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If you've stumbled on this page somehow before the official announcement, feel free to look around.  But please don't link people here or discuss the entries before everything is up and voting is open.

These entries are listed in the order I received them.  Remember that each entry ought to judged not only on how the sprite looks, but originality and how well the character could fit into Ace Attorney as well.  Ask yourself: Is the art good?  Is the character new and interesting?  Could this character really appear in an AA game?  Voting is up for the next week, so take your time and make your decision!

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Character's Name: Dera Deval

Age: 22

Occupation: Stuntwoman.

Brief Physical Description: A short woman with red hair like a helmet. Wears a stunt uniform.

Brief Personality Description: Dera has a positive and charming attitude. Can be a little arrogant, and too trusting in others. Doesn’t care much for money, just wants to perform stunts!

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Phoenix is to defend her of murder.

Brief Background: Dera is a Stuntwoman, for the Super D Stunt show circuit. Her identity has been kept secret, (People believe she’s a man) and has gone by the initials D.D. With her popularity and stunt driving skills, she’s become one of the richest, and well known stuntmen in the circuit. However, things take a turn for the worse. On the day she is to perform her most dangerous stunt, Dera was arrested for robbing a bank, and while fleeing the scene, running over and killing a pedestrian in a hit and run. Luckily, Phoenix Wright, who was dragged to show by Maya, has agreed to take her Case, and prove that she is innocent.

Character's Name: Benny Lawrence Nool

Age: 17

Occupation: Apprentice [To Prosecutor Winston Payne]

Brief Physical Description: Appears to be a lot younger than he is, with a baby face and big blue eyes as well as a small body. Stands at 5'2 and appears to be around twelve...

Brief Personality Description: Has a split personality, when in a good mood Benny is very calm, laid back , friendly and a bit of a goofball, when falling to neutral (around people he's not familiar with) or below average he is bitter, snippy, rather smug and egotistical as well as very narcissistic. He is also very childish in many ways.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Possibly [His Father]

Brief Background: [He is 17 in Apollo Justice Time] Benny never knew his father, and grew up with a mother who often referred to him as an accident, and loathed him for the accused ruining of her life. When Benny was around fifteen his mother passed away leaving him nothing except a mass loathing and split personality. one of his mother, and one of the father he never met. Still working hard in his studies, Benny managed to snag odd jobs and secure a room and board and is now studying under Winston Payne....until a better mentor can be acquired.

Character's Name: Milla Pé (English)/Yassu De (Japanese)

Name Meaning: Millipede in both versions. (Yasude is Japanese for millipede)

Age: 22 at the time of her trial (Phoenix Arc), 29 at the time of the Apollo arc.

Occupation: Unemployed. Used to work small jobs as a teenager, but gets most of her money from the cult now.

Brief Physical Description: Around 5'9" tall, weighs about average, though is big-boned, with large hips and shoulders. Wears strange clothes (a halter-like top, arm warmers and jeans with serpent designs on them), with a plush millipede draped around her that she never seems to take off. Her hair is blue and short, and her eyes are gold. Her eyebrows grow out strangely, like antennae.

Brief Personality Description: Milla is the center of a strange cult that believes her to be the reincarnation of an ancient god of insects and related creatures. Because of this, she has an inflated ego, and often simply uses her followers for her own doing. Underneath it all, however, she is somewhat dependant on her own fantasies and beliefs, and is somewhat naive and trusting of others.

Before she became the center of the strange 'cult', Milla was an avid singer and was in her high school chorus, and often took part in musicals.

Connection to canon characters: Milla is a huge fan of Matt Engarde, and has a small Nickel Samurai shrine in her house. Being the naive person she is, she still believes in his innocence.

Brief Background: Milla was born to parents who divorced when she was about 3 years old, leaving her with her extremely liberal dad. Milla's cult started when a retired mythology professor named Prof. Bush noticed her unusual eyebrows and devotion to insects, mollusks, and the like. He began the cult, gathering believers from around the world. Milla continued life as normal, occasionally going to cult meetings and meeting members of the group.  Milla was the defendant of the case State vs. Pé, and on trial for the murder of Cenn Tio, one of the prominent members of her cult, and her boyfriend. Milla believes she could have done it under her 'god''s influence, but her lawyer believes otherwise.

The Truth: As the true leader of the cult, Prof. Bush received lots of money from Milla. When Cenn told Milla she should leave the cult and start a new life with him, the Prof. overheard and decided that in order to keep the money coming in, he would have to kill Cenn to keep Milla in the cult.

After the cult discovered Prof. Bush's treachery, it broke up, and Milla used her leftover money to pay for college, and is currently training to be a defense aide, forever in debt to the lawyer who proved her innocence.

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Character's Name: Daniel Alexander Pierce

Age: 23

Occupation: Prosecutor, former understudy to Miles Edgeworth

Brief Physical Description: Pierce is approximately 5’ 8” and about 210 lbs. He has shoulder-length blond hair and sapphire-blue eyes, rimmed by glasses. His usual attire consists of a cravat, vest and shirt, a la Miles Edgeworth, a black leather trench coat, black fingerless gloves, black dress pants and black boots.

Brief Personality Description: Normally, outside of the courtroom, Pierce can act very childish, if not totally hyper and immature, to mask his uncanny intelligence and wit to those he doesn’t trust, or just to amuse himself. He is, however, very serious when he must be, taking everything he can learn into consideration. In the courtroom, he becomes perpetually serious and determined, letting himself shine where he it counts most to him. He is easily stressed out, and at times, overly dramatic – sometimes to the point where, when shocked, lets himself fall to the ground in an overly grand display. He has also picked up several mannerisms from Edgeworth, and at times will emulate him out of habit.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Former understudy to Miles Edgeworth

Brief Background: Pierce was raised in America, studying law after becoming a paralegal. However, due to a family tragedy, he was pulled from law school and moved to Japan, where he once again attempted to enroll to finish his education. Once in school again, he sought a job under Miles Edgeworth around the time of GS2, whom he idolized. After studying Pierce and evaluating his potential, Edgeworth allowed Pierce to work for him as a travel companion. At the time Edgeworth was called back to assist Phoenix in case 5 of GS3, Pierce had finished his education both in law school and under Edgeworth. Upon returning to Japan, he applied to the Prosecutor’s Office and was readily accepted with a recommendation by Edgeworth. Since then, he has shown great talent and promise, but never showed fear to lose a case in the name of justice, as Edgeworth had taught him. As such, while he does not maintain a perfect record, he is still a talented prosecutor.

Sprite Category 1st Place!

Character's Name: Veronica (Vero) Simil

Age: 23

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Female, Long black hair, black eyes, short.

Brief Personality Description: She usually seems calm but easily becomes nervous.  Despite that she will stand in court to look for the truth and justice just like her mentor taught her.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Her mentor is Apollo Justice.

