Evidence sprites from GK. 

Generic Evidence
Prosecutor Badge Gun Handgun Video tape Franziska's phone Edgeworth's phone Unknown person Letter
Turnabout Visitor
Buddy's Body Files Wall Safe Master Key Office Key Missing File Office door Buddy's note
Basketball hoop Horse Pendant Yatagarasu note Back of note        
Turnabout Airlines
Statue Bloody Wallet Spilled Juice GoYou-kun With hat! Mascot's hat Airline brochure Airline menu
Akbey's Body Akbey's photo Akbey's phone Ugly Luggage Luggage receipt Cargo Glass shards Statue documents
The Kidnapped Turnabout
Bando Land Book Little Key Badger Book Photo Ad Bad Badger costume Bad Badger head Proto Badger Costume A costume!
Costume boxes Bad Badger's gun Edgeworth's card Lang's card Oliver's body Arrest record Badger car Science!
Little Thief Broken sword "Love Letter" Mirror shard Mirror shard 2 Pendant 2 Edgeworth's cravat  
Turnabout Reminiscence
Loose change KG-8 File Dead Bodies Knife Plastic bag Fountain pen Gumshoe's bonus Dirty handprint
Balloon scrap Kay's notebook Byrne's journal Yatagarasu Key Perfume Perfume again Dorayaki snack Newsaper
Turnabout Ablaze
Steel Samurai Autograph Embassy Brochure FIRE!! Birthday Gift Coupons Manny's Body Babahl Ink Blody Knife
Knife hilt Knife blade Yatagarasu Key Statue Safe Partial Documents Full Documents Hair Decoration?
Knife blade Counterfeit Money Lantern Samurai Sword Triangular Note Photoshoot Tonosamanju! Oldbag's shirt
Stalker letter Tonosamanju set Steel Samurai Spear Flowers Arrow shafts Mysterious flying object Fountain Fountain
Guitar pick? Wire Printing plates Shears Quercus' wound Photoshoot 2 Tonosamanju set 2 Wakasaman
Steel Samurai Cart