually puts on a sickly sweet “mask” to trick everyone else into believing that she is a cute little girl, such as batting her eyelashes or crying fake tears. But inside that little head of hers is an action plan of who her allies are and who her enemies are. She has a strong loyalty to the Kitaki clan and mafia, and cares deeply for them. The mafia’s enemy is her enemy, and she will not hesitate to release her bodyguards on them after threatening them in her low, hypnotic voice.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Winnie Kitaki is Wocky Kitaki’s little sister. They don’t talk much because Wocky is usually off on a gangster stroll, while Winnie is plotting at home, but she really looks up to him. Wocky usually brings back little “trinkets” (jewels, usually pearls) for Winnie, which he picks up from his gangster strolls. Plum and Winfred dote on Winnie, because she is their youngest, and only, daughter. They shower her with gifts of pearls, designer clothes, and beefy bodyguards. In return, she gives them hugs around their bellies and public “I Love You”’s.

Brief Background: Being the daughter of the Kitaki clan mafia, it is natural that Winnie is spoiled. Instead of having tantrums when she is displeased, she, with a spooky smile, summons her bodyguards. But her first impression on you is usually a sweet little girl.

Winnie is very loyal to her family. When Wocky was shot, she plotted—and carried out—a plan of attack on the other gangster. When Wocky was the defendant, she, shaken at the idea of her brother in jail, planned to assassinate Klavier and break Wocky out of jail. This plan was not carried out, however, because Wocky was declared not guilty. He patted and hugged her for thinking of the plan, and called her a “real O.G.” Winnie is very grateful to Apollo and Trucy for saving Wocky, even taking her hat off for them.

Name: Honey Eldoon

Age: 37

Occupation: Perpetrator of Honey’s Bakery. Guy Eldoon’s little sister.

Physical description: Chubby from eating sweets. Wears a chocolate-mousse style wig with a plastic cherry in it and an apron with the same pattern on it as Guy’s. Has a whistle like Guy’s.

Personal description: Curious and inventive, especially when making new pastry recipes. Likes to tease. Has a tendency to be very loyal to her family, especially after Pal Meraktis forced her brother out of business.  Close to her brother and his dog, Spoon. Her bakery is well known for her special chocolate mousse.

Connection to canon characters: Honey Eldoon is the little sister of Guy Eldoon. While growing up, she always assumed her brother would continue the Eldoon’s Noodles legacy, while she would go and follow her dream of being a baker. She, Guy, and Pal Meraktis used to be close friends until Pal forced Guy out of business. On the day of Pal’s murder (Honey’s Bakeries is across from the Eldoon’s Noodles stand) she saw him dragging her brother’s stand away. Honey tried to stop Pal, but he whacked her round the head in panic. She fell unconscious. Honey was a witness in the trial, but she could only verify that Pal was dragging the stand towards the park. (Apollo couldn’t find a contradiction, Klavier teased him, and the trial moved on.)

Plum Kitaki is also Honey’s friend. Plum shops at Honey’s Bakery often, and they gossip a lot. Honey gives the Kitakis a discount on baked goods. Later, however, when the Kitakis stop the gangster business and start their own bakery business, Honey considers Pluma a rival. Honey fears that she will be forced out of business by a friend, like her brother, so she declares that her own pastries will be “even more extra sweet” and that “those tasteless crackers won’t compare!”

Brief Background: Honey Eldoon runs a bakery across from her brother (Guy Eldoon)’s noodle stand. He specializes in saltiness, she in sweetness. Her favorite recipe is chocolate mousse. Honey is close to Guy. They visit each other often, Guy bringing two bowls of noodles and Honey two dishes of chocolate mousse—“Noodle-Mousse Visits” was what they called them. Even though both of them are adults, Honey still looks up to her big brother. She wears a whistle, like him (they blow a duet together sometimes). Honey also wears a wig of a “nice, sweet dollop of my chocolate mousse, with a shiny red cherry innit” to show her profession, like her brother.

Character's Name: Jillian Lovelace

Age: 28 (deceased)

Occupation: Assassin, Defendant

Brief Physical Description: Deathly thin, Jillian often accentuated what few curves she had with provocative and dark clothing, such as long skirts, corsets, gloves, and boots with too many buckles on them. Occasionally she could be seen dressing for comfort, but never deviated from her preferred palette of varying shades of black and red. Aside from her striking outfits, she could be identified by her extensive mane of blood-orange hair, every inch as kinky as her favorite footwear. She was incredibly pale, had an assortment of freckles crowning her cheeks, and framed her frosty emerald eyes behind thick-rimmed glasses.

Brief Personality Description: Jillian had an exceedingly temperate demeanor and a concise, business-like attitude, never saying more than she had to but always maintaining a friendly air. Although accommodating, she was also somewhat aloof, always keeping people at a friendly distance. Her profession required her to be quick-witted and perceptive when it came to reading people and their intentions.

She also had a deeply affectionate side that went hand-in-hand with her congenial mannerism, but she was very sensitive towards suspicion and doubt concerning this intimate part of her personality. Her devotion to her boyfriend was unwavering, and she went to extremes to provide for him.

Connection to canon characters: Her beleaguered boyfriend was the ever-unfortunate Larry Butz. Although he had garnered some renown as an artist and children's book author, Jillian resolved to generously pad his income with her own.

Kristoph Gavin was her defense attorney. Although they shared similarities in personality and tastes, Kristoph was always confused at Jillian's choice for a lover.

