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These entries are listed in the order I received them.  Remember that each entry ought to judged not only on the quality of the writing, but originality and how well the character could fit into Ace Attorney as well.  Ask yourself: Is the art good?  Is the character new and interesting?  Could this character really appear in an AA game?  Voting is up for the next week, so take your time and make your decision!

The names of the creators have been removed, and entries were left in their original format.

Character's Name: Chef Cherry LaFlamme
Appears first in chapter 9

Fanfiction Category 2nd Place!

Age: 32

Occupation: Owner and head chef of the Orchard bistro.

Brief Physical Description: Cherry stands 5'9', has red hair in long, irregular braids, and is green-eyed (and usually glaring a hole through someone). She wears red-trimmed chef's whites, a white baker's cap and an apron with all manner of cooking paraphernalia dangling from the strings. Her age is difficult to guess from all the frown lines, and she's usually moving at a furious storming pace. Her feet are large for a woman.

Brief Personality Description: Cherry has a very demanding alpha personality, and refuses to rely on anyone but herself. She's too proud to admit when she's wrong -- denial isn't just a river. But to those who can forgive her vicious bark, a kind gesture will easily win Cherry's favour and loyalty, not that she'll admit to those, either. Her bistro is her life, and her food is slaved over: slighting either one is unforgivable. Cherry wants to introduce people to fine cuisine, but she's blind to all but her own goals and she'll trample anything in her way. According to her assistant Barley, she wasn't always this aggressive ...

Cherry is prone to irritable ranting and profanity-like food terminology (ie. 'beer-batter your stinkin' wiener schnitzel'). She hates being addressed as 'Ms.', and insists on the use of her chef title instead. She smokes heavily when stressed.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Other than the events of To Each A Tempo, Godot (known to Cherry and Barley as 'Coffee Guy') is a regular Orchard customer.

Brief Background: Cherry has devoted her life to her culinary work, undergoing years of schooling. She opened the Orchard about a year before GS1. She put every penny she's ever had into her chef career, and she dreams of bigger and better restaurants. Cherry met Barley when she was polishing her pastry skills and he was taking introductory chef training -- Barley was smitten, and has been Cherry's faithful apprentice and friend ever since.

Character's Name: Fantasma Goria

Age: ???

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Tan skin, dark brown hair, (medium length), long violet dress (covers her feet, wears badge like a broach), always smiling

Brief Personality Description: Seemingly all-knowing, likes mind games and spiritual studies

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Faced off against Miles Edgeworth during his time in Europe

Brief Background: An attorney of Italian descent, Fantasma Goria became a defense attorney five years ago. She is widely known in the area for her actions in court; by her own admittance, she has never taken on a case unless it had some personal involvement to her, no matter how little. According to police department gossip, she knows when her clients are guilty, and in those cases lets the prosecution arise victorious. Though whatever her actions may be, no one can disregard her talent at the defense’s bench… but even so, it is strange. Both Fantasma and her law firm appeared overnight, at least as described by the locals. Perhaps it explains the words of the Verona Bar Association head: “Her presence is nostalgic… Looking over her first trials, I cannot help but feel that Signora Goria has been in court much longer than five years. She speaks as though the events of forty years ago had happened but yesterday…”

Character's Name: Chancellor Moore.
Fanfiction Category Croik's Choice!

Age: 24

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Male.  Lives in Boston, Massachusetts.  Snow white hair, shoulder length and unkempt, bangs cut so they barely touch the tops of his eyes.  The eyes are considered ‘Hazel’, but turn browner in winter and greener in summer.  Has a higher pitched, yet distinctly masculine voice, like the lead singer of a punk/pop band.  Wears a yellow dress shirt with torn sleeves, black suit pants, and a blue sweater jacket to court.  Arms, legs, and body in general are smaller and more slender than the average male, but he is actually slightly stronger than most.  Has a woman’s face. (There’s a good explanation, I swear).

Brief Personality: Humorous, good natured, and likeable.  Assertive and confident to the nth degree, and can be somewhat blunt.  Generally well mannered and civil, except under stress or pressure, or when he is mistaken for a woman. At these times he can become bitterly sardonic and even insulting, but these phases don’t last long.  Smiles often, and laughs from deep within his gut.  He is somewhat scatterbrained, and often mixes up vital pieces of information, even in court.  This tendency is outweighed, however, by his ability to think on his feet and his knack for persuading those around him to give him another Chance. He sings when he is happy, and he is happiest when he objects; therefore, he is constantly singing ‘♪Objection♫’ in court.  Desires nothing but the truth, except when it gets in the way of his one true love: chocolate-covered strawberries.