Brief Background: Her name comes from the spanish word "verosimil" which means that seems real, that we can believe it.  She has been Apollo's trainee for about a year before her first case which naturally involved a murder.  Since Apollo is her mentor, she uses the same tactics he, and Phoenix before him, used in his trials.  However, even though she has to pull out the really weird truth out of nowhere, the judge is usually less lenient with her as he was with her predecessors.  Quickly she is making a name as an attorney for herself.  She usually gets agitated by Apollo because of his really vague hints.

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Character's Name: Ada Salinger

Age: 17

Occupation: Prodigal underage senior in a nationally renowned all-girls institute of secondary education (a high-school, basically).

Brief Physical Description: Lithe, sleek and brittle in appearance but stronger than she looks. Average in every other aspect.

Brief Personality Description: Decisive in her goals, fickle in her actions. Enjoys social company despite her appearance. She heads the school's Association of Gustation, a club for socializing and dessert-tasting. Learns much about her peers through manipulating them in conversation, though claims that gossiping is below her and that her methods are more strategic.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Salinger was called to the stand during an investigation into the poisoning of her classmate. Had deduced, with proof, all the answers to the case single-handedly. Edgeworth called her sharp, and she admitted her secret aspiration to become a law attorney in front of the court. Edgeworth's charm had her let on more than she was willing to say.

Brief Background: A single heiress to an estate property in Wales, Salinger was keen to escape her upbringing from the moment she began board in her current school. She kept her background quiet, inventing an exaggerated depiction of her childhood as a commoner from Bristol who won a scholarship. Her interest in English literature, particularly in the Miss Marple stories and works of Agatha Christie inspired her to attempt to pursue a career in bringing justice to society.

Sprite Category 2nd Place and Croik's Choice!

Character's Name: Jamie Alohra, nicknamed Jimmie

Age: 21

Occupation: Fashion designer

Brief Physical Description: A young woman with slightly wavy, blonde hair, with an orange hair clip. Her eyes are a dark shade of green and she wears a light green sweater that hangs over one shoulder. Sweater has a sun and moon design in yellow. She wears blue skinny jeans, copper tinted. She is of average height, if not a on the short side.

Brief Personality Description: Jimmie is incredibly sarcastic and sassy. To a stranger, it seems as though she is simply rude to everyone she meets, although she actually has two types of sass. She uses cold sarcasm towards people she dislikes, not even hiding the fact that she dislikes them, whereas she sasses the people whom she likes warmly, often in more joking manner. Jimmie is not really a "responsible adult", though she doesn't really need to be. Money-wise, if she didn't do her job, which she enjoys very much, she wouldn't have to worry since her father left her a large inheritance, being an only child and all. She is sometimes a little lazy, due to the fact that she is a pessimist.

A little bit on how "Jamie" becomes "Jimmie": Jamie = James (like Julia = Jules/Jewls/etc) =Jimmy = Jimmie

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Past witness in one of Phoenix's trials, defendant in one of Apollo's cases

Brief Background: Jimmie has a characteristically tragic childhood. When she was seven her parents became divorced. She lived with her mother, who remarried, but when Jimmie was thirteen, her biological father was murdered. Her stepfather, whom Jimmie disliked, was the main suspect and was found innocent by Phoenix. Although her stepfather was truthfully innocent (since Phoenix would never get an acquittal for someone who was actually guilty), Jimmie chose never to believe it and began to dislike most defense attorneys, deciding that they would only work to get a 'Not Guilty' verdict, not caring for what actually happened.

So, when she was arrested and charged with murder, Phoenix prompted Apollo to defend her, maybe trying to change her outlook on defense attorneys (but who knows what goes through Phoenix's mind). Jimmie wasn't a cooperative defendant, not trusting Apollo at all. In the end, she was rightfully found innocent, and began to believe in defense attorneys again, apologizing heavily to Phoenix and Apollo.

Character's Name: Axel Trugh

Age: 26

Occupation: Defense Lawyer

Brief Physical Description: Normal build, blond, grey undershirt, green blazer

Brief Personality Description: Pretty professional , smirker, sometimes cocky, great sense of honor/pride/etc.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  None

Brief Background:  Following in his mother's footsteps he became a defense attorney at the age of 20, after a long winning streak he became overly confident, this led to his first loss and subsequently led to his client being sentenced to death. Ashamed of his actions that led to the death of his client he stepped down from law practice, afterwards he settled down as a painter and was not heard from again.

Then 5 years later he reclaimed his former position as a defense attorney after a close friend approached him requesting a favor.  To defend him in court., yadadada, plot twists and the usual.

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Character Name: Wesley "Wes" Burrows

Real Name: Easton West

Alias(es): "Dagger"

Age: 33 Years Old

Occupation: Computer Programmer, Founder of Grayscale Technologies, Serial Killer

Brief Physical Description:


An average man of medium build w/ a pale complexion. His hair is kept short. Often seen in his trademark white trench coat.


A man covered completely in black.

His face is concealed in a "skull-shaped" mask with colored lens to hide his eyes, giving him the likeness of the Grim Reaper.

He is armed with a dagger, several throwing knives, and gloves equipped with retractable (and removable) blades. With the exception of his dagger, the rest of his weaponry was homemade.

Brief Personality Description:


A friendly, soft-spoken individual who is fond of puzzles and complex machinery.

Charismatic and well-liked by those around him, he can talk his way out of any situation.


A sadistic madman driven by the "ecstacy of death". He thrives on inflicting as much pain as possible before silencing his victims, if only to see/hear their reaction to it.

He has seven consistent methods of killing his victims, 6 of which are used exclusively on each continent. The seventh method is used to cover his tracks as he leaves the area.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): A former employee of Bluecorp, West was responsible for organizing all of the company's information. It is believed that he obtained the information behind DL-6 for Redd White; however, this cannot be confirmed. Tired of working under a megalomaniac*, West left Bluecorp to pursue another career.

*For the record, Easton West hates Redd White. A lot.

Brief Background: Easton West lives a double-life as both the founder of Grayscale Technologies and the notorious serial killer "Dagger". After a failed attempt at building his own "Bluecorp" in 2016, West resorted to petty theft just to get by. When he killed a bystander during a robbery, West found his "calling". After taking on his "Dagger" persona, West left the country several days before the events of AA1-1.

For the rest of Wright's career, West traveled the world and accumulated his wealth and built his reputation as a serial killer, returning "home" during Apollo Justice's run as a defense attorney.  As of 2026, "Dagger" has claimed responsibility for the deaths of 12 people worldwide and still remains at large.

Misc. Notes:

Charcater Notes-

"Dagger's" Mask: The mask is broken into two parts; the lower portion is fitted with a voice changer.