Jillian had one of Shelly De Killer's cards, which she claimed was a token of honor between colleagues. Gavin himself used this to contact De Killer for the information that ultimately proved Jillian's innocence.

Brief Background: Jillian was diagnosed with a dangerous strain of Incuritis that, while not as debilitating as other forms, was just as deadly: one day, she would drop dead. With no other options, she volunteered to become part of experimental treatment research being headed up by a private pharmaceutical company. Although she would be dead soon, she demanded monetary compensation so she could leave something to her boyfriend, Larry Butz. The compensation was easy to negotiate, as one of the research directors had become enamored with Jillian. Deciding to use this to her advantage, she secretly became his mistress.

When the director's wife was found dead, Jillian was arrested for her murder - as a fully capable professional killer positioned close to the director, she was a prime suspect and guaranteed a guilty verdict. Jillian denied the charges, and fought to keep the details of the case secret so as not to reveal the truth about her dealings with the director. The question remained: who would want to ruin Jillian, when she was already practically guaranteed to die? And who would defend her? Her boyfriend, Larry, decided to turn to the one man who could turn around any case brought to trial: ace attorney Phoenix Wright!

Former ace attorney Phoenix Wright, that is, who kindly referred him to the next best man for the job: Kristoph Gavin...

Character's Name: Aika Chan

Age: 19

Occupation: Spirit Medium/Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: She has shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. She often ties a jade bracelet on the end of her hair to "break her fall" which jade is rumored to do. She often wears the usual spirit medium garb though she sometimes just wears the purple jacket with ordinary clothes underneath.

Brief Personality Description: She is a very carefree person who in the beginning, wanted nothing better than to continue channeling spirits. She sides with justice and strongly believes that the good people will always win. That makes her a bit naive and she can get extremely depressed when her clients are proven guilty. Because she is still developing her abilities, she gets intimidated easily in court and that makes it very hard for her to press a crucial point further.

Connection to Canon Character: She is a very distant relative of Sister Bikini and stayed with her during her spiritual training.

Brief Background: In the beginning, she wanted nothing better than to continue spiritual training and help people contact their loved ones. However, her dream was crushed when due to an accident, she lost voluntary control of her powers. She found out that during long periods of unconsciousness, spirits have been taking over her body without her knowing. Eventually, with the help of Sister Bikini, they locked away her spiritual powers for good; or so they thought. After she started continuing her previous law studies, as a replacement as a spirit medium, she finally earned her badge. Though she is pretty decent in court, she still lost several important cases in which her innocent clients were handed the guilty verdict. After one particularly bad case, she started becoming unconscious in court and could no longer remember what exactly happened. A spirit, an ex-attorney had been taking her over with ill intent. Though Aika wants her innocent clients to be innocent, and her guilty clients to be proven guilty, the spirit attorney wants the opposite.

Now, Aika can either choose to control her given cases anyway she wishes (and get her guilty clients proven innocent), or rely on her natural attorney skills which are far from perfect. The spirit lawyer's personality has been affecting Aika in court even if she is in control of her body. She becomes more sadistic to the point of taunting the witnesses and when she talks, she often speaks through various stuff toys. Ex. "Mr. Fluffy has found a contradiction in your testimony" Eventually, she aspires to be a judge and deal rightful judgment as soon as she has full control of her body.

Character's Name: Felix Wright

Age: 8

Occupation: Elementary School Student

Brief Physical Description: Incredibly flexible

Brief Personality Description: He's very rowdy on the outside but (deep) inside he's a very honest kid.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Oldest child of Phoenix and Franziska.

Brief Background: Named to (somewhat) remind of his father. One of Phoenix's biggest mistakes was to buy that slingshot for young Felix. He only listens to his father and (after a lot of yelling) his mother. During trials, he's often on Phoenix's side. Has a younger sister named Robin.

Character's Name:  Gordon Truth

Age: 24

Brief Physical Description: Gordon Truth inherited deeply dark brown eyes and hair. He is taller than most people, and dislikes meeting someone taller than himself. He has longer hair than most attorneys and doesn't care about keeping it professional looking. He is lanky in stature, but stronger than you might think. He owns glasses, but never wears them because they depress him, his vision isn't very bad without them, so he manages fine. He had very bushy eyebrows and dislikes them intensely. Even when he shaves or waxes them, they still appear bushy. His eyebrows beget jokes from friends and insults from enemies. He is attractive and usually gets compliments on his looks (besides the eyebrows), he dates frequently and girls tell him that his eyes are his best feature, describing them as "so deep you can trip and fall right into them". He currently resides in New York City (it is undefined exactly what region). He has a secret inherited gift, officially called morbus aspectus, which is called "Blood Vision". This is an ability akin to Phoenix's magatama and Apollo's bracelet. Gordon can use a visually enhancive pair of glasses that allow him to focus with his gift. Blood Vision allows him to see blood, such as on evidence or near a crime scene, even if it is invisible to the human eye. His gift also allows him to view others with his glasses, and he will pick up on physical defects with their body (such as a cut or an brain aneurism). These injuries or defects are then filed away as evidence for use in trials (for example, Gordon once uses a shard of glass wedged in his client's foot to prove that a window was broken from the outside and not the inside).

