This is a list of some of the locations shown throughout the game  (contributed by Mikker and others).

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Click here for the full courtroom view with blur effect

Defense Lobby

Court House

Judge's Bench

Defense Bench

Prosecution Bench

Co-Council View

Witness Stand

Phoenix's Office

Phoenix's Office at night

Night Crime Scene

Detention Center

April's Hotel Room

Marvin Grossberg's Office


Global Studio's Gate

Studio Path

Global Studios Dressing Room

Global Studios Staff Area

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 2 Cottage

Gourd Lake Entrance

Gourd Lake Park

Gourd Lake Boat Rental

Inside the Boathouse

Gourd Lake Forest

Police Station

Evidence Room

Train Station

Parking Garage Edgeworth's Office

Police Headquarters' Entrance

Evidence Lockers

Security Room

Gant's Office

Kurain Village

Kurain main hall

Winding Way

Meeting Room (Summoning Room)

Kurain's Spare Room

Hotti Clinic

Berry Big Circus Entrance

Circus Courtyard

Circus Tent

Mr. Berry's Office

Circus Cafeteria

Moe's Room

Acro's Room

Gatewater Hotel Ballroom

Gatewater Hotel Lobby Gatewater Hotel Hallway Matt Engarde's hotel room

Juan Corrida's hotel room

Matt Engarde's House

Secret Room

Wine Cellar


Lordly Tailor

Lordly Tailor Basement

Atmey's Office

"Mask DeMasque's" Lair

KB Security's President's Office

KB Security's guard office

Trés Bien French Restaurant

 Trés Bien Kitchen

Vitamin Square

Tender Lender

Blue Screens Inc.

Hazakura Temple Entrance

Hazakura Main Hall

Hazakura Courtyard

Dusky Bridge

Dusky Bridge (out)

Heavenly Hall

Hazakura Inner Temple


Hazakura Training Hall

Inner Temple Garden