Grayscale Technologies: A company that specializes in the recovery and security of personal computer data. Similar to Bluecorp, West uses the company to acquire information to use for his own purposes. However, because he doesn't officially work with Grayscale anymore, the company's integrity remains intact.

Name Origin-

Easton West: "East & West" (directions)

"Dagger": Final name for West's serial killer persona, inspired by Jack the Ripper. Alternate names included "New Darke", a reference to Joe Darke, a serial killer in the AA universe.

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Character's Name: Rose Avocat (Pink Lawyer), formerly Rose Policiere (Pink Policeman) / Momoi Genkokuni (Prosecutor in Pink), formerly Momoi Junsani (Policeman in Pink)

Age: 22

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description: A young Caucasian woman with dark hair, with bright red eyes that seem to look straight at you, who likes to dress in cute outfits. Has a habit of being mistaken for a defense lawyer, due to the fact that she often wears her older brother's badge as a constant reminder of why she's the way she is. Looks young enough to be a schoolgirl.

Brief Personality Description: When you meet Rose for the first time she is very quiet and very shy, saying nothing at all. But once she gets to know you she's quite friendly and polite—sometimes even a little mysterious. Rose loves being cryptic and has a huge understanding of the things going around her at all times. She is also quite honest, but careful of her word choice. She has made more than one defense attorney cry due to her ability to give a straight up testimony with no extra flippery—just the facts. Despite her young looks and—sometimes—teasing ways, Rose is very intelligent—more so than the average detective. Secretly a Steel Samurai fan.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Maya Fey's friend; they met during a Steel Samurai convention. One of Apollo's clients. Once finished schooling in Ivy she became a detective in Ema Skye's precinct and works with her and those in the prosecutor's office. Also a victim of Shelly deKiller.

Brief Background: Rose is one of three fraternal triplets who were separated at a very young age after her father was supposedly murdered by their mother, who was a cop chasing after Shelly de Killer at the time. Her older brother, Briar, was sent to a wealthy family; Rose ended up with some family friends who were also on the force and their younger sister, Valentine, had been abducted under mysterious circumstances during their mother's trial. Of the three, according to her foster parents, Rose was the only one who knew her real origins and, to this day, believes in her mother's innocence, by now long executed.

Rose was intelligent and ended up skipping several grades until reaching police academy, intent on following the foot steps of her mother before her—if only so she could finally prove the innocence of her mother whose name was now taboo word in the local precinct. Rose had managed to track down her older brother who had taken up law as a profession at a rather young age until a rather traumatic defeat forced him into seclusion for a while. The two met officially after years of separation when they both went back to school (Briar in the Art Department and Rose in Literature) where they find out that they both were well-informed of their past and that there was another sibling still missing from the equation that is their strange family. While studying there, the two began to grow close as well as closer to the truth behind their mother's guilty verdict. Of course, just as the two were about to make a break through, Briar is found murdered in his dorm room and none other by Rose. Things get crazy from then as her own little drama engulfs the world of one Phoenix Wright and his 'little helpers' as he gets a call from an old friend he didn't ever expect: Maya Fey.

Apollo is sent to take on Rose's case wherein the bare basics of Rose is found out. She graduated from police academy already, but wanted to learn a little bit about Literature, hence why she went to attend Ivy as it was close to the place she called home (home being where her heart was and that was for Briar, who everyone thought was her boyfriend as neither looked alike and had different last names; Briar Advocat and Rose Policiere). Rose would end up keeping a lot hidden, while also speaking nothing, but the truth, living up to her personal motto, 'Ask and I shall tell you no lies'. Although, this does not necessarily mean she would be willing to give away everything. During this case, Rose would prove to be the most difficult witness in the history of the Wright Anything Agency in terms of withholding information and having the inability to have her habits perceived or her testimony turned about on its head. This is how she earns the nickname 'She-Who-Makes-Defense-Attorneys-Cry'.

After being cleared of all charges, she joined up at the local precinct, beginning her real investigation of her mother's case all those years ago. She would wind up taking part of various other cases throughout her short career (earning her the new nickname of 'Pretty Pop Princess' when she went undercover as a guest singer at a prominent band's concert), but it would wind down, eventually one thing: the truth behind her father's death.

Rose would end up paying the ultimate price to prove that her mother hadn't been the one to kill her father when she becomes the victim to long time assassin (who was still alive in spite of his years) Shelly de Killer, during another case which ties the cases related to Rose altogether, where Valentine de Killer, Briar's true murderer and Rose's long lost little sister, is caught and put on trial. Knowing she wouldn't have come out of this particular trial alive, Rose had the foresight to alert Maya Fey to summon her spirit in the case she really did die before the time was right, in order to help tie all the cases together as well as get the real killer: Shelly.

In the end, Rose got exactly what she wanted: the truth. Shelly had been hired by a mob boss to off Blanca della Muerta, an ex-crime boss who went straight after he married his young wife, Noir della Muerta, née Noir Lumiere, leaving his second, one Ruje Haringue in charge. Ruje became the current mob boss who, frightened that Blanca would rat him out because of his wife, hired Shelly to out him. Shelly had assassinated Blanca, but not wanting any loose ends, Ruje sent his goons to make it look like Noir had done it. Eventually, Noir was convicted of murdering her own husband and then sentenced to death. Apparently, feeling honorbound in a sense to the woman who had been accused in his place, Shelly adopted (read: kidnapped) Valentine and raised her to be the next de Killer.

Rose's last words before leaving the world forever were to her sister: 'I kept looking for you—I should have known you were looking, too.'

Other: About five months before her last trial, Rose was diagnosed with Incuritis, hence her knowing she would wind up dead sooner or later anyways.

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Character's Name: Donna Cruz

Age: 29

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: 5ft.8, blue-green eyes and longish auburn hair. She dresses somewhat informally for the courtroom and wears fingerless gloves because she claims they help her write faster. She wears glasses and always carries a bag around her waist containing several newspapers and pens.

Brief Personality Description: Donna is completely unenthused with being a lawyer—she spends most of the time during a trial doing crossword puzzles, and often pays little attention to the proceedings. Occasionally she allows herself to become wrapped up in arguing a case, since the mystery-solving aspect appeals to her, but she does not care one way or another about "the truth," or even whether she is on the winning or losing side.

Connection to Cannon Characters: Donna first hears about Phoenix Wright because of his investigations into the Cadaverini family for his defense of Maggey Byrde. When in a future trial he manages to expose and convict an actual member of the Cadaverinis, Donna remembers how meddling with that family led to the loss of her best friend. Not wanting to see someone else's life destroyed in the same way, she decides to face Phoenix in court, hoping that a defeat will discourage him from further investigation.

She also works in the same building as Miles Edgeworth, but doesn't really interact with him aside from occasionally asking him for help with a crossword clue.