Connection to Canon Characters:  Chancellor knew he wanted to go into law ever since he awoke from that coma. He decided for certain on being a defense attorney when he saw Winston Payne prosecuting on TV; it forever skewed his view of prosecutors. Other than that, he has no connection to any Ace Attorney characters.

Brief Background: Chancellor More remembers nothing since the day he awoke from a coma screaming ‘objection’ at the age of fourteen.  The only clue he has to his past is a large tire chain that was wrapped around him upon entering the hospital, which he now wears around his neck at all times.  He spent a year in said coma, at which time his muscles atrophied and became thin and slender, and his hair was bleached white.  The damage to his face upon arriving at the hospital was intensely severe, so severe that the facial reconstruction surgeon was forced to use the first picture he found to repair it, that of a wallet model.  A nephrologist at the hospital, Dr. Thompson Moore, adopted Chancellor when it was found that all records of Chancellor’s past had been destroyed or inexplicably lost.  Chancellor’s name is of his own choosing; he opened a dictionary upon arrival at Mr. Moore’s house and liked the way ‘chancellor’ sounded.

Character's Name: Vincent Shore/Haisu Naoki (JP)
Fanfiction Category 1st Place!

Age: 23

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Vincent is a lean man that stands at 5'11", with blue eyes that hide a fierce heart. His black hair is slicked back and highlighted with red streaks, matching his outfit of a red sports jacket and slacks over a white shirt.

Brief Personality Description: Vinent is usually even-headed, acting as the (often sarcastic) voice of reason to his assistant Jeff's absentmindedness. When things get on the ropes in court, however, Vincent turns into a whole different person, stopping at nothting to get the truth out.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None.

Brief Background: A recent graduate from law school, Vincent hasn't had much experience in the courtroom. He currently works with his father and mentor, Alan Shore (absolutely no relation to Shatner) at the Shore Law Offices. His older brother, Michael, became a prosecuting attorney a few years ago after a falling-out with Alan.

Name Origin: "Shore" comes from the word "Sure," and Vincent was just a name the author liked. "Haisu" comes from shortening of "Hai desu," or "Yes it is," and again, the author liked the name Naoki.

Character's Name: Xuan Wu Sinistral

Age: 28

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Purple spiky hair, brown eyes, average height. He's covered from head to toe in ninja gear "for a good reason" and carries shuriken as well as water balloons.

Brief Personality Description: Xuan Wu is usually very calm and straightforward, never insulting his opponent and even complimenting them if they get things right like a teacher would. However, he's always ready to counter the defense's argument. When he does get frustrated, he'll use his shuriken-shaped water balloons to blast them in the face.

Connection to cannon characters (if applicable): Apparently he knows Mia and Maya.

Brief Background: Xuan Wu was an orphan who lived in Kurain Village. He always caused trouble much to the ire of the townsfolk, but he drew the last straw when he severely wounded a well-respected man from the village. At first, when he faces off against Phoenix for the first time in court, he appears to have nothing to do with the case, but in the end he has everything to do with the case.


Character's Name: Leah Willard.

Age: Thirty-four at the beginning of the fanfic. If you go with the original ending she's fifty-three. If you go by the added part to the alternate fanfic ending she's only forty-four. It should be noted either ending can apply, but I ended up going with the alternate one as can be shown seeing as it got extended to.

Occupation: Court Reporter according to the original ending, according to the extended ending (and one I generally go with) she's a Paralegal.

Brief Physical Description: Five foot six, blonde haired with blue eyes one hundred fifty-to sixty lbs.

Brief Personality Description: She's smart and generally very kind, but tends to be witty and have a sarcastic, dark, and bitter sense of humor which can be off-putting.

Connection to cannon characters (if applicable): Maya Fey's Wife, Miles Edgeworth's Wife (Only applies to the original ending no others), Mia's Ex-Girlfriend, Friend To Godot, Pearl Fey, Phoenix Wright, and Miles Edgeworth (applies to alternate ending) and acquaintance to anyone else.

Brief Background: She used to work as Mia and Godot's (Diego Armando) paralegal. This made her able to befriend people such as Phoenix Wright and Pearl Fey.

Additional Notes: She has Asperger's Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder. This makes her social life somewhat awkward and makes her a bit scatter-brained. These are what make her fictional (the degrees she has them to not the fact she has them), as she is only partially based off of me. Also, some other facts about her can be found in the "fun facts" occasionally found that are about her and me the author.

Character's Name: Roselia Daisee

Age: 6

Occupation: Witness; trying to find a way to contact the psychic world of teddy bears. Also, she is trying to become the worldwide largest collector of teddy bears. Technically though, her occupation is to be a good girl and 'follow directions Mommy gives you'.