Brief Personality Description: Gordon's most prominent personality trait is his confidence. He is unique from other greenhorn attorneys in that he appears very confident about his decisions, which can phase even the most experienced of prosecutors. He has admitted, however, that he rarely knows what he is doing and keeps up his appearance so as to not show weakness. This shows sometimes in court, if there is a hole punched in his reasoning or if he gets embarrassed only a bit, his ego completely deflates and he withdraws into himself and has trouble coming back (whenever this happens he almost instantaneously sits down with his face hidden behind his hair and covers his head with his arms). Despite this weakness, Gordon Truth is very talented at what he does, something that almost drives him mad; as he thinks sometimes that a defense attorney is all he can ever be, and that fate will never let him be otherwise. He is easily prone to panic when all feels lost.

He absolutely adores and loves his younger sister, Clara Truth, and will do anything possible to protect her (she has a serious co-dependency disorder and latches onto whoever is in contact with her, which is one of the many reasons Gordon keeps her so close), and she acts as his assistant.

Gordon's greatest fear is becoming an infamous 'slimy' attorney which are the butts of all the attorney jokes. For example, in case two of Gordon's story arc, he must accuse one of his high school friends (and ironically, his client in the first case) for murder, which he is guilty for. Gordon tries to justify his actions as attempt to find the truth behind everything, and feels that revealing the entire truth brings about true justice. This makes him a bit of a hypocrite, since he hides many things from friends and the public, (like his sister's co-dependency and his sorrowful past), and he sometimes finds conflict within himself for his need to flesh out the truth. He makes friends rather easily, and sincerely believes in the value of friendship but is afraid that he may betray that value or trust.

Connection to Canon Characters: It may appear that Gordon Truth has no connection to other Ace Attorney canon character because of where he lives (across the country from California, in New York). However, there are some indirect connections that do end up affecting him in the story arc, and especially in the second story arc. The judge from the games presides over all of his cases (apparently he has been moved temporarily). Gordon's best friend, a fellow high-school buddy by the name of Mike Angelo (who became a very prestigious prosecutor) is mentored by Miles Edgeworth (chronologically, the first Gordon Truth story arc takes place three years after the events of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations). The audience first finds this out in case five, where Mike Angelo is prosecuting someone with Edgeworth on his side. Although this had little to do with Gordon, his friend being so close to Edgeworth gives him advise and support that indirectly comes from the famous prosecutor.

In the second story arc (which takes place five years after the first story arc), Gordon's sister Clara Truth is on trial for murder, and her defense attorney is none other than Apollo Justice, who is visiting Vera Misham who just moved to New York to do business with art museums. Before the case, Gordon (who is much more experienced and mature at 29 years of age) tells Apollo that he must "do anything possible to keep Clara safe." During the course of the trial, Gordon himself is found guilty of the murder (a verdict Gordon is strangely very happy with) in his sister's stead. It is revealed that he secretly meddled with evidence at the crime scene to, although directly portray his sister of the act, with some digging and some forged evidence, it actually looks that it was he who committed the deed. Apollo leaves the court confused on whether an innocent man was just sent to prison. Apollo is then questioned by the police about a week later. He is told that Gordon, Clara, and a man by the name of Greg Violet all committed suicide at the same time in isolated locations. After questioning, Apollo is released, and not heard again until the fifth case of the second story arc (cases 2-4 are flashback cases that Gordon defended), where it is called into question whether Gordon Truth really committed suicide, or was murdered in his cell.

Brief Background: Gordon was actually born to lowlife parents in unfitting conditions. He was quickly taken up by the Child Protective Services and raised by caring foster parents. This happened rather early in his life so he has little to no recollection of his real parents (although he knows that his foster parents are not his blood relatives). So Clara Truth is not a blood relative of his. Blood Vision wasn't the only thing he inherited, however. He also inherited Hemophilia, a condition where his blood cannot clot and even a small cut can have disastrous effects (like when he is shot in court by the prosecutor in the fifth case of the first story arc). He is in complete denial of the disease and it is his most guarded secret, only Clara knows about it. In a way, his hemophilia is a metaphor to his personality. He is strong and confident on the outside, but if even poked or shoved a little bit, he completely loses control of himself and his ego deflates rapidly.

His life as a defense attorney began when someone was murdered in his junior year, a popular girl by the name of Tiffany Lilac. A friend of Gordon's (although not really a friend to anyone else) Thoedore Bel was imprisoned for the act. A year later, after the actual trial had come and gone and the public had access to the trial record, the Drama and Debate team in Gordon's school became interested in reenacting the trial to test the debaters' logic skills and the actors' acting ability. Gordon was the only one who volunteered to be the defense attorney (he was originally in acting class). In the mock trial, actors playing witnesses were given a script and answers to possible questions based on the actual witnesses who testified in the real trial. Those playing the attorneys had only their logic to guide them forward. It was during the course of this mock trial that Gordon presents evidence not presented in the actual trial. This surprises everyone present, and the police are called in to re-investigate. But before the case is opened again, Gordon holds another trial, this time to prove what actually happened and who really killed Tiffany Lilac.

The perpetrator happened to be Greg Violet, a very rich and popular boy who killed Tiffany because she threatened to tell the police about the organization Greg Violet was building behind the school's back. When Gordon reveals Greg Violet's guilt, the accused disappears before he can be arrested, and begins using his organization to terrorize the school and punish the people who exposed his group to the public. Gordon's girlfriend, Judy Ryut was poisoned by a drink Gordon was supposed to ingest. She miraculously survived but was left temporarily brain-dead and had to re-learn all basic motor skills. After more and more attempt on his life and more injuries and incidents take place at the school (and some strange terrorist acts in the city), Gordon realizes it is retaliation for his discoveries in the mock trial. He withdraws into his home and refuses to go out, in fear of causing more pain to others.