Brief Background: Donna became a prosecutor as part of a plan to help one of her best friends take down the man who killed her parents, Bruto Cadaverini. But when the third member of their group betrayed them in the last stage of their plan, Cadaverini ended up walking free while her friend was convicted instead, and placed on death row.

Having given up her dream of being a screenwriter in order to become a prosecutor, Donna then found herself alone and unable to write in the way she once had. Trapped in her unwanted career, she simply goes through the motions of each trial assigned to her, caring more about doing the daily crossword than about the people she may or may not find guilty.

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Character's Name: Ami Tajiri

Age: 22

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Ami is half-Japanese, five-feet-five inches tall, and has dirty blond hair and green eyes.

Brief Personality Description: Ms. Tajiri has a very sarcastic sense of humor and a bit of a bad mouth, though she's shy around attractive men and easily gets stressed by tough situations.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She interns at Wright and Co., and has a crush on Phoenix.

Brief Background: Ami was born in Tosayamada and lived there briefly before her family moved near Little Tokyo in California. She attended law school and spent one of her career-shadow days with Phoenix, who inspired her to become a more forthright person so she could be a good defense attorney. After graduating, she sought him out so she could intern with Wright and Co. and joined during the case of State vs. DeLite. She has yet to confess how she feels about her mentor, and she's still learning how to have courage in court, but bit by bit her strength is showing through in bursts of wit.


Character's Name: Fiona Wright

Age: 24 in the first game, and ages appropriately

Occupation: 1st guitarist in her band, 'Death On Hold.'

Brief Physical Description: Spiky black hair that sticks up, black eyes, black tank top, silver tie, white cargo pants, studded belt, leather boots, two chains hanging from one front belt loop to the opposite one on the back one both sides.

Brief Personality Description: Very hot-blooded, which means she gets angry fast, and is not likely to wear much cover other than and shirt and pants. She keeps promises, and tries to go to church as much as possible. (Kind of hard, though.) She has a high respect for the others in her band. And she's pretty much obsessed with her guitar, practicing just about all day every day.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She's Phoenix's twin sister. He defends her for accusation of murder of her fiancé.

Brief Background: Dropped out of high school in tenth grade along with two other of her band members: Mark Sokol (drummer) and Jonathan Crass (2nd guitar and lead singer). Mark's older brother, Samuel, dropped out a year after them after flunking finals. He plays bass guitar. Just before a concert ended one night, Mark, who was dating Fiona, asked her to marry him. He was killed that night, though, and Fiona was accused, having been the last person to be seen with him. She got off, by the way. Another lady was found guilty of shooting Mark out of jealousy. By the way, in case you were still pondering, Fiona accepted the proposal.

Character's Name: Cheryl "Cherry" Blossom

Age: 25

Occupation: Performer

Brief Physical Description: Long bright red hair, green "almond" shaped eyes, wears a blue kimono with a purple obi, and sometimes wears a pink kimono.

Brief Personality Description: Cheryl is very shy, and suffers from a rare inferiority complex. She is frightened easily, and is very sensitive to some things.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Adopted daughter of Morgan Fey, Cousin of Mia Fey

Brief Background: Cheryl's mother was from Osaka Japan. She was an outcast from her village because she looked American, with red hair and green eyes. She met a traveling salesman, and she conceived a baby, whom she named Cheryl Blossom, after the cherry blossom tree that was planted outside their house. Cheryl grew up to be a bright young woman, however one day her parents were murdered by mysterious geishas. They attempted to kill her as well, but she fled to Izumo, meeting Okuni, a famous miko there. She was taught how to be a dancer, and was well versed in martial arts as well. She preformed across Japan, but gave it all up and moved to America. She traveled to Kurain Village, and met Morgan Fey, a woman who owned a manor there. She was of the Fey clan, and so she adopted Cheryl. Cheryl became pregnant and had a child, but while at the hospital, she was assaulted, and her baby was killed. She now is in a deep depression because of this, and is very sensitive to most things. Her own mother, Morgan Fey turned against her, and so Cheryl, like her mother, was banished, this time from Kurain. She now lives in the home of Lana Skye, along with other people she met. All she has left of her mother is a hair ornament.

Character's Name:  Augusta Oldbag (Augusta is a play on the word "Gust")


Occupation: Bailiff

Brief Physical Description: About as tall as Wendy Oldbag, Overweight, Muscular arms

Brief Personality Description: Very bitter when annoyed, average intelligence, Has a strong dislike for lawbreakers, Actually kinder than Wendy Oldbag

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Wendy Oldbag (younger sister), Douglas Oldbag (deceased husband)

Brief Background: Augusta Oldbag is the older and much more levelheaded sister of Wendy Oldbag. Being envied in the eyes of Wendy, her bailiff position only makes them dislike each other more. Augusta works as a bailiff for the judge's brother and takes her job very seriously. While not as paranoid as her little sister, Augusta does have her moments of anger outbursts, mostly when someone disobeys the judge. She has a very cold hatred towards the pop culture of today's youth and will rant on and on about it if given the opportunity. While she is a bit angry at times, she is actually a lot kinder than Oldbag, liking children (ones not engrossed in pop culture), helping whenever possible, and giving normal people the benefit of the doubt. However she is neither kind nor forgiving towards criminals, seeing that her husband was killed at point blank by a thug. That is the main reason why she became a bailiff

Character Name: Willem Pilgore

Age: 136

Occupation: Prosecuting attourney

Physical Description: Grey, shriveled skin. Very little hair. Bulging eyes. Fish-like. Buttons all over suit.

Personality: Very quiet and thoughtful. Doesn't like loud noises. He always preaches to others of the wonders of Cthulhu, his god of choice.

Connection to Cannon Characters: Wants to beat Phoenix to show his superiority to Godot.

Background: Born in the UK. He became a follower of Cthulhu around the age of twenty. Since then he has spent his life worshipping cthulhu and preaching. After his cult in innsmouth was broken up with a police raid, he decided to make a living as an attourney, which was his career of choice before joining his cult. Needless to say, he excelled in the field and immediately became a well known prosecutor.

Character's Name: Keisan Loire

Age: 17

Occupation: Student/ Forensics

Brief Physical Description: He is a thin, well built slightly tanned boy with brown hair and dark brown eyes.  His hair is slightly long and tends to flick out at the sides. He is mainly seen in his school uniform with a messenger bag slung over one shoulder. He tends to keep various bits and bods such as chemicals and his notebook in it.