Brief Physical Description: Roselia tends to always bring a huge stuffed teddy bear wherever she travels to (that is twice her size) and enjoys wearing a huge hot pink Eskimo fur coat with matching boots. She is roughly three and a half feet tall, though including her boots and huge coat, she may be four feet. She always wears her hood of her coat on, covering her dark brown pigtails that are on the sides of her small head. They are decorated with little pink ribbons that have small teddy bear buttons. No matter where she goes, she will always have a lollipop in her mouth.

Brief Personality Description: As stated before, she would love to become the world's largest collector of teddy bears. Her collection currently includes many, including, but of course not limited to: emo bear, ninja bear, mummy bear, Batman bear, gothic bear, and of course, the Steel Samurai and Pink Princess bear collection! Also, as stated above, she has a weakness for sweets, especially lollipops. In addition, she loves her mother to the extreme, in which it influences the way she talks. For example, "Mommy told me it's not nice to shout, even in a courtroom, Mr. Wright." To find out more about her personality, please read on!

Brief Background: Roselia is the youngest of her sisters. She has two older ones, Selena and Ingrid, Ingrid being the oldest. Just another side fact, she is part of a family that will name their third child after a Pokemon, which the third child coincidentally happens to be her. It's not very surprising that Roselia loves her unique name and heritage.

Character's Name: Aion Mercury  

Age: 25

Occupation:  Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Long chestnut hair, svelte figure, calm brown eyes, enigmatic smile

Brief Personality Description: composed, clever, dedicated, mischievous

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): classmate of Phoenix in law school; she works for Kristoph Gavin (spoilers: I wrote this before playing AJ, so although everything else in this work attempts to follow canon, only Kristoph is slightly AU)

Brief Background: Aion Mercury and Phoenix got to know each other in law school; they're close friends.  She is a year younger than Phoenix, but they graduated together in the same class.   She doesn't say much about herself, but she's always up for a challenge.

Character's Name: Tiffany Shift

Age: 22

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Tiffany has lightly tanned skin and petite facial features.  Her eyes are a faded forest green, and her deep auburn hair reaches her shoulders, coming out to a small flip.  She has something of a smaller body frame and is around 5'6" in height.

Brief Personality Description: She is a bit on the impatient side and despises when people rub things in her face.  Tiffany tries to be kind if she sees the person deserving of such treatment, but all bets are off in the courtroom... until one trial rocks her world.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Tiffany works in the same building as Miles Edgeworth.  The two consider themselves a small step above acquaintances at the most, but converse often, almost never about anything off the subject of the legal world.

Brief Background: Several years ago, Tiffany's always unstable father took the life of her older siblings, harming her mother and her in the process.  Through this, she learned of the legal world and what a prosecutor got to do - put down the guilty.  Promising to rid the world of criminals like her father, she embarked on her journey to become a prosecutor early on in her life with full support from her mother.  However, as time passed on, that drive soon began to slow down - especially when she had the chance to be involved in a case where the defendant was almost obviously innocent.  It wasn't until will one special trial when a drive in her rekindled, but something was different this time around...

Character's Name: Ally Taylor

Age: GS1-22 / GS2-23 / GS3-24 / GS4-31

Occupation: Defense lawyer, church choir director, piano teacher

Brief Physical Description: dark chocolate hair, deep brown eyes, Caucasian, 5' 5'', full figure, tattoo of a silver wolf on her lower back, a few scars from her father scattered on her body, wears her and her father's badges as earrings.

Brief Personality Description: She is a very flexible person. Out of court, Ally is a very kind and supportive. In court, she can be just like any other lawyer, but can be a get a little angry at times.

Misc: She has a problem with blackouts. She and Miles were a singing duet at their church. She and Miles have nicknames for each other.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Pearl Fey's piano teacher, defended by Phoenix Wright, and Miles Edgeworth's childhood best friend. She has a crush on Miles.

Brief Background: Born into a family of high expectations, Ally strived to make her father happy, though every time she tried to please she failed, and ended up getting beaten. He committed suicide when her mother was diagnosed with cancer; Ally saw him do it when a blackout hit at the age of 13. She basically blamed herself for not being a good enough daughter. Her mother later married his brother, Don Taylor. Years later, Ally's fiancé was murdered and she was arrested. The truth was the he was killed by her mother for cheating on her 'baby'. The only person Ally had and could trust in her crumbling, bleak world was Miles Edgeworth. She became a lawyer at a desire to make her father proud of his girl and to keep close to her "Man of the Miles".

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