This is the darkest part of his life. After a year, when focus appears to shift away from Gordon, he enters law school and becomes a defense attorney. He meets someone by the name of Benjamin Bell, who is also a defense attorney, although much more experienced, and they form the Truth&Bell law offices.

Character's Name: James O'Malley

Age: 22

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: 1,86m tall, dark green eyes, black hair, always wear black sneakers and white gloves for work.

Brief Personality Description: As an apprentice of Gumshoe, he got some of his habits, such as, James loves steak lunches with orange juice and, instead of saying 'hey, pal', he says 'hey, man' to everybody. He always tries to be a nice guy in his job, so he helps everybody when he can (defense attorneys, prosecutors and other detectives). He doesn't like to talk about his parents, so when people ask him about his parents he lies saying 'I don't remember about them, my uncle raised me'. Sometimes he can be really disorganized: he mixes paper work with personal letters (his boss knows a lot about his love affairs), but he gets his job done. He's very proud of his job, so he carries his badge on his shirt pocket all the time. James wants to be the best on his job, so when he gets home he studies a random subject. That helped in a theft case because he had the password for a locker where was the stolen jewel, but the numbers on that locker were in Japanese. He was lucky: he studied Japanese number on the night before. His life motto is 'In this world, always be the scent of a rose than the sting of a bee'.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Dick Gumshoe's nephew

Brief Background: Most people don't know, but Dick Gumshoe has a sister, Barbara Gumshoe, a prosecutor that lives in the other side of the country. She married Thomas O'Malley, another prosecutor and 1 year later James was born. 10 years later, Thomas became the witness of a murder case and his father was the prime suspect. Thomas was with his father at the time of the murder miles away from the crime scene, but the prosecutor proved he was guilty besides Thomas' testimony.

Two months later, he became a defense attorney. Barbara couldn't accept this change, and the couple started to have problems: argues at home and at court (they were very popular, and sometimes both were in the same case at opposite sides). Meanwhile, James decided to work with the law like his parents, but later, when he saw them arguing, he questioned himself if being an attorney or a prosecutor would bring sadness to one of his parents. When he became 15, his parents decided to divorce. They asked James with who he wanted to live. His answer: with Uncle Dick (when James was little, Dick used to go to his house to celebrate Christmas with the family). That question made James realize that the best job to work with law for both sides was being a detective. Dick Gumshoe, already married with Maggey Byrde, became James' father and mentor. Every time Gumshoe teaches something about prosecutors, James reminds of his parents. At the age of 19, James became a detective, and joined Dick in his last cases (Dick had to retire because during a chase with a criminal, he was shot in the leg, and this leg became paralyzed). 18 months later, Gumshoe retired and James became the new detective.

Character's Name: Julie Kay - Name comes from "Kay Jewelers"

Age: 28

Occupation: High School English Teacher

Brief Physical Description: Short, has a roundish face. Blond hair styled like a pineapple. Green eyes. Wears tons of jewelry that gets tangled up easily.

Brief Personality Description: Julie is generally nice to people she likes, but use improper grammar and she'll go off on you like a bomb. She doesn't like to flirt much, except with rich men (which is how she affords all her jewelry). She's a little impatient, especially when people don't listen to her. Often has an "I'm right and you're wrong" attitude, but does admit to her mistakes when it is proven she is at fault.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Went to the same school as Phoenix, but they never actually met. Became a witness for one of his trials. Flirted on by Larry (which of course failed).

Brief Background: Julie went to the same school as Phoenix, and later began teaching there; and though they never met, they had friends in common. One of these friends was Spec Fletcher, who after getting married invited both Phoenix and Julie to a party. There, a murder occurred, and Julie testified against Spec's new wife, Amy. She overheard an argument between Amy and the victim shortly before the murder.

Character's Name: Patrick "Patty" Goldburg

Age: 38

Occupation: Owner and worker of the burger joint near Wright and Co. Law Office

Brief Physical Description: 5 feet 11 inches, has a lean, muscular body. His black hair is always wrapped up in a greasy bandanna

Brief Personality Description: A simple and kind man whose goal is to make sure every customer leaves his shop with a smile on his or her face. He always laughs after every other sentence ("since laughter is the best cure for everything"). He loves to chat with his customers, giving them an extra burger at the same time. However, one shouldn't underestimate this plain and generous man. When a trouble maker is about, he will use his burger-flipping-arms to pin down the trouble maker and gently ask him to leave.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Maya Fey is a regular customer and recently Phoenix Wright became a regular too.

Brief Background: Goldburg was popular for his wonderful burgers back at his small countryside home. His friends and family encouraged him to establish his own shop in a city where there will be more people who can enjoy his burgers. Coincidently, his burger joint was built near the Wright and Co. Law Office. Maya Fey became a regular customer and a good friend. She even helped him out of a tight spot once. It was closing time for the Burger Joint, and Goldburg was locking up. His assistant left several minutes earlier. When Goldburg arrived at the parking lot, he discovered his assistant's dead body spread out on the concrete. Seeing Goldburg accused as the murderer of his assistant, Maya Fey requests Phoenix Wright to be the defense attorney for Goldburg. Again, Phoenix Wright proves his defendant innocent, and Goldburg was extremely grateful.

Character's Name: Jasper Everett

Age: 23

Occupation: Forensic Scientist

Brief Physical Description: spiky dirty blonde hair, grey eyes and fair skin. He wears a white lab coat, blue vest, light blue dress shirt, a mahogany neck tie, a studded red bracelet, brown pants and a matching brown blazer. Jasper's height is 180cm.