Brief Personality Description: He is a quite shy but happy 17 year old, who is openly gay. Although he is shy, once he has made friends he becomes very talkative and happy with them. He is a very able student who is especially good at science and math. He enjoys helping people out, especially his older brother Shimasu Loire. He has amazing analytical skills that he likes to use to help his brother in his job as a prosecutor.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He has always looked up to Detective Ema Skye

Brief Background: He grew up pretty normally with his brother until the age of 14. That was when his parents where murdered right before his eyes. It had been a simple mugging, but his parents had resisted and they lost their lives for it. He'd been close to being killed too but before the killer had the chance the police arrived. The killer ran away scared and got away. Thankfully his testimony and description was enough to bring the guy in. Kiesan was made to testify in court, and was mortified as the defense made out his whole testimony to be a lie. The court believed this and because of the lack of decisive evidence the murderer was found innocent. He lost all of his faith in justice that day. That was when his brother decided to become a prosecutor, to avenge their parents and the defense attorneys that seemed so 'evil'.

After his brother made this goal, he decided he would use his scientific ability to help his brother. He never again wanted a client to be let off because of insufficient evidence.

He is now living happily with his brother, helping him out with his cases. But deep inside he still wants justice for his parents death.

Character's Name: Merari Adamo

Age: 25

Occupation: Defense Attorney , Works for Grossberg Criminal Defense law firm .

Brief Physical Description: I used Larry as my base for him . Used Diego's hair and tie . Edgeworth's eyes . and the rest I just changed the color and made glasses for him .

Brief Personality Description: Very calm and cool . Outgoing . Loves coffee . Boyfriend to Diego .

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): May be related to Larry in some way? (This goes here .. right?)

Brief Background: Grew up wanting to become a defense attorney . Parents divorced when he was young . Uncle was a lawyer .

Character's Name: Lisa Cameron

Age: 33 (Deceased)

Occupation: Head Technician/Researcher at T.K. Medical Hospital's Virology and Immunology Lab.

Brief Physical Description: Lisa is a woman of average stature, about 5'8, she weighs about 134. She is nearsighted and wears her glasses on her head. she has long brown hair which she wears over her shoulder to the front, clamped by a brace. She always seems to have a slight illness, be it a cough or a sniffle.

Brief Personality Description: Very calm woman, extremely smart, she doesn't spend much time in the real world, devoting most of her life to her work, so she is partially socially inept, not understanding many of today's social cues. She is very kind though and treats those who work under her well.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): No connection, works at a big hospital in the city.

Brief Background: Lisa Cameron was hired in 2000 to the Toma Katharine Medical Hospital, she was promoted in 2005 to the head of the V. and I. Lab there, she worked for 3 years there on a project she started called Project Lysander, the job was to create a supervirus which could be used as a biological weapon. Soon after beginning the project, she met and fell in love with a man named Norman Foreman, they dated for a year before she met another man named Richard Burnes, who she then became in love with, she continued to date both men, only having any real interest in Mr. Burnes. The project began to have an adverse affect on her body, slowly eating away at her until it killed her in 2008. Two years later her name was brought up in murder case with Diego Armando as the defense attorney. It was the case of state vs. Norman Foreman, who had murdered Richard Burnes. Foreman was proven guilty and sentenced to jail. Her name was not brought up until 17 years after that in a case belonging to Apollo, who proved that she was the real reason that Ricard Burnes had been murdered (in a crime of passion by Foreman) and proved that the supervirus was not created on accident as it had been formerly thought.

Character's Name:  Jay Skye

Age:  8

Occupation:  Theif in training.

Brief Physical Description: Jay is small and cute with adorable green eyes. Her hair is a pretty brown color and is usually kept up in a partial side ponytail. Since she is in the hospital, she is now seen with it down.

Brief Personality Description: Jay is a cute kid who is shy around strangers, but can find the nicest person out of the meanest old hag. She has a great ability to make friends, and is pretty fearless. Extremely polite.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She is Ema Skyes adoptive daughter, and calls her "Miss Skye". She is good friends with Ron DeLite and is a big fan of Mask*DeMasque.

Brief Background: Jay was an orphan since the age of two when her parents were murdered. She was then stuffed in a terrible orphanage that barely fed them, and all the kids pretty much raised themselves. One day, Ema Skye walked past the orphanage eating a bag of snackoo's, and Jay, being terribly hungry, followed her home and Ema adopted her. She goes to school, and when they went to the zoo, Jay being raised as a thief, decided she wanted to take a monkey home as a pet, so now she never leaves home without her very intelligent monkey Momo. Recently, when Ema and Jay went to the beach,  Ema drowned and Jay dove into the frozen water to save her. Jay then got a severe cold, and was taken to the hospital, where they found out she had Incuritis, and a few days later she died. Ema, heartbroken, studied up on revival and was able to save Jay. She still has Incuritis, and has about 3 months left to live. In this time, she hopes to find out more about her parents death, and avenge them.

Character's Name: English - Nate (from "Nathaniel Hawthorne" a famous writer from 1800's.)
Japanese -  [
謙信] Kenshin (ken-SHEEN) meaning "modest" and  "truth"

Age: 14

Occupation: None, but wants to be an attorney when he grows up.

Brief Physical Description: Short, slightly chubby, with somewhat long hair. When he's furious, his ears turn red, which makes it hard to take him seriously when he's in that mood.

Brief Personality Description: Cheerful, but can easily be turned angry if not having a good day.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Nate is the suspect in a murder during GS5. He quickly turns to Apollo Justice, famous attorney, to defend him. Apollo and Nate become fast friends, and Nate admits to his dream of becoming an attorney when he grows up. Apollo decides to let Nate come up and assist him for a while, which really cheers Nate up. Nate is found not guilty, and decides to help Apollo and Trucy out with future cases.

Brief Background: None. Hardly is known about him from before his appearance.

Character's Name: Vic Gumshoe

Name origin: Gumshoe due to being relations and Vic as the term used for Victim in shows such as CSI

Age: 57

Occupation: Scientific Investigator

Brief Physical Description: quite Similar in appearance to Gumshoe, wears a lab coat, headphones and goggles, goggles change as his mood changes (cracked and blue when he's sad, yellow and black to represent danger when he's doing his evil smile). Has grey hair and a thin moustache.

Brief Personality Description: Unpleasant to most people around him including Gumshoe, easily irritated, is very pleasant with people in power, he's a real suck up. No where near as willing to give out information out of court to the defense as Gumshoe is.Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Gumshoe's uncle and while Gumshoe was younger Vic was his Guardian as well, knows all the prosecutors and the key members of the police and court, knew and worked with Damon Gant and Manfred Von Karma

Brief Background: Vic is the key Scientific investigator in the force, and as such is usually in court presenting the evidence found, Vic uses his evidence to try making the case harder for the defense team and obsessed with getting the guilty verdict. There have been rumors about how Vic has been the person who has fed the prosecution fake evidence but these rumors are always crushed. Gumshoe's parents disappeared when he was young, leaving Vic as his guardian,  Vic however shows no respect for Gumshoe and sees him as a disappointment to the Gumshoe name.  With Vic on the stand the defense will have to keep on their toes.

Character's Name: Sterling Vick

Age: 19

Occupation: Studying to be a prosecutor.

