This is a list of some of the locations shown throughout the game.  Contributed by Mikker and Deufeufeu.

You can also download the zip

Click here for the full courtroom view with blur effect

Defense Lobby

Court House

Judge's Bench

Defense Bench

Prosecution Bench

Co-Council View

Witness Stand

Detention Center

Wright & Co. Talent Agency

Hickfield Clinic Room

Meraktis Clinic / Eldoon's Noodle Stand

Dr. Meraktis' Garage

Kitaki Home / People Park

People Park Crime Scene

Meraktis Clinic

Dr. Meraktis' Office

Sunshine Coliseum

Backstage of Coliseum

Klavier's Dressing Room

Lamroir's Dressing Room

Hickfield Clinic

Coliseum Stage

Klavier's Office

Drew Studio

Vera's Desk

Drew Studio (7 years ago)

Vera's Desk (7 years ago)

Sunshine Coliseum Again

Borscht Belt Club

Prison Cell