Brief Personality Description: Cocky and obnoxious; Jasper can be quite the show-off and loves to boast. Though he may initially appear this way, he's an overall nice guy when it comes to his close friends. He is very serious when it comes to his job and won't allow any evidence to go unanalyzed. Jasper loves science (not with a childish-enthusiasm like Ema though) and playing the piano.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Jasper could pretty much be at the top of Ema's list of annoying co-workers (Klavier being number one). He mocks her constantly for her inefficiency in forensics and gets her into trouble when he spots her trying to investigate crime scenes with her own personal forensic equipment. He especially makes fun of the fact that she is now a detective rather than a forensic scientist, which easily gets on her nerves. Klavier is a good friend of his since Jasper was the pianist of the Gavinners in their high school days.

Brief Background: During his childhood years, Jasper had always loved science with a passion.

He had become a witness for a burglary of a museum and testified in court when he was only a child. They had caught the right criminal but he couldn't help but be amazed when he saw the forensic team present evidence they had found. With his mother being a forensic scientist already, he decided no matter what to pursue this job.

Jasper had met Klavier during his high school days and was impressed that a genius like him would want a band. Klavier had recruited him to be the pianist of the group after hearing him play and he immediately became friends with the young prosecutor.

Character's Name: Lolie Tah (Lolie is in katakana and Tah means apology)

Age: 15

Occupation: Unemployed. Student. Avid gothic lolita addict.

Brief Physical Description: 5'3", dyed her hair green (original hair color unknown), blue-green eyes, always wears gothic lolita outfits and carries around her doll Nabo

Brief Personality Description: At first glance Lolie is very shy. However after she gets to know someone, she becomes very outgoing, almost too outgoing. She doesn't really go outside of her house a lot as her mother is very conscious about her whereabouts at all times. This usually doesn't bother Lolie as her father is very rich and buys her anything that she wants. However, she does desire friendship, yet... people presume that she is a freak and avoid visiting her at her house. As a result, she turns to her doll, Nabo, for entertainment. Overall, Lolie is very withdrawn and sometimes tends to showcase strange antics, such as talking to the mannequins that display her clothes.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Lolie resembles a past character, Vera Misham. This is because Lolie and Vera share the same mother. After Vera got kidnapped, Vera's mother saw that Drew was very incapable of taking care of his own family. In disgust, she left Drew and Vera in search for a rich husband. After meeting Mr. Tah of the Com Puh & Tah Corps, she had Vera. From her experience with Vera, she is very afraid of Lolie becoming kidnapped.

Brief Background: Lolie has known little of the outside world except for when she goes to attend Solitude Academy, a private school where many big corporation children go to. However, even at school, many of her classmates ignore or avoid her as they think that she is too scary and freaky. Vera either doesn't mind this very much or doesn't notice that this is happening to her. She doesn't complain about it, so no one takes actions to deal with the bullying.

We meet Lolie in the detention center as she has been arrested for murder of her mother. The cause of the murder was poison. When Apollo tries to talk to Lolie, she stares off into the wall and talks about weather and other unrelated topics. Being frustrated, Apollo proceeds to leave the detention center when the strangest event occurs. Vera falls asleep and Nabo, her doll, starts talking in detail about the murder... and names someone else as the murderer.

Character's Name: Finnigan Montague

Age: 26-33

Occupation: Prosecutor/Detective (switches)

Brief Physical Description: Average height, with ginger/beige hair. Light blue eyes. Often wears dull green tones, and always carries a four-leaf clover with him, as well as his green sunglasses.

Brief Personality Description: Superstitious, mercurial, steadfast, opportunistic. Believes that nothing is a coincidence, and that everything happens for a good reason (especially connections, which is why he is so curious as to how he keeps bumping into Phoenix), and tends to quote Shakespeare fairly often.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Old classmate of Edgeworth, Phoenix and Larry. Formerly worked for Gant. De Killer was meant to kill him. Father (a prosecutor) lost to Gregory Edgeworth in a previous case.

Brief Background: (SPOILERS)

Finnigan was almost tied up in the SL-9 incident, but he managed to escape, and promptly left the prosecutor's office. A year later, Gant sought after him for refusing: Finnigan was in contact with Goodman, and Gant discovered that he knew about what he was doing to Lana. Gant then killed Goodman for this motive (but only the one in the game was revealed as it was the more vital, and was sufficient for a Guilty verdict), and requested the services of Shelly De Killer's father to dispose of Finnigan.

However, De Killer's father failed to kill Finnigan due to former relations (with Finnigan's father), and this brought guilty feelings upon the assassin (as he had broken the trust between himself and the client) and he abruptly retired, leaving the 'business' to his son, Shelly (who later was hired by Matt Engarde).

After the incident, Finnigan became a detective to find out more about Phoenix the hard way by trying to work on the same cases in the background -- he turns out to be an old classmate of Phoenix/Larry/Edgeworth, which is what he believes is tying him to the attorney and why he keeps meeting him. Once he discovered enough for his satisfaction, he learnt that some things do just happen by chance, and returned to the Prosecutor's Office.

Other notes: Finnigan's father was a prosecutor as well, and lost against Gregory Edgeworth in a previous case: Finnigan believes it's "fate" that the three are linked (through the spirit-medium DL-6 incident as well, so Phoenix is included).

Later, he played a poker game against Phoenix in 2023 at the Borscht Bowl Club, in which he lost the game, but later revealed what he'd been up to, and how he'd been involved with everything.