Brief Physical Description: Has a thin figure, has hair like Edgeworth, and wears orange glasses for no apparent reason.

Brief Personality Description: Laid-back and easygoing on the outside. Is a bit insecure on the inside. Has a mostly cheerful demeanor.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Was s fan of Miles Edgeworth before his disappearance. He is a friend of Apollo Justice.

Brief Background: When he was 10, he went to a trial where Miles Edgeworth was the prosecutor. He won the case, and Sterling suddenly became a fan of his. Sterling was disappointed when Edgeworth lost his first case. He wanted to talk to Phoenix Wright, and learn how he was able to beat Edgeworth. From that day forward, he wanted to become a prosecutor just for the sake of being able to talk to Phoenix. When he saw Phoenix lose his first case and get disbarred, he still didn't change his mind to become a prosecutor, and he met Apollo Justice at law school and they became friends. They drifted apart slightly when they took 2 different careers. He is still studying to be a prosecutor.

Character's Name: Maligna Fey

Age: 28

Occupation: Spirit Medium

Brief Physical Description: She has the mouth of Misty Fey (Elise Deauxnim), the face of her mother, Morgan Fey, Maya's Magatama and the pearl from her hair, Pearl's Ribbon, and, the hair of Iris/Dahlia.

Brief Personality Description: She is a very evil woman. She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, even if it means murder.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Morgan Fey's other daughter. Misty Fey's Niece. Maya Fey's cousin. Mia Fey's Cousin. Iris, Dahlia, Pearl's sister. (Pearl doesn't know about her, though.)

Brief Background: 3 years older than Iris and Dahlia. Morgan immediately gave Maligna away. Was an orphan until she was 18. She left the orphanage on her eighteenth birthday She was hoping to get revenge on her mother for putting her in there for 18 years. Maligna spent those years staring at the walls. She never said a word to anyone. The employees of the orphanage gave Maligna a present when she turned 15. It was a letter from her mother saying she sorry for giving her away. She couldn't handle the pressure of having a kid. Morgan told Maligna about Dahlia and Iris. She gave Maligna an address of where to find her house. She told her to visit it when she was 18 and she got out. So Maligna formed her plan to get revenge on her mother. When she got out, she went looking for her mother all over. She couldn't find her family. But, she wouldn't give up that easily. She searched for 9 years. Finally, one day she was watching the news and found out her mother was involved in a murder. Her mom was going to be in jail for a long time. (Not announced) Maligna had time to contact her sisters. (She didn't know what happened to Dahlia and didn't know Pearl was born.) She wanted Iris help her perfect her plan to kill her mother. At the time, Maligna didn't know Iris wasn't evil.

SWF format submission

Character's Name: Maxwell Destra ("Destra"=Italian word for "Right")

Age: 24

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Average would be a good description. Not super strong, but not uber weak.

Brief Personality Description: His personality is similar to my real life older brother, who wants to be an attorney. Witty, sarcastic, and vicious when he needs to be.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Apollo Justice helps him in the first case, faces off against Klavier Gavin in case 1

Brief Background: New defense attorney, with the "rookie-itis" that Apollo and Phoenix had at the beginning of their careers. Just barely got by in Law school, and didn't get any cases when he got his badge. However, when his brother is accused of the murder of a politician, he's nervous that he'll fail. However, Apollo Justice, just finishing another case, accompanies him on his first foray in the courtroom.

Character's Name:  Declan Snitzer

Age:  21

Occupation: Student in France.

Brief Physical Description:  A school shirt, but he gets too hot to wear his jumper, his hair goes long on the left side and stays short on the right side, he often hides sadness by keeping a straight face, though. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbow. There is an 'I' on his breast pocket standing for 'International'.

Brief Personality Description: He's very blunt and forgets to mention vital things, when he does, he can get nervous and babbles, so he's very nervous. When he meets someone new, he can only walk away, once he gets to know them, he usually says too much about himself.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Ema Skye was his friend/professor, after a while he started dating her.

Brief Background:  After the school closed because his best friends were killed in a collapse of the school, he went 2 years with being taught by his friend, Ema Skye about science, then he dated her, after she went back to the U.S.A., his school came back in business, when he returned, by that time, he was 21.

Character's Name: Diega von Fey

Age: 35

Occupation: Unemployed, but somehow gets large sums of money...she'd have to get those duds.

Brief Physical description: A slender woman; but strangely bears the face of her distant relative; Manfred von Karma. her hair is naturally spiky and bright red.

Personality: She's a big spender, and really loves to dress in layers. She also likes wearing multiple neck pieces, and gets her suits custom made. She also is a sort of rebel, and hates being confined to doing one thing (ie; being a spirit medium). She has a tiny bit of spiritual power, but a strong temper.

Connection to canon (who isn't canon?) characters: She is a very distant member of the Fey clan and the von Karma family. She also has Godot's sense of style in ties. Another thing, is that when under stress, she tends to get hypocritical.

Background: She was taught that business was everything. No time for foolishness, no time to reminisce (ironically, she has parts of names from distant relatives), and no time for fantasy either. She was also brought up with a strong science background and tended to not believe anything not fact as a child. Now, however, she tends to be in the middle of science and the Fey ways with a preference for neither. She works as a dentist, and makes a lot of money at her job in Houston, Texas.

She also tends to find crime scenes, but doesn't work on the case (since she's a dentist and all), but often appears in court to testify about what she saw, and has never lied on the stand (at least, no lie that the defense attorneys could see). Though, she tends to be used as a later witness due to her strange appearance, much to her displeasure.

Character's Name: Richard “Ram” Buckshot

Age:  26

Occupation:   ‘Computer Jockey’/Programmer at Blue Screens Inc, part time work at the ‘Silver Bullet’ shooting range

Brief Physical Description:  Ram is fairly tall, at a good 5’11, and thin. Has a tattoo of a ram at the base of his neck, Has wild red hair ( “Never combed it a day in my life.”), and light skin.

Brief Personality Description:   Ram is loud, cocky, and fun loving, though he has a compassionate side. When stressed, he becomes angry and yells quite a bit. Although he lives for thrills, he has a code of honor, which, in his words is “1. Don’t steal. 2. Don’t kill anyone if you can. 3. Try to be nice to people. 4. Never dance with another man’s chick.” He also loves guns, and always brings his Colt .45 with him, even though he keeps it unloaded when he’s in a crowd of people.

Connection to cannon characters:  Works under Lisa Basil at Blue Screens Inc.

Brief background:  Ram lived a fairly simple life, hanging out with his friends Axel “Snipes” Ferdinand, and Kurt Colton. However, the boys eventually met a beautiful gun-loving woman named Berretta Kennedy, and started to fight over her. Over time, Ram and Berretta became close, and he proposed to her. Shortly after, Kurt was found dead of a shotgun wound, and Ram was given blame.

Character's Name: Isaac Daniels

Age: 27

Occupation: Translator (formerly an International Prosecutor)

Brief Physical Description: Isaac stands at 5'11" (roughly 180 cm) and weighs 143 lbs (roughly 65 kg). His dirty-blond hair is cut somewhat short and parted to the side to be kept out of his steely gray-blue eyes. He wears a light, gray jacket overtop a custom-ordered black t-shirt, adorned with a special light-blue insignia, black jeans, and black-and-gray tennis shoes (much like Nike Shox, but without the swoop).

Brief Personality Description: As a translator, Isaac has come across many different personalities in many different people, and as a result he's fairly passive and usually lets others talk for him. He's usually calm and kind, but can't stand to see any of his friends get hurt - especially Dia. As a prosecutor, Isaac was rumored to be quite ruthless when it came to his job in the sense that he never let up on any of the witnesses and suspects.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): N/A

Brief Background: Isaac was born in New York and moved to Los Angeles four months after he was born. After high school, Isaac earned his degrees in Law and the French language, and began to work as an international prosecutor at 22 years old. His first case took him, as expected, to France, and he spent a total of three years there before returning to America. When he returned, his friends noticed that he had changed - his once confident demeanor had been calmed, and he began to work as a translator. Whenever someone asked about the case Isaac promptly changed the subject - not even Dia Armando, his childhood friend, could drag an answer out of him. After two years of mystery, people just decided to ignore it and accept the new Isaac.

Character's Name: Nana Conard

Age: 12

Occupation: 6th grader, witness

Brief Physical Description: A young French girl who is short for her age, has light brown hair usually wears a duck hairclip and a one sided ponytail with a red hairtie. Always wears a raincoat.

Brief Personality Description: Nana is energetic and outgoing and will go up to total strangers and tell them random facts about ducks.  That of course has gotten her quite a reputation at school and caused her to have very few friends.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Often stops by the Kitaki bakery to tease Wocky

Brief Background: Nana is an extremely messy eater and often spills juice and food on her clothes.  Nana's older sister, Nina, felt bad for Nana having to constantly change after meals so she gave her a raincoat with ducks, Nana's favorite animal.

Afterwards Nana never took off her raincoat even after developing proper eating habits to remind her of Nina, who she doesn't get to see often.  It's comforting and offers a sort of shield of protection. Nana picked up a habit to call everyone she knows a nickname so Nina became 'Nini', Apollo became 'Monsieur Lapin', Trucy became 'Tru-tru', and Phoenix is simply 'that hobo guy'.

Name Origins: Conard is duck in French.  Monsieur Lapin is Mr. Rabbit in French.

Character's Name: Nego Ogen

Age: 19

Occupation: Student

Brief Physical Description: Around 3,2 feet, very skinny (especially by the arms)

Brief Personality Description: Not that outgoing, but still has some pride. Doesn't like when people are mean to him but tries not to pay attention to those. Likes to live his life to the fullest but at the same time is very lazy and usually finds himself sleeping in the bed all day. Very fond to his blue teddy bear. If he is angered, he won't respond. Also, might break down pretty easily under lot of pressure.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Witness on a case. Klavier seems to have won the case before he brings Nego to the stand.

Brief Background: Born into a poor family and raised by his mother. When Nego was only 1 years old, his grandma gave him a blue teddy bear, which he named Pepe. Ever since, Nego has taken good care of Pepe, until his 19th birthday. On that day Pepe was taken from him after he witnessed a crime. However, Nego won't tell Apollo Justice, the defense attorney, the truth if he won't get Pepe back...

Character’s name: MacK Rennick

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation: Prosecutor/Student

Physical Description: MacK is around 6’ 3’’with brown hair and eyes. While his hair is not exactly spiky, unlike the other characters, he does have a slight cowlick on the back of his head. He almost always wears a polo shirt except in court where he wears a suit.

Personality: MacK tells jokes more than the average person, in fact more than several average persons! While many of these go the way of the Moe, a few of them are excellent, which makes up for the rest. He always carries a book with him (usually a law textbook) and likes quoting from it, even if it isn’t relevant. He is a powerful speaker, but less so when he is talking to women, especially if he is attracted to them. (Which is often) In court, he isn’t afraid to lose if he knows the defendant is innocent, but tries his hardest to win otherwise.

Connection to canon characters: Fan. Also, he is a friend to Apollo 

Background: MacK grew up hearing the stories of the pro defense lawyer Phoenix Wright. However, after Luke Atmy murdered his father, (A curator who saw through the Mask*DeMasque trick) and was never charged for it, MacK studied to become a prosecutor so he could make people pay for their crimes. His life changed after battling Apollo. He saw that the defendant was truly innocent and since then has become a much nicer person, becoming happy-go-lucky even when he is losing. While he stayed a prosecutor, (he didn’t want to waste the 2 years of schooling he already completed) he now works closely with the police department to make sure that people are only found guilty for the things they really did.

Art notes: The body is a recolored Apollo, as is the mouth (but from a different sprite) the hair is Trucy’s (but cut at the front and sides) and the eyes are Bat Dingling

Character's Name: Rebecca Morris

Age: 20 in GS4

Occupation: Paralegal (in the Prosecutor's Office)

Brief Physical Description: Rebecca is short with an average build.  She usually wears a maroon sweater and black pants.  Her only jewelry is a bracelet that she's had since she was small--other than that, she'd rather not bother with such unnecessary accessories.  Her hair is a short, brown graduated bob (longer in front, shorter in back).

Brief Personality Description: Rebecca is easily irritable.  Her favourite colour is maroon, and so she's constantly interrupted in her daily work by women who think she's a Gavinners fan (she isn't).  She's very type-A and is stressed out by people who interfere with her routine.  She spends a lot of her time filing papers, getting evidence, and doing other administrative work.  Rebecca is honest to the point of bluntness.  She prefers to work with prosecutors who are serious and don't make her waste her time.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Rebecca works in the Prosecutor's Office, so she runs into Klavier, Payne, etc often.  She's also familiar with Ema and Meekins, due to the relationship between the Prosecutor's Office and the Police Department (as well as her frequent runs to the Evidence Room for lazy prosecutors).

Brief Background: Rebecca is from Tacoma, Washington.  She disliked the weather, and so she moved south when she graduated from community college.  She was interested in law because it seemed full of logic, but she decided to become a paralegal instead because she enjoys administrative work.  She lives alone except for a small white cat named It.

Character's Name: Dr. Remy O Fantasma (real name: Ryunosuke Shinobu ).

Age: 27.

Occupation: Researcher.

Brief Physical Description: Sodalite-blue eyes, muscular-build; but due to an accident, Dr. Remy has to move around on a wheelchair.

Brief Personality Description: Does not speak much, Remy is a workaholic. Seems to look calm in whatever he does. Captivating people who does not know his real identity. Is always cheerful with his pet parrot named Molly (took the name from my actual parrot irl)

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): No family relations, but most probably is Apollo's old friend back in law school.

Brief Background: Remy was an attorney who got his twin kidnapped by a very slick hitman. He switched job as researcher because of blackmail and also trying to trace the hitman's flaws, to save his twin. The accident was actually an attempt of murdering him but somehow, unbeknownst to the killer, he survived. Still keeping own identity a secret, Remy has accumulated some strong evidences to nail the hitman down. But to keep own identity, Remy seeks for an old friend to be the lawyer -- Apollo Justice. Personal quote "When your loved ones are safe, that's the time for comeback."

Character's Name: Donald Serrot

Age: 20 (in AA year 2030 AJ timeline)

Occupation: Owner of Serrot's Coffee

Brief Physical Description: Around average hight. Hazel eyes. Lightly tanned skin. Brown hair, mustache, and goatee. Green glasses. Dark brown leather coat. Light brown fedora. Tan pants. Godot "That's my rule." shirt.

Sprite info: A mix of C&P + recolor + hand drawn + extra edits.

Brief Personality Description: Donald is a pretty calm person. He tries to be friendly to everyone he meets. He has a short temper at times but tends to bottle it up. He's always willing to help out and tries to never let people down. He is extremely loyal, even to the bitter end.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Trucy Serrot (Don's wife) Dick Gumshoe (Don's 2nd cousin)

Brief Background:  At age 6 Donald became fascinated by the work of his 2nd cousin, Detective Gumshoe, to the point that he made sure to be around each time he testified in court. He could be heard sometimes saying things like “Moma, is that spiky haired man a killer?” and other things like that. At one point he became a big fan of prosecutor Godot, even to the point of mimicking his love of coffee. Don didn't like the taste of coffee and drank hot cocoa instead, something that may well continue his entire life. He also made a few t-shirts with Godot's phrase "that's my rule". He wears them all the time.

At age 11 he went to live with Detective Gumshoe and his Wife Maggey to help them with their new baby son. Before he left home his twin sister gave him his trademark fedora. It is one of his most prized possessions. He started spending allot of time with the detectives that Gumshoe worked with. As time went on he picked up many detective skills.

At age 15 he met a girl named Trucy Wright. They became friends and spent allot of time together. Don made sure to go to every one of her magic performances. During this time they grew closer and closer until Don reached age 17 and realized that he loved Trucy. They soon started dating. At age 19 he married her. Don decided to peruse one of his dreams and open his own coffee shop. He bought a piece of property that had once been known as Trés Bien and converted it into not just a coffee shop, but a home for him, his wife, and their future children was added on the second floor. He called it "Serrot's Coffee" and is selling some of the blends that  his old hero Godot drank.  He occasionally lends his detection skills to the defense attorney Apollo Justice.

Character Name: Lauren Order

Age: 26

Occupation: Scientific Investigator (Head of Police Forensics Department)

Physical Description: Lauren has short, dark brown hair.  She is at an average height.  She is always known for having her blue-tinted sunglasses.

Personality Description: She is genuinely kind to everyone she meets, although sometimes her temper can flare up if she gets annoyed.  She is not afraid to argue about her opinion, which makes some people think that she should have been a lawyer instead.  She is very intelligent and got the top score on the forensics proficiency test.

Connection to Canon Characters: Lauren got the position as head of the forensics department instead of Ema Skye, so they are both rivals in the field of scientific investigation.  Also, Lauren met Klavier Gavin at a battle of the bands (which she participated in), and has been working with him on cases for a while.

Brief Background: Lauren was always interested in science, starting from a young age, and her lifelong dream was to work as a forensic scientist.  Her second favorite pastime is music, and when she's not working, you can find her jamming with her band, "Crime Beat" as the lead guitarist.

*This sprite was created by piecing separate sprites together and recoloring them, however, the bottom edge of the hair was hand drawn*

Character's Name: Toruko Kinaga | トルコ 気長

Age: 21

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description: Part Japanese, part Chinese female that dyed her once raven black hair with her favorite color, turquoise. She's 5'4 and has blue eyes. She always wears something blue, even when she's at home. She wears a light blue collar blouse under her navy blue suit. She wears a choker that is connected to a metal bordered glass circle.

Brief Personality Description: Toruko is patient, blunt, and respectful in court though she is sometimes sarcastic when something really annoys at her. First impressions affect her entire opinion about anything and she often jumps to conclusions though Toruko is able to collect her thoughts soon afterwards. She's also got a good pokerface which helps her bluffs in a trial seem real as well as card games. Most of the time her clients, family members, and friends can't read her emotions. In fact, the only time where they can see a hint of emotion from her is when she yells 'OBJECTION!'

Toruko has a dry sense of humor which sometimes helps her think outside of the box, which even helps her during a trial. Because she has a certain code against defending felons, she absolutely must talk with her clients and gain their trust before agreeing to defend them. (She has a certain item that helps her know if her client is really innocent or guilty if there's little time on her hand.)

She's got a childlike obsession with anything that's got even a tiny hint of blue. She also enjoys running daily and dances to R&B and techno. Toruko hates loud annoying noises and loves to be in quiet places, except a mental institution or an asylum.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None

Brief Background: Toruko was born in Hong Kong but she was raised in Southern California most of her life. She never thought about going into a career involving law but when she read 'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee, her opinion completely changed. The way Atticus had defended Tom Robinson had moved Toruko enough to start thinking about how innocent people are accused of doing something they did not do and what she could do to help them.

Toruko's got a little problem with her bangs, they often interrupt her speeches during a trial and she hates having to blow them off her face. The annoy her to the point where she almost cuts her bangs off but leaves them alone because when they're cut off, they'll reveal the unequally tanned part of her face.

That little glass that Toruko wears around her neck is actually some mystical item that acts sort of like a looking glass that was given to her by her mother. When she touches it, everything around her fades out and she can look into a person's soul. She can only see/feel  things like emotions and memories that the person has not blocked out and see things through the soul's perspective. The secret to her insight on her client's innocence is the amount of guilt she can dig up from them. (Sometimes that's not the case, especially if her client had something to do with the case that they can't tell her.) She has a time limit to how long she can look around the soul without harming herself. However, if she makes any wrong moves, she'll be forced out of the soul and barred from looking into it again. The force is so strong that it cracks the mirror a little bit. Once the mirror shatters completely, it will instantly kill Toruko.

Extra things:

Reasoning behind her name: Toruko means Turquoise in Japanese which is also her favorite color and Kinaga means patient/ leisurely which is her main attitude in court.

Reasoning behind glass choker: The glass choker symbolizes the risks Toruko will take to prove her client's innocence. In a way, it's also like her lifeline.

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