Finnigan is now is a prosecutor, though he is planning to retire to a more quiet occupation (especially since the Chief began to tire of his constant changing) --  after prosecuting in a trial against Apollo, of course -- he wants to see if Phoenix's renown will 'transfer' to the boy and make sure that the 'legend' lives on.

Animated entry

Character's Name: Trenton Edgeworth

Age: 21

Occupation: Prosecutor

Physical Description: Trenton is 6' on the nose, lanky, and fairly well built. He has tea green hair which he wears in his favorite style, the "flop-hawk." He has deep brown eyes and a well cut face. He's well known for his expressive looks and trademark grin.

Personality Description: Cocky, arrogant, and overconfident, Trenton is certainly cut out to prosecute. He's meticulous in his work but doesn't show it, often covering up his actual intelligence with his punk-ish attitude. He can sometimes miss the mark socially, though, as he has a tendency not to think things through outside the courtroom.

Connection to canon characters: He is the nephew of Gregory Edgeworth, and thusly Miles' one-and-only cousin.

Brief Background: Trenton began his career as a Prosecutor at the age of 18 in Paris, France. His father, William Edgeworth, was a judge and his mother, Adele Bellerose, was a actress for a theater in Paris. William Edgeworth died when he was 10 years old under bizarre circumstances, leading Trenton to begin devoting his life to law. When Miles Edgeworth arrived in France, he stayed with the then 18 year old Trenton to help him get on his feet and to learn from him as well. Together, they learned how to really prosecute, and Trenton grew to be the most successful Prosecutor in France.

Character's Name: Marie Venge (pun based on "my revenge")

Age: 23 (GS1 Timeline)

Occupation: Court Bailiff

Brief Physical Description: Marie is most often seen in her Bailiff's uniform. She has long, straight, dark brown hair that's most often twisted into a knot at the back of her head (though it's somewhat difficult to see because of her hat), and gold-brown eyes. Her skin is quite light, but not sickly pale by any means. She often wears a silver dog-tag around her neck, and wears some, but not an excessive amount of makeup.

Brief Personality Description: Often very cold, sometimes even bordering on rude, to people that she doesn't know or trust. Once her trust is won, however, she is revealed to be cheerful, undyingly loyal, and excessively loving to those closest to her. She takes her job seriously, though secretly enjoys watching the dramas in the courtroom unfold as if it was a T.V. show (which never fails to happen in the Ace Attorney world).

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Marie is the daughter of Yanni Yogi.

Brief Background: Marie Venge is the daughter of Yanni Yogi. After her father was driven into hiding by the DL-6 case, Marie was left in the care of an orphanage. Some time later she was adopted by a reasonably loving, but somewhat distant family. This is when her last name became "Venge." Since DL-6 she blamed the young Miles Edgeworth for the disappearance of her father, reasoning with herself that Miles must have been the one to inadvertently shoot Gregory Edgeworth. 11 years after DL-6, when she'd heard that Miles Edgeworth had returned to the district, she took up work as a Court Bailiff in an attempt to get closer to him, and planned to exact her revenge. Though originally portrayed as something of an antagonist, after the true details of DL-6 are made known, she regrets her lifelong hatred of Edgeworth, and becomes more of an ally.

Character's Name: Amie Rinaldo

Age: 14 (T&T)

Occupation: High School Freshman/Detective-to-be

Brief Physical Description: Relatively tall for her age. She has brown hair in a ponytail on the lower left side of her head. Her right bangs are slightly longer than those on the left side of her head. She has slate gray eyes, and is usually seen wearing a pair of smoky green-blue goggles on her head.

Brief Personality Description: Amie is always upbeat and cheery, and rarely ever gets down. She can be slightly ditzy and forgetful sometimes, but she's usually focused and alert. She's overly cautious and extremely shy when speaking to new people. However, she always brightens up the instant someone brings up her major interest, detective work. She's dedicated to digging out the truth in every situation. She also has decent deductive reasoning skills, especially for someone her age.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She had to deliver a letter of request from her adoptive brother, who had been wrongly accused of burglary and murder, to Phoenix, then stuck around and helped the attorney investigate.

Brief Background: Amie was born to a young couple who had neither the means nor the want to care for her, so they put her up for adoption. She was adopted by a single father, Joseph Rinaldo, who had one son, Conrad Rinaldo. Conrad took to Amie almost immediately, and swore to himself he would be the best older brother possible. They grew up extremely close to each other. Their father, who was a rather high-ranked police officer, inspired them both to aspire to join the police force; Amie was going to be a detective, and Conrad, a CSI. However, Conrad's dreams were nearly smashed to pieces when he was arrested on suspicion of murder and burglary. Convinced that he had nowhere to turn, Conrad almost gave up on having any choice of a defense attorney, until his father reminded him of the legendary Phoenix Wright. Amie was sent to request Mr. Wright's services, and Conrad managed to convince the attorney to take his case. Amie proved her investigative skills to be above par when she aided Phoenix in his investigation.

Character Name: Sheaperd Wooly


Occupation: Works at McGrossberg's

Physical Description: Black hair, always wears a hat.  Moderately tall.  Wears the McGrossberg's uniform.

Personality Description: He doesn't understand much.  His favorite thing is sleeping.  He gets in trouble for violating the McGrossberg's dress code.

Connection to Canon Characters: Grossberg's grandson (you figure it out!)

Brief Background: Was involved in a gang 3 years ago and is a witness to a murder.

Character's Name: Harmony Dirkson / Dragon DeKiller

Age: 20 (AJ)

Occupation: College Dropout / Assassin

Brief Physical Description: Tall and rather lanky, with extremely long jet-black hair. Her eyes are dark purple, to the point that they are almost black. She has quite pale skin, and is incapable of tanning. As Harmony, out in public, she wears mostly light and happy clothes, but as Dragon she wears nothing but black and gray with a lot of laces and buckles. Always wears her trademark hair clips.

Brief Personality Description: As Harmony, she appears very kind and friendly, and most people will not hesitate to place their trust in her. As Dragon, she is very mysterious, and comes off as cold and unforgiving, probably as a result of her job. She has a very straightforward manner and listens well, carrying out her instructions exactly as they are given to her.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Her mother is Shelley DeKiller's sister, making him Harmony's uncle.

Brief Background: Shelley DeKiller is Dragon’s uncle, on her mother’s side. She was originally named “Harmony”, and had only met Shelley once. Her mother wanted nothing to do with the assassin business, but Harmony was immensely intrigued by it. She tracked her uncle down and asked him if he would train her as his heir to the DeKiller family business. He accepted, and Harmony took the “stage name” of Dragon because it was more fitting than her given name. By the age of 15, she was a fully-trained assassin, although she has only gone through with a few jobs so far.

Dragon lives a double life. In public she goes out as Harmony, a fun-loving 20-year-old college dropout who attends every party she knows about. She secretly operates as Dragon, the young hotshot assassin who has replaced her uncle in the DeKiller family business. The girl even has two cell phones on her at any given time – one for Harmony and one for Dragon.

Character's Name: Wilhelmina von Karma

Age: 39 (during GS1)

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Wilhelmina is attractive, but appears older than she actually is, possibly due to stress. Her curly black hair is typically bound in a bun, save for a few loose locks hanging around her ears, revealing the slight gray burgeoning around her roots. She’s taller than average (5’7”), but this is largely attributed to her posture, which is always domineering and sinewy in stride.

Brief Personality Description: Excessively cruel, but graceful, authoritative, and commanding in presence. Past her composed façade, Wilhelmina is petty and thrives on the suffering of others, resorting to drastic measures to extract such reactions from her adversaries, both in and out of the courtroom. This sadistic streak perseveres even when Wilhelmina has lost a case.

Like the rest of the von Karmas, Wilhelmina is obsessed with perfection and will do anything to maintain this, yet the fact that she cannot truly preserve that pristine image is her downfall. This is what has created her self-loathing, sadistic tendencies. Her daughter is her pride and joy, and unfortunately the subject of her pampering and criticisms. Wilhelmina is viciously jealous of her prodigal younger sister, Franziska.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Eldest daughter of Manfred von Karma and sister to Franziska von Karma, although her relationship with both family members is very strained. Miles Edgeworth, technically, is her adopted brother.

Brief Background: Wilhelmina is the eldest von Karma daughter, born during Manfred von Karma’s second year as a prosecutor. As his first daughter and potential protégé, she was saddled with a nearly crippling amount of expectations and responsibilities. Much to Manfred’s dismay, Wilhelmina was spectacularly defeated at her debut trial at the tender age of 15. Out of disgust for what he viewed as an intolerable failure, Manfred von Karma unofficially disowned Wilhelmina as his daughter. Wilhelmina’s daughter, Albertina, was ultimately the only reason Manfred maintained any connections to Wilhelmina. During one of Wilhelima’s visits on Albertina’s second birthday, Manfred announced that his five-year-old daughter, Franziska, was to be his new ward. Wilhelmina was livid, as she knew she was being replaced. Two years later, Manfred, after returning home from an unexpected “vacation,” adopted Miles Edgeworth. Believing the young Edgeworth was less of a threat than her younger sister due to the fact he wasn’t Manfred’s biological son, Wilhelmina disregarded and underestimated him as a harmless foundling. She was wrong. Wilhelmina was forgotten as the pariah of the family, except for her periodic visits. Years passed until, one day, Wilhelmina received word from Edgeworth that Manfred was to be executed for his involvement in the infamous DL-6 incident. After that, she sunk into a deep depression. Despite the sole reason behind her success and desperation being gone, she had no choice but to move onward.

Character's Name: Mari Tobaye

Age: 14

Occupation:  currently unemployed/unschooled, violinist

Brief Physical Description:  Petite and pale, she has long blonde hair with the winged bangs in a direction opposite to Machi's. Part of her hair is tied back with a brooch that resembles Machi's except it is smaller and contains a light pink gem. She generally wears outfits that are pink, black, and white.

Brief Personality Description: Given her position she is mildly self-sufficient but is still immature and naive at times. Around others, she is very accepting and caring, and she has a tendency to tease the people she cares about most.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She is the twin sister of Machi Tobaye, but they did not meet until after his trial.

Brief Background:  Due Borginia's desire to keep its country from being overpopulated and overrun by industry, they conducted a population control. In this case, families of Borginia with more than one child had to cut their families into a 2 parent+1 child unit. The children to be removed were then exiled to an island off the coast of Borginia called Eskopia. Since Mari is a girl, she was chosen to be the removed child and was sent to Eskopia. At this time, Mari was barely five years old; so her remembrance of her family is practically non-existent.

Eskopia, unlike Borginia, is very industrial and grungy, comparable to New York during the 1920s. There Mari is taken in by the Eskopian Orphanage for the Abandoned where she stays until about the age of 10. At this point in her life, Mari is able to move into one of the apartments nearby if accompanied with one of the older orphans.    

Because of the extensive media coverage on the case involving the death of Mr. Letouse, Mari finally found out about Machi Tobaye. He seemed like the only person that could be connected to her family due to the same last name and similar appearance. Determined to make contact with him; she currently plays violin on the streets of Eskopia in order to make money for a trip to America.

Character's Name: Sara Kretiv

Age: 19

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Approximately 5'-4" tall , have brown hair (that is always tied into a braid and drapes over her left shoulder) and dark brown eyes. Her usual attire consists of a white top and a red-toned vest, coupled with a small black or blue ribbon around the neck. She wears a black knee-length skirt and stockings.

Brief Personality Description: Although aloof to her surroundings, Sara is very observant and clever. She can react to a situation quickly and know what to look for in a crime scene. Being anti-social, however, she lacks any friends and associates only with her "rival", Phoenix Wright, and his friends. Rather than being cold or heartless, she is simply quiet and nonchalant.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Claims to be Phoenix Wright's greatest rival, even though they have different professions, and is determined to solve every case (in which both are involved) faster than Nick (and often does).

Brief Background: Sara has no known siblings, and had moved out of her home as soon as she turned 18 and became a detective. She takes over Gumshoe's work after the former detective got transferred due to his (sadly) inapt performance. She begins to view Phoenix Wright as a rival shortly after Nick became well known as the defense attorney with the least losses in his record. Aspiring to be the greatest in solving a crime, she begins to view Nick as a great rival after hearing that his victories over Edgeworth and the Von Karmas are because of his ability to recover the most crucial evidences from the crime scene. Because of her rivalry, even though she finds a lot of evidence and figures out many cases, she never reveals anything to Phoenix Wright. Even when she becomes a witness in a crime that involved Maya as the intended victim of a murder, she reveals nothing to Nick and is very secretive about the information that she has obtained. Even as a witness, Sara is vague in her testimony and refuses to reveal anything, preferring to keep the knowledge to herself, feeling superior over Phoenix since she knows more than he.

Character's Name: Saskia Pietsch

Age: 23

Occupation: retired Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Shortish blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She's somewhat short and with small feet and hands. Her hair seems impossible to smooth down completely and there are always stray stands. She's German, but has no relation to Von Karma (other than that their great-grandfathers may have been next-door neighbors).

Brief Personality Description: Energetic and outgoing. Saskia has a strong sense of both "justice" and "right and wrong", which cause her to become (and eventually quit) an attorney. She always carries two sharpies, one behind each ear, to doodle or make lists of evidence, unusual occurrences, etc. For some reason she has a huge weakness for cute things (among them fish, stars, bubbles, puppies…)

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She still likes to keep up trials, even though she's out of the game. Edgeworth's name began to come up more and more in the court records, so she paid him a visit. She just couldn't resist a jab at his unusual clothes and cold personality, so she started to visit him more and more often. Saskia never misses an opportunity to poke fun at him or just annoy him. It's not like she has anything better to do.

Brief Background: She was once a star prosecutor rising through the ranks. However, during a murder investigation, she learned that the defendant wasn't guilty and sacrificed the trial to save him. After becoming the target of extreme ridicule she retired to position of "Head Annoyer of Edgeworth". She likes to hang around the court and has been detained more than once for loitering in an area she doesn't have authorization to be in.

Character's Name: Trixie Lawrence (sounds like "Tricky Romance")

Age: 18

Occupation: high school student

Brief Physical Description: has short black hair that's tied up in two half-up pigtails. about 5'1'' in height and 110 lbs in weight. She looks MUCH younger than how she is supposed to look like.

Brief Personality Description: spazzy, energetic, very stubborn, spontaneous and impulsive.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Trixie is Phoenix Wright's biggest fan. She is easily extremely obsessed with him and is easily excited, especially at every mention of his name. She has kept every newspaper clipping of his court battles,  dresses like him, and can sometimes even be seen stalking him... She is incredibly jealous of Maya Fey, because she is always hanging around with him. And she suspects that Phoenix might like her.

She is secretly in love with him, but she never has the courage to tell him.

She has a plan to murder Maya in order to get closer to Phoenix Wright, but ends up killing her best friend instead.

Brief Background: Trixie grew up in a spoiled atmosphere as an only child. Her best friend is a pushover, always giving her what she wants. Trixie also has an enormous ego, always talking about how great she is and how she deserves everything. She begins to pine over Phoenix Wright after seeing how cool he acts in court and begins her unhealthy obsession over him. But she is jealous of Maya, who is always around him and pushes him around. When she finally realizes she wants Phoenix to be hers, she decides to kill Maya, while pretending to be the innocent defendant to have Phoenix defend her: her one fantasy.

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Entrant's Name: 火曜日(Tuesday)

Character's Name:Skuld


Occupation: Student

Brief Physical Description: Long brown hair, green eyes. Usually in her traditional costume, but wearing uniform at school.

Brief Personality Description: For people who met her for the first time, they might have the thought that she is quite strange thanks to her traditional Chinese costumer; but when they talked to her, they would be infected by her cheerful spirit and enthusiasm. As a junior high school student, she sometimes seemed too innocent and easily deceived. However she just kept her grace towards others.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She went to the same junior high school as Trucy and Pearl, and they happen to register for several same classes.

Brief Background: She was born in an orthodox Chinese family where her predecessors and parents were all contributed to develop and carry forward the Chinese medicine. She, as the only inheritor of the family, was placed great expectation on. At the same time, her life was threatened by someone with ulterior purpose, so her parents sent her to a foreign country for further studying to protect